toaster! :d

Russel: is something burning??

2D, lying on the table in a seductive pose: nothing but my desire for you

Russel: ’D, the toaster is on fire…

@marshmallowdonutsprinkles Ohoho, yes you’re correct! XD But a little bit of opm fandom history here! ‘Toaster’ is actually a term of endearment for him (just like how Saitama is affectionately referred to as an ‘egg’), that originated in the western fandom shortly after ep5 – the sparring scene, aired. Because when Genos activates battle mode, he starts to glow red-hot and emit steam from his vents like a toaster in use.

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In particular, his chest vents closely resemble the open slots on a household toaster. :D (There have actually been many fanarts interpreting this literally, hah.) So the nickname stuck since way back. You may see people often refer to Genos and Saitama together (shippy or not) as ‘egg & toaster,’ or similarly in reference to those terms, as ‘breakfast duo’ too. It has also been brought to my attention from my friend rom, that only recently – like within the last several months or so, has the eastern fandom caught on to these terms, and has happily started adapting them too (yup, they think they’re cute!) :3  

Sibling's Spat
  • Naturally there are just some things kids can't avoid when they have siblings, and that's the ocassional squabble. ^^;
  • Saitama: I'm home~
  • Genos: Welcome home, Sensei.
  • Mini Genos': Welcome home~
  • -Notices something's amiss as he notices Ichii and Roku sulking on opposite sides of the room, looking as though they were trying their hardest to avoid the presence of the other.-
  • Saitama: Uhm, what happened here?
  • Genos: It seems these two had gotten into a fight earlier.
  • Saitama: What about?
  • Genos: [-Genos pulls up a half burnt notebook.-] While we were at the park Ichii was jotting down some notes and Roku was practicing his aim when he'd accidentally caused a fireball to ricochet off a statue and burn up half of Ichii's notebook when he wasn't looking.
  • Saitama: Ugh, sounds like a mess.
  • Genos: It was. They were causing quite the scene to the point the Association would have been involved. Thankfully I managed to put their match to a halt and cleared things up before that could be decided.
  • Saitama: Judging by the look of things, neither has given in, huh?
  • Genos: No, and I'm afraid they won't make up any time soon since they're both particularly stubborn.
  • -Saitama sighs as he scratches the back of his head.-
  • Saitama: Alright, alright. I'll try and see what I can do.
  • -Not even bothering to make this a one on one session since he didn't want to miss out on coupon sales later, he grabbed the two by the scuff of their shirts like two lion cubs in each hand and had them sit side by side in front of him...despite the fact they were sulking even more.-
  • Saitama: Look, I heard everything from your Mom, so I've basically got the gist of things. And while I should probably just let this all pan out naturally, I honestly feel like it'd be just as much a pain in my ass to leave it alone.
  • -They both listen to him carefully despite being upset with each other.-
  • Saitama: Ichii, you know that what Roku did was an accident. He didn't have any ill-intent when he burned your notebook; it was just bad timing that his fireball had ricocheted off that statue and burned your notes. And at any rate, you can always just rewrite some new ones as long as you remember what you were supposed to write.
  • And Roku, knowing you you probably didn't apologize and just brushed it off like it was no big deal. You know it's not cool to ruin another person's stuff without saying sorry, especially if you didn't mean for it to happen. I should know, I do it a lot to your Uncle King's stuff...
  • Genos: (That's not exactly the best example, Sensei...;; )
  • Saitama: It's fine for you two to be angry and all, I won't hold it against you to feel what you naturally feel. But just remember it's not worth letting something small mess up your relationship with each other. I honestly never was lucky enough to had siblings growing up, let alone friends, so it's better if you try and fix this so that you don't regret it later.
  • -They both look down meekly as Saitama pretty much spelled out how foolish their fight was, nervously looking at each other. Roku was the first to stand up, and walked over to Ichii as he squirmed uncomfortably while averting his eyes.-
  • Roku: ...S...Sorry...for burning your notebook....
  • Ichi: ...M...Me too...I'm sorry I got mad at you like that...
  • -Saitama smiles as he got up from the couch and pat the two on teh head.-
  • Saitama: Good. Since you two were able to bury the hatchet, what d'ya say we go to the market to celebrate your peacemaking.
  • -They both smile and nod as both clamored onto his back to ride-
  • Saitama: H-Hey, come on. One of you has to walk at least...[-they giggle as one swings off his arm as he struggled to walk, feeling a lot better after his help-]
  • Genos: Even when off duty he always seems to help people out.

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Sharing that Midtown sweatshirt with Peter constantly! You both are a little unsure of had it originally.

Peter was having the worst morning ever. His breakfast had burnt in the toaster, he’d missed the subway by a margin of about 7 seconds, and had to walk to school in the cold, because aunt May had an early morning meeting and his favorite midtown sweatshirt was nowhere to be found.

Peter was right around 2836% sure his entire day would be shit until he saw you, hair tucked behind your ears, sitting in your desk unsuspecting as he bathed late into class.
You were wearing His midtown sweater. That’s when peter remembered.

The two of you had been caught in the rain a few days prior, while peter had been walking you home.

He’d given you his beloved sweatshirt in an attempt to keep you from getting chilled. You’d kept it on even after the two of you reached your porch, and you’d told him you’d launder it before giving it back.

