Modern Harry Potter
  • Draco: *threatening Harry* and I don't think my father-
  • Harry: *interrupting* the inventor of toaster strudel, would be too happy to hear about this
  • Every muggle born/half blood in the immediate area: *hysterically laughs*
  • Seamus: *putting arm around Harry's shoulders* get in loser, we're going shopping
  • Harry and Seamus: *dab out of room*
  • Draco and Ron: what the fuck
wanna one as things i've said
  • Daniel: my sweater smells really good right now but i know if i wear it for the day it won't smell as good and i'm afraid that i'll never be able to get this smell again.
  • Jihoon: i look so cute right now but no one wants to go out but you know what? fuck them i deserve to show the world my beauty.
  • Daehwi: yesterday i cried while making toaster strudel. i didn't cry because of the toaster strudel i cried because i saw a stray cat and he looked so lonely.
  • Jaehwan: i am so talented in so many ways but people can't seem to see it? sure, i almost set my kitchen on fire making noodles and lost my dog while walking it but doesn't everyone?
  • Seongwoo: sometimes i wish i wasn't as loud and extra but then i realize that that's my brand, my gimmick it's what people are gonna remember me for.
  • Woojin: it's 3:55 am and i just heard a loud noise i'm not sure if it's a murderer or a tree but either way i'm still not going to be able to sleep.
  • Guanlin: i hate and love when people tell me what to do because on one hand i like being independent and strong but on the other i forget how to tie my own shoelaces
  • Jisung: some days i feel like i'm 80 and other days i feel like i'm 4, like one second i want to sleep for nine years and others i just wanna yell about everything.
  • Minhyun: i thing i could be a better person. not in this life but maybe another. i could be reincarnated into the nicest fucking bird in the world and everyone would love me.
  • Jinyoung: i'm tired of people thinking i'm depressed because i don't smile. like i'm not sad it's just i don't care about what you're saying and i'm thinking about ducks.
  • Sungwoon: i wish it wasn't weird for people my age to go trick-or-treating because now if i want candy i actually have to buy it with my money. i wish i could still dress up as a furry and not be judged.
Seventeen as: Things in Life

S.Coups: Bright red. Worn in baseball caps, over-sized jerseys, hot dogs and empty stadiums. The smell of fresh strawberries; Getting into your house after a day out in the winter; The feel of a new basketball. Warm summer nights. The sound of kids in the hallways on the last day of school after the bell rings; Screaming when you finally beat a hard level in a game; Teasing eyes; Mangoes.
Woozi: An untouched field of bright crisp snow; the satisfaction you get when you ace a test you thought you’d do bad on. Thick Holiday sweaters; paper lanterns glowing in dark streets; serious conversations with your normally easy-going friend at 2 in the morning. The colors mint and peach. Smiling to yourself as someone unknowingly compliments you. Laughing to yourself, embarrassed, after you caught yourself daydreaming about someone. The feel of new notebooks.

Hoshi: The rush of joy you feel all at once as you’re trying your hardest doing something you love. Watermelon Popsicle sticks. Turquoise. Giggles breaking the silence. 2007- 2009 pop songs that you still break out screaming to if they come on the radio. Cherry lip balm. Daisies. Empty hockey rings. Cheesy Valentine’s Day teddy bears. Spending hours on a project you’re working on, not noticing you worked through the night. Plastic water bottles.

Wonwoo: Ocean blue. Secret smiles. The jokes written on cards you get at the Pharmacy. Midnight walks. Being in a warm jacket outside during the fall. Apples. The feel of a cold PlayStation controller. Fresh pumpkins. Inside jokes with your friends. Laughing really hard after not laughing for a long time. The smell of clean linen. The moon’s reflection on a car window. Hugging a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Worn in converse sneakers. The sound of a shower running. Soft cloth. 

Mingyu: Warm cheesy pizza.  Unexpectedly laughing loudly. Ultramarine blue. Fuzzy socks. Riding your bicycle really fast and feeling the wind hit you. Mozzarella sticks. Ice cold soda on a hot day. The way gloves feel when they just got out the dryer.  Giggling to yourself as you enjoy doing something childish. Dancing to yourself in front of a mirror. The sound of the city on a busy day. Dipping new paint brushes into paint. Bright sunlight pouring in through a window.

