CEO of Philip Morris, world’s largest tobacco company, says he may phase out cigarettes

  • André Calantzopoulos, the CEO of Philip Morris International, recently mused that vapes will one day replace cigarettes.
  • The company has launched its IQOS “smokeless cigarette” in the United Kingdom a step toward its potentially smokeless future.
  • “I believe there will come a moment in time where I would say we have sufficient adoption of these alternative products … to start envisaging, together with governments, a phase-out period for cigarettes,” Calantzopoulos said.
  • He added he hoped that moment would arrive “soon.” Read more

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  • liberals: capitalism is the only way innovation can happen!! good ideas can only spawn if they're rewarded through profit!!
  • apple: *removes headphone jack to coerce people into buying overpriced wireless headphones and use child labor to produce their phones for less than $100 and sell them at a markup as high as $1000*
  • oil companies: *suppress clean energy research and fund pseudoscience media campaigns*
  • drug companies: *conduct market research to assess whether it's profitable enough to cure life-threatening diseases (regularly determining it's not) and test experimental drugs on poor nonwesterners*
  • tobacco companies: *literally destroyed evidence linking their product to cancer for more than six decades and are beginning to do so with ecig products as well*
  • liberals: there are always a couple bad eggs in capitalism it's how the world works
  • inventor of the slapchop: here's the slapchop
  • liberals: see?? a visionary who proves capitalism works!!
So there is a hashtag trending on Twitter: #StopProfiling

Well you already know 😒 White people had to come and make it ALL ABOUT THEM! When the original message was about how tobacco companies heavily target African/Black American communities to buy their products. One white tweet: If Obama actually allowed the DOJ to do there jobs, 🙄then 49 Gay people wouldn’t be gay! <–like tf. Then there are a bunch of white people in their feelings talking they get profile just for being white😑. Then there is a actually tweet whitewashing SLAVERY! Bitch not on my watch, THATS NOT HOW I ROLL SON! Will not disrespect my ancestors in this blessed month.

So if any body got a Twitter 😉How about we troll the trolls while still keeping homage to the original intent of the hashtag #StopProfiling


The Healthy Cigarette,

In the 1950′s it was slowly becoming apparent that smoking wasn’t very good for you.  In 1952 Readers Digest published an article entitle “Cancer by the Carton” detailing the possible risks of smoking.  While smoking culture had yet to decline, there were many who were looking for a healthier cigarette.

The first filtered cigarette was introduced by Viceroy Cigarettes in 1936, however the first popular filtered cigarette was introduced in 1952 by Lorillard Tobacco Company.  Called Kent cigarettes, they featured a micronite filter which was supposed to removed 30% of the tar and particulates from the smoke. Many complained that the new cigarettes lacked flavor and were hard to draw from. Regardless, the new brand became a hit, with Lorillard selling 13 billion cigarettes over the next four years. So what was in the special micronite filter which made Kent the healthier cigarette?  Asbestos.

Many smokers who smoked Kent cigarettes eventually developed asbestosis and mesothelioma, leading to numerous lawsuits against Lorillard Tobacco Company.  One study revealed that smoking one pack of original Kent Micronite a day would expose a smoker to 131 million crocidolite fibers with a length of 5µm (5 micrometers or five thousandth a milimetre) a year. In 1956, Lorillard Tobacco Company quietly changed their cigarette filters from asbestos to nitrocellulose.

I will never slut shame anyone because I don’t believe sluts are real. There is no biological process in which someone becomes a slut, it’s just a way to shame people for enjoying sex (especially women) for enjoying sex…which is designed to be enjoyable.

By that same token I’ll never disrespect a prostitute, stripper or anyone who works in the sex work industry because what they do isn’t something worthy of disrespect; it’s just another relic of the puritanical beliefs of American society. It’s ok to work for a tobacco company that sells cancer sticks because these people need to support their families but holy shit you showed a titty for money? You clearly have no morals and are a bad influence on children. Fuck that noise man


Thanks to tobacco industry regulations and marketing restrictions in the US, smoking rates have dropped dramatically. John Oliver explains how tobacco companies are keeping their business strong overseas.