toasted oatmeal

In the morning, when the sun is just peeking over the treetops and shining through the bedroom window, Adam gets ready for work with as little noise as possible. He puts in a load of laundry, makes coffee, and eats a simple breakfast of oatmeal with toast. When he’s got five minutes left until he needs to leave, he slips back into the bedroom he shares with Ronan and kisses his boyfriend awake. They’re small pecks against lips, cheeks, and a scrunched brow, but they do the job.

Ronan shoves him off with an affectionate hiss of “fuck off and have a good day at work, asshole.”

Confessions (part 1)

Summary: Bucky and the reader - who are madly in love with each other - are locked in the tower for who knows how long so Bucky starts a confession cam.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: I have a problem :( someone pls stop me I keep writing new fics when I haven’t even finished others. Anyways I hope you like this first part, I’m gonna go to sleep, it’s 6:09 in the morning and I haven’t went to sleep so peace.

Waking up you stretch your limbs and let out a yawn before kicking the blankets off your body. You check the time; 10:56 AM. Sighing, you gather some clothes and pad over to the bathroom to take a shower.

When you were done, you make your way into the kitchen. Upon entering, you notice that no one was in there. Usually at this time, Sam would be watching tv or Wanda would be curled up on the couch reading a book. Come to think of it, it’s really quiet. Too quiet.

Shrugging it off as everyone still sleeping due to your time out at a bar the night before, you start making yourself a bowl of cereal. Almost immediately after opening the fridge, you see that it’s stocked up which is weird because the day before, there was zero to nothing. You cautiously take out the milk and when you shut the refrigerator, you see Bucky standing at the kitchen entrance.

The brunette yawns and rub his eyes, it’s clear that he just woke up. You take in his appearance which was only sweatpants that hung low on him. He looked like a wreck and you didn’t expect nothing less because he got completely trashed the night before. But, even if he looked like a wreck, you didn’t care because to you, he always looked amazing.

You have been in love with James Barnes for three years now and he doesn’t know. You don’t think he ever will. It’s kind of like a keep to yourself type of thing except the whole team knows except Bucky.

The handsome soldier shuffles over to the island and sits down on the stool, watching you make your bowl of cereal.

Unbeknownst to you, Bucky reciprocated your feelings but unlike you, he’s loved you since day one. He hasn’t felt this way towards a girl in over 70 years but god it feels so right. He loves hanging out with you, you brighten his day.

After grabbing the box of cereal (that was left on the counter after you made a bowl of cereal last night) you turn around to your bowl.

“Morning Buck.” you say softly, still kind of tired.

“Mornin’.” his voice was groggy. The brunette looks around the room, eyebrows knitted in confusion before turning back to you. “Where’s everyone?”

You shrug. “I dunno. Maybe they’re all still sleeping. We stayed at that bar pretty late.”

Bucky chuckled. “Yeah we did.”

“You hungry?” you look up at him before grabbing a spoon.


“Want me to make you something? Eggs? Oatmeal? French toast?”

Bucky shakes his head. “No, I just want cereal.”

You slide your bowl over to him. “Here.”

He looks at it then at you. “Are you sure?”

“Bucky it’s cereal, I can make myself another bowl.”

Bucky mutters out an ‘okay’ before digging in. Minutes pass and the two of you have finished your cereal while none of your team members have woken up.

You check your phone and seeing it’s 11:23 AM, you hop off the stool.

“I’m gonna go wake everyone up.”

“I’m gonna wake Tony up. You know how mad he gets when he sleeps in. Somethin’ about keeping his sleep schedule on track?” Bucky says, hopping off his stool and rummaging around in the cabinets before pulling out two pots. He looks over at you and smiles as he waves the two pots around. “Let’s do this.”

You snort and shake your head. The two of you walk upstairs and you decide to wake up Sam first whose room was the third door down. Bucky on the other hand walked past you until he reached the last door; Tony’s room. Bucky gives you a thumbs up before opening Tony’s door and you do the same with Sam’s.
It’s dark. You take a step in.


No answer.

“Sam c’mon, wake up.”

Again, no answer.

“Sam come water the flowers with me, please?”

When you receive no answer for the third time, you switch on the light. You look over at his bed, seeing nothing – no one. His bed is neatly made and everything seems in order – no clothes on the floor like there usually is.

You turn off the light and close the door, just as Bucky exits Tony’s room. He looks over at you, confusion written all over his face. “He’s not in there.”

“Neither is Sam.”

You meet him half way, right in front of Natasha’s room.

“His bed is made. It looks like he cleaned up in there.” you say.

Bucky jabs his thumb out towards Tony’s room. “Same with Tony.”

You reach over and open Natasha’s door and just like Sam and Tony’s room, everything seemed in order. Bed made, drawers closed, makeup neatly put away. Actually, makeup nowhere to be found.

