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“On the sabbath we skipped church and you sat on the couch taking swills of holy water from a vodka bottle. You said God didn’t care for the container and I shouldn’t either.

It took three Sundays but I found faith in your sweaty hands that would clasp me like a prayer between palms kneeled before the alter after a bottle of communion and a promise confession would clear my name. Afterwards you swore the wine shades staining my skin were the Devil’s struggle from you gracing my skin with the hands of God. And I believed you.

After four months His name no longer burned you in blasphemy and sacrilege would slip my lips after an inhale of burnt bible paper and a swallow of sin sticky on my cheek. I repented to the toilet bowl while you chainsmoked luckies out the bathroom window and didn’t question your lack of prayer over dry toast and oatmeal.

One year in and the rip in my best church dress is nothing compared to the Devil’s wrath manifesting in your rage and lingering in lamb’s blood stains on my Wednesday stockings. I am crucified.

In two years I am able to walk into a church and taste blood as wine on my tongue rather than my own as condemnation. They say forgiveness is close to godliness so I bow my head to forgive the sins that dragged me past each level of my own personal hell. I ask to forgive even the wolf in sheep’s clothing that ripped each commandment from my rib and promised me atonement for each mortal sin. But for playing the Devil’s advocate, and each moment as the wolf’s fool, and every equivocate I let slip my judgement,”

—  please god help me to forgive myself.

Alright y'all. I’ve been eating bad for far too long. I’m talking months and months.

So back to basics and what I know works for me.

Breakfast: Eggs, turkey bacon, slice of toast, fruit, oatmeal w/protein powder. Not all of this at once, obviously, but a combo of these things.

Lunch: Salad with chicken/bacon/ham

Snack: Cheese-stick and apple

Dinner: varied

Also I NEED to quit drinking soda. This is gonna be hard and I think I’m gonna quit this slowly since I’m focusing on my actual food so much at first.

I’m tired of failing.

Also!!!! What are some regular meals that y'all eat?! Like something you have about once a week? When we can afford it, my husband and I really like steak on the grill and eat that pretty regularly. We also eat tacos regularly! Please share with me your go to meals!!

Very important sandwiches 👌🏼🌱 this is one of my favorite sammies ever and it’s really easy–5 ingredients if you don’t include lemon juice, salt, pepper, and hot sauce!

Toasted oatmeal bread with hummus, spinach, and avocado + chickpea salad 👅👅👅

Meal Planning Week of 3-19-17

A’ight, we’re gonna notice a slight Southwest theme here this week. Then again, I almost always have something Southwest. It’s a favorite!

Breakfasts: I’m getting a bit experimental for dinner this week, so I thought it wise to stick to a basic no nonsense for breakfast. I’ll alternate between eggs and tofu, eggs and toast, and protein oatmeal. The only thing I need from the store is some new eggs. The sweet potato hash was a wild success last week and I will definitely be using that one again! From my fridge, I still have a package of firm tofu. I pretty much just toss in some salt, black pepper, oregano, and apple cider vinegar to marinate it. I still have all the fixings for protein oatmeal, too. Oh, except my frozen raspberries! To think we’ll be getting fresh ones soon. I can’t wait! I already have my new protein powder in the mail, too. I have oats, cinnamon, stevia, and vanilla in the pantry. Also, believe it or not, I still have enough almond milk in my fridge.

Lunches: I’m making something I call my Tex Mexi Quinoa Soup. It’s like if chili and tortilla soup had a baby but instead of chips, it’s quinoa. From the store, I need crushed tomatoes, chipotle peppers in adobo, red kidney beans, chicken stock, red onion, bell peppers, green chilies, and jalapenos. In my fridge/freezer I already have ground turkey, frozen corn, tomato paste, carrots, and apple cider vinegar. In my pantry I already have quinoa, salt, black pepper, cayenne, chili powder, paprika, cumin, and coriander.

Dinners: This is where stuff gets interesting. I’m making black bean burgers, which I’ve definitely made before. However, the experiment is that not only am I making a fresh batch of fridge pickles (frickles), but I’m going to try making homemade ketchup as well. My boyfriend loves ketchup but I’m not very happy with practically dousing food in tomato candy, so homemade would have sugar control and probably just taste better and even have like–actual nutrition and junk. I’m also making a broccoli and “cheddar” soup to eat with our burger.

For the black bean burgers, I need the black beans, onion, jalapeno, garlic, and buns from the store. I’ll also have to use a few of those eggs. POUT. In my pantry, I have oats, salt, black pepper, chili powder, paprika, cumin, and cayenne. I also use some soy sauce since beans are pretty dang bland without some help; that’s already in the fridge.

For the soup, I need broccoli, silken tofu, Daiya cheddar style cheese, vegetable stock, garlic, onion, and a lemon. In my fridge and pantry, I already have almond milk, thyme, salt, black pepper, ground mustard, and nutmeg. I usually just make dishes that are innately dairy free because Daiya is not very nutritive and I sort of hate most cheese anyway, but sometimes it just sounds nice and cheddar is a cheese I actually like.

My frickles are just cucumbers, pimientos (or whatever lightly spicy pepper is available), red onions, and garlic. Those are coming from the store. I already have salt, black peppercorns, and white vinegar at home! The ketchup needs crushed tomatoes, onion, and garlic from the store. In the fridge and pantry, I already have celery, salt, black pepper, ground mustard, vinegar, and molasses.

Snacks: Mangoes, bananas, peanut butter chia seed protein pudding, protein shakes. All I need to pick up is the fruit!

