My dad and I had a nerd outing to the Perot Museum’s International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes! It was SO fantastic - ACD’s letters/manuscripts were on display, along with movie props from Elementary and the Guy Richie films in addition to exhibits about Victorian innovations in forensic science that made Holmes a super-modern man in his day - and there was a “crime scene” at the end to test our deductive skills! Fun stuff fun stuff

reminded me of fun Sherlockian times in London with ephemeral-drug lolabunny226 teawithghosts forsciencejohn & missmeggiemac

– miss y’all!! 

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I like how sex and masturbation are a totally normal part of a human’s biology, yet people get angry when people do it.

Like, we don’t get mad when people smoke or drink or open tobacco/alcohol stores, but the minute somebody opens a porn store, we all get outraged. What’s that about?

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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

‘Oh, I shall plead guilty at once,’ said Stephen. ‘And I shall add that I was sitting in the powder-magazine with a naked light at the time, imagining the death of the King, wasting my medical stores, smoking tobacco and making a fraudulent return of the portable soup. What solemn nonsense it is’ — laughing heartily — ‘I am surprised so sensible a man as you should attribute any importance to the…

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There is a legal drug on the streets and teenagers are at risk! The drug looks like marijuana and mimics its effects but is much more dangerous. Spice, K2, Serenity, Genie…these are just a few of the names that this marijuana imitator is called. It’s available in head shops, gas stations and tobacco stores and is sold as “incense.” There are usually disclaimers on the packaging stating that it is meant to be used as incense and is not for human consumption; but that is exactly what people are doing: smoking it.

Developed by Dr. John W. Huffman, a researcher at Clemson University, Spice was originally intended for research on animals and cell cultures. The research that Dr. Huffman conducted was funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and focused on how THC and its synthetic counterparts bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These receptors regulate bodily functions including temperature control, food intake, perception, memory, problem solving and some hormone functions. The synthetic concoctions bind more fully to these receptors and can also bind to CB2 cannabinoid receptors that regulate the immune system. Just from this information, it is clear that these substances are very dangerous and parents should be worried. According to Dr. Huffman, these imitators were never meant for human consumption and in his words, using Spice is like “playing Russian roulette.” No one knows how long it stays in the body or what the long-term effects are.

There are many different variations of the chemical but the two most common are JWH-018 and JWH-073. The compound is sprayed onto herbs so that it looks like incense or marijuana and is then rolled into joints and smoked, smoked in pipes and even inhaled via the fumes through a vaporizer. The high starts slowly and then comes on with surprising potency.

Why be worried? If it’s just a variation on pot then it’s not a big deal, right? Wrong! The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports that it has received almost 2000 calls this year about negative and frightening side effects from Spice and the Drug Enforcement Administration Diversion Control Program lists Spice as a “chemical of concern”. Thought to be up to 5 times as potent as marijuana, side effects include agitation, rapid heart rate, confusion, dizziness and nausea. Even scarier, some users have been admitted to emergency rooms with seizures and hallucinations.

Up until very recently there has not been a test that could screen for Spice and standard drug panels do not catch it. Teens brought in with pot-like behavior tested negative for drugs and didn’t admit using Spice so parents and medical staff alike were confused. A urine test for synthetic marijuana has been developed that can detect metabolites of JWH-018 and JWH-073. Because the test looks for the parent drug and multiple metabolites, it is hoped that this is a reliable, accurate test.

So how are parents supposed to determine what drug their child has taken when they get suspicious or worried? Parents should be on the lookout for something that looks like incense and teens who seem more anxious than usual. Although you won’t know for sure, you have more information to go on and can seek the right kind of help.

Maureen A. Young is a Customer Education Advocate for Any Lab Test Now. She writes blogs, eBooks, and articles on current topics in Health and Wellness, Employer Drug Programs and Informational Lab Tests. Connect with them at

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I need a reaction gif for when you spend your last dollar on a Black & Mild and she gives you a wine flavored one and you didn’t notice because you’re too damn cool to take your shades off in the tobacco store.