“This is weird.” Bucky mutters. He struts down the hallway, checking Clint and Vision’s room before telling you they were all the same. The two of you go downstairs and check Steve, Pietro and Wanda’s room, finding them the same as the upstairs.

This was weird. No one was home.

“What’s going on?” you and Bucky regroup at the entrance of the kitchen.

“I dunno.” he sighs. You both stand there in silence. Bucky looks over at the door and walks over to it, trying to open it but it won’t budge. “What the hell?”

“What is it?” you take a step towards him.

“The door won’t open.” he responds, still trying to pull it open.

“This is getting weird. I’m calling Tony.” you say, slipping your hand in to your pocket to fish out your phone.

Bucky nods. “I’ll try the other doors.”

You dial Tony’s number and he picks up on the third ring. “Well hello sunshine.”

“What the hell’s going on, Tony?” you say, getting straight to the point.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, where the hell are you guys? Everyone’s gone, the door is like bolted shut, the fridge and pantry are stocked up with food that’ll lasts weeks which I’m not actually complaining about because I love food-” you hear Tony snicker. “What’s going on.”


5 hours ago

Tony quietly wakes everyone up - except Bucky and Y/N – and rounds them up in the living room.

“What time is it?” Pietro questioned.

“Six in the morning.” his sister answered.

“I should not be up this early.” the silver-haired man whimpered as he clutched a couch pillow to his chest.

“What’s going on?” Steve yawned out. “Is there a mission?”

“Where’s Bucky and Y/N?” Natasha asked, looking around for the pair.

“They’re still sleeping.” Tony answered.

“That’s not fair!” Clint exclaimed and Tony shushed him. “Why do they get to sleep and we have to go on a mission?” he lowered his voice.

“There is no mission.”

“Then why’d you wake us up?” Sam inquired.

“If you’d let me talk instead of interrupting and asking questions, I’ll tell you!” Tony whisper-yelled. “So I got this idea – well, it was a dream. Basically, what happened is that I had the genius idea to lock Bucky and Y/N in the tower together and over the days they admitted their feelings to each other and got together so that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

“Mr. Stark, if I may,” Vision starts. “Why are we meddling in James and Y/N’s love life? Shouldn’t they work things out on their own time?”

“Yeah but it’s taking forever.” Tony says. “She’s been in love with him for three years, he’s been in love with her since the first day they met. It’s been almost five years and they haven’t even tried to make a move on each other. I love them to death but I’m tired of the side glances and I’m tired of all the cute shit they do.”

Natasha sighed. “So we’re going along with a dream you had?”


“This is stupid. I’m not doing it.” Clint says.

“I’m taking all of us to Miami while all this goes down.”

“I’m doing it.”

Tony smiles and looks at everyone. “Alright, if there aren’t anymore questions or concerns, please start packing quietly while I go out and stock up the place with food for them.”

And with that, Tony walks away.


“Are you serious, Anthony?!” you shout.

“Used my full name, ouch.” Tony says. “Listen, I’m only doing it because I love you.”

Now obviously when Tony was recalling what went down several hours before, he didn’t mention that Bucky felt the same way towards you.

“Eat shit and die, Antoinette.”

“Hey!” the billionaire exclaimed. “You said you’d stop calling me that.”

“I say a lot of things I don’t mean.” you respond before sighing. “So you’re really serious? We can’t leave or anything? We’re stuck in here?”

“Yup. I designed the tower to go on full lockdown mode just in case the purge starts after Loki completely destroyed it.” he tells you.

“The purge isn’t real.” you roll your eyes.

“You don’t know that. There’s a lot of crazy people out there, Y/N.” Tony responds.

You roll your eyes again. “Whatever.”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be okay. There’s food, there’s water, there’s electricity and cable – Wi-Fi. And I even left the code for the roof door on the fridge because I know you like to go water your plants up there but keep in mind, ya can’t go anywhere up there so don’t even try to leave sweetie.” you could practically see the smile on his face.

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t.” he responds. “Now I’ve gotta go. We’re in Miami and-”

“You’re in Miami?!”

“-and… bye.”

“Tony-” he hangs up the phone and you groan.

Bucky comes back and sighs. “Everything’s locked. What’d Tony say?”

“Exactly that. We’re locked in.” you say.


“You know how Tony is. It’s some stupid game he’s playing. They’re in Miami and we’re stuck here.” you weren’t about to tell him that the reason you two were locked in the tower together was because Tony and the rest of the team wanted you to confess your feelings.

“Oh. Alright.” Bucky didn’t have a problem with being stuck in the tower with you. He liked being around you. “So… what do we do now?”

You shrug. “Wanna binge watch Jersey Shore?”

Bucky smiles. “Definitely.”

A/N: okay so I’m currently binge watching Jersey Shore from start to finish so ye. Anywaysss tell me what ya think!


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“On the sabbath we skipped church and you sat on the couch taking swills of holy water from a vodka bottle. You said God didn’t care for the container and I shouldn’t either.

