When the night drips slowly into your throat and you look up, you look down, the thought of me dances in your eyes, there are stars shooting across seas, there’s a breeze blowing over beautiful trees, there’s a balloon of a smile widening, widening, widening and slowly, a shower of colors, a storm of emotions, so utterly distinct, so completely welcome. I don’t know what to say, brew the coffee, change the channel, I will show you a new color I discovered. You know you can hold your breath for longer if you don’t care about dying? I’m so fascinated! I’m so in love! It’s so normal, like butter on toast, like a doodle in a note, like you and me driving to nowhere, like you and me holding each other’s hand silently. It’s so simple, nahi? It’s in our skin, in our smile, in our hair. It’s all over everything, like a filter, like a soft, gracious film over everything sickening, everything disheartening, everything heavy and low, making me see a beautifully different world. You, my newfound oldlost eyes. You, my always kinda smile. You. There’s nothing that makes me happier than the flyaway thoughts of you chilling somewhere, singing a song, smoking, smiling, moping..