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I’m just choking up here please help

T-the picture of Genos kneeled down is one I haven’t seen before as I only started the manga where the anime left off. Genos has a distinct smile which comes across every time Saitama gets the recognition he deserves, and Genos doesn’t smile MUCH, but when he does, it’s about Saitama. And the most distinct smile is the one from the Sea King arc where he’s battered and beaten, he’s failed once again and disappointed himself… he gives the smallest of smiles, whenever Saitama swoops in to save him, he has no resentment to his teacher whatsoever having unlimited powers that he could never dream of. But oh man I just noticed, it’s here too? Whereas most shounen heroes will have some sort of “this guy” or “just you wait, I swear I’ll beat you one day” moment, Genos displays such gentle and warm feelings that he has nothing but the utmost pride and respect for his teacher, that even someone having a glimpse of Saitama’s true self is enough to make him smile through the pain.

There is no selfishness in his feelings. He doesn’t care about his own popularity, but respects Saitama’s powers and feelings and loneliness and the fact he would never be able to give him what he truly wants in terms of a good fight or recognition. And then he is AGAIN starstruck when Saitama throws the opportunity to take credit and he’s just stuck in wonder that he’s the only person who notices this man? He’s one boy but I swear his heart could fuel the flames of a hundred fans?? He honestly just finds happiness in watching Saitama, and wants nothing more than for him to be happy???

Good god, why is tHIS CYBORG SO PURE?????

YES. Whenever Genos gives one of his genuine rare smiles, it’s always about Saitama. 8′D (Omg and please do check out the full manga! Murata’s artwork and these special character details are all there in full glory!)

And it’s true - even though Genos has accepted he may never obtain Saitama’s level of power, he never shows resentment or jealousy towards him. Never brooding how ‘unfair’ the gap between them might be or shifting blame onto Saitama for his own misgivings. Even when Genos does have moments of self-reflection on his progress (like lately in the webcomic), he always blames himself. And while at first glance yes, his character may look like the type to hold dark, brooding grudges against people like that, the way he views Saitama is always sincere in a positive light. Just one of the many subversions from typical expectations that ONE has written for his character. :’D 

Yep, he doesn’t care for his own popularity (or for those in his fan club who only like him for his appearance), but one thing that utterly confounds him is how this incredible, humble man never gets the recognition or respect he deserves. Always on fire to defend and support Saitama, angry and passionate on his behalf. Almost in response to all the unfair hardships Saitama’s had to endure in life (and not his own, which were pretty horrible). ‘His heart could fuel the flames of a hundred fans’!? Precisely, remember how in the beginning of the story Saitama wanted a fan club? Not anymore, because Saitama no longer needs it - Genos more than makes up for it. He’s what Saitama never even knew he wanted. Doing all he can to make Saitama’s life better. And when Saitama is happy, Genos is happy too. :’3  