It took three Sundays but I found faith in your sweaty hands that would clasp me like a prayer between palms kneeled before the alter after a bottle of communion and a promise confession would clear my name. Afterwards you swore the wine shades staining my skin were the Devil’s struggle from you gracing my skin with the hands of God. And I believed you.

After four months His name no longer burned you in blasphemy and sacrilege would slip my lips after an inhale of burnt bible paper and a swallow of sin sticky on my cheek. I repented to the toilet bowl while you chainsmoked luckies out the bathroom window and didn’t question your lack of prayer over dry toast and oatmeal.

One year in and the rip in my best church dress is nothing compared to the Devil’s wrath manifesting in your rage and lingering in lamb’s blood stains on my Wednesday stockings. I am crucified.

In two years I am able to walk into a church and taste blood as wine on my tongue rather than my own as condemnation. They say forgiveness is close to godliness so I bow my head to forgive the sins that dragged me past each level of my own personal hell. I ask to forgive even the wolf in sheep’s clothing that ripped each commandment from my rib and promised me atonement for each mortal sin. But for playing the Devil’s advocate, and each moment as the wolf’s fool, and every equivocate I let slip my judgement,”

—  please god help me to forgive myself.
the last person.

The last person to realise Lily loved James, was Lily.

Remus was first. It was during Transfiguration and he saw the way her lips curled upward when McGonagall praised James for his excellence in class. He also noticed how Lily caught herself smiling, and immediately ducked under the table to pick up a quill that wasn’t there.

Marlene was next. She noticed it one night after a party in the Gryffindor Common Room. Mary was going off about Sirius and some stupid prank he pulled and Lily unconsciously kept correcting Mary, quite insistently, that James had nothing to do with it. That was the first time she had ever defended him out loud.

Sirius was stumbled upon the possibility right after. A particularly brutal Quidditch match had put James in the Hospital Wing. His teammates were crowded around him in worry and affection but someone lurking at the entrance caught Sirius’ eye. A redhead kept peeking in at the group, not able to come up to them, but rooted to her spot, not being to leave either.

Alice and Frank noticed together. It was breakfast, a bleary winter morning where a smiling face was the rarest sight. Everyone chewed their toast and oatmeal in utter silence, barring the wheezing like sound that was Lily trying to muffle behind a forkful of eggs as James spoke in hushed whispers, grinning as well. They watched Lily shake and exchanged a look, rolling their eyes at the obvious. 

On a walk back from the library, James let out a laugh at a sarcastic comment she had made, draping an arm around her in an act of casual affection. She looked up to see him smiling, his hair falling in his face, not even realising how close they were standing, how loud her heart was beating, and the last person to realise Lily loved James, was Lily.

modern matthias headcanons bc i love death:

- the human embodiment of that “*surrounded by wolves* calm down puppies i can’t pet all of you!” (or smth like that) tumblr meme
- probably definitely works at a dog shelter
- has like three wolfdogs and two huskies
- gives puppies as bday presents
- has a super simple style bc he thinks buying clothes is wasteful so he probably wears the ones he owns to rags and THEN finally succumbs to buying new basics (under nina’s strict supervision)
- ACTUAL GRANDPA who has no idea how a phone works let alone an app/computer program
- BAD with technology in general
- likes documentaries (can literally watch three hours worth of nat georgaphic films about the tundra)
- mostly makes toast and oatmeal for himself bc he treats food the same way as clothes: he needs his meal to be sufficient and nutritious but anything more is extra and unnecessary
- HOWEVER (thanks to @helvr for this headcanon honestly god b l e s s) he has a surprising knack for baking/baked goodies so he can spend hours making pastries for other people
- blushes like a ripe tomato everytime nina so much as hikes up her skirts to smooth out/readjust her leggings or unbuttons one (1) front button of her shirt
- helps homeless kids/orphans with inej and just does sO MUCH GOOD IN THE WORLD OKAY
- totally scandalized by nina’s tv picks bc her fav shows usually have lots of nudity/openly expressed sexual desires and he’s just Shook
- reads lots and lots of self-help books and they really do help
- strives to be a better version of himself EVERY DAY
- looks hella good in jeans 👌 and nina makes sure to tell him on a daily basis (cue the tomato hue)
- spends some weekends at the library, educating himself, reading /even more/ about cultures and beliefs that are foreign to him so he a) broadens his horizon and b) doesn’t offend anyone by being ignorant in some way or other
- you’ve heard of the dad friend, now get ready for the grandpa friend
- the other dregs like to prank him (innocent jokes ofc) and all he ever does is scoff and sigh
- they collectively decide to buy him the same grumpy cat tshirt so he has a total of five (!!!) tshirt that are literally THE SAME
- that is until a package from kuwei arrives and it’s a hand-stitched grumpy cat sweater
- matthias looks into the camera like he’s on the office A LOT
- HIGHKEY think he’d LOVE brooklyn nine nine?? like?? it’s a show?? about justice?? and the importance of diversity?? showing different people from different places/backgrounds who have an incredible team dynamic and whose sole purpose is to fight modern crime??

