toasty feet

Hot and Cold-Brett Talbot

Valentine’s Collection:#9

Teen Wolf Imagine:#108

Word Count: 687

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Summary: You know what they say, cold hands, warm heart. Unless you’re a werewolf, then everything is warm.

A/n: Requested by @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday Where the reader is always cold and likes to cuddle with Brett because he’s always warm. It’s short but it’s cute I swear!

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Bat Aunt: Part 9

Prompt: How Bruce Wayne’s life changes when a little sister is thrown into the mix

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

You stare at yourself in the mirror. You don’t look like you, it’s a weird thought but one

you have none the less. Your fingers glide over the pearls at your neck, the same pearls your mother had worn on her wedding day.

    You glance back at the dress hanging up on the door. It’s pretty, classy, and everything you had ever dreamed of for your wedding. You double check your makeup and hair before slipping into the dress. Your stylist helps with the finishing touches before slipping out of the room.

    The knock on the door comes a moment later. Your voice is surprisingly steady as you ask, “Who is it?”

    “Your husband to be, don’t worry, I won’t peek.”

    You smile and lean against the door, “How are you feeling? Nervous? Ready to run?”

    Barry laughs, and the door does nothing to muffle the sounds, “I’m excited. I can’t wait. What about you? Do you need some socks?”

    “Nope, my feet are toasty warm.”

    “I’m really happy to hear that.”

    “Scared I was going to run?”

    There’s a small chuckle before he says, “No. Running is my thing, not yours. I’ll see you in a little bit.”

    “I’ll be the one in the white dress.”

    You spend the next few minutes pacing the room, until your brother appears, with a scowl on his face. “It’s a freaking circus out there.”

    You smile and straighten his tie, “Well, there’s a good chance that this will be the only Wayne wedding for years to come.”

    Bruce rolls his eyes, “And then there’s the fact that both Barry and you are keeping your names.”

    You shrug and grab your bouquet, “We’re modern that way.”

    He smiles and offers you his arm. You walk down the stairs together and towards the back yard. You smile as you sneak a peek at the tents that have been set up and the people filling the chairs. As the wedding march starts, you and Bruce start making your way down the aisle. Your eyes focus in on Barry, who’s smile is nearly blinding. He’s dressed in a tux, and he quickly becomes the only thing you can focus on.

    He meets you at the steps of the gazebo, where Bruce lifts your veil and kisses your cheek. He gives a small smile to Barry before going to sit with Dick and Jason. The vows go by in a rush, and all you can focus on the entire time, is how happy you are. And when you’re finally declared husband and wife, all you want to do is kiss your husband.

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omg your prompt answers have been amazing so far! how about this one: serendipity

Pleasant Surprise

Yuuri shifted under the covers of his bed, pulling the blankets closer to try and fight off the morning air.

It was early, too early to be awake by his husband of a year hadn’t gotten the memo because the spot beside him lay empty and void of any warmth.

He’s feet were toasty warm, meaning that Makkachin agreed with him and hadn’t joined Viktor on whatever morning adventure he had decided to go on.

Yesterday it had been a two-hour drive to some bakery that sold the best pirozhki around (Yuuri disagreed because he had some of Grandpa Plisetsky’s pirozhki, he didn’t tell Viktor this).

Last week it had been the hunt for a proper Japanese tea set because Viktor had declared that the tea they had at home didn’t taste the same as the tea back at Hasetsu.

A month earlier it had been a swim at the beach, which had resulted in the platinum blonde being sick and grumpy for three days. Like swimming in the ocean during the middle of autumn was a good idea.

“Yuuri!” Viktor’s voice suddenly rung out through the apartment, causing the man in question to groan and bury his face deeper into his pillow.

“Yuuri, Yuuri, my previous Yuuri.” Viktor’s voice got louder and louder till he felt the bed sink under his husband’s weight.

“Yuuri?” Viktor said, softer this time, like it finally occurred to him that he might be asleep.

“Cold, Viktor,” Yuuri mumbled, earning a chuckle and a kiss to the side of his head.

“Happy birthday,” Viktor mumbled softly, causing Yuuri to pause and shift around to face his husband.

