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Hi! I love 6S1M! I also enjoyed your quiz and ever since I've wondering if you'll ever write a fic about Edge being completely in love. In your quiz you said his type is "the angel" because at first he enjoys the idea of looking more evil next to a kind girl, but then he would come to truly love her for her selflessness and for who she is. I can't imagine what that would be like but it's a fanfic that would add years to my life LOL I WOULD LOVE TO SEE EDGE IN THAT RELATIONSHIP.

Me too <3 Papyrus=Edge


You can’t do that.” Amidst all the calamity, a gentle but confident voice spoke out above the rest.

“…” Papyrus didn’t think he heard right. He straightened, towering over the small human. She didn’t show any signs of fear, which annoyed him ever so slightly if not impressed him. “I’M SORRY?”

That’s not yours, you can’t take that.” She had the gall to say again, as if she had any power over him!

Most of the humans had fled the store after Papyrus had barged in; proclaiming his robbery with an onslaught of bones and maniacal laughter, save for a few who were trapped behind the counter. This… human girl, on the other hand, decided to stay for whatever foolish ideals she had. Papyrus puffed out his chest, “I CAN’T? IS THAT A CHALLENGE?”

“No, it’s a request.”


“Then consider it a demand.” The human girl stepped in between him and the new toaster he was trying to take home. How was he supposed to make toast with this opposition? Though, he had to admit, he didn’t exactly despise this girls attempt to thwart him. It was interesting, to say the least.


“I may not be able to force you, no…” She voiced, “But I can try. And that will be enough.”

Papyrus tilted his head, before leaning down to her level and smirking, clasping her entire jaw in his claws, forcing her to look up at him. “I HAVE TO ADMIT, I ADMIRE YOUR BRAVERY, IF NOT STUPIDITY. BUT I’M AFRAID YOUR EFFORTS WILL BE IN VANE, LITTLE HERO. I’M GOING TO TAKE THIS, I’M GOING TO WALK OUT OF HERE, AND I’M GOING TO WATCH YOU SQUIRM AS I LEAVE.”

With a smack, his hand was off of her jaw as she said with resounding confidence, “You will not take that, you will not walk out of here with guilt on your hands, and you will find it in your heart to refrain from stealing, tall villain.”

Despite her stubbornness, despite her obvious defiance, despite her doing everything that should frustrate him to no end, his soul skipped an agonizingly low and deep beat. It took Papyrus a second to find his words, “I-I. I HAVE NO HEART, HERO.”

Her bright and light-filled eyes scanned his slightly red face, only making Papyrus more and more anxious. Then, suddenly, she turned around and pulled out a wad of cash from her purse. She set it down on the countertop, before grabbing the toaster and returning to face Papyrus.

“Then gain one.” She held out the toaster to him. Despite her kindness, she was looking at him with pure stubbornness and defiance.

Papyrus was speechless. Surely this was a trick of some kind, nobody was that kind, especially not to a super cool evil-doer such as himself? Right? So instead he just stared at her like she was crazy.


Papyrus narrowed his eyesockets, but found no form of deception. For just a split second, Papyrus imagined keeping this defiant hero for himself. “… I DON’T NEED ONE.” 

And with that, Papyrus turned around and walked out the door.


Papyrus knocked on the door to Undyne and Alphys apartment. Undyne had invited him over for training earlier, but was furious when Undyne had mistakenly mad plans for that very same day with! So what if he comes over for training every single day? That still doesn’t mean you can just ‘make plans’! Though to make up for it, Undyne had reassured him that he could still come over. 

But instead of training, they would be having dinner with one of their new friends.

Speaking of new friends, that lead to question who was this ‘new friend’? Would they replace him as Undyne’s best training partner? Why had he not met them before? They better not, and Papyrus would have to ensure that.

The door opened, and Undyne’s signature (and, honestly, very creepy) smile greeted him. 

“Papyrus!” She forcefully grabbed Papyrus and squeezed the life out of him, “Glad you could make it!”

Papyrus pushed her away with whatever strength he had left, “OF COURSE I COULD MAKE IT, I MAKE IT EVERYDAY!”

Undyne patted his shoulder with overwhelming strength, “I know, but this time around’s special! We have a guest!”


Undyne laughed nervously, “Hah, right! Okay, well, don’t freak out…”

Papyrus was already freaking out.