Sibling's Spat
  • Naturally there are just some things kids can't avoid when they have siblings, and that's the ocassional squabble. ^^;
  • Saitama: I'm home~
  • Genos: Welcome home, Sensei.
  • Mini Genos': Welcome home~
  • -Notices something's amiss as he notices Ichii and Roku sulking on opposite sides of the room, looking as though they were trying their hardest to avoid the presence of the other.-
  • Saitama: Uhm, what happened here?
  • Genos: It seems these two had gotten into a fight earlier.
  • Saitama: What about?
  • Genos: [-Genos pulls up a half burnt notebook.-] While we were at the park Ichii was jotting down some notes and Roku was practicing his aim when he'd accidentally caused a fireball to ricochet off a statue and burn up half of Ichii's notebook when he wasn't looking.
  • Saitama: Ugh, sounds like a mess.
  • Genos: It was. They were causing quite the scene to the point the Association would have been involved. Thankfully I managed to put their match to a halt and cleared things up before that could be decided.
  • Saitama: Judging by the look of things, neither has given in, huh?
  • Genos: No, and I'm afraid they won't make up any time soon since they're both particularly stubborn.
  • -Saitama sighs as he scratches the back of his head.-
  • Saitama: Alright, alright. I'll try and see what I can do.
  • -Not even bothering to make this a one on one session since he didn't want to miss out on coupon sales later, he grabbed the two by the scuff of their shirts like two lion cubs in each hand and had them sit side by side in front of him...despite the fact they were sulking even more.-
  • Saitama: Look, I heard everything from your Mom, so I've basically got the gist of things. And while I should probably just let this all pan out naturally, I honestly feel like it'd be just as much a pain in my ass to leave it alone.
  • -They both listen to him carefully despite being upset with each other.-
  • Saitama: Ichii, you know that what Roku did was an accident. He didn't have any ill-intent when he burned your notebook; it was just bad timing that his fireball had ricocheted off that statue and burned your notes. And at any rate, you can always just rewrite some new ones as long as you remember what you were supposed to write.
  • And Roku, knowing you you probably didn't apologize and just brushed it off like it was no big deal. You know it's not cool to ruin another person's stuff without saying sorry, especially if you didn't mean for it to happen. I should know, I do it a lot to your Uncle King's stuff...
  • Genos: (That's not exactly the best example, Sensei...;; )
  • Saitama: It's fine for you two to be angry and all, I won't hold it against you to feel what you naturally feel. But just remember it's not worth letting something small mess up your relationship with each other. I honestly never was lucky enough to had siblings growing up, let alone friends, so it's better if you try and fix this so that you don't regret it later.
  • -They both look down meekly as Saitama pretty much spelled out how foolish their fight was, nervously looking at each other. Roku was the first to stand up, and walked over to Ichii as he squirmed uncomfortably while averting his eyes.-
  • Roku: ...S...Sorry...for burning your notebook....
  • Ichi: ...M...Me too...I'm sorry I got mad at you like that...
  • -Saitama smiles as he got up from the couch and pat the two on teh head.-
  • Saitama: Good. Since you two were able to bury the hatchet, what d'ya say we go to the market to celebrate your peacemaking.
  • -They both smile and nod as both clamored onto his back to ride-
  • Saitama: H-Hey, come on. One of you has to walk at least...[-they giggle as one swings off his arm as he struggled to walk, feeling a lot better after his help-]
  • Genos: Even when off duty he always seems to help people out.

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If you're still taking headcanon asks, how about an alphabet soup of Noah St. Clair, Beana, Shiro, and Costis?

Where have you been hiding yourself anon, that you’re in three such small fandoms as TSE, ToGW, and The Queen’s Thief, all at once and I didn’t know about it? *stares at message trying to figure out who this could be*

Noah St. Claire–

Realistic: He took dancing lessons while he was at university, so he could teach the steps to Idony when he got back home. Would practice with Love Interest.

Hilarious: Can I cheat and use this as my answer?

Heart crushing: In his spare time, he requests medical texts on ophthalmology from the universities and libraries not just in Gallitan (Galitan?), but in every country he visits. (Look the word up.)

Doesn’t work with canon: If there were toasters, he’d tend to forget that he put something in, and then get frightened when it pops up. Elsabet, if you’re reading this, you know what I’m referencing.


Realistic: Only child. Never handled or even really been around children younger than her. Was not prepared for taking care of Rose Red–not in the slightest.

Hilarious: One of the times Eanrin ticked her off (and that’s a frequent occurrence, let’s be honest here), he really ticked her off. She ended up chasing him up a tree. (I’m not sure whether this is funnier if they’re in the shape of animals or not.)

Heart crushing: Tbh, I don’t think I ever had any heart crushing headcanons for her. And I can’t think of any right now…so rain check?

Doesn’t work with canon: There wasn’t much canon info on her background or anything to contradict. Hmm. I headcanon she’s a descendant of Leta and her husband. (Although that could be canon. Eh.)


Realistic: He had can function on a only a few hours of sleep if he needs to…but not for too many days in a row. If he goes for longer than four days without enough sleep, he gets either really on edge and snappy, or is essentially a zombie.

