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On the eve of the inauguration, I think it’s a good time to remember that under President Obama, twenty million Americans gained health insurance, cutting the percentage of uninsured Americans to single digits; same-sex marriage was legalized; DADT was repealed; combat positions were opened to women and transgender soldiers; the deficit shrunk to three percent of our GDP (it was previously ten percent); mental health services at the VA were expanded, causing homelessness among veteran populations to be reduced by half; sixteen countries agreed to forfeit their loose nuclear material; the CIA was prohibited from using “enhanced interrogation” techniques; the CIA was ordered to close its black sites; the first Latino was appointed to SCOTUS; a U.S. embassy opened in Cuba; the auto industry was bailed out, inarguably saving millions of American jobs and contributing to eighty-two months of consecutive job growth; the ban on stem cell research was lifted; federal contractors were banned from discriminating against gay and transgender employees; the FDA has begun to regulate tobacco products; solitary confinement for juvenile offenders has been banned; the federal prison population has dropped for the first time in thirty years; and motherfucking Osama Bin Laden was killed.

He’s being succeeded by the man who insisted for five-plus years that the first black president couldn’t possibly be an American citizen.

Okay, so I work at a gas station part time. It’s in a small, everybody-knows-everybody kinda town. My family had owned it for ~15 years. Our chewing tobacco is behind the counter, but at the end where the counter opens up to the rest of the store. Regulars have been known to grab their own chew, which is ILLEGAL in my state. I have been trying for 5 years to break them of this habit, but it’s hard when my coworkers don’t seem to give a fuck.

Anyway, last weekend during my shift, a customer I had never seen before grabbed his own tobacco. I was busy on the register, so I waited to say something until he was checking out.

Me: Just so you know, you’re not allowed to self-serve tobacco products in the state of [my state].

Him: What does that mean?

Me: You’re legally not allowed to come behind the counter to get your own chew.

Him: I’ve been doing it for 15 years.

Me: Okay, but you’re not supposed to.

Him: Must be a new law.

Me: No, it’s not.

Him: Well no one else has said anything to me, so I’m not going to stop.

Me: Its illegal and could get you and the store in a lot of trouble.

Him: I really don’t give a fuck.

And then he walked out. I was fucking irate.

Proposed ban on flavoured tobacco sales raises worries among retailers

A proposed ban on the sale of flavoured tobacco products in Singapore has caused rising concerns among provision shops, coffee shops, minimarts and other tobacco retailers over the sustainability of their businesses.

In a recent survey of 1,475 independent general trade retailers commissioned by four trade associations, almost all respondents (99 per cent) were worried that such a ban would hurt their business. 

Their concerns stem mainly from the potential revenue loss from menthol cigarettes – the most popular flavour on the shelves.

A handful of provision shop and minimart owners who spoke to Yahoo Singapore estimated that 40 to 65 per cent of their profits come from cigarette sales. Most of these merchants said that flavoured cigarette sales accounted for at least half of these profits.

In tandem with overall cigarette sales, market share for menthol-flavoured tobacco has increased over the past three years, according to three minimart owners. They were troubled by the prospect of having to forgo their biggest income generator.

Businesses interviewed by Yahoo Singapore attributed at least half of their total revenues to cigarette sales, of which about half are from flavoured cigarettes.

“Cigarettes are good profit-makers especially since they take up less storage space compared to food and drinks. Furthermore, they have a high sales turnover since people don’t typically sit at the table to smoke for long periods of time,” said Hong Poh Hin, chairman of the Foochow Coffee Restaurant and Bar Merchants Association, one of the associations that commissioned the survey.

“It is important that any proposed tobacco control measures be supported by evidence of their effectiveness in reducing smoking incidence in Singapore, while addressing the impact to the affected retailers,” he added, warning of possible business closures that could follow if the rule is passed. Hong compared the potential impact to the ban on alcohol sales between 10.30pm and 7am, which has been in place since 1 April 2015, and its negative effect on retailers that sell alcohol products.

This survey was concluded in September 2016 and was commissioned by several trade associations, including the Foochow Coffee Restaurant and Bar Merchants Association Kheng Keow Coffee Merchants Restaurant and Bar-Owners Association, the Singapore Mini Mart Association and the Singapore Provision Shop Friendly Association.

About 97 per cent of the respondents flagged another key concern — that a ban could cause smokers of flavoured cigarettes to turn to the black market.

A provision shop owner, who declined to be named, agreed with the finding. “What happens is that when people can’t get the kind of (cigarette) variant they want, they will find alternative ways to get them,” he said.

The trade associations said they were carrying out a separate study on the efficacy and business impact of the proposed ban on flavoured tobacco products. The results will be presented to the government upon completion.