“Birthday?” He questioned sleepily.

“Yep. It is November the 29th, your birthday.” Viktor said with an ever-present smile. He lifted a hand from the warmth of his sheets and rubbed at his eyes.

“Oh, yeah, thank you,” he said with a smile before noticing that Viktor was hiding something behind his back.

“What are you hiding?” He questioned, earning a bright grin.

“Your birthday present, you ready?” Viktor said with an excited look. He hummed softly, before he felt his eyes widen as he saw what Viktor slowly revealed what was behind his back.

“No,” he muttered while quickly shifting into an upright position to take the present into his own arms.

“Happy birthday,” Viktor said while pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Yuuri stared down at chubby, dark brown poodle puppy in his hands. The puppy let out a snort which seemed to catch Makkachin’s attention, resulting in not one, but two puppies in his lap. He giggled softly while pulling the puppy to his chest and cuddling it.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Yuuri repeated over and over again as he leant over to pepper his husband with kisses which were happily returned.

“Anything for you, Yuuri, anything for you.” Viktor said with a bright smile as he cuddled the puppy to his chest happily.

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Daisuga + your feet are cold Suga please I love you dont do this to me

“Suga,” Daichi warns, but he’s not looking at Suga’s face. His eyes are fixed on Suga’s wiggling toes, poking out from under the blanket and hanging off the sofa. They’re facing each other on the sofa, Daichi’s feet tucked safely against Suga’s side, toasty warm.

His feet aren’t those icicle demons poised to move under the blanket and invade his warm.

“Don’t you love me, Daichi?” Suga whines. “All of me?”

“Not your frostbitten feet, no,” Daichi says. Suga shifts. “No,” Daichi says again.

A mischievous grin. Daichi can’t even say “don’t” or “stop” or even “no” before those icy feet are on his stomach, pushing up his nightshirt and pressing flush against his skin.

Daichi screams like a preschool girl.

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Stucky 2&3 please?

2. “date night” + 3. cuddling

omg this ended up being date morning instead of night, but i hope it’s okay!!


Bucky snuffles, turning on his side and smacking his lips a little. He rubs his feet together, toasty warm under his blanket, and hugs his pillow to him, thoughts of floating jellybeans and green cotton candy clouds and glittery butterflies swirling through his mind as he dozes off again.


Bucky frowns, feeling his green fluffy cloud shake underneath his feet. He feels something land on his arm, heavy and hot, and looks down to see a blue and red butterfly. He tries to bat it away, movements clumsy and awkward. The butterfly doesn’t move, just presses downwards, its wings fluttering as it starts shaking Bucky’s arm back and forth.

“Sweetheart, c’mon,” the butterfly says, sounding oddly familiar. “Wake up for me.”

“Steeb,” Bucky mumbles, because he’d recognize that voice anywhere, and smiles when the butterfly nuzzles his cheek, glittery wings sparkling. “So shiny.”

“Bucky,” the butterfly laughs, and a second later Bucky feels gentle fingers carding through his hair. And that is weird as hell, as far as he’s concerned, because butterflies don’t have any fingers. “I should hope not. That’d be creepy.”

Bucky blinks, eyes opening to find Steve staring down at him, his hand on Bucky’s arm and lips curled up in a fond smile. Bucky makes a little confused sound in the back of his throat, looking around his room until his eyes focus on the alarm clock on his nightstand, the red numbers telling him it’s just past 7AM.

“Ugh,” Bucky groans, trying to pull his blankets up over his head. He can’t, though, since most of them are trapped under Steve’s ass. Steve’s beautiful sweet ass that Bucky kind of wants to kick right now.

“Good morning,” Steve replies, grinning.

Bucky glares at him. “This better be worth it.”

They’ve been dating for a little over six months, and when Bucky gave Steve a key to his place a month ago, he didn’t expect this. So even though Bucky is very much a man in love, whatever reason Steve has to wake him up this early in the morning, it better be good.

Steve’s grin widens, and then he bends down to place a kiss to Bucky’s forehead. “It will be.”

