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heartonaconstantrun-deactivated  asked:

I'm seeing random angry posts about Dates, did they crap it? What happened?

Basically, the writer made Katie’s character be the worst kind of lesbian… the kind of lesbian that I spend my life hating.  Bi-phobic and cissexist, and completely non-understanding of someone else’s need to be in the closet for whatever reason.  And instead of making Kate realize she was in the wrong, they made Erica tell Kate the she was right, that Erica was only with guys because she was lying to herself and hiding her sexuality from her family, so not only was it bi-phobic, it also completely erased the bisexuality is even a real thing.

Basically, they turned Katie’s character into a rad fem and I WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE THEM FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!  AND THEY GLORIFIED IT!!!!!!

And I think the part that pissed me off the most about the whole cissexist thing is that it continued this thing you always see in the media that trans women are completely invisible and that they certainly can’t be lesbians, and that cis lesbians can’t date trans women and still be lesbians.

And kheldara pointed out that the show also hit on the trope of white queer characters saving characters of color from their bigoted families.  So, y'know… it just hit on like, every really annoying queer trope that I can’t stand, and then left us hanging on how it actually turned out with their relationship (I’m guessing we’ll get more on Erica’s family in her next episode, but since it doesn’t sound like Kate will be in it…).  At least no one died?