tobacco day

EDC: winter is coming
-Field Notes
-Moleskin Journal
-Kaywoodie Bulldog Pipe
-Kaywoodie Pipe
-Neff knit cap
-Zippo lighter
-Kirkkland Retro Pen
-Ironsides Pipe Tobacco
-Mechanix Impact Work Gloves
-Verona Scarf
- CRKT Endorser Pocket Knife
-Citizens Wristwatch
-Iwan’s Pipe Store Matches
-Apple Headphones
-Belt and Belt Buckle
-Altoids Mints
-Field Jacket with Authentic Patches
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A good attempt, the photo didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, or envisioned. This darn dorm room carpet is awful to work with. Also the size of the dorm minimizes my ability to capture good angles without showing all my other junk in the room. But no the less a decent portrayal of what I was aiming for. I’ll post another picture in the near future that’s more cleaned up. But I just wanted to get my idea hammered out first. Stay warm my friends.

Took a random drawing suggestion on omegle for a ‘cute leprechaun lady’, but when I showed him the guy said bearded ladies aren’t cute

So naturally I increased the body hair and I’m keeping her because he’s an idiot, hairy women are adorable


Around The World In 80 Days: Belize

Relax Time
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Magical Morning Light!
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Over a billion people smoke worldwide.

via World Bank Data Blog 

Tobacco use kills 6 million people a year - that’s one person every six seconds.

If left unchecked, this number could rise to 8 million a year by 2030. It’s why efforts such as plain packaging laws highlighted in this year’s World No Tobacco Day are so important.

Read more in “The global state of smoking in 5 charts”


28/6/2016: Crown Prince Hussein joined on Tuesday, which marks his 22nd birthday, a group of youth and children in two interactive workshops that were organized within “Tahseen Initiative” at the Naour Youth Center.

The initiative, which was launched by the Crown Prince Foundation aims to protect young Jordanians against the dangers of addiction and smoking. He took part in the first interactive workshop that coincides with the World No Tobacco Day, and included questions on data related to smoking and addiction and their negative effects.

In the second interactive workshop, Prince Hussein viewed paintings by children aged 9-12 in which they highlighted the negative effects of smoking. He stressed the importance of the initiative that seeks to raise awareness among Jordanian youths on the effects of addiction on their lives to enable them to take positive decisions related to their life and health. (Source: Petra)


Song of the Day 

Tobacco Road - The Nashville Teens 

Annual physical today

Everything is good. All the numbers are in the correct ranges. My doc asked me how my week had been. He’s quite chatty and I like that. I started telling him about a relay race I ran with five friends.

“Oh, Ragnar. I do those too. A lot of fun.” So we talked a while about running.

He’s about my age. I find it much easier to have a conversation with him than my last physician who was much older (not to mention condescending and rude). So glad that guy retired.

When he checked my throat today the doctor said “Say ahhhh.” I was curious and asked why we always do that. He handed me the flashlight thingy and told me to look as he said “ahhhh.” Now I get it; you see more of the throat. He checks for mouth and throat cancer even if patients claim they don’t smoke or chew (because people lie about tobacco use).

Two days ago I had to get my blood drawn in preparation for today’s exam. My favorite lab tech is gone ☹  She was such a cutie. When I flinched as the needle broke the skin (as I always do) she’d giggle and roll her eyes a little. I was not ashamed.