John Oliver is Coming for You Next, Big Tobacco Companies

From beating up on Uruguay to bullying poor Togo (to say nothing of the garbage being thrown Australia’s way), these predatory, selfish, and disgusting actions are unconscionable any way you slice it. Which is exactly why we’re thrilled Oliver and his disgustingly hilarious new mascot, Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat, are on the charge.


Sunday fun: The Flintstones take a smoke break.

blast from the past before regulations that banned tobacco companies from advertising with cartoons.  Fred and Barney let their wives do all the work, pull out a pack of Winston’s.


But once upon a time, that No Smoking light would turn off and people all around you would start smoking. Destination: SecondHand Smokeville.

Believe it or not, even up to the 1990s, smoking was allowed on airplanes. (1)Passengers complained. Flight attendants were getting sick. (2) But the tobacco industry wanted everyone to believe there was no harm. What’s so bad about being in an enclosed space full of smoke? After all, smoking passengers were in their own section.

In a sad attempt to make their case, the tobacco companies brought a creepy briefcase to test the air, (3)except they chose not to test the 250 toxic chemicals (4) in secondhand smoke. And people bought it for a while. But soon the truth prevailed and now we aren’t subjected to strange experiments at 30,000 ft. and the only clouds we see are outside the windows.


Judge Blocks Graphic Cigarette Warnings

A federal judge blocked a rule requiring tobacco companies to display graphic images on cigarette packs, such as a man exhaling cigarette smoke through a hole in his throat

District Judge Richard Leon sided on Monday with tobacco companies and granted a temporary injunction, saying they would likely prevail in their lawsuit challenging the requirement as unconstitutional because it compels speech in violation of the First Amendment. 

The Food and Drug Administration in June released nine new warnings to go into effect in September of 2012, the first change in U.S. cigarette warning labels in 25 years. Cigarette packs already carry text warnings from the U.S. Surgeon General.

Photo Credit: (U.S. Food and Drug Administration / Reuters)

As Nations Try to Snuff Out Smoking, Cigarette Makers Use Trade Treaties to Fire Up Legal Challenges


…..The reason was a bewildering move by Ukraine’s trade ministry. Within hours of the historic steps to curb smoking at home, the ministry, prodded by the tobacco industry, contested a tough anti-smoking law half a world away in Australia.

In a complaint to the World Trade Organization, Ukraine challenged the law, due to take effect December 1, that will ban distinctive logos and colors and require cigarettes to be sold in plain packs. Despite Ukraine having no tobacco exports to Australia—and therefore no clear economic interest—the trade ministry branded the law a violation of intellectual property rights under trade agreements Australia had signed.

Following Ukraine’s lead, Honduras and the Dominican Republic soon joined the attack on Australia, filing similar complaints with the WTO.


If society and the government took as strong of a stand against tobacco companies and smoking as they are doing with vaping it wouldn’t even exist. But since tobacco companies create tax income and illnesses that the government can make money off of I guess that won’t happen.

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The battle for control of the cigarette packet


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(Reuters)  Judge orders tobacco companies to admit deception

Major tobacco companies that spent decades denying they lied to the U.S. public about the dangers of cigarettes must spend their own money on a public advertising campaign saying they did lie, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler wrote that the new advertising campaign would be an appropriate counterweight to the companies’ “past deception” dating to at least 1964.

The advertisements are to be published in various media for as long as two years.

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Big Tobacco Is Putting Scarier Warnings On E-Cigarettes Than On Some Cigarettes — And That’s Absurd

Tobacco companies are about the last group you might expect to be overly conscientious about consumer health, but in approaching e-cigarettes, it seems they’re doing just that. The New York Times points out that tobacco giants Altria and Reynolds American, who make Marlboro and Camel, are branding their vapor products with elaborate warnings about the dangers of nicotine, despite being under no legal obligation to do so.

In some cases, e-cigarettes feature even scarier warnings than cigarettes do. For instance, look at the warning on Altria’s MarkTen compared to a pack of Marlboro Lights:

Ajai Raj/Business InsiderWarning label on a Mark Ten E-cig side by side with the Surgeon General’s warning on a pack of Marlboros.

The MarkTen package warns: “This product is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested as such. This product is intended for use by persons of legal age or older, and not by children, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma. Nicotine is addictive and very habit forming, and it is very toxic by inhalation, in contact with the skin, or if swallowed. Nicotine can increase your heart rate and blood pressure and cause dizziness, nausea, and stomach pain. Inhalation of this product may aggravate existing respiratory conditions. Ingestion of the non-vaporized concentrated ingredients in the cartridges can be poisonous.” It also warns: “This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” It also says “Keep out of reach of children” and promises “important additional safety information” inside the package.

