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Junk in the Trunk 10/16

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how to make a latte

1. put flavoring syrup/sauce in cup

2. measure out milk

3. get ready to make the espresso (don’t forget to put a tumbler under it)


5. combine espresso and flavoring, add steamed milk

6. be glad the SCREAMING DANGER STICK has spared your life once more

Well the quality went to the shitter a bit. But yeah,

So this is my first bhna fanart and I was going to make a whole song comic based on the song ‘History Has it’s Eyes On You’ from the Hamilton musical. I got the idea from an awesome MMV by EmptyFeet on youtube @toastyhat on tumblr that you can fine here But there are huge spoilers for chapter 87 and onward so you’ve been warned. And the music is different from the MMV cause I got inspired by the little bonus bit in the description. 

Good shit my friend