tobacco day

EDC: winter is coming
-Field Notes
-Moleskin Journal
-Kaywoodie Bulldog Pipe
-Kaywoodie Pipe
-Neff knit cap
-Zippo lighter
-Kirkkland Retro Pen
-Ironsides Pipe Tobacco
-Mechanix Impact Work Gloves
-Verona Scarf
- CRKT Endorser Pocket Knife
-Citizens Wristwatch
-Iwan’s Pipe Store Matches
-Apple Headphones
-Belt and Belt Buckle
-Altoids Mints
-Field Jacket with Authentic Patches
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A good attempt, the photo didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, or envisioned. This darn dorm room carpet is awful to work with. Also the size of the dorm minimizes my ability to capture good angles without showing all my other junk in the room. But no the less a decent portrayal of what I was aiming for. I’ll post another picture in the near future that’s more cleaned up. But I just wanted to get my idea hammered out first. Stay warm my friends.