“The trade associations urge the government to review these results and consult with their members before further deliberating on this proposed regulation,” Mr Hong added.

This article was produced in partnership with the Foochow Coffee Restaurant & Bar Merchants Association


Today is the #GreatAmericanSmokeout!

Although conservation staff doesn’t get to read every page they work on, this provisions shipment list from World War One on the U.S.S. Pasadena caught our attention. Rolled cigarettes were part of the military’s daily rations from World War 1 until the end of the Vietnam War. This particular WWI shipment contained a staggering 2,801,740 cigarettes from Lucky Strike and Omar brands. But by the 1970s, overwhelming scientific evidence of the health risks of smoking entered the national conversation and the government stopped including tobacco products in soldiers’ rations. Also included on the list were some sweeter treats, like Hershey chocolate bars, evaporated peaches and canned corn.

Many of these oversized records on thin paper were badly damaged, so NARA conservation staff surfaced cleaned, humidified, mended, sleeved and rehoused them in custom boxes to stabilize and protect the records for digitization and safe handling in the future.

[RG 92- Lists of Incoming/Outgoing Passengers]


Dear Customers,

     To those of you who don’t make a big deal about having your ID checked when you buy tobacco products, THANK YOU.  Thank you for having the common sense to realize it’s simply the law and I’m only doing my job.  Stay pleasant.


The Cashier

Cigarettes & Witchcraft

I feel like I’m morally obliged to condemn smoking – what with the weird unicorn commercials and whatnot trying to deter teen smoking. However, I find them far more horrifying than the prospect of smoking, so I don’t know what their aim is. I digress – the uses of cigarettes in the craft are many. This is a guide to how I use cigarettes in my craft, to be adapted by my fellow smokers out there however you see fit.


Many entities (especially those of the Afro-Caribbean – and some Native American, I understand – faiths) accept cigarettes, cigars and varying tobacco products as offerings. In this regard, it is best to follow tradition or intuition. Some Spirits/Deities are particular – favoring cigars over cigarettes, vice versa, or other smoking methods such as pipes – and which you should use is reliant on what you know of the spirit in question or what you feel the spirit will enjoy. Another handy note, I think is that other herbs can easily be added to cigarettes (already rolled or otherwise) to render and lovely aromatic or flavorful blend. I, particularly, have a fondness for blending rose, cinnamon and cocoa with the loosened tobacco and then packing it back into the tube. They’re lovely to smoke, but also make great offerings (I’ve found) to Pomba Gira. It’s very much a matter of taste – both personal and that of the spirit.

Personal Affects

Many spells call for something belonging to your intended target – cigarette butts are particularly suited to such, as they must be discarded after use, already imbued with the thoughts (and saliva) of he/she smoking it. Simply lift the butt from an ashtray at your convenience and voila! Personal affect. And with bodily fluid, nonetheless! One of the strongest personal affects and easily the most difficult to ascertain.


This is what I use cigarettes for most often – a means by which to channel my intention into a physical medium. It’s merely a matter of lighting the cigarette and using the smoke to charge something. Admittedly, I very rarely use incantations in my practice, but when I do, rest assured there is always a cigarette hanging on my lips. Every part of the cigarette can be used, nonetheless! The smoke is exhaled as an expression of your will and might charge an object or diffuse into the air. The ashes might be collected and added to any number of powders or herb blends or oils. The butts make nice additions to things like witches bottles – especially in great numbers as the tar will set up into this disgusting, gelatinous ooze (most probably what my lungs look like: best not to think about it too much). I usually use them for chanting or mantras as well, as I simply continue repeating the phrase or mantra until I run out of smoke.

Trance Work

This brings us back to something I mentioned in the first point, that smokes can be personalized – and while no longer technically a “cigarette” they are quite effective for things like trance work or influencing your own energy. Needless to say, I advise refraining from adding poisonous herbs to your blends… considering. However, I have been known to smoke wormwood, though I wouldn’t classify it as poisonous, per se… Obviously, check the rap sheet of any herb before ingestion/inhalation. And then do so at your own accord – though I can say, I’ve never had any unpleasant side effects. Wormwood, mugwort and mullein are my personal favorites for spirit work. Rose, cocoa and cinnamon for works with PG or just for my own enjoyment – in fact, cocoa and tobacco have a long history together. Of course, we could also talk about marijuana – which can be added, though I’ve never been particularly invested. It does nothing spiritual for me, but I understand it does for some, so more power to you – it might be helpful for trance work, but I just use an ordinary cigarette for that most times. WARNING: While in trance, don’t forget to ash, otherwise you’ll come out wearing an entire cigarette. Trust me. I know.