Grocery totals were $75, though we bought a few other odds and ends. I also bought my boyfriend a shaker bottle because he’s going to start doing protein shakes and it wasn’t until I got into the car that I noticed the cashier never rung it up. So, <_<


It was–”free” 

Safe and Unsafe Food List

Safe Beverages:
-black coffee
-diet soda
-half/half tea

Safe Breakfast:
-toast with only light jelly
-low-fat vanilla yogurt

Safe Lunch/Dinner:
-proportioned turkey, chicken, and fish (not fried)
-salad w/ light italian dressing
-minestrone or broccoli soup
-cheese sticks
-light (of half-size) sandwiches

Unsafe Beverages:
-sugary coffees
-non-diet soda

Unsafe Breakfast:
-doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, biscuits
-sugary cereal

Unsafe Lunch/Dinner:
-red meats
-potatoes (fries, mashed, baked)
-fried meat of any kind
-grilled cheese
-Ramen Noodles
-chips and dip
-all desserts
-pies, cookies, cakes
-all breads (except for wheat bread used proportionally for safe foods)
-all Mexican and Italian dishes
-mozzerella sticks
-condiments (dressings, butter, ect…)

I have gained so much lately and I know I am over 140 now. It has to stop. I started laxatives again and I haven’t taken my medication in quite some time. I am depressed and can’t handle how much I weigh anymore. I tried to be positive about it and look on the bright side. Like, “oh wow so curvy and sexy!” But really I am just fat with tons of cellulite and stretch marks on my thighs and butt. I get physically sick looking at my naked self in the mirror and it really is a shame. Something has to change and it starts now. I have to clean up my diet.

how to make your oatmeal raisin cookies not suck

(bc I just made some and it was my first time actually liking the result)

1. before you start prepping your other ingredients, spread your raisins out in a pan and douse them in alcohol (brandy, rum, bourbon). stir them occasionally until you’re ready to add them to your dough. by this time they should have absorbed most of the liquid, and if not you can dump the tablespoon or so that’s left into the mix (or you could save it and make a glaze for the cookies with powdered sugar). this step may seem extra but it’s essential to getting raisins that are flavorful and don’t dry out

2. toast the oatmeal in the oven for 7-10 minutes before you put it in the cookies. this makes it less bland. if you’re using nuts you should toast them as well.

3. toast the cinnamon in a small pan on the stove until it’s fragrant (3-4 minutes)

4. the middle of the cookies should still look puffy when you pull them out. if the edges are brown, you’re good to go. overbaking these cookies ruins the chewiness.

Birth of Wesir

Happy Birthday Osiris!
Today was hectic and busy and I am only just now sitting down to give him his offerings.
I gave him a cold water, toast and jelly, iced oatmeal cookies, a purple candle, cedarwood incense, and a crocheted birthday cake that all of the birthday gods will share this week.

I’ve been trying (not as hard as I should) to get to know Wesir better this last month since Sobek-Ra suggested I get to know him. I’ve started keeping a journal (that hydrangea notebook) on my thoughts/feelings about him and snippets of research. I plan to keep up with that this year as I slowly get to know him and work with him.

I felt his presence at the shrine after giving the offerings. He feels very calm and peaceful, almost somber though. He told me to rest, so I may take a short nap before dinner for him.

Dua Wesir!

loboselinaistrash  asked:

For the fanfic meme: 1,2,5 :)

Thank you for asking!

1.  What is your favorite fic you have under your belt?

Probably The Lost Get Found, I put a lot of work into it.

2. What is your favorite snippet of dialogue?

From the same story listed from above.



Mary Margaret froze, wondering if she had just heard her right. She didn’t want to make a huge deal of it, all the literature she read had just said to go off the child’s lead. But inside, her heart was pounding and she was full of happiness. Tears were in her eyes as she finally turned around to face her daughter.


“Yes, honey?”

“What’s for breakfast?”

The brunette smiled. “Toast and oatmeal.”

“Sounds good.”

Mary walked over and pulled the girl into her arms, hugging her tight. The young blonde hugged her tighter.

5. What’s your favorite headcanon you use in fics?

Probably making Emma’s middle name Ruth after David’s mother, because I refuse to believe it’s anything but the truth.

Ask me questions from this writing meme.

Recipe of the Day: Ina’s Nutty Oatmeal Cookies        
Ina’s top-rated cookies are loaded with raisins, toasted pecans and oatmeal. Spoiler alert: They’re completely irresistible.        

Around January everyone starts to talk about dieting. “No carbs, no fat, no salt, no sugar…” There’s a reason why this stops as the year goes on - people try to adopt extreme new diets and completely change their lifestyle all in one go, and this is unsustainable

So if you’d quite like to be a bit healthier or a little lighter, try adopting a few of these simple habits into your day:

  1. Ditch cereal - Breakfast is super [read why] butbranded cereals and granolas are full of sugars and artificial ingredients. Instead, try oatmealwholegrain toast or these other great breakfast recipes.
  2. Drink more - Staying hydrated is really important [read more]. Up your water intake by keeping a litre bottle at your desk and sipping at it throughout the day. Teas also count towards hydration [read more]. Opt for green tea to boost your metabolism.
  3. Move more - Just moving a little bit more everyday can make a big difference, especially if you have a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the lift, and try going for a 20 minute walk on your lunch break.
  4. Simple swaps - Eating a bit more healthily doesn’t mean you have to throw out your recipe book - just make a few changes. Try buying whole grain pasta, brown bread and brown rice for carbs that keep you fuller for longer. Drink water instead of soda. Dilute your fruit juice. Choose lean meats. [read more]
  5. Listen to your body - One cause of weight gain is overeating, but a big reason diets often fail is undereating. Find your balance. Your body is clever, it knows when it needs more fuel, and when it’s had enough. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied!

I hope these tips help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. If you have any questions just ask!