Don’t Let Go

Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
Ship: Tree Bros (Connor Lives AU)
Summary: Sometimes you have to go back and finish the fight. You keep digging and don’t let go.
Possible Triggers: I mean swearing,,,intrusive thoughts, and break ups? (I’m bad at tagging triggers)

Word count: 1860


Silence festered between the two, souring the air. Evan clenched his fist around the navy blue duffel bag strap, taking in a shaky breath.

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The Bros + Cor comforting their S/O on their first day of work | Headcanons |

So I had my first day of work today and I was rather nervous and all it’s normal for me first two weeks I’m a anxious ball of angsty fluff. I get sick and such it’s just the way it is. \\٩( ‘ω’ )و ///

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Noctis: He totally will totally try to make breakfast because you normally do it but you are really nervous about work. He lets you sleep in a little waking you up with instant coffee he made that was heavy on the cream, he made toast, along with several pieces of bacon. (He tried eggs but they got burned, he tries.) He will tell them that they will do great no matter what and that if something happens they should just drop his name as their boyfriend. Noctis will promise them a nice dinner after work and listen to their day he will text through the day to see if they are okay. Noctis will be there early to pick them up and give them a big hug greeting them.

Prompto: Prompto totally wakes them up with kisses and breakfast he bought at the bakery down the road. He was going to try to make it but it felt like he would do well and he didn’t want to make you feel sick on your first day. Prompto totally would tell you jokes to make you not worry about any of it, silly little things like his first day of Kingsguard training how he tripped over the shoelaces of his shoes. He would make sure all your make up was ready to put on when you got out of the shower all of it ready for you to get looking gorgeous. The whole time taking pictures, be prepared for the “bae’s first day of work” scrapbooks, it’s super cute. He will totally stop by your lunch break so he could go eat with you and talk about your day easing your tension.

Ignis:  Ignis sees that his s/o is nervous about their first day of work, he makes sure to get up before them and make a nutritious breakfast. He would have make sure they had their clothes out and ready before bed the night before. Waking them up with a fresh cup of Ebony (after he’s had his first cup!) giving them reassuring words. He will start the shower for them and by the time they are ready he will have breakfast completely finished, he would even feed them because he know they really like that (even if he doesn’t). Ignis will give them a excellent cheer up speech telling them that they will be able get through the day without problem that his s/o is a genius surpassing his intellect. Ignis will text them during their breaks and talk with them on lunch to calm them down if they are needing it.

Gladiolus: The big teddy bear will start you up early with a little morning work out that will get them pumped for the day. The whole time he will tell them funny stories that will ease their nerves, all the while kisses and hugs. After a shower (together as he gives a “good luck quickie”) the both of them will enjoy a breakfast high in proteins. Gladiolus will drive them to work giving them a sweet kiss right before they walk in watching they walk in, he’s totally admiring that ass. He will call them on lunch to see if they are okay telling they a little joke just to hear them laugh. When you get out of from work he will totally take you out to eat, expect cup of noodles. If your job requires them on their feet all day he will definitely carry them around and be ready for massages!

Cor: Cor will definitely wake them up early with coffee, toast, eggs, sausage, and oatmeal he made himself it’s done well he’s had to take care of himself for quite sometime so he knows how to cook well. He will make sure all of their clothes are ready for them and their paperwork. Reciting things to do when they confront a crowd of people. He will drop them off to work visit them on lunch making, taking them out to eat nearby. Cor will take his s/o home after work and give them massages and run a hot bath for them while he orders take out. Then end up cuddled on the couch watching t.v.

BONUS: RAVUS (Just a gif reaction) “There, there, there, dear.”

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30. “mine.” with jimin | 1.2k

In your defense, three of your exams were in the same week and your very rowdy neighbours were completely oblivious to the struggles of a student who, really, just wanted to pass her courses. It wasn’t like you’d never done this before; whenever your movie nights ran late, or when your study sessions ended with your heads planted deep in piles of notes and textbooks, you’d wake up to jimin shaking your shoulders because “–3 minutes we gotta go!

So, really, it made sense for you to stay over for a few days, right? You’d met jimin in freshman year. He lived in the same building as you, and you had spent enough time together that a friendship formed naturally, staying up to edit each other’s papers, making sure to get assignments in on time, all that jazz. You’ve gotten to know each other’s likes, dislikes, and anything in between; you were so familiar with each other that–

Jimin picked the pineapple chunks out of his slice and put them onto yours

–things like this became second nature. He settles back into the couch, slides down low enough that he’s got his paper plate resting on his chest and his pizza loosely held in one hand. Like this, his thighs are just a few inches from yours, and it really shouldn’t bother you as much as it should have because this is normal, happens all the time, nothing special here, nope, so why do you feel your cheeks heating up?