“…But she’s a human.”

Papyrus let out a sigh of relief. A human. 

“That’s not the reaction I was expecting.” Undyne poked at him, “I was expecting more of a, ‘A HUMAN?? ARE YOU MAD???’”


I don’t think this one would battle you, Papyrus.” Papyrus let out a groan as the former royal scientist leisurely joined the conversation. “Maybe throw some patronizing words of wisdom, but no punches.”


Undyne laughed wholeheartedly, before it came to a sudden stop, “Don’t do that.”

Papyrus started to sweat, before he heard a soft voice from the kitchen, “Undyne! Alphys! The Lasagna is done!”

With a hard pat on the back, Papyrus was pushed forward. “Come on! She’s made your favorite! I think you’ll like her, she’s a real nice type.”

Papyrus rubbed his back, “LASAGNA’S NOT MY FAVORITE.”

Papyrus heard a few soft footsteps, before his eyesockets widened. “Hey, is your friend here yet- !” Papyrus couldn’t believe it. The human who turned around the corner was none other than the girl that had been plaguing his thoughts for the past couple of weeks! Not only that but she was WEARING AN APRON! AN APRON! What sort of cruel twisted fate was this?!

“Oh, it’s you.” She just said. 

There was a tense silence, before Undyne unknowingly interrupted the silence. “Uh, do you know eachother? You’re looking a little red there, Paps.”

As if interrupted from a trance, Papyrus turned to Undyne and harshly said, “YOU HAVE AWFUL TASTE IN FRIENDS.”

And with that, he left the little hero for the second time.

Sometime in the Middle:

Papyrus couldn’t believe the situation he was in. He was at a dinner party, a rather large one at that, and currently everyone was on the dance floor dancing. 

Except for him. 

And the little human girl.

By this time, Papyrus was cursing Sans’ unabashed ability to get drunk the moment the party started. He was over at the bar beyond smashed so he was no help, the good for nothing… And Undyne and Alphys were having too much fun trying to recreate certain scenes from an anime involving ballrooms that he had little to no knowledge about, so they were out. All that was left was him and the girl who he was quite certain he couldn’t get out of his mind.

An he hated it.

Except for that one part of him that was screaming SUCCESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! but he kicked that part of him in the knees.

So far, after the past couple of months, their relationship was a strange one. At first, he did his best to avoid her, but she didn’t seem to be doing the same which was slightly frustrating. After that, it was his mission to antagonize her in everyway he possibly could, which wasn’t too hard. Their ideals were total opposites, so pulling up arguments was as easy as getting a stubborn human to talk. She thought that violence and bloodshed were never the answer, and he thought that was adorable. He relished in getting her frustrated as he told stories of his conquests. Her ideals were almost angelic-like, but that only made it more fun to oppose against. Not to mention how cool it made his evilness look.

But now they were sitting together, alone at a table, and he couldn’t think of a single thing to argue with her about.

“You look very handsome tonight, Papyrus.” 

Papyrus had a double-take. Did? She just?? 

“D-DON’T PATRONIZE ME WITH YOUR IDLE CHIT-CHAT, HUMAN!” He fumed, but he could feel his face heating up a bright crimson. He cursed himself as he lamented on how she could probably feel the heat coming from his cheekbones.

“I mean it, suits are a good look on you.” She mused casually. As if something like that should be said so casually!


The human hummed in agreement, but didn’t even bother to look at him as she watched the people dance. He couldn’t stop himself from saying anything to get her attention.


She turned to look at him, and he immediately regretted his decision. 


She started to laugh! LAUGH! This girl-!!

“Thank you, Papyrus.”

Something wasn’t right here. For some reason, Papyrus did not want to strangle her to death despite the fact that she laughed at him, and he knew that was wrong. She should’ve been dead WEEKS ago if he was being honest with himself.

“…YOU’RE WELCOME.” Is the only thing he could get out as he stared at her.

Another small moment of silence passed as the human’s eyes were drawn back to the dance floor with… longing? “It’s such a lovely night for a dinner party.”

“I STILL DON’T KNOW WHY UNDYNE INVITED YOU.” Papyrus crossed his arms, happy to change the conversation topic. “A HUMAN AT THE ANNIVERSARY OF OUR RETURN TO THE SURFACE? RIDICULOUS!”

