toasty feet

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Stucky 2&3 please?

2. “date night” + 3. cuddling

omg this ended up being date morning instead of night, but i hope it’s okay!!


Bucky snuffles, turning on his side and smacking his lips a little. He rubs his feet together, toasty warm under his blanket, and hugs his pillow to him, thoughts of floating jellybeans and green cotton candy clouds and glittery butterflies swirling through his mind as he dozes off again.


Bucky frowns, feeling his green fluffy cloud shake underneath his feet. He feels something land on his arm, heavy and hot, and looks down to see a blue and red butterfly. He tries to bat it away, movements clumsy and awkward. The butterfly doesn’t move, just presses downwards, its wings fluttering as it starts shaking Bucky’s arm back and forth.

“Sweetheart, c’mon,” the butterfly says, sounding oddly familiar. “Wake up for me.”

“Steeb,” Bucky mumbles, because he’d recognize that voice anywhere, and smiles when the butterfly nuzzles his cheek, glittery wings sparkling. “So shiny.”

“Bucky,” the butterfly laughs, and a second later Bucky feels gentle fingers carding through his hair. And that is weird as hell, as far as he’s concerned, because butterflies don’t have any fingers. “I should hope not. That’d be creepy.”

Bucky blinks, eyes opening to find Steve staring down at him, his hand on Bucky’s arm and lips curled up in a fond smile. Bucky makes a little confused sound in the back of his throat, looking around his room until his eyes focus on the alarm clock on his nightstand, the red numbers telling him it’s just past 7AM.

“Ugh,” Bucky groans, trying to pull his blankets up over his head. He can’t, though, since most of them are trapped under Steve’s ass. Steve’s beautiful sweet ass that Bucky kind of wants to kick right now.

“Good morning,” Steve replies, grinning.

Bucky glares at him. “This better be worth it.”

They’ve been dating for a little over six months, and when Bucky gave Steve a key to his place a month ago, he didn’t expect this. So even though Bucky is very much a man in love, whatever reason Steve has to wake him up this early in the morning, it better be good.

Steve’s grin widens, and then he bends down to place a kiss to Bucky’s forehead. “It will be.”

Bucky sighs, sitting up in bed and resting his head on Steve’s shoulder, breathing him in. “What are we doing?”

“We,” Steve wraps his arms around Bucky, hugging him close, “are going on a date.”

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pancake proposal

summary: phil prepares a lovely breakfast for dan, with a little surprise on top ;)

word count: 2.1k

trigger warnings: a bit of swearing and that’s it 

a/n: inspired by @pinofs‘s disgusting phan art i’m in love with it

Phil was pretty sure these were the most perfect pancakes he’d ever baked in his life.

He’d been extra-careful not to bump the pan off the stove by accident, and kept the mixture very far away from the edge of the bench. He’d even gone to the effort of wearing grippy socks – then he could keep his feet toasty without the risky of slipping over on the tiles. A genius plan.

He thanked every plant in the apartment that the pancakes hadn’t burnt. In fact, they were a mouth-watering shade of gold and had been formed in an almost-perfect circle.

The feast was now stacked up upon a plate, and Phil bit his bottom lip as he drizzled maple syrup all over it. So far so good.

Finally he plonked a few blueberries on top, and the pile was complete.


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MacGyver's Shoes

As subtly hinted at by this morning’s tweet, I have been road testing a budget option of winter-proofing my SPD shoes.

External image

Shown half-way through the delicate procedure, you may notice one of the bomb-proof Shimano shoes has been subtly modified to block off the toe ventilation.  The end result should hopefully be toasty piggies, whatever the weather.

Does this work?

No.  No it doesn’t.  Snug feet are achieved, even in the stiff breeze and sleet we had this morning.  However, the gaffer cap is already separating off from the toe, so unless you’re happy to recreate this every night, it might be time to pony up for some overshoes.

Anyway, I’ve decided that unless I am physically unable to open the front door due to snow fall tomorrow, the recumbent is getting an outing.  Upright bikes in a headwind are such hard work.  This means that I’ll be leading with a good half inch of rubber sole, and warm feet are a happy bonus.