crownedpatriot  asked:

I'm buying a corncob. Which tobaccos would you recommend someone not too well versed in pipes?

Well, its very much down to availability and taste. About the only stuff you have a chance of buying in a local ‘tobacco’ shop or grocery store that I’d recommend would be Prince Albert or Carter Hall; they’re basic burley blends that burn a little fast but are otherwise forgiving. Captain Black aromatics are pretty common but I wouldn’t recommend them, as I’ve found them hard to keep lit and hot burning. Now if you’re up for ordering on the web, that opens up your options. I’d recommend, from personal experience, Stanwell Vanilla and Jubilee, Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader, Sutliff Molto Dolce, Brigadier Black Sherman’s March, Frog Morton, and Peterson Sherlock Holmes. I think these are all rather forgiving choices that would allow a newcomer to experience a decent spread of tobacco and serve as a springboard for finding their tastes. I use and recommend them readily.