Matthew 4:19 “Follow Me,” Jesus said. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Isn’t that what Jesus did? Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God, but made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant. He said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Are we ready to follow such a great example?

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K so I will pay you for omegas who can't have kids headcanons I will also pay you for more more adopted kids headcanons

  • Omegas who can’t have kids absolutely adoring spending time around their friends who have pups
  • They always leap in to help whenever their friends need a baby sitter (pup sitter?)
  • Infertile omegas are often looked down on and shunned by society, because, in the basest terms possible, breeding is what omegas do on an evolutionary level
  • Parents who know their omega child will grow up to be infertile, but not having the heart to tell them as they watch their child cradle their soft animals and pretend to feed them bottles of milk and dress them in baby clothes
  • An infertile omega who decides early in life not to be bitter about not being able to have pups, and training to be a maternity nurse because dammit, if they can’t have their own pups, they’ll sure as hell help others have theirs
  • Also, infertile omegas who become family doctors/consultants, so they can watch one pup grow from birth right up to an adult having pups of their own
  • Infertile omegas who still, even as grown adults, sometimes cradle pillows or soft toys, pretending it’s their pup
  • Some omegas even go so far as to avoid building nests, because they associate them so much with pups and fertility
  • An infertile omega having to tell their mate that they can have pups in a very quiet, halting voice
  • Infertile omegas who work as teachers in elementary school/primary school absolutely adoring watching their students grow from tiny weeny pups to kids about to go off to secondary/middle school
  • Then there are the few omegas who are incredibly bitter about being infertile, who try to avoid pups like the plague
  • Infertile omegas who are offered the chance for them and their mate to have a surrogate mother, and the little omega just bursts into tears
  • An infertile omega who’s mated to another (fertile) omega deciding to use a sperm donor to have a child
  • A very nervous alpha pair waiting almost a year to adopt their very own beta pup, and freaking out because “what if they don’t like us?! What if we do something wrong?!”
  • Newly adopted siblings clinging to each other for the first few days in their new house, and even sleeping in the same bed and refusing to go anywhere without the other
  • A beta and omega pair who had fostered a small alpha revealing to the alpha on Christmas Day that they’re going to adopt them, and the alpha bursting into happy tears
  • An adopted omega deciding that their alpha parents’ bed is THE BEST place to build their stress nest, so they take over the entire bed. Not wanting to scare or intimidate the small omega while they’re still settling in, the two alphas sleep on the sofa for a week until the omega demands they come and sleep in the nest
  • A single omega adopting a troubled beta child, and when the beta gets stressed and begins to panic, and omega does the only thing they can think of that always calms them down; they build a nest around the beta child
    • Bonus: It works
  • An alpha child who had always seemed a little aloof and distant from their adoptive alpha and omega parents, and they have no idea what to do. One day, the alpha falls and scrapes their knee. The omega parent is watching, holding themselves back from going to help, and expects the child to start crying and run away somewhere, or simply carry on. To their surprise, the small alpha lets out a loud scream of “MAMAAAAAAAAA” and sprints over to the omega, snivelling and whining
    • The omega almost dies of happiness
  • A beta pair who already have a rough, playful alpha pup, and adopting a beta child who’s more reserved and younger than their alpha. They worry that their alpha pup will start roughhousing with the little adoptive sibling, but to their surprise, their pup takes the beta’s hand and says, very shyly and quietly, “can I show you your room?”
  • An omega and alpha adopting a very young pup who’s only a few months old, and the moment the omega holds the little pup, they whisper “oh my god” and feel a sudden, incredibly strong urge to protect this tiny, helpless pup and they understand what ‘maternal instinct’ means

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i hide behind
the glassy outskirts of existence
and am unaware

of how to touch
the world//

i am as soft
& clueless as water

i pool in strange places on the floor:
an observer
anyone who comes near

the seer said i have no light
that i’m swelling with dusk

but will fill
if someone
strikes the match
of their mouths

since, like a well,
i do not even own my silence

The Sailor. The Sea

Grey-blue waters freeze at the caps
As if trying to touch the same grey-blue sky
I steadied myself against her threatening storm
Waves mist pelting my skin
Pin pricks allowing me to feel alive
Me…the sailor
Salt ‘neath nails looking windward
She…my sea
Getting under my skin again
I will sail her waters
Fair winds be damned.

He wears the dawn into the day,
And breaks on the horizon;
If I could touch him only once,
I would.
I would give up my depths to be apart of his sky,
Reach out my waves to get a glimpse of his days;
In fleeting moments I brush his skin,
And it is I who is thirsty,
And I who is trembling,
And I who is drowning;
In the well of him.
He is a ripple on my water,
A tremble in my wake,
And I would have him if I could;
But His bones are not bound to me.
He the Sailor,
The Sea.