“That’s a human over there.”


You laughed again, for the second time that night. “Nemesis?”

Papyrus felt warmth return to his cheeks. He didn’t know how, but he mad a fool of himself again! “Y-YES! YOU’RE MY NEMESIS!”

“Why?” You inquired, your eyes filled with laughter and a bright smile on your face. Why did Papyrus both hate and love that expression so much?

“WHY?” He reiterated, as if it were poison. “BECAUSE WE HATE EACHOTHER!”

I don’t hate you.” She mused.


“Papyrus, I know we don’t see eye-to-eye all the time. In fact, most of what you believe makes me wonder if you even have a moral compass. But just because we don’t have the same beliefs doesn’t mean I have to hate you.” She looked back at the ballroom’s lights. “In fact, I think I actually like you.”

Papyrus didn’t know what to say to that. He was redder than his firetruck-red shoes at this point. What was he SUPPOSED to say to that? But there was something that he couldn’t stop himself from asking, “WHY? I ANTAGONIZE YOU BEYOND ALL END! YOU SHOULD HATE ME!”

“Why?” No, was that? Did she just? Blush?? “I mean, I suppose it’s because your so passionate about what you do. Even if it’s arguing with me. I think that’s very admirable.”

Papyrus couldn’t wrap his mind around her words for a long time, before finally it clicked. Papyrus stood up, “I’M CAPTURING YOU.”

“Wh-what?” She turned to him.


Without any warning, he scooped her up in his arms, despite her protests. 

“Pa-Papyrus! What are you doing?!” But Papyrus ignored her as he took her out of the ballroom. “Let me go! You can’t just-!”

Slamming the door open to the bathroom, Papyrus set her down on the countertop.

“What are we-?”

Papyrus pressed his teeth against her soft lips, silencing her protests. She squeaked, SQUEAKED, in surprise. Papyrus deepened the kiss, his sharp fangs protruding her lips almost enough to break the skin before she gave him access to avoid such an accident. But just as he was there, he slowly pulled away.


“…What, no way.”


She laughed for the THIRD TIME TONIGHT, making Papyrus question his decision making, before she pulled him into another kiss, settling the debate for him.

I’ll prob make a part 2 of this later with a “EVEN MORE LATER” and “END”


Baltar/Six gifs: 302, Precipice (deleted scene)

I don’t think you understand the very real peril this city is in. At the end of the day, the Cylons are machines. Despite all the layered psychology, the emotional complexity built into their programming, they are only machines at heart. The contradictory impulses, the cheap sentimentality that clog up human decision-making are not meant for the Cylon. They calculate where we gamble, and they analyze where we only hope and trust. Their hearts only reason, while ours only feel. Once their careful, deductive calculus informs them that the costs of maintaining this occupation heavily outweigh the benefits, then they’re gonna make a very logical, very rational decision, and they will terminate this experiment – swiftly, certainly, and without pity.

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Imagine Tony making little Iron Patriot action figures fly around following Rhodey. Imagine Rhodey retaliating by telling the Avengers embarrasing stories about Tony.

Really, it was all Peter’s fault. A bored sixteen-year-old with the flu was bad enough, but a bored sixteen-year-old with Peter’s imagination and access to Tony’s tech? That combination was downright dangerous. 

The pranks started out simply enough: salt in the sugar container, whoopee cushions hiding in couches and recliners, computer displays turned upside down. But then Peter snuck into the workshop and stepped up his game, and pretty soon every piece of toast from the toaster bore Spider-Man’s face, and the ringtone on Tony’s phone turned into Peter singing, and the paint job on the newest suit of armor down in the workshop suddenly developed an intricate red and gold spiderweb pattern (Tony was secretly proud of that last one, not that he’d admit that to Peter). 

And, well, Tony was hardly about to be undone by a teenager at a prank war. 

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Create a photoset of yourself surrounded by characters you heavily relate to!

My friend @attinova recommended this fun game to me and I LOVE doing character comparisons, so I thought i’d give it a shot!!!  I’m pretty happy with most of my choices too!

Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) / Drax (Guardians of the Galaxy Series) / Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreations) / Radio (The Brave Little Toaster) / Me (lmao) / Betty Boop / Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) / Gene Belcher (Bob’s Burgers) / Angus Scattergood (Rock Dog)


Title: Sheesh!