In loving memory of your lungs,


Okay, so first a little background. My gas station closes from 12am to 5am every night but Saturday nights in which it closes at 1am. During this time, we make transactions through our little drive up window, which can get pretty busy when you’re forced to wait on one customer, fetch items, and take orders from other customers at the speaker. The drive thru works all day long, but only at night will we sell gasoline through the window. This not only allows customers to still prepay for gas, but allows us to closely monitor what’s going on at our pumps.

I take special care to watch out for suspicious purchases, such as a tobacco product that had been denied to a customer only a few minutes before, or, in this case, a small amount of gas, and a water jug.

I had a particularly upbeat customer come to my window last night, asking for a gallon of water, and to prepay for a gallon of gas. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they needed water for their radiator. But it was snowing, and the chances of that were slim. Because of that, I set their gas on the pump and went to the front window to watch. Sure enough, the customer hops out of his truck, empties the water jug and goes to pump fuel into it. An action which is highly and thoroughly illegal, for safety reasons. I take fuel safety incredibly seriously, because our station is quite large. 16 pumps large. I don’t want any fuel mishaps in a station with that much fuel underground.

So, I go onto my headset and call to my coworker to stop the gas. And of course, the customer looks up at me with the most dumbfounded expression. By then, his female friend was making her way up to our locked front doors to ask what had happened. I unlocked the doors and politely told her that I cannot allow her to pump gas into an unapproved container. She would need to come around to the drive through and collect her change. She told me about how her car was out of gas, which sucked because it had begun snowing, but I wouldn’t budge, and that’s when she called me a bitch and stalked off.

Moments later, the truck pulls around and the original customer asked me what my deal was. This woman was stranded, and I wouldn’t let them give her some gas! I was a cold hearted person, just the worst. The customer told me I was being retarded, and that he knows the owner of the company and he would be sure to tell him all about this. After all, the owner of the company would SURELY violate safety regulations, and the law to give a woman a gallon of gas. I simply handed the customer his change, and said “I wish you wouldn’t be so rude about this, but I am not breaking the law for you.” After that, I closed my window and let him drive off.

The customer is not always right.The customer sometimes wants you to break laws and disregard safety for their convenience. The customer is an asshole.

I work at a very well known superstore aka the mart of walls and in our store register 15 is designated for tobacco products and it’s the only place in the store you can get them i was working the self check outs on the side closest to isle 15 and this woman and her 2 kids come storming up to me demanding i get her cigarettes and i kindly tell i cant that 15 is the only place you can get them
Why?! She yells and i explain to her that it is the law that people under 18yo can’t sell tobacco products and that wd have minors working here so we jave an isle designated for them and have only 18+ working it and she starts yelling at me that there were 3 people in the line with alot in their carts so itd make her wait before she can get her cancer sticks and demanding that i, an 18 year old cashier, make 15 an express lane and at this point im over it and kindly say “ma'am if i had that kind of power i would not be standing on my feet for 8+ hrs dealing with horrible customers for nearly nothing an hr”


April 18, 1990 – October 7, 2014
Raced from 1993-1996
Thoroughbred Stallion - United States

Cigar was not named for the tobacco product. He was owned by Allen E. Paulson, who was an airline pilot early in his life and owned Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. All of the horses that he got to name were named after airport navigational checkpoints that he had flown through during his piloting career. Some other horses he owned named after checkpoints include Arazi, Azeri, Yagli and Diazo. Cigar was named after the checkpoint in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cigar did not start his career off like one would expect a champion to. He didn’t race at all at age two, and was fairly mediocre when he finally got to running as a three year old. Under his first trainer, Alex Hassinger Jr, he won only two races in nine starts at age three. Those wins coming in a Maiden Special on his second attempt, and an Allowance on his 5th start. Most of those races in his three year old campaign were on turf courses.

For his four year old season, he was sent to trainer Bill Mott, who gave Cigar a rest for half of the year, not bringing him back to the track until July. He ran his first four races of the year in Allowance races on the turf, and registered only two third places. On November 28, 1994 he was entered into an Allowance race on the dirt track. And Cigar exploded. He relished the dirt and won by an amazing eight lengths. After that win, it would be another two years before Cigar would ever taste defeat again.

Confident by his win, he was entered into the NYRA Mile Handicap against top Stakes winner Devil His Due. Cigar won by seven lengths. In January he got his 5 year old start off with an Allowance race which he won by two lengths. After that he was entered in the Donn Handicap against heavy favorite Holy Bull. Cigar won the race easily but his victory was overshadowed by Holy Bull’s breakdown in the race. (Don’t worry! Holy Bull survived and had a great stud life!) After that race he went on to the Gulfstream Park Handicap where he won by seven and a half lengths.