Suddenly grateful that the lights were turned out, you glue your eyes to the screen and focus on the show because you’d been waiting to watch it all semester and finally have the chance now that exams are over. You do your best, following the dialogue, tracing the actors’ movements but every now and then, you catch your eyes drifting back to jimin, to his legs, and you start to think that you can feel the heat radiating off of them??? That’s it.

“I’m getting water,” you grit out, avoiding jimin’s eyes so you never see the confused look on his face because…alright?

Pulling the cabinet doors open, you reach in for the white mug that you’ve been using, but stop in your tracks when you notice something you hadn’t seen before. It’s a mug, pastel blue (your favourite colour) and when you take it off the cupboards, a quick turn reveals “Out to Conquer the World” on the other side.

“It’s for you,” jimin clears your confusion, and you turn around to see him putting the leftover slices in the fridge. “You’re always taking mine anyways so I got you your own.” He walks over to you, takes the mug out of your hands and tilts it up at you, “water?”

You can only nod, not quite sure what to say because “you really didn’t have to, jimin.”

He chuckles, “I don’t mind,” and hands you back your mug.

You stare at the mug, hands clasped tightly around it. “No, really, I didn’t mean to stay here so long, it was just so loud at my place and I couldn’t concentrate and at all and so I thought that it’d be okay if I–”

“it’s okay,” he insists, hands settling on your shoulders to push your chest up and it isn’t until your eyes meet him that he continues, “stay. I like the company.”

Something in the room changed then, and you sense that he picks up on it, too. “… thanks, jimin.”

Three weeks later, jimin and you are having breakfast–toast for him and oatmeal for you–when he brings it up.

“Hey,” he says gently, fingers tapping your wrist from across the table.

“yeah?” you look up from your phone to find him suddenly throwing his head into his arms, letting out a groan, saying

“this wasn’t how it’s supposed to go.”


You see his back expand as he takes a deep breath.

He sits up, and begins, “you know that…that mug?”

“This one?” you pick up the mug in question.

“Yeah, that…” He looks away for just a second and you’ve never seen him so embarrassed in front of you, and it gets you thinking.

“What about it?” you surprise yourself with how steady your voice is, despite your heart basically pounding away against your ribs because… could it be?

“It’s yours, right?”

“… Isn’t it?”

“Isn’t–Yeah, yeah of course, let me say that again.” he brings one hand down his jaw.

You fight to keep the smile off your face.

“That mug, I wanted you to have it, so it’s yours,” his arms wave with his words.

“it’s mine.”

“…and,” he takes a deep breath, looks down at his hands that rest on the table across from yours, “I want to ask, if I … if I want you to have something else, would you agree?” His glances up, and it suddenly hits you how scared he is, brows drawn up in worry and eyes searching yours.

“well, it depends,” you respond.

“Um … If I … If I want you to have … have my h-heart … would you say yes?”


“… Sorry, jimin,” you slowly get up and walk around to him, “I’m gonna have to say no to that one.” You lean down, and it feels like a stab to your chest when you spot the tears in his eyes. Quickly, you tilt your head forward and place a peck on his cheek.

He jerks up at you, frozen in confusion, and he’s just about to ask when you say, “I can’t have your heart, because I’d rather my boyfriend be alive.”

You watch your words sink in. A second later, he scoops you in a hug and, while burying his face into the crook of your neck, protests “that was so mean!

You finally let your laugh out, and wrap your arms around his waist, one hand giving gentle pats to the small of his back. “Sorry, jimin,” you chuckle, “but you set it up so nicely.”

He stills. “That’s it. I’m never giving you anything again,” he declares, mock-angrily.

You only laugh some more. “Not even a kiss?” You pucker up your lips and it isn’t long until his hands are on the sides of your face, and his lips crash onto yours. His hands move down, settling on your hips, and you throw your arms around his shoulders, tugging him closer. A sigh escapes his lips when you run your fingers through your hair and you both continue until you have to break apart for air. He rests his forehead against yours, and you stay a while in this position.

In the middle of the kitchen, sun filtering through the blinds and the breakfast on the table long forgotten, two people hold each other as if their touch is the only thing keeping them grounded to reality, as if they finally see clearly something that’s only been dancing in their peripherals this whole time.

“yours?” his voice asks, sweet breath dancing against your lips.


waking up with monsta x: minhyuk
  • this boy is a ball of energy
  • no matter what time of day it is, once he’s awake, he’s awake
  • baby baby baby!! it’s time to wake up!!”
  • probably jumps on the bed to wake you up tbh
  • runs down the stairs to the kitchen to make breakfast
  • what do you want to eat we have bacon and sausage and eggs and toast and oatmeal and waffles and-”
  • “babe i really just wanted cereal”  
  • so he makes that damn cereal and makes the best damn cereal you’ll ever eat
  • as soon as you finish eating he drags you back into bed
  • makes a fort with blankets and pillows 
  • forces you to watch cute cat videos with him 
  • “why can’t we get a cat?”
  • “minhyuk baby you’re allergic”
  • pulls you onto his chest to watch movies all morning 
  • you both fall back asleep happy and in each other’s arms

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Very important sandwiches 👌🏼🌱 this is one of my favorite sammies ever and it’s really easy–5 ingredients if you don’t include lemon juice, salt, pepper, and hot sauce!