Bucky sighs, sitting up in bed and resting his head on Steve’s shoulder, breathing him in. “What are we doing?”

“We,” Steve wraps his arms around Bucky, hugging him close, “are going on a date.”

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pancake proposal

summary: phil prepares a lovely breakfast for dan, with a little surprise on top ;)

word count: 2.1k

trigger warnings: a bit of swearing and that’s it 

a/n: inspired by @pinofs‘s disgusting phan art i’m in love with it

Phil was pretty sure these were the most perfect pancakes he’d ever baked in his life.

He’d been extra-careful not to bump the pan off the stove by accident, and kept the mixture very far away from the edge of the bench. He’d even gone to the effort of wearing grippy socks – then he could keep his feet toasty without the risky of slipping over on the tiles. A genius plan.

He thanked every plant in the apartment that the pancakes hadn’t burnt. In fact, they were a mouth-watering shade of gold and had been formed in an almost-perfect circle.

The feast was now stacked up upon a plate, and Phil bit his bottom lip as he drizzled maple syrup all over it. So far so good.

Finally he plonked a few blueberries on top, and the pile was complete.


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(361):You're officially the most high maintenance man I've ever had inside me............................................

Derek flosses. Stiles likes to brush his teeth last thing at night, in and out with a splash of water to the face, shower in the morning. Derek has an entire routine. There’s moisturizer involved. Stiles isn’t complaining about the moisturiser mind, it smells nice, and it really does make the parts of Derek’s face still visible super soft. He has laughter lines, now. It makes Stiles’ insides curl in delight every time he sees them deepen, every time Derek laughs at something Stiles has said, or when he seems to forget himself and smile so damn wide, so fucking beautifully.

It doesn’t seem to bother Derek, the beginning’s of “crows’ feet” that Lydia teases him about. He’s many things, but vain isn’t one of them. He only started using the moisturizer because Stiles used to get a crazy rash on his thighs and neck after Derek had been particularly passionate. He didn’t even realize he’d been complaining that much about it, but then the moisturizer just turned up one day on the shelf. Stiles had been searching for condoms and spotted the Jack Black’s. Derek had been hovering over his shoulder impatiently, huffing that Stiles was taking too long, and did he need a map to the same damn shelf they’ve been on for a year?

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I really need your celestial AU right now. I kinda had a bad day and it always cheers me up…

oh my goodness! I’m so sorry you had a bad day :c Sadly, I don’t have the time tonight to draw you anything–but I can whip up a tiny little fluffy fanfic! I wanted to reply asap because I want to make your day better, anon ;v; I hope you like it


There were times the Life Spirit found himself clambering up the colossal summit. His bare little feet, still toasty warm, sunk into the deep snow, causing him to awkwardly raise his leg as high as he could to make the next step. His cape left a trailing indent behind him. The wind whistled as it raced down the legendary slope of the mountain. 

Life nearly toppled over as the wind excitedly swirled around him. He puffed out his cheeks, “Stop it, Wind! I’m trying to get to the top!” 

The wind giggled, the Wind Spirit’s voice whispering sweet apologies for being an inconvenience, but justified themselves by wanting to play.

“We played yesterday, and the day before that, remember?” Life laughed, “We can play later after I get to the top.”

The Wind sighed and the air became still. 

“Thank you!”

Life crawled a few more feet, finally reaching the summit of the tallest mountain on Earth. He patted the giant rock, smiling down. He knew the Earth Spirit was extremely proud of his tallest mountain, and Life always enjoyed sitting atop of it. The Earth Spirit would always mutter something or other whenever the humans would conquer his mountain, however, he easily welcomed Life with open arms. Sure, he could have used his magic to simply appear on the summit, but why do that when he could have fun climbing up instead? 

Life placed his hands on his hips, looking out on the timeless view. He had seen this view thousands and thousands of times, but he still was always impressed. He took a deep breath before looking up at the sky. He beamed up at his Father. The reason Life would visit the summit so frequently was because it was the closest he could be to his parents without them coming down to Earth. 

The Life Spirit lifted his hands, stretching on his tip-toes as a child would when they wanted to be picked up.

