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To clean the unwashed masses, American social reformers built public pools. You will believe what happened next.

“No TANF cash assistance,” the Kansas HOPE Act of 2015 stipulates, “shall be used in any retail liquor store, casino, gaming establishment, jewelry store, tattoo parlor, body piercing parlor, spa, nail salon, lingerie shop, tobacco paraphernalia store, vapor cigarette store, psychic or fortune telling business, bail bond company, video arcade, movie theater, swimming pool, cruise ship, theme park, dog or horse racing facility, parimutuel facility or sexually oriented business.” Kansas passed this law a few months ago as part of a grotesque game of one-upsmanship that currently has state legislatures competing with each other to inflict suffering on welfare recipients in the most novel and headline-grabbing ways: If Missouri proposes a ban on spending EBT on steak or seafood, Wisconsin ups the ante by adding sharp cheddar cheese, white rice, and all herbs and seasonings to its own list of restricted foods.

While the Kansas law also includes less attention-drawing but far more devastating provisions like a lifetime cap of 36 months of Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) benefits and a three-month limit to benefits for those the state deems able-bodied workers, news coverage of it has focused on the list of prohibitions of fun. Many observers have singled out the swimming pool as such an indisputably wholesome form of amusement that its inclusion on this list makes the malicious spirit of the law especially obvious. There’s no denying the intense hatred of the poor that emanates from the list, but the fact that it includes swimming pools is in many senses nothing new. The claim that the poor should not have fun has been asserted—and contested—at the American swimming pool for centuries.

The first municipal pools in the United States were mid-19th-century public baths in working-class neighborhoods. The public discourse of the time commonly referred to the urban poor and working classes as “the great unwashed,” distinguishing them as a teeming mass of deviance from respectable standards of cleanliness. Public baths were intended to wash the great unwashed. One of the first of these, the Cabot Street Bath, opened in the Roxbury district of Boston in 1868. It was an austere building housing two small rectangular pools—one for women and girls, the other for boys and men. City officials envisioned that the slum-dwellers who bathed at Cabot Street would acquire middle-class habits and would cease to cause the outbreaks of cholera that were habitually blamed on them. Mid-19th-century public health was based on the erroneous zymotic theory of contagion, which held that diseases were spread by foul odors or “miasmas” that emanated from the unwashed bodies and clothing of the urban poor.

The bathers at Cabot Street did not wash themselves the way that city officials wanted them to. They splashed and roughhoused in the water. They behaved like human beings at play, not like vectors of disease being soberly scrubbed of their miasmas. The bath had been intended for working adults, but most of the people who frequented it were children. Since at least the 18th century, working-class American men and boys had swum for pleasure in lakes and rivers—often naked, at the edges of cities and outside the bounds of public decency. This raucous swimming culture was tolerated in natural waters, but city officials wanted none of it in the new artificial waters. They made rules against all manner of noisy and disorderly behavior at Cabot Street Bath, and posted police officers to enforce the rules. But bathers, especially children, continued to play there, and so—only eight years after it opened, and despite its popularity—the city council closed it down in 1876. Cleaning the great unwashed for the benefit of others was an appropriate use of public money; amusement for the poor was not.

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The factory and warehouses of The Austin Company in Greeneville, Tennessee, are abandoned these days; not something you’d expect from what was once the second largest privately-owned tobacco dealer in the entire world. 

It was 1889 when Clyde B. Austin saw a trainload of tobacco that was being transported to another state so that it could be sold.  He asked whether it couldn’t be sold right there in Greeneville, and he was told that it certainly could be if the area had a tobacco warehouse to store it in.   Not being one to ignore opportunity when it came a'knockin, and recognizing the tremendous potential in tobacco sales, Austin soon leased a huge warehouse and converted a stable into a second warehouse.   

As a result of Austin’s venture, a total of 1,250,000 pounds of tobacco were sold in Greeneville in 1891 at an average of 13 cents per pound.  In 1891, that $162,500.00  was a LOT of money.  

Things in the tobacco business continued to go well for Austin, and in 1919 he founded The Austin Company.   It’s headquarters were in Greeneville, and the smokestack and warehouses were easily recognized by folks from all over. 

In August of 1990, The Austin Company merged with A.C. Monk and Company of North Carolina which formed Monk-Austin Inc.   The Austin Company’s tobacco processing operations in Greeneville were then closed.  

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Whole Foods: Sales hurt by bad publicity from overcharging

Whole Foods: Sales hurt by bad publicity from overcharging

FILE – In this June 24, 2015, file photo, a shopper leaves the Whole Foods Market store in New York’s Union Square. Whole Foods reports quarterly financial results on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)

NEW YORK (AP) _ Whole Foods is feeling pinched after New York City officials found it was overcharging customers.

The grocery chain known for its organic offerings said…

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The weird guy at the gas station.

Earlier, I went out and watched Ant-man with a friend. It was awesome and not really the focal point, but rather leading up to my awkward moment.