Toasted oatmeal bread with hummus, spinach, and avocado + chickpea salad 👅👅👅

No Time For Us

Plot: An attempt to spend the day together drives you and Steve crazy because you’re doing everything but spending it together - you can thank the team for that.

A/N: Uneditted. I wanted to get this out before I went to bed, so please forgive any mistakes my tired brain failed to pick up.

Warnings: Reader has anxiety and it shows at one point, but it is short.

Word Count Total: 924

Short Imagine #125

Title: No Time For Us

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In the Arms of Justice Pt. 14 (Bucky Drabble Series)

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“Are you sure about this? You’ve been through a trauma and sometimes that heightens emotions which clouds judgement…”

“Just shut up and kiss me,” you demanded, pressing your lips to his. “I thought about you, too, since then. And I want you, right here and right now. Take me to bed, detective.”

He stood with a toothy grin, hooking your legs around his hips, and did as he was told.



The unyielding arm held you tight from behind, making you wince, the razor sharp steel grazing the skin of your neck.

“He’s not coming for you, sweetheart,” said the gravelly voice in your ear.

Your heart caught in your throat, afraid to swallow and jostle the knife’s placement upon your skin. He released you only to whip your body around to face him, his cold eyes making you shiver. He held tightly onto the back of your neck, his gaze never wavering. The tip of the knife slowly plunged into your abdomen as a scream escaped your mouth.


You awoke with a start, your head rising from the pillow as you clutched your stomach, a phantom pain there. A warm hand brushed over your arm and then kisses pressed to your bare shoulder.

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I want to go vegan, do you have any starter tips for me?

  • Educate yourself. This is going to make everything so much easier. I always recommend watching Forks Over Knives (talk about the health side of things), Cowspiracy (environmental) and Earthlings (animal rights)
  • Get excited, this is something that is awesome!!!
  • Start saving and trying out new recipes!
  • Figure out your favorite foods/what you eat a lot of and see if you can make them vegan look for replacements or see if there are ingredients you don’t need!
  • If you are a big meat eater try fake meats (i like gardein brand) or veggie burgers are always yummy too!
  • I use earth balance butter, it taste the same as the butter you are used to
  • Try multiple non dairy milks, there are so many to choose from so make sure you find your favorite!
  • Good breakfast ideas: toast with nut butter, oatmeal, smoothies, tofu scramble, waffles (most gluten free frozen waffles are also vegan)
  • Make sure to keep some vegan snacks and desserts around, so if you get a craving you won’t grab something non vegan! Most chips are vegan and so are oreos!
  • If you are eating out, try looking at the menu before hand. Also if you can’t seem to find anything on the menu look at the sides, normally you can build your own meal! 
  • I always keep nuts or bars in my purse and car in case i can’t find anything to eat!
  • Ben and jerry’s almond milk Cookies and Peanut butter icecream
  • Focus on the basic things that are cheap and build meals from them! Thing like beans, rice, potatoes, pasta, bread etc etc these things will be filling!
  • vegan foods tend to be lower in calories, so you will most likely need to be eating more food to get the calories you need and to feel full! This is totally normal!
  • Don’t be alarmed, most things in stores labled as vegan will be quite pricey but get used to checking lables, you’ll be surprised at how many things are accidentally vegan!
  • If you eat at fast food a lot google what things you can get there that are vegan, there are more options than you think!
  • If you mess up that is okay!!!! Going vegan is about doing your best and doing what you can, we all have days that are hard or that we mess up, no point getting down about it!
The Masks We Wear (6/?)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5


Thanks, as always to @coffeewithcaptainswan​ for beta’ing

Previously on The Masks We Wear

Emma Swan AKA The Saviour and Killian Jones AKA Hook AKA The Survivor are in love. They just don’t know it yet. And while they’re busy working with their fellow Nevengers to bring down The Dark One, they don’t have time to find out. They may not have made any progress in their romantic relationship, but The Survivor has persuaded The Evil Queen to help the heroes’ in their quest to destroy The Dark One. Maybe once he’s gone they’ll have time to untangle their complicated relationship…

“Almost unconsciously Emma moved closer to Killian. His eyes widened and she saw him look down at her lips as he leaned in -”

“I just want - I need - to know that she will survive.”

It would be true to say that Emma was a little surprised by the turn of events that lead to her discussing strategies to defeat Douglas Gold with her boss, Regina. True, though somewhat understating the extent of her feelings. But it was incredibly hard for her to accurately express her feelings in words anyway. She’d probably have to resort to some forms of shouting, a good deal of arm waving and maybe simply falling down on the floor with shock.