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thiodolf-the-teuton asked:

apollo, athena, hestia, & zeus

Apollo: favorite piece of music
Dixie or Lion from the North by Sabaton

Athena: share a piece of wisdom
Speak a third as much as you listen, and don’t tuck your fingers when going in for a punch.

Hestia: describe your ideal home
A smallish cabin with a nice plot of land in or on the edge of the woods with a river or creek nearby, teeming with fish. It would have a nice bed with a cowskin blanket on top for my Norwegian/German wife and I. There would be ample space outside for skinning, gutting, and tanning animals, as well as a shed for all of my carving and sewing crafts. There would be a large cellar dedicated to the distilling of bourbon or some alcohol (mostly for fun), and a location for drying, fermenting and storing tobacco and folding and capping cigars. Outside I’d have healthy beehives providing my startup family and I ample honey. I’d keep my guns in the cellar, house, and my person at all times so that I’d always be prepared for the tax man.

Zeus: three places you want to visit
Berlin, Germany
Rio Campo do Sul, Brazil (my wife might be German Brazilian ex. Cintia Dicker)
Valparaiso, Chile

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Powdered Alcohol Is Officially a Legal Thing


Gettee Air y'all tard o'luggin trayler heevy bottles o'booze frum t'likker stere? Do y'all wish thar wuz a way ta whip up a cocktail as easy as makin Kool-Aid? A controvershul new product is here ta solve all o'yer alkyhol-relatid inkunveniences — besides, y'all knoe, ha…

Paris: The City in relation to Electronic Cigarette Mystique

It is preferential voting surprise that so ordinary masses are starting to buy e-cigarettes in place of traditional tobacco cigarettes. After years of debate, many states and cities began until put anti-smoking regulations into effect at an increasing rate all across the three-mile limit, and once Paris became a non-smoking city, better self seemed as though the entire world suddenly had the coming into being that smoking cigarettes was no longer a widely accepted somatotype. After universal, Paris isn’t called “The City of Stance” for equal their electrical lights: they seemed to have earned that name because top brass were “The City pertaining to Marlboro Conception.”

However, probably at the assistance in relation to many Parisian smokers, they had the option to buy into e-cigarettes, short for electronic cigarettes, in place as for their Marlboro Lights. For a city that once lit up upstairs and downstairs you turned, there was suddenly a subtract in the smell relative to cigarette smoke but not liberalness of a downgrade in the number of cigarettes that one could be seen ablaze.

It wasn’t as in any case an electronic cigarette store was suddenly on every corner, but many tobacco shops and other stores that carried cigarettes started to double as an electronic cigarette store, offering kindred the option to buy e-cigarettes and any accessories they needed to go with it, such since the e-juice that electronic cigarettes derive their marking and strength from. E-Juice is basically like choosing between Marlboro Thinking and Marlboro Milds: the aim and hardiness of the nicotine in the cigarette is varied, as decorously as the overall clarity of the cigarette.

If smokers couldn’t find an electronic cigarette wealth in their own city, inner self is simple to store one online. Instead of ads for cigarettes, there are now ads to buy e-cigarettes splashed outright passing by websites, so if one wants to tamper with e-cigarettes, it’s definitely not hard to find himself. Many stores have started carrying the smokeless cigarettes right alongside well-known tobacco cigarettes, alongside with the needed accessories.

It’s quite impossible, thanks to e-cigarettes growing fame, that unchanging day you’re more likely unto see a sign for an “Electronic Cigarette Store” instead respecting a tobacco shop, and once again, Paris really truly is “The City pertaining to Lights”; except now, Paris is being lit up by a unequivocally tiny battery located in the bit of an electronic cigarette, and the tips of electronic cigarette’s little apricot light floods the city with light. Paris has been put back cheek by jowl.