Fortunately for you, and now for peter, you’d grown somewhat attached to the sweatshirt. It smelled and felt like peter, and you fit in it comfortably.

You’d been running slightly late (thankfully not as late as Peter) this morning, and it had been on the top of your clean clothes pile, and you’d put it on and now peter didn’t think he ever wanted to take it back from you.

“Mr. Parker, do you have a pass?” His teacher inquired, and that’s when Peter realized that he held the entire classroom’s attention, your smile subtly pulling on your lips as Peter blushed, stuttering out “I- I stopped at the office, on the way here, so yeah,” he fumbled in his pocket for the already slightly-crumpled tardy slip and handed it to his teacher who seemed equal parts amused and unimpressed.

“Thank you, Peter,” they spoke as they accepted the pass and peter nodded, sliding into his seat next to you. “We’re on page 184, don’t worry, you haven’t missed much, Flash was ranting about something but he got shut down by Ms. Thompson,” you giggled slightly, speaking quietly to peter as e shuffled to get his book and folder from his backpack.
“Nice shirt,” he said with a smirk once he straightened in his chair, opening his book. You looked down at your outfit and instantly remembered you’d told him you’d give it back.

“Oh, shit, sorry Peter, I can get it back to you after school if you walk me home I- I don’t have anything on under this,” you pulled gently at the sweatshirt with your fingertips, making a slightly apologetic face at Peter.

“No, keep it,”

“What?” You turned around, no longer paying attention to the lesson. “Keep it, it looks better on you,”

And that was how the midtown sweatshirt became the first of MANY objects you and Peter passed back and forth, the list swelling over time to include shoes and sweaters and bracelets, until your closets were basically merged.

Neither of you would ever even think to complain about it.

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Wearing their clothes to school after staying at their house the night before?

*high pitched screaming*
-you would’ve stayed over on, like, a wednesday because both of your parents were on business trips
-he’d wake you up and give you a chocolate chip toaster waffle
-you’d have brought a spare pair of jeans but be like “shit i forgot a shirt”
-he’d give u that dumb smirk u know what i mean and give u his absolute fav kmfdm shirt
-would stare @ u constantly while u wore it
-he was pretty possessive so u wearing his clothes was like the ultimate dream
-the next time he was at ur house he would surreptitiously dump a bunch of his shirts he didn’t wear so much in ur closet
-you would’ve stayed over at dylan’s on new year’s
-when you woke up, he was downstairs making breakfast
-so u slipped on one of his shirts and went downstairs, wrapping your arms around him from behind
-he would’ve laughed and turned around and been like “hey ba-” until he realized you were wearing his shirt and underwear
-would flush more than a little red
-would get uncharacteristically smirk-y and have his arms around you a lot
-for him, the appeal of seeeing you wear his stuff was that it calmed his insecurities that you would up and leave him; you couldn’t possibly want to do that if you were wearing his clothes in the mornings

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NSFW hcs for Toby? (Do you even do Toby?)

Hell yeah toby the toaster is on here


So he lives with Ben right, and they have probably fucked at LEAST three times.

There was this one time he tried to shove a Pepsi bottle up his ass A N D S U C C E E D E D

I’ve done some before so this is all I got

Memories of You

 くしても す キミを I will never leave you

Pencil + Koi Brush+ Watercolors + 0.05, 0.1 Copic Multiliner Pen + Gold/White Gel Pens

Total Time: 4 hours

“Humanity’s history of interstellar war allowed them an advantage in the ruthless, fast paced, and mathematical field of play that is deep space.” ~C.E.C.D Historical Archives

“Yeah we built giant gun ships that could drift bullets around planets like some Initial D shit, and when I say gun ships I don’t mean gunships. They were, like, GUN ships.

~Doctor Toaster

C.E.C.D Destroyer, purpose built long-range interstellar engagement craft with a main armament firing 16x2m Tungsten kill vehicles at near relativistic velocities. One of the ships from Toaster’s universe.

A Birthday Breakfast in Bed

A/N: Since everyone seemed absolutely intent on getting on the Nico’s birthday bandwagon, I decided to run with it myself. This is rather fluffy. I hope you enjoy it. If you’re looking for birthday sex, it’s not going to be here, though I may consider it. ;)

This is for you, bailci. :D

Will Solace hummed a happy tune to himself. It was a great day. The kitchen was bathed with a soft golden radiance. There was a cool draft wafting through the house from the air-conditioning. It had been an unnaturally hot winter at Theopolis, and he could only speculate that Poseidon had wanted to extend summer into winter. Needless to say, the air-conditioning was a boon.

There was bacon popping and sizzling on the frying pan on the stove in front of Will. It filled the entire kitchen with its sweet, mouth-watering aroma. He could barely contain himself. He was tempted, on more than one occasion, to pluck one of the pieces from the still-hot pan and eat it.

Nico wouldn’t notice, anyway,’ Will would tell himself, only to fight off the temptation moments later. Needless to say, he was hoping that he could be the one eating this breakfast, but alas, such was not the case. He had to spoil his husband rotten, if for only one day in the year.

Well, one day—Nico’s birthday—as well as Valentines’ day, Fathers’ day, their anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Will blinked. He spoiled his husband far too much.

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