So my friend and I were talking about old homestuck fans who inspired us and made us laugh back in the good ol’ days and if caused me to make this
So here you go! Enjoy

@paperseverywhere: Actually working/worked on hiveswap! Stuck with us until the end

Dante: A sweetheart who keeps us updated, vaguely, but still updated

@kyleehenke: Can be found behind an abandoned block busters at 4:13 in the morning only if you play “you can’t fight the homestuck” at full volume, but beware, she will run at sonic speeds with full determination, killing you instantly

@toastyhat: Was really creative and inspiring. Also worked on homestuck a little bit. No longer draws it as much but still an old friend of the fans

@miraculoustang: Similar to kylee except only they can be summoned behind a fudruckers while you play all of their “terepy” videos simultaneously.

@octosmagiccastle: Voiced elevatorstuck then left us on read for a couple years before finally explaining he moved on from homestuck Understandably.

@mcsiggy: a sinful scallawag who no longer draws as much homestuck but still enjoys it, landing them in the “lawful” section.

@ikimaru: “What the fuck is a hometruck???” Still has a jake icon.

Hussie: Abandoned us after jane was fucking kidnapped and exploded on a fucking moon and won’t give us answers or hiveswap. fucker.

You guys @toastyhat drew this for me at the Colossalstuck Drawmeet and I haven’t stopped yelling over it since. My baes! I love them!

:( The Jig is Up Guys

Hello everyone! 

We here at DashCon2017 apologize profusely for the blatant lies we told about how we would be hosting our convention at McCormick Place in Chicago. We will not actually be hosting it at McCormick Place in Chicago. This is also why we have deleted the original post announcing where we were at.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by this point, DashCon2017 does not actually exist. We will still be updating this blog as the time approaches the date we originally set up for our pretend convention, since we have put a surprising amount of effort into planning some of ruses we would be pulling to make this look more legit. However, there will not be any convention taking place at any convention center. At this point, feel free to meme it up in the comments, since that was part of the original goal for those who figured out we were fake after we posted the pictures we had planned. 

Anyways, we here at DashCon2017, hope that you enjoy today, and look forward to more updates as they happen! (we also wouldn’t mind some shilling as a parody account, because we DID put in a ridiculous amount of work on some of the updates we have planned)



P.S. There will be a ballpit, and it will be the original… pee free for your convenience ;)

An Unexpected Turn

A fic based off of toastyhat’s drawing of an Inko and Toshinori (All Might) fusion

Part 1 (because apparently I can’t just write a oneshot OTL) 

The world came back into focus slowly. Blurred concrete and a brick wall loomed close by. Sirens and garbled voices filled the air in a cacophony of confusion.

What … happened?  

Ah, that’s right. Izuku was on break and visiting home. He invited Toshinori to brunch with them at a new western style restaurant in the shopping district. They had been walking to the eatery from the bus stop. Then…  A villain alert popped up on Izuku’s phone. A villain who called himself Melder was fleeing the scene of a bank robbery nearby. Infamous for his quirk that temporarily fused two people into one, he was considered a rising threat to public safety. Not for any direct harm, but for the use of his quirk during his escapes which confused and panicked the public and the occasional hero and police officer. A unique smokescreen, and one that caused a great deal of public unrest. Izuku had been explaining Melder’s past run-ins with heroes when they turned a corner and the villain ran headlong into them and -

A hand tentatively shook their shoulder. Someone was calling their names.

Everything ached.

Not as bad as he was used to - but why did her chest and abdomen hurt?

Nothing felt quite right. His head - her head - their head spun. Hard concrete scraped against their cheek and shoulder as they shifted to sit up. They looked down at their hands braced against the sidewalk, while wild and wavy hair fell around their face and tickled the back of their neck. They raised an unsteady hand, pinched a lock of the green-gold hair and held it in front of their face, confusion stirring in their gut.

“Mom? All Might? A-are you okay?” They knew that voice!

Midoriya! My son!   

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toastyhat  asked:

206!!! ^O^

She entered anyways and he buried his face into his hands with a groan.  “I just want to talk,” she said.  “I want to understand.”

“And I want you to leave me the fuck alone!”

“I will after this,” she said, grabbing a chair and sitting across the desk from him.  “I want to see this situation from your point of view.  Please.  You have to understand that I’m very young; I was born only three years ago.  Lord Dominus and our Most Holy are all I’ve known.”

“Even a three year old knows that what happens in this city on a day to day basis is wrong,” he spat.

Dismas and Gabriel had a bit of a rocky start.

toastyhat replied to your post “Your gym class au is so adorable!! I’m such a fan of it! Also I want…”

does this mean tucker’s the kind of kid who doesn’t get a lot of attention and makes up for it by being really obnoxious and making gross jokes?

I was always planning on making him either the youngest or the middle child of 5 (no matter which position you have, having 4 brothers has GOT to be rough) so

short answer: yes
long answer: hell yes


Here’s my trailer for the Arenaverse! Thanks to Toastyhat for the animation that’s used for the dramatic ending – it’s awesome!

Dang, I REALLY need to remember I have a Tumblr more often!

toastyhat  asked:

DEAR SLIGHTLY would you write a limerick about Breq because now I have the context to enjoy one and I'd love to hear what you come up with

(the tricky part here is that I have to actually figure out how to pronounce the things and it is your fault and I blame you)

There once was a Justice (of Toren),

a victim of plots most abhorrent

Who displayed no emotions

But caused great commotion

and who conquered a Lord without warring

toastyhat  asked:

Could I have a Psiioniic meeting Sollux? Perhaps in some AU where our Alternian heroes liberate him from the Condesce's ship and he's just shocked and confused to see that he has a descendant (and possibly that the rest of his friends do too)?

This kind of AU is 200% my jam, omg. Thank you so much for asking me to draw this. (I was going to fit a Karkat in there somewhere but I still have a fair amount of drawing to get through, so alas. Another time perhaps.)