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Explained: avocado toast meme
  • In an interview with 60 Minutes from May 2017, the millionaire property developer Tim Gurner said that many millennials can’t afford to buy homes due to extravagant spending on expensive foods like avocado toast.
  • This sparked an uproar on social media, with many people criticizing Gurner’s misinformed comments on millennials’ spending choices.
  • Memes soon appeared on Tumblr mocking the idea that spending less on avocado toast would allow millennials to afford purchasing houses.
  • The avocado toast meme does not follow any strict format and has taken both text-based and image-based forms.
  • EDIT (31 May 2017): It has come to our attention that Gurner’s comments seem to be a reference to Bernard Salt’s article from October 2016 titled “Moralisers, we need you”. This resulted in jokes about avocado toast and housing back in 2016. However, we have documented this as a 2017 meme as our focus is to document memes as they are popularised on Tumblr, and it seems that jokes about avocado toast did not become a widespread meme on Tumblr until May 2017.
  • Click here to see examples of the avocado toast meme.
The problem is never being seen as an Asian American writer; the problem is with being seen only as an Asian American writer.

An Interview with Celeste Ng - The Toast

Our pals at The Toast just published this wonderful interview with Celeste Ng about representation, Asian American visibility, family, and writing. Go read it!

theyoungcritic  asked:

You should really watch the Double Toasted "Doctor Strange" Interview with C. Robert Cargill, he was the writer for the film. It's towards the end when they bring up the casting of the Ancient One. Cargill actually explains the reasoning behind the casting in a way that I think you should really hear. Trust me, I'm all for equality (Adopted Ethiopian girl, here), especially in film, but at some point you have to REALLY understand the issue. I believe his insight on the matter is what you need.

Side note, I think your blog should be a little more positive. I mean, compared to DC, Marvel’s killing it with diversity, in all forms. Basically, your blog should acknowledge the amount of diversity we already have and yearn for more, rather than just bitch about it. If you have a problem with POC in superhero films, it should be with DC tbh.

i mean. like. really?

here’s the relevant part.

suicide squad was banned from china and made fucking buckets of money. could’ve cast dichen lachman, a talented actress already part of the marvel family. but here’s the real issue. if the story as a whole is just such a landmine because it was written at a time where shit like this didn’t matter as much in the public consciousness, maybe don’t make it. just a thought. i do really understand the issue. i’m an asian american. from asia. born in asia. i was adopted and i live in america. i understand the asian outsider perspective. i do have insight into the matter. i have heard all the excuses before. it was bullshit laziness then and it’s bullshit laziness now.

you want positivity? there are tons of positive or at least neutral blogs out there for your perusal. you don’t want to consume criticism, you don’t have to. i do recognize the amount of diversity. that’s why i try to reblog fan edits and art and meta about the characters of color. and it’s funny, DC says the same about marvel. this isn’t a zero sum game. both companies can really up their rosters. this just so happens to be a blog about marvel. you are free to make a blog about DC’s whiteness. don’t let anybody stop you.

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anonymous asked:

At what point you were convinced that redacted "romance" is PR & similarly what point you believed josh & jen were more than friends? For me it would be the fact that closh romance was confirmed days before PL release not by his PR team but by a rep from PL film. It is not private & is aimed at movie promotion. How can a movie rep confirm their dating? About joshifer, jen saying what if we get married & talking about toast in CF interview sealed the deal. She is open to marriage,not just love!

OMG Anon! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to answer sooner BUT not only was I stupid busy but my computer crashed and I had to reboot everything and start the WHOLE thing over again!

So To answer your first question… When did I start believing that Joshifer were more than “Just friends…. Let us go down my memory lane and my feels.

In the ye old time of late 2012 to early 2013 I caught whiff of The Hunger Games Franchise on Netflix. (Never actually saw it at the movies. I know bad me! *slaps hand*) I had never even heard of the books and when I decided to sit and watch it I half expected a twilight-ish bit of meh to feature. Thankfully I was DEAD wrong. Now don’t get me wrong the first movie is MILES away from the second one but I still enjoyed it a lot. (still hadn’t read the books.) I especially enjoyed movie Katniss and Peeta. So li’l old me decided to read the books. (I devoured them in less than 2 weeks  which is surprising because I’m a mom and I don’t have much time to read anymore, but boy did I appreciate Peeta and Katniss even more.) So as is excpected I Everllarked HARD. Like my HP obsession was slowly taking a back seat and I decided to fandom a different story. (Still love Harry Potter though! *ducks to avoid being hit by the rocks that are surely coming my way from the Potter fandom* I have all the books! I promise! And I have tons of memorabilia! I hardcore love HP. I even sorted myself and others into houses and  Ivelmorny! Gryffindor and Horned Serpent Ya’ll, I’m so proud! ) Anyways, I started to go back and watch the first movie and since I felt like I was missing out I went in search of all their old interviews and premieres, everything. Basically the works. When I fandom I fandom excruciatingly hard. Ask the hubs. 

When I saw their very first interviews I instantly fell in love with Josh and Jen. They’re so freaking cute all on their own.

I mean look at these babies! How could  anyone not love those faces?

Then I started paying more attention. HOLY Mackerel Anon! It solidified their friendship for me at the time. I mean come on! I make an idiot out of myself in front of my guy friends. 

(Yes I’ve had expressions like that from my friends, both girl and boys. All my life. I’m just especial like that.) 

It wasn’t until I started seeing more flirtatious behavior (like puppy flirtatious) Especially from Josh


But then Anon I noticed that Jen was flirting too, but her’s were more low key. A little touch here, a compliment there… Yah know, the works….

(This was when Josh was asked if he was dreamier than Robert Pattinson. *current tweens wet dreams*) Yeah I don’t ever tell my friends they’re attractive unless I’m trying to make them feel better and even then it comes out almost uncomfortable. GEESH I cannot lie. FML

(Yeah Elizabeth Banks You know what’s I means!)

So after much of the interviews and red carpets I binge watched I was like AWWW They have a baby crush! NOPE! I thankfully managed to catch up enough that I was ready for the CF promo tour. 

And THESE my dear Anon finally solidified my thoughts that Joshifer was more then they let on. 

(Note that I don’t touch other people’s faces on a regular basis. Just those I’m either forced to and my immediate family. Not to mention Hubs hate’s people touching his face and vice versa. It’s just such an intimate thing for people to do. You’re literally in that person’s personal space. Sooo either the person is catatonic or trusts you enough to allow that personal space to be invaded.) 

(there’s way more to that look) 

(So this whole thing? Yeah, that’s me and my hubs and we’ve been married for almost 8 years now together for 11 yrs.) 

So Anon I can’t pinpoint exactly when my thoughts of a stronger bond of Joshifer was per se since the CF promo was chock full of Joshifer goodness, but I can try to guide you as to when I exactly started thinking that they were more than friends. ^^^^

Now as per Redacted or as I will now go on to call her Umbridge. (Shout out to the HP World! If you don’t know who she is, she’s the most despised, and absolutely horrible characters in Harry Potter. She’s worse than Voldemort and he’s the main villain.) I didn’t know who she was and despite my Hispanic Heritage I have NEVER heard of her and I watch a lot of foreign and Spanish