It’s good that she isn’t the dramatic sort.

All she actually did upon discovering that her boss is The Evil Queen was mutter “huh” under her breath and look on slightly dumbstruck, not quite processing the news. Emma probably would have gotten away without looking like a complete idiot were it not for the fact that Regina seemed determined to shake hands with all the Nevengers. (Emma couldn’t help but feel like this was her majesty’s way of reaching out to the commoners, showing that they were friends or some such shit.)

When it was Emma’s turn to be greeted she just stared at her boss for an embarrassingly long time. She was suddenly sweating at the prospect of being recognised and panicking at Regina’s close proximity. It took a loud cough from The Survivor for her to realise what was expected of her and she thrust her hand out to shake, feeling like a toddler being taught about politeness.

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Does my entire lair smell like peaches and cream packaged oatmeal? Can monsters have strokes? If we do, does it smell like toast or like microwaveable oatmeal mix?

The whole bloody place! Who came while I was out and made oatmeal?

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What are the girls' diets/workout routines?


Gigi’s Core-Focused Workout:
1. Warm up the core with 10 minutes of boxing.
2. Perform three sets of 40 crunches each.
3. Raise your heart rate with 10 minutes of boxing.
4. Perform three sets of 40 bicycle crunches each, kicking each leg out once per bicycle.
5. Box for another 10 minutes.
6. Take a plank pose to hit the transverse abdominals, holding for about 60 seconds, or as long as you can maintain good form (abs tight, no sway in the back, and the neck in a neutral position).
7. Super-set straight into leg raises to hit the lower abdominals, performing four sets of 25 leg raises each.


Gigi said: “It’s really important to get tested for your allergies and know what’s inflammatory for your body, what you shouldn’t be eating. I think all of those things are really important, more than following one person’s fitness and diet routine.”
  • Breakfast: She wakes up at 7 in the morning and she has a cup of coffee or a simple breakfast of bacon, toast and scrambled eggs.
  • Lunch: Gigi has her lunch at noon and usually visits JG Melon to have an arugula salad.
  • Dinner: She eats sushi with her friends. If she is having a night in, she likes cooking and watches some TV show or a movie. Her day usually ends by watching Girls or Prison Break and sleeps by 11.30 PM.


“I’m not really a big “working out” person, but I definitely like to do cardio when I do. I guess I run sometimes, drink green juices once a week.”

She also likes to run (with or without a treadmill), do yoga, Pilates and walk around New York. She gets very self-conscious in front of a fitness trainer, so she tries to work out on her own. Her exercise regime is not set. Bella exercises whenever she gets some time. She tries hard to do cardio exercises for at least 15 minutes every day. She is also a fan of horse riding and has been doing it since she was just two years old.

In an interview with British Vogue, she talks about the difficulties of working out when you’re travelling a lot:
It’s hard with my schedule – every time I go somewhere I’m like “can you send me a pair of Nikes? I forgot my shoes!” I always forget something. But even this morning I went and swam in the pool, just to keep moving. When I’m home I like to train harder than usual. I haven’t really worked out a lot since the last VS show. My trainer always calls once he knows I’m in town. Like “I know you’re back, where are you?” And I’m like “sleeping?!”. But when I have the time and energy I’ll go. I love doing abs and ass, and getting my blood pumping. Running around keeps most of my body in check but I eat really badly when I’m travelling because I can’t help myself. It’s my comfort.

In a W Magazine interview promoting her Nike Cortez campaign:
‘As for her own workout routine—look at the multitude of crop-tops in the campaign, as there is definitely a routine—Hadid shared her go-to moves earlier this year. “I actually enjoy working out now with my trainer,” she said. “My sister loves boxing and will do a whole thing of boxing, but I prefer intervals, so like five minutes of boxing and then go do ass and abs. I really like doing fun workouts, like the thing where you slide or get to pull a rope. I do not like burpees.”’

Bella talks to ‘E! Live from the Red Carpet’ at her Nike Cortez campaign launch about her work out routine.

Before VSFS: “I’ve been eating hard protein every day, and working out for three hours every day. It’s crazy but I think that you know if you set your mind to something I think you can succeed.”

On her dietary guilty pleasures:
‘Ooh. I mean, chicken nuggets, grilled cheeses, French fries, pizza, burgers. All those things. Usually my go-to is just ordering chicken fingers, grilled cheeses and fries when I get to the hotel. [The] burgers in London are really good.’

Rumour: According to this website this person tried eating like Bella for 7 days and went to Bella’s nutritionist. I don’t know if Bella eats exactly like this but here is what the nutritionist recommends:


Workout: She likes to focus on abs, but says that it hurts to even laugh the next day. She also said that she uses Instant Abs Trainer (free app): “Sometimes when I’m watching TV, I think to myself, ‘I should be doing crunches and sit ups right now.’ Then I get off the couch and do it”. You can read how she got ready for VSFS here.