The Marlboro Lights feature only one warning: “Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight.”

In that case, the e-cigarette case warns of the same problems as the cigarette pack — pregnancy complications — in addition to other risks.

Cigarettes in the US are required to carry either the aforementioned warning about pregnancy or one of the following (some of which identify risks that aren’t associated with e-cigarettes): “Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health”; “Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide”; “Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.”

Tobacco manufacturers recently, and narrowly, avoided having to put graphic warning labels on cigarette packs, including pictures of diseased lungs and a smoker with a hole in his throat.

So why are these companies placing such aggressive warnings on e-cigarettes?

“Experts with years studying tobacco company behavior say they strongly suspect several motives, but, chiefly, that the e-cigarette warnings are a very low-risk way for the companies to insulate themselves from future lawsuits and, even more broadly, to appear responsible, open and frank,” Matt Richtel writes in the Times. “By doing so, the experts said, big tobacco curries favor with consumers and regulators, earning a kind of legitimacy that they crave and have sought for decades. Plus, they get to appear more responsible than the smaller e-cigarette companies that seek to unseat them.”

In any case, most experts agree that e-cigarettes are not as bad for you as cigarettes, though the full extent of their health effects is unknown.

We do know that nicotine is addictive; withdrawal effects include feeling irritable and depressed. Being a stimulant, it can also be dangerous for people with heart problems. However, it is not a carcinogen. And according to the American Cancer Society, “[i]n the brains of animals, tobacco smoke causes chemical changes that are not fully explained by the effects of nicotine” that might partially explain why cigarettes are so addictive.  Many brands of e-cig also contain propylene glycol, which can be dangerous, but typically only at exposures much higher than those caused by vaping

On the other hand, the health effect of smoking cigarettes are well-documented, and include lung cancer, throat cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.

Professor: E-Cigarettes Could Save Millions Of Lives

CDC Report: E-Cigarette Use By Kids Doubled In The Last Year

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Philippine leader signs law for warnings on tobacco products

Philippine President Benigno Aquino, who has been criticised for his own inability to quit smoking, has signed a law requiring tobacco companies to print graphic warning pictures on packets, his spokesman said Sunday. The bill signed Friday has long been campaigned for by health advocates but is opposed by the tobacco industry. In 2013 Aquino signed a “sin tax” bill dramatically raising the taxes on tobacco products. The Philippines is the latest developing country to follow Western nations in requiring shock pictorial health warnings.
Source: AFP
Largest Lawsuit in History

Master Tobacco Settlement

Status: Settled 1998 
Amount: $206 billion over 25 years 

Each individual state, represented by that state’s Attorney General, filed suit against each of the top six tobacco companies in state court. To settle the individual suits, tobacco companies Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, Lorillard Tobacco Company, Philip Morris Incorporated, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Commonwealth Tobacco, and Liggett & Myers entered into a joint settlement. 

The individual lawsuits were filed under the different states’ consumer protection and anti-trust laws for the recovery of smoking-related health care costs covered by each state under their Medicare/Medicaid programs, and to enforce laws designed to reduce smoking by those less than 18 years of age. 

The master settlement agreement released the tobacco companies from further litigation in state courts. 

Big Tobacco Is Making Cigarettes More Addictive Than Ever [Graphic]....

Tobacco companies design products specifically targeted towards groups vulnerable to addiction—like kids.

The cigarettes your grandpa smoked were nothing compared to what’s out there these days. Over the last half-century, cigarettes have gotten  more addictive and harmful, as a new infographic (below) by  The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids helpfully illustrates.

To combat almost half a century…

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Big Tobacco Is Making Cigarettes More Addictive Than Ever [Graphic]....

Tobacco companies design products specifically targeted towards groups vulnerable to addiction—like kids.

The cigarettes your grandpa smoked were nothing compared to what’s out there these days. Over the last half-century, cigarettes have gotten  more addictive and harmful, as a new infographic (below) by  The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids helpfully illustrates.

To combat almost half a century…

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Copenhagen Chew - FREEBIE from a tobacco company!

Copenhagen Chew – FREEBIE from a tobacco company!

Choose either a FREE Lumber Coasters or Leather Wallet from Copenhagen

I chose the Free wallet, because I live in an area where I can make my OWN wood disc cup mats, and I really didn’t think they were …….. interesting.

If you don’t have an account just make one.  I don’t use this bu love the free gifts, last time it was ear buds for my MP3 player!

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