[DAILY SKETCH #2] Anti-shadow weapown Yukiko AKA ToasterKiko.
I’m seriously thinking of doing a toaster friday from now on and “toastify” persona characters. What do you think?

Today I kinda went overboard because the sketch looked so great xD
You can barely call it a sketch now.

HIGH RES: http://fav.me/d8d804q
Daily Sketch challenge! Every day I’ll do a sketch and post it up. Be it good or bad. Other artists are free to join me o/


You thought you were going to get a toaster waifu this friday, but DID YOU SEE THAT SHINJI?!

At least now if he dies we can just repair him. Plus, it’s bulletproof.

So this friday everyone gets a toaster husbando. Castor was hard to merge in his design, so I mostly used parts from “Sousei Kurogami” and improvised some others. I wanted to make the axe as different as possible from “Labrys” but it ended up looking plain unsure emoticon

Anyway, I liked the result. Next week Yukari, and next next Chie /o/

Daily Sketch challenge! Everyday draw something and post it! Be it good or be it bad. The important is to draw!
Anyone is welcome to do it too o/

Toaster With Fold Down Cooking Grill

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