Thanks for tagging me @feel-alright-for-ten-minutes! Here are my favourite songs at the moment in a vaguely particular order…

Rule: List the top ten songs you are listening to nowadays and tag (look, fill in whatever number you want here) mutuals.

  1. I Come With Knives, by IAMX
  2. Boats & Birds, by Gregory & the Hawk
  3. Tommy-Gun, by Royal Republic
  4. Les Filles D’aujourd’hui, by Joyce Jonathan ft. Vianney
  5. Requiem, from Dear Evan Hansen
  6. White Wine In The Sun, by Tim Minchin
  7. Beauty Underneath, from Love Never Dies
  8. How To Be A Heartbreaker, by Marina and the Diamonds
  9. Get Stoned, by Hinder
  10. Rockabye, by Clean Bandit ft. Anne-Marie (Acoustic)

(Yeah…my music taste is eclectic to say the least.)

And I will no-pressure tag: @vixy-of-the-disappointments, @badassindistress, @mirtehelena, @deboracabral and @furry-toastr!