  • Detox Diet Tea (Up to 12 cups a day)
  • Fruit: Strawberries, Grapes, Apples
  • Vegetables: Carrot / Celery Sticks
  • Salad: Kale / Spinach
  • Oily Fish: (Salmon, etc.)
  • Lean Protein: Yogurt, Smoothies
  • Organic: Eggs, Milk, Produce


Workout: Kylie said that she sometimes workout with her family but this website claims that this is how she works out .

Diet: she opts for foods high in fiber that taste good. High fiber foods allow you to eat things that taste good, but with less calories. Fibrous foods don’t turn into fat. Carbs, without much fiber, do. 

  • Breakfast: eats avocado toast, oatmeal, bagels and waffles. She loves Avocado Toast with Chicken strips (healthy fat + carb + protein).
  • Lunch: From organic-pressed juice to smoothies, she loves it all. She loves to eat Mexican food, especially tacos and guacamole. 
  • Dinner:  Her go-to staples are: Chicken, fish, veggies and rice. One meal was Lemon Bacon Arugula Pasta. She also loves: Shrimp Fried Rice, Asparagus and Teriyaki Chicken.


“I think you kind of have to force yourself to exercise – even when you don’t want to. I always end up feeling better after a workout when I force myself to just do it. I used to be a ballet dancer, so doing things that I enjoy that don’t feel like exercise – like talking classes, doing Pilates or things like that are good. I also like to randomly play a sport that I’m bad at – I like going to play soccer with people, or trying to play tennis with people – and teach myself that way. I’m competitive, so I’m always open to learning and trying [a new sport].”
Her favourite workout:
“I don’t like to run. You will not see my running on a treadmill ever. Ever! I like boxing, though, so if I can go to the gym and box for 30 minutes, I will.”

Diet:“I try to be very strict about eating just for my skin and my body.”
But Hailey does break the rules on occasion—particularly on vacation. “I did go to the Maldives not too long ago,” she recalled. “I felt like that was like, super lavish, indulgent. I was eating whatever I wanted when I was there because it was just like you’ve got to take advantage of those moments.”
She also really emphasises the importance of drinking lots of water.

  • Breakfast: “On a regular day, breakfast is usually eggs or oatmeal, some type of healthy protein, or a smoothie.”
  • Lunch: “Lunch is usually salad, fish, grilled veggies, or maybe a sandwich. I don’t really eat a lot of gluten so I’m trying to be particular. I love a good kale Caesar salad [but with] no croutons. That’s usually one thing I leave out.”. 
  • Dinner:  “Dinner is usually kind of along the same lines [as lunch]—some sort of vegetable, or pasta, like a gluten free pasta. Chicken, maybe. Sometimes [I’ll do dessert]. I really like the Magnum (ice cream) bars, obviously that’s a great one. [But I generally try to avoid] sugar. Sugar’s a big one for everyone, I think.”
  • Cheat day:“A cheat day for me, the first thing that I crave, I’ll eat. That’s my rule. So if I wake up and I want pancakes, I’m gonna eat pancakes. If I want a cheeseburger for lunch or for dinner, I’m gonna eat it. If I want fries, I’m gonna eat the fries.”
    Hailey’s favorite burger is the same as Gigi Hadid’s (the one she ate on Jimmy Fallon’s show, notably): “I love J.G. Melon. It is so good. I actually think…no, she’s not the one who took me there, but it’s bomb, and I don’t think enough people know about it.”
Safe and Unsafe Food List

Safe Beverages:
-black coffee
-diet soda
-half/half tea

Safe Breakfast:
-toast with only light jelly
-low-fat vanilla yogurt

Safe Lunch/Dinner:
-proportioned turkey, chicken, and fish (not fried)
-salad w/ light italian dressing
-minestrone or broccoli soup
-cheese sticks
-light (of half-size) sandwiches

Unsafe Beverages:
-sugary coffees
-non-diet soda

Unsafe Breakfast:
-doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, biscuits
-sugary cereal

Unsafe Lunch/Dinner:
-red meats
-potatoes (fries, mashed, baked)
-fried meat of any kind
-grilled cheese
-Ramen Noodles
-chips and dip
-all desserts
-pies, cookies, cakes
-all breads (except for wheat bread used proportionally for safe foods)
-all Mexican and Italian dishes
-mozzerella sticks
-condiments (dressings, butter, ect…)

I have gained so much lately and I know I am over 140 now. It has to stop. I started laxatives again and I haven’t taken my medication in quite some time. I am depressed and can’t handle how much I weigh anymore. I tried to be positive about it and look on the bright side. Like, “oh wow so curvy and sexy!” But really I am just fat with tons of cellulite and stretch marks on my thighs and butt. I get physically sick looking at my naked self in the mirror and it really is a shame. Something has to change and it starts now. I have to clean up my diet.