“Dad! Can you come down today?” he called, staring up at the round orb in the sky, “I haven’t seen you in a very long time…and I miss you! Mama came down not too long ago, and now I wanna see you!”

He waited patiently, calling him one more time. Sometimes the Sun wasn’t always paying attention, doing whatever he was doing up in the Cosmos. Life really was never sure. But, soon enough, after a few more calls, the Sun began to descend. Life always loved how magical his parents’ dramatic entrances were.

First, the Sun or Moon would pulsate a few times, before strings and sparks of stars or fire began whipping down from the Cosmos. They’d streak across the sky, before spearing the ground below. Life watched the spectacle as fire tornado’d in place, melting the snow around them. As quickly as the fire and sparks had arrived, they disappeared, the Sun Spirit standing in their place. 

His golden armor was always so shiny and clean, his stature was regal and proud. Although his father was ancient beyond human comprehension, he still took form of a strong young man that radiated energy and youth. 

The Sun stared down at his little boy, laughing as he picked him up and twirled him around. His markings glowed brilliantly.

Life hugged his father, missing his warm embrace very much. Although there were very many warm and safe places on Earth, Life could never compare any of them to his father’s arms. He rested his cheek on his shoulder and let out a giggle, his smaller arms still clinging to his neck. 

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” the Sun admitted, plopping down on the ground. He felt Life nod.

“Yeah…I missed you,” the little Spirit admitted, “I missed you a lot.”

“Sorry I wasn’t able to come down sooner,” the Sun sighed, “I’ll be sure to frequent my visits more often.”

“To make up for it, I want you to meet some more friends of mine–they’re in the desert, so be sure to pay attention to them so they stay warm,” Life instructed, standing up and beginning to walk down the mountain. Life began to ramble on about what kinds of things he had been doing the last few years, happily going on and on. The Sun smiled and followed his son as they began their journey across the world. He loved hearing about Life’s stories and adventures, and of his creations. It made him feel confident his boy was happy when neither him or the Moon could be there with him. As he placed his hand on Life’s shoulder, Sun glanced up at the Cosmos, feeling the Moon smiling down on them. 

It was going to be a wonderful day.

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wolfstar hc: sirius always wearing socks to sleep because his parents sometimes didn't put on the fire and he was always freezing; when remus finds out, he starts knitting and soon all of the marauders have matching socks, scarfs, hats, jumpers etc. (gawd these two are currently my salvation)


MacGyver's Shoes

As subtly hinted at by this morning’s tweet, I have been road testing a budget option of winter-proofing my SPD shoes.

External image

Shown half-way through the delicate procedure, you may notice one of the bomb-proof Shimano shoes has been subtly modified to block off the toe ventilation.  The end result should hopefully be toasty piggies, whatever the weather.

Does this work?

No.  No it doesn’t.  Snug feet are achieved, even in the stiff breeze and sleet we had this morning.  However, the gaffer cap is already separating off from the toe, so unless you’re happy to recreate this every night, it might be time to pony up for some overshoes.

Anyway, I’ve decided that unless I am physically unable to open the front door due to snow fall tomorrow, the recumbent is getting an outing.  Upright bikes in a headwind are such hard work.  This means that I’ll be leading with a good half inch of rubber sole, and warm feet are a happy bonus.

  • Pyro: I feel terrible
  • Cuteosucks: oh no why
  • Dogfriend: tfw no dragons
  • Pyro: tfw?
  • Dogfriend: team fortress when
  • Pyro: oh
  • Cuteosucks: toasty feet warm
  • Dogfriend: transformation warning
  • Cuteosucks: toad fart whallop
  • Dogfriend: terrible farts within
  • CaptainHairy: Thunderous Fuck Wednesday.
  • Cuteosucks: terrible fellatio window
  • Pyro: I hate you all
  • Dogfriend: tomes for wankers
  • CaptainHairy: Triple fish wardrobe.
  • Dogfriend: tentacle fucker wendy
  • Cuteosucks: trouser ferret whiplash
  • Dogfriend: tonks fucked weasley
  • Pyro: stop it