Written by @takingstockofwhatmattersmost and, collaboratively! This is the first time I’ve ever worked in conjunction with another writer, and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you all❤

Heat of the Moment

I infinitely long for
The goosebumps on my skin
From your fingertips slowly trailing
The curves of my sides
From my neck to my thighs..
What a sweet treat it’d be
To feel your breath on my ear
To feel your hand in my hair
To taste your lips within mine..
Oh it’d be nice to comprehend
The feeling that we’d get
While our fingers interlock
And our heartbeats seem to stop.

 Now heartbeats are racing,
My insides are aching
My whole body’s shaking-
Im craving your touch
To fulfill this rush

Hands on hips
Lips on skin
You’re pulling me in
You’re pulling me in
Closer to you
What more can we do
I don’t want this to end
I don’t want this to end


March 22 2017

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Can I have a head cannon on male alpha biology? If you haven't done one already

Sure thing!

  • They have blunt, powerful teeth. They can break the skin easily, but they don’t usually have very sharp teeth, as from an evolutionary standpoint, being able to clamp down on your opponent’s flesh and bruise and not let go is going to do a lot more damage than just cutting their flesh
  • There are generally two types of alpha body types (this counts both male and female alphas)
    • There are tall, lean alphas who tend to have higher metabolisms and don’t gain weight as easily. They’re still easily recognisable as alphas, but they are a lot slimmer than their stocky counterparts
    • There are also short, muscular alphas who have broader chests and wider shoulders
  • The average penis size for a male alpha (when erect) is 7.5 inches
  • Male alphas tend to have far more prominent Adam’s Apples then male betas or male omegas, because they are able to use the alpha voice
  • Male alphas usually have slower heartbeats than their female counterparts
  • They tend to have very blunt, short, slow growing nails. Alphas rely on strength and force to fight, not scratching or biting
  • They tend to have a very large lung capacity
  • Their chests will always be broader than their hips
  • The average shoe size for a male alpha is 11 (British mens size), 12 (American mens size), 46 (European mens size), 29 (Japanese mens size)
  • Male alphas tend to have shorter legs and longer torsos (not longer torsos than their legs; that would look weird)
  • There are some alphas who get most of their height from their legs

The second chapter is now online!

Leaf Ceilings by SillyBlue (12k, complete)

Following their arranged marriage, Castiel travels to the lands of his new husband Dean. Before they reach the capital they have to pass through the Great Forest and Castiel gets to learn a thing or two not only about Dean’s culture, but also about how little he likes the near absolute darkness that descends upon the forest as night falls.

Tags: Arranged Marriage, Cultural Differences, Angel Castiel, Naga Dean, Prince Castiel, Prince Dean Winchester, Creature Dean, Scent Marking, Alpha Dean WInchester, Omega Castiel, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics

This is the second part of my Naga Verse series.

                                    your devotees are on their knees to implore you –

A man made for the limelight. A paragon. An idol. Gifted with looks and charm - a voice that could bring an entire room to silence. Women adored him. Men were envious. He was a leading man through and through. If an opera showcased his name there would be queues of admirers waiting to buy tickets. Fame followed his every footstep and he adored it. After a lifetime in the countryside with nothing but farmlands and beasts, he craved for recognition. No longer a small town hero like he once was. Now all of Paris knew his name and knew of his perfection. His mark was made and would be for centuries to come.  

It was fate that this vain, arrogant diva of a man would end up gracing the Opera Populaire. Flirting shamelessly with the chorus girls - earning the admiration and ire of the company with everything he did. Even their silly little ghost stories could not deter him from the stage that called to him. Even if there was always the sense that he were not alone.

Isaiah‬ ‭29:13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

“Therefore the Lord said:
“Inasmuch as these people draw near with their mouths
And honor Me with their lips,
But have removed their hearts far from Me,
And their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men,”

God doesn’t want us to “act” like Christians but live like the world. He doesn’t want us to believe because our parents did, or to believe in some traditions or rules passed down from generation to generation. Ritual by rote is not His plan. Saying all the right things we’ve memorized but the words no longer have meaning – This doesn’t work for God. He wants our full and total personal surrender to Him of our whole heart. All of me for all of Him… that’s not a fair trade. I get soooo much more. God is like that! Love and seek and worship in truth!

anonymous asked:

I saw this post and tought is a perfect prompt: someone ask to an omega “Where did you learn to fight like that?” and the O answer “I have three older alpha brothers.” “Really?” “Yeah,Will played first table on the chess team, Chester used to start crying every time he heard a sad song, Dan can really rock a cocktail dress and six-inch heels, and I wasn’t going to let anyone give them any shit for any of that. So I had to learn to beat up people bigger than me pretty early on.” Is just too cute

I am fucking deceased. I love this so much. It reminds me of playing Candyland with friends and having to be the moderator when they start fighting one another. 