Hilarious: Kinda related to the above, when he’s under stress he develops a terrible sleepwalking problem. He’ll just be up and about, doing sit ups or making a sandwich or something normal. But he’s asleep. Sometimes he’ll even make full coherent sentences. (The other paladins know this because they’ve caught him in the act sometimes. They were a bit concerned at first, and still kinda are…but mostly they just think it’s so amusing. Pidge and Allura are not above taking full advantage of this situation, and making him do weird and hilarious things.)

Heart crushing: He was an orphan, who moved between a few different foster homes. The couples who ran the houses were always nice and caring…but he never felt at home with them. Not that he blamed them (or blamed them much, anyway); they were busy, and did their best, and he was just one more kid passing through. (But Shiro would do his best to get to know and look after any the younger kids.)

Doesn’t work with canon: I just want this to have happened in canon. Please, I want him to have talked with Keith, and listened to him about this situation.


Realistic: His favorite color is blue. (No reason why, I just feel strongly that he’d like the color blue, and thought you ought to know.)

Hilarious: Actually referred to himself as the king’s right hand man once, without thinking, during a conversation with Aris. Is still paranoid that the king will find out, because he’s honestly not sure if he’d be offended or not.

Heart crushing: He has dreams, some nights. In them, there’s a twisting, maze of a garden. There are dark figures, reaching the person who can’t see them, can’t hear his shouts. In them, the queen cries–actually cries, the queen–before him, and she doesn’t even blame him, just weeps in sorrow when she should be angry and tossing him in prison, or executing him, or something.

The mornings he wakes from these dreams, he spends a little longer in the practice yard, pushes himself a little harder, and smiles a little when he sees the king pass by.

Doesn’t work with canon: He spent the entirety of aCoK just chillin’ on a beach, Gen-free stress-free and catching up on his rest.

Friendly reminder to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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I was also in the stream, I was Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam! Thanks you so much for the blessing of the Starbucks Crocodile Toaster! :D

(:)) may the starbucks crocodile toaster set you free)

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heya leo'' lue smiles as she walks in she goes over to give a big warm hug and kiss on his cheek, lue has some stuff she was going to cook'' am going to cook some lunch.. wanna watch me cook??''

Hi Lue,

good to hear from you again. I think i can use some cooking lessons since is still have a vendetta with the toaster. so i’d like to watch. How are you doing?

A Birthday Breakfast in Bed

A/N: Since everyone seemed absolutely intent on getting on the Nico’s birthday bandwagon, I decided to run with it myself. This is rather fluffy. I hope you enjoy it. If you’re looking for birthday sex, it’s not going to be here, though I may consider it. ;)

This is for you, bailci. :D

Will Solace hummed a happy tune to himself. It was a great day. The kitchen was bathed with a soft golden radiance. There was a cool draft wafting through the house from the air-conditioning. It had been an unnaturally hot winter at Theopolis, and he could only speculate that Poseidon had wanted to extend summer into winter. Needless to say, the air-conditioning was a boon.

There was bacon popping and sizzling on the frying pan on the stove in front of Will. It filled the entire kitchen with its sweet, mouth-watering aroma. He could barely contain himself. He was tempted, on more than one occasion, to pluck one of the pieces from the still-hot pan and eat it.

Nico wouldn’t notice, anyway,’ Will would tell himself, only to fight off the temptation moments later. Needless to say, he was hoping that he could be the one eating this breakfast, but alas, such was not the case. He had to spoil his husband rotten, if for only one day in the year.

Well, one day—Nico’s birthday—as well as Valentines’ day, Fathers’ day, their anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Will blinked. He spoiled his husband far too much.

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Memories of You

 くしても す キミを I will never leave you

Pencil + Koi Brush+ Watercolors + 0.05, 0.1 Copic Multiliner Pen + Gold/White Gel Pens

Total Time: 4 hours


Yes I can. My Record is five things. When you are….kept someplace to rethink your life choices you find you have alot of free time. I spent that time learning things like juggling and being bipedal…..I can stand and walk on two legs.

Maybe this will cheer up this Toaster that showed up. We still aren’t sure how she got here but she won’t leave….

((another Scootoaster cameo. She is best toaster afterall =D better than a Cylon even))