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 581

*Imagine Dean getting jealous while you flirt for some information*

The bar was in full swing. Music swayed your hips as you took another pull from your drink. The warmth of the alcohol spread to your limbs and you laughed easily at this guy’s joke. Splitting up had been a great idea. Who would’ve thought guyswould be more willing to spill the beans on that Jake kid’s disappearance when faced with you and a low cut top. Minus Sam and Dean’s glares.

And being treated like an actual, real-life female once in a while was not so bad either.


“Dude. Y/N needs our help. This guy is all over her! I mean, where are the boundaries?!”

“No, he isn’t Dean. And stop with that constipated look. How about you just focus on doing your bit, alright?”

Dean did not stop with “that constipated look”, his knuckles white as he gripped his beer just a tad too hard.

“Look!” An elbow to the ribs had Sam glaring, first at the fresh wet stain down his front, then at his brother. “She just smiled! That was the sign! I’m going to help.”

“Just leave it.” Sam pushes out through gritted teeth.

“Dude. She touched his arm. She’s so desperate for help. I’m going in. I can’t just let her stew like this.”


Too late. Sam was left swiping after Dean’s elbow, which was already halfway to you and your research.

“For God’s sake!”


Pulling his best flirtatious smile, Dean sauntered over.

“Well, heeeello there!” he butts into Research’s sentence, wrapping his arm around your waist.

Shooting him a what-the-fuck look, you try to untangle yourself from his tenacious grip. Discreetly. Harder than it sounds. You toss an apologetic smile to Research, trying to salvage this train wreck of a moment. What the hell was Dean thinking?

“Um, we were actually kind of busy pal,” was Research’s cool answer. He fixes his tie, rising his eyebrows at you with a little smirk.  

Nodding at Dean, you hope and pray to any deity in the vicinity that he’ll take a hint, while Research tries to put his arm around your waist. You can feel him trying to wiggle his fingers beneath Dean’s grasp while Dean just ignores the total bizarreness of this situation, shooting you a grin and tightening his arm. While you, on the other hand, can’t help but groan inwardly with embarrassment.

A few more agonizing moments of awkward silence pass while Research and Dean grapple behind you. Like bloody children, you note angrily to yourself.

“You’re joking, right?” exclaims Research finally, admitting defeat with a throw of his hands.

Any semblance of a smile drained from Dean’s face.

“Do you see me laughing?”

“Er-” Research takes a step back, startled at the murder in Dean’s voice.

“It’s fine,” you laugh nervously as you elbow Dean. Take a frigging hint.

This guy had the social grace of a baboon.

“I think I’ll just go.”

“That’s probably best.”

One last anxious glance is tossed at Dean.

“Agh, it was nice to meet you, I guess.

And there went a waste of an hour. You noticed the amount of space you and Dean suddenly had. 

Tonight was a disaster in the research department.

His hand finally drops from your waist and he brings his beer bottle to his lips.

“Sheesh! Get a load of that guy!”

You leave him a furious look, marching off to a laughing Sam.

“What the hell did I do?” muttered Dean, trailing after you, genuinely perplexed.

You Are In Love

He heard it in the silence. He felt it on the way home. He saw it with the lights out. Dan was in love. True love.

Please note:
Based off of Taylor Swift’s ’You Are In Love’. You can listen if you want. I have it attached here and here. Again, you don’t need to listen to the song to enjoy the fic.

Warnings: language

Word count: 2345

Genre: fluff (bc lets be real do I write anything else)


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so i totally failed to study for my mocks and instead my genosonic new years gala au increased in length… i’m gonna fail my exams, but here you go guys:

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all of the hype about vader’s 2+ seconds in the rogue one trailer really makes me want to write a sociological analysis on why everyone loves darth vader.

lucasfilm rakes in billions off of vader merchandise alone. people who don’t know shit about star wars know that darth vader breathes funny and is a dad, but they don’t even know luke’s name. there are entire walls on disney property dedicated to vader merchandise; you can buy a fucking darth vader toaster that toasts his face into one side!

it’s safe to say that vader has his own place within pop culture separate from the star wars saga, but how? why do we love asthmatic sith lords? i would pay for someone to write this