I love this prompt idea, I love you anon. This is so cute and stereotype breaking. 

Fic: Unbroken (5/?) (M)

Author’s note: It’s here! Thank you all for bearing with me. I hope you enjoy it!

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter 5

Wednesday was a travel day. Liam took a Navy plane to HMNB Clyde, landing just after lunch. He considered pressing on and doing his inspection right away, but darkness came even earlier in Scotland at this time of year. He’d hardly get started before night made it futile to continue. It was frustrating because it was one more day away from his family. With each passing hour, he missed them more. He wanted to make up for his behavior before his trip, but he couldn’t hundreds of miles away.

After settling in his temporary quarters, he got a late lunch at the officers’ mess. No one bothered him, not that there were many people around. He tried to read, book propped open on the juice jug. It passed the time, but the words felt meaningless. He just couldn’t seem to derive the pleasure from his duty that he used to. It was a jarring revelation, to be sure. He was so used to taking care of others, he lost himself. He had no idea who Liam was and it scared him. The only time he felt centered was with Emma and Killian. When had that happened?

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Verse of the Day : 23 March 2017

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Do not be afraid, O worm Jacob, O little Israel, for I myself will help you,” declares the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.”

Isaiah 41:13-14 | NIV84

Send me an ask with a single word and I’ll respond with a +200 word ficlet set in the service dog!Verse.

@fallingmeleth: Interruption.

Hunter was dozing quietly on Felicity’s couch, content to rest whilst his master and his girlfriend took a private nap in their bedroom, when a sudden smashing noise and a groan snapped him to attention. Raising his head, Hunter got to his paws in alarm, lips drawing back in a concerned whine when another muffled moan sounded from behind the closed bedroom door.

He instantly rushed up towards the door, a protective snarl on his lips and tail between his legs. Was Oliver being attacked? Was his master in danger? He had to protect him, protect Felicity. The service dog somehow had to break through the door and get into that room to defend his charges.

He debated barking to try and alert Oliver and Felicity to letting him in, but as soon as another noise that sounded as if one of them was in pain was cried out, all of Hunter’s usual service dog manners went out the window. Growling, he jumped up onto the door handle and slammed it down, butting his head against the door to force it open.

The door collided with the wall with a bang, and Hunter raced inside, ears perked forwards aggressively as he loosed a violent, protective snarl, jumping up onto the bed where Oliver and Felicity lay before even taking in his surroundings, desperate to ensure that his master and favourite human were both safe and unharmed.

Instead of thanking Hunter and praising him, however, Oliver yelled out and Felicity screamed, yanking the blankets up towards them to cover them both. It was only then that Hunter realised they were both naked. He cocked his head in confusion when he saw Felicity’s mussed hair and flushed cheeks, and the blush that spread down Oliver’s neck to his bare chest. There was a strange smell in the air that made him wrinkle his muzzle.

“Hunter, get out!” Oliver shouted, looking so shocked and mortified that it made the service dog whimper in confusion. He tried to snuffle at Oliver to check him over, wondering why he made those pained noises, but Oliver spluttered and the archer shoved him away by the muzzle, making the service dog growl. “Hunter, STOP!”

“Oh my god,” Felicity moaned, burying her face in the pillow. “This can’t be happening.”

Whining, Hunter tried to walk forwards on top of the bed to comfort her, noting how distressed she looked, but Oliver just looked at him sternly with wide eyes, ordering pleadingly, “Hunter, please! Out!”

He growled, refusing to leave. One of them had been making sounds as if they were being hurt, and he needed to stay in here with them to make sure they weren’t harmed again.

“Our one free night this week, Oliver!” Felicity continued to groan, thumping her pillow frustratedly. “Why didn’t we lock the bedroom door?”

“Well, we were in a bit of a rush if you remember, honey.”

“Yes, well, now we can’t do anything at any pace at all, can we, because your service dog is in bed with us!”

“Hunter, please,” Oliver pleaded, shoving at Hunter’s side with his foot. “Please, I promise you, we are both fine, we are not hurt.”

Narrowing his eyes, Hunter tilted his head. If they weren’t hurt, why were they making those noises? Deciding that Oliver was being stupid, and one of them was most definitely hurt and hiding it from Hunter, the service dog huffed stubbornly and lay down on top of Oliver’s legs. The archer protested and tried to get him to leave again, but Hunter had made his decision. He wasn’t moving.

“Our one free night,” Felicity said miserably, burying her head into Oliver’s collar bone. “Our one free night to have sex, and now it’s ruined.”

Oliver scowled at Hunter. “Thanks a lot, buddy.”

You’re welcome, Hunter growled in reply, before settling his head down to sleep.

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