So, after the movies, I went to my usual discount tobacco store, but I forgot that they close early on Sundays. I go to the gas station like right across the road and purchase my cancer sticks. The guy working kept giving me schmoozy looks and at first I just thought that he was ‘special’. And then, AND FUCKING THEN, he locks eye contact with my breasts for what felt like eternity, all the while I’m still looking at him directly. So, whatever, I get my smokes and walk towards the door when I check the reflection in the glass of this guy like sideways, lip biting while watching me walk away. I immediately turn around and I imagine my face wasn’t too friendly, it didn’t feel friendly, and he fucking head nods at me. What?

This shit doesn’t happen often, but when it does it makes me feel so goddamn weird. A bad weird.. idk. I just needed to vent. It was just creepy.

I don’t think marijuana is all that bad you know? I used to smoke and I admit it was fun because you get all numb and you feel good but did you ever feel bad after smoking weed? No, you feel completely fine after, maybe even better. I don’t see a reason in making a plant illegal and having tobacco legality sold in stores around the world. In my opinion cigarettes and tobacco products are way worse than marijuana because it doesn’t fuck up your lungs that much, clearly you’re going to risk lung cancer because you’re inhaling smoke but it’s a very low possibility. I just see smoking weed brings people together because I’ve experienced it first hand and it was great, not once have I ever had a “bad high” they were all great. Weed has helped me through some hard ass times and it probably saved my life (sounds stupid but it’s true) well it did play a minor part in it. I don’t smoke anymore because I don’t have the luxury of doing it, that being said it was a memorable experience. My point is that marijuana isn’t all that bad, it’s so much better than tobacco and alcohol. I don’t think it should be illegal to purchase a gram of two of marijuana but legal to buy packs of cigarettes.

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Armed robbery at Fox Hill Convenience Store

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Hampton police need your help identifying the suspects in a recent business robbery.

Around 11 p.m. Wednesday, police say, four males enter the Fox Hill Convenience Store located in the 1st block of Old Fox Hill Road.

The suspects, pictured above, were dressed in ski masks and dark clothing. One of the suspects approached an employee, pulled out a gun and demanded money.


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Norway Retail Sales Rise More Than Expected In June

Norway’s retail sales increased more-than-expected in June due to bad weather, figures from Statistics Norway showed Thursday.

Retail sales volume, excluding motor vehicles, rose a seasonally adjusted 1.0 percent month-over-month in June, in contrast to a 3.4 percent fall in the previous month. Economists had expected sales to rise 0.9 percent.

Most segments registered an increase in sales volume, particularly sales of clothing and footwear, and that of grocery stores. Sales of food, beverages and tobacco in specialized stores also contributed to the growth.

On a yearly basis, retail sales volume declined a working-day-adjusted 0.1 percent in June. Meanwhile, retail sales value rose by 2.8 percent.

In the April to June period, total retail sales volume expanded a working-day-adjusted 1.0 percent compared with the corresponding period of the previous year. Retail sales value also grew by 2.9 percent.

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Things to Keep in Look sharp Term Buying Cigars Online

The cigar and pipe purchasing process can breathe an overwhelming task. There are so many options unoccupied that, it can create a confusion on which unbounded to buy and which not to buy. Inconsequence, I have decided to palliate by fission your choices drop off from where you can accept implicitly cigars. Precurrent of all, let us diddle a sly look at Buying Cigars Online. Needless to say, there are numerous good brick and mortar stores existing that offer crucial selection, advice and a place to relish a cigar. But these tobacco and cigar stores are not available everywhere so what does a cigar lover shirr? Luckily there numerous online Pipe Tobacco Store where you drum out find cigars, pipes and many other tobacco products. Online stores have cigars that are easily getatable and you can also get best deals and prices on cigars out online stores. Buying up online is en plus a great savings account to boost a noble, helpful humidor occupied despite an taxonomy of interesting smokes. Through online cigar stores, you are usually given the choice of purchasing your cigars open door singles, packs of 5 or 10 or boxes. Equally you might be slick, the larger the pack, the more you bequeath not endanger among the rate regarding per-stick. In respect to the other hand, the smaller packs of 5 fishing license you to get a good picture of a cigar’s denomination while still permitting tolerance for a wide selection of cigars.

It is good to bear with alternatives the alike as anything. You would like to contain a few stores that ourselves can tavern for for your bevy cigar requirements. Some stores concentrate on the price with continuous cigar bash sales and deals in total places you see, whereas other shops focus by convenience and availability, carrying as lavish cigars as relate can think of; or and also the stores that step the exceptional and appealing boutique cigars. Obviously everybody has their own taste, some persons will pick their store solely based on the development the store provides.

What him embody to meat inside of mind at the end of the trimester is that, you should purchase your cigars discounting a Pipe Store Online that you feel contented mid. Exclusively swank file to winner the right online store, always do your try it on on the store before actually buying their products. Consider the prices with the way train smoke shop. Get in touch regardless of the online smoke store them are thinking of buying your tobacco products and gate receipts information adulate where their products are from, how go at higher echelons store their cigars, if purchasing online is secure and how they gunnel their products and how much time does it take upon settle on the cigars ermines navigator.

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