The Stakes wins kept piling up after that. 1995 Oaklawn Handicap. 1995 Pimlico Special Handicap. 1995 Massachusetts Handicap. 1995 Hollywood Gold Cup. 1995 Woodward Stakes. 1995 Jockey Club Gold Cup. By October, he was on a twelve race winning streak as he entered into the 1995 Breeder’s Cup Classic. It had been raining all day and Cigar had never run on a muddy track and many people weren’t sure how he would react. The “Incomparable, invincible, unbeatable” Cigar burst into the lead on the home turn and didn’t look back, winning the Classic in stakes record time of 1:59:58.

He returned in 1996 with a win in the Donn Handicap in February. Then a chance was taken. He was targeted to a brand new race outside the country, in a country not many horses traveled to to race. The race was called the Dubai World Cup, a brand new race with a purse of $4 million. There in the sandy track in Dubai, Cigar had to dig in deep for the first time in his winning streak to prevail over a thrilling battle with Soul of The Matter, winning by less then a length. With his streak now at 14, he returned to the US and secured his 15th win in a repeat win of the Massachusetts Handicap.

He was now on the cusp of something no other horse since Citation had done. Win 16 consecutive races in mostly major stakes victories. Arlington Park carded a special race just for Cigar. The “Arlington Citation Challenge”. In that race he faced Dramatic Gold and Unbridled’s Song, and carried 130 pounds. He pulled away to win his 16th straight race and tie Citation’s record.

After that, he was entered into the Pacific Classic, and his streak came to an end. The race was run at a distance longer then he was expect to, he was ridden wide for most of the race, and got drawn into a three horse speed duel. Dare and Go took advantage of Cigar’s bad fortune and passed him to win, Cigar finishing second. He rebounded later that year and won the 1996 Woodward Stakes, but it would be the last time in his career that he would taste victory. He came in second to Skip Away in the 1996 Jockey Club Gold Cup. His final race was the 1996 Breeders Cup Classic, where he finished third due to another wide trip to Alphabet Soup and Louis Quatorze. His long, hard campaign had taken it’s toll and his legs were no longer able to carry the stress of racing.

He was retired to stud, but in an ironic twist it turned out he was infertile and unable to produce even a single foal. With his stud career a flop, he joined the Hall of Champions at the Kentucky Horse Park. He lived the for the rest of his life, happily inhaling his favorite food in the world - peppermints -  until his death in 2014 due to complications after arthritis surgery.

In his career he was the richest horse in the United States, a record which stood until 2008. (Passed by Curlin, Cigar is now #2) and he and Citation’s 16 stakes win streak stood until 2010, when Zenyatta surpassed it to eventually win 19 in a row. Cigar won Eclipse Awards for Older Male Horse and Horse of the Year in 1995 and 1996. He was inducted into the US Racing Hall of Fame in 2002, and was listed 18th of the top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century, and Racehorse of the Decade for the 1990’s. There is a life sized sculpture of him at Florida’s Gulfstream Park, and the NYRA Mile was renamed to the Cigar Mile in 1997. Some of the horses he defeated during his 16 win streak includes Devil His Due, Bertrando, Kissin Kris, Wallenda, Holy Bull, Concern, Best Pal, Tinners Way, Urgent Request, Star Standard, Unaccounted For, Thunder Gulch, L'Carriere, Soul of the Matter, Peaks and Valleys, Wekiva Springs, Unbridled’s Song, Dramatic Gold, Heavenly Prize and Smart Strike.

Sire: Palace Music
Dam: Solar Slew (by Seattle Slew)

Breeder: Allen E. Paulson
Owners: Allen E. Paulson & Madeleine A. Paulson
Trainers: Alex Hassinger, Jr. / William I. Mott
Regular Jockey: Jerry Bailey

33 Races
19 wins
4 Places
5 Shows

Earnings: $9,999,815


Venus Fly Traps are tame compared to tobacco plants, which kill 1,300 people a day in the U.S. alone.

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What do Big Tobacco and a Venus flytrap have in common? A Venus flytrap has a mind-blowing way of catching its prey. This insectivore tempts its victims with sweet-smelling nectar before trapping it.(1) Sound familiar?

Big Tobacco uses sweet flavors and additives to attract young people to a deadly product. They add things like sugar, licorice, chocolate and menthol to tobacco products – even the ones that don’t end up tasting that way.(2)(3) These additives increase the addictive effects of nicotine and make it easier to inhale tobacco smoke.

And while smokers are smoking fewer cigarettes now compared to 50 years ago, they’re more likely to develop lung cancer. (4) So in a battle between the Venus flytrap and tobacco… tobacco’s got the death grip.