Vernon: Staying up all night on the internet. Late night jokes with your friends. Burgers. Crinkled plaid shirts. Purple. The way your face scrunches up as you laugh really hard. 2 a.m. Ramen noodles. Feeling satisfied as you push yourself past your comfort zone and get good results. Jokes so bad they’re funny. Falling asleep to the sound of a tv show. Opening a new album package that you waited forever for. Plastic figurines. Feeling nervous on the first day of school. Rubber bracelets.  Relaxing car drives. 

Dino: Stretching in the morning. Lopsided beanies. Pumpkin seeds and tangerines. Long needed hugs. Making fake mohawks with shampoo/soap. Brand new comic books. The way your eyebrows furrow as you work hard doing something you love. The color green. Pinky promises. Randomly learning a  weird fact. Rushing to open  a package of takeout when you’re really hungry. Racing during gym. Ham and cheese sandwiches. 

Seungkwan: The smell of warm, fresh out the oven, buns. Pastel yellow and baby blue. Soft pajamas. Purposefully singing badly to a song. Scrapbooks. The taste of vanilla. The feeling of satisfaction and pride you get after you tell a joke and everybody starts laughing. Those dollar store kids hand sanitizers. Preppy button up shirts. Warm honey brown eyes. The way a librarian smiles at you sweetly. Snow falling in your hair. Thick fluffy scarves. Really puffy winter jackets. Dandelions. 

DK: Yellow and orange. Sunflowers. The way you squint your eyes when the sun is too bright. Fried chicken + french fries. Late night snacks. Sliding down wooden floors in socks. Terrible romantic movies. Imitating/mocking the GPS’ voice when you’re driving. Holding hands with your friends. The toy section at the dollar store. The smell of citrus.  Bananas. Finger painting. Bouncing your leg as you type away. Laughing with someone, adoration shining through your eyes.  Oversized shirts with jokes written on them. 

The8: Rubber bouncy balls. Happy family reunions. Fuzzy slippers. Tinsel. The faint sound of music playing at a bbq. Baby golden retrievers. Surprising yourself with your own strength. Bonfires late at night on the beach. The sun shinning extremely bright after it rained. Long eyelashes. Roast sessions with your friends. Coconuts; the smell of purple grapes. Holiday music playing in stores. Fake mustaches and waffles. Two toned/swirled ice cream. The way the warm sidewalk pavement feels against your bare feet.

Jun: Retro red. The night sky when there are no stars out. Kitchen aprons and rose petals. Steele blue. Brand new pencils. Bright white teeth and secret winks. Jumping in (clean) puddles when it’s raining. Airplanes. Apricots and strawberry jam. Cheap perfume and small tourist knick knacks. Warm caramel, covered in chocolate.  When your friend pulls through for you. 1 a.m. phone calls. Waking up before you’re supposed to and just laying there, thinking, until your alarm goes off. Fake-flirting with your friends. Plastic flower necklaces. 

Jeonghan: Neutral colors. Cactus’ and pastel flower pots. The silence before a storm. Sticking your tongue out playfully. Laughing so hard you accidentally hurt yourself by bumping into something. Messy toaster strudels. Accidentally succeeding at something/good luck. Nostalgia. When you’re tired but so excited you can’t sleep. Watching terrible comedy movies with your friends and laughing more with each other than at the movie. Cinnamon toothpaste. Saltine crackers; absentmindedly laying in a weird position when you’re invested in your hobby. 

Joshua: Worn down wood. Maple syrup on warm fluffy pancakes. Procrastinating by watching strange useless videos on Youtube. Old headphones. When your desk is messy but you kinda just know where everything is. Coffee shops and doughnuts with sprinkles. The sound of traffic at night. Knowing every word to a child’s song you haven’t sang in years. Chipped nail polish. Jeans and messy hair. Seeing your own breath when it’s  very cold out. Drawing small hearts on the car window. Secret Pinterest boards.

  1. Obtain a significant other from a country that doesn’t sell Toaster Strudel
  2. Marry them and start a family
  3. Offer to make your fam breakfast every morning
  4. Make them strudel with no icing
  5. They’ll have no idea Toaster Strudel even come with icing
  6. Take all six packets for yourself
  7. Avoid making eye contact with your reflection in the mirror for the rest of your life because you are a monster

The Lirry Fic-Rec I Never Thought I Would Make

Here is a ton of recs, spanning from fluffy, to supernatural, to smutty, to from like 2012. I separated them into beginner fics, meaning that they have little to no smut, and then progressively more! Some of the links won’t work if you don’t have an AO3 account, but there’s not a lot like that.  (There are some that aren’t on AO3, but this one is solely AO3). 

So without further ado, I give you, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, the fluff scale, angst scale, word count, and a small summary. (Bold is MUST READS)

Fluff Scale: Rock, Liam’s Abs, Harry’s Curls, Bunny Tail

Angst Scale: Sunny Day, Partly Cloudy, Rainy, Hurricane

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here are some really quick sketches from the latest episode of rvb. I just had to celebrate the return of Grif (even though I'm a couple days late)…. man I really loved that episode so much… it had two of my favorite boys! I was so happy!!!!! And man…. Grif it was so nice to see him again! but he sure has had a bad time… Poor guy has finally snapped… someone help him! He deserves better than abandonment and all his self-hatred…

Anyway, I wanted to draw some of my favorite Grif scenes? lines? All I know is I want oodles of noodles and toaster strudels on a shirt right now. Also, the part where Grif feels really bad for failing Caboose and Church makes my heart happy and sad at the same time. I love that he cares so much about Caboose’s feelings and apparently he also feels responsible for Church even though he literally couldn’t have done anything about it…He just feels so responsible for all of his friends even though he doesn't want to show how much he cares (he cares probably more than any of the reds and blues). And man, without any inhibitions Grif is so cute and sweet! He is like Caboose levels of sweet when he says what he really thinks! I love that so much! I loved pretty much everything about this episode I’m so happy!

anonymous asked:

How would one explain Honey Dew? Would he be like a sweet heart by day but rough at night or a ball of fluffanutter? While Horchata will fuck the daylights out of you and make sure you know who Papi is, Honey Dew might be sweet as pie making sure you're okay and be his little sugar plum gum drop. Hmm 🤔

Character Analysis: Henry Stencils

Category: Split Personality

•spicy like the cinnamon he’s topped with
•dominant and sexc
•Spanking Central™
•hotter than the metal part of a seat belt in the middle of June
•let’s you know who papi is (spoiler alert: it’s him)
•likes to wear 283823955969 rings
•grinds on railings during performances bc why not
•wears $650 granpappy slippers and bellbottom pants with dragons on them bc fAsHiOn
•adjusts himself before sitting down and doesn’t care who’s watching
•rubs his nose precisely two (2) times between every sentence bc idk but it’s hot
•furrows his brows for no apparent reason
•"I think.,,.,.um.,,.,,.y'know..,.,,”
•has a smug smirk on his face 89.779% of the time because he knows he’s the shit
•pushes his hair out of his eyes when it’s not even in his eyes??
•uses lots of hand gestures
•v sarcastic don’t test him pls
•#tits out for Harambe
•wrote “big” on his big toe only bc the tattoo artist refused to tat it on his dicc
•thicc asf but hides it
•Buffy McBuffington
•sharpens his jawline every morning with a knife sharpener
•the knife sharpener broke it’s his 6th one this month #OhNoHorchata
•makes orgasm faces when he sings bc he wants to plunge the world into the 8th level of hell
•prefers the textured condoms, Magnum Gold Collection
•he’s the one who wrote “fucking” in Sign of the Times and threw a fit when they took it out

•sweet, caring, giggly baby
•has two twinkling dimples
•rose petals appear from the sky wherever he goes (no one knows why…)
•a Smol Tol™
•every time he blinks, stardust falls from his eyelashes
•every time he laughs, a baby deer is born
•is actually the sun + the moon & the stars
•could never hurt a fly
•instead of killing the fly, he takes a tiny piece off of his toaster strudel and places it near the bug in order to form a mutually beneficial and peaceful alliance
•butterfly kisses galore
•sponges his lips all over your face– eyelids, cheeks, nose, chin, down your jaw, across your forehead– until you’re a giggling mess and cradles your face in his hands, smiling all soft and fondly
•wears Hawaiian dad shirts that cost more than a gastric bypass surgery
•has had the same three pairs of jeans since 2013 and they all make his dicc disappear
•only wears huge heeled boots made of velvet and suede, settling for nothing less than YSL and Gucci bc he’s allergic to being basic
•borrowed Willy Wonka’s glasses and never gave them back whOoPs
•his hair is actually a spray-painted cloud of love and support
•tiny baby ears and puffy nipples
•smiles all big and toothy with his eyebrows raising up, resulting in a new galaxy being formed
•isn’t scared to show his emotions bc he loves the world and it loves him back
•sings and dances to Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend while making Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes…it’s 3:24 AM.
•feels guilty after jacking off
•#Save the Bees
•when you go to shake his hand, he pulls you into a hug instead
•"I had a dream about trains!“
•tries to give everyone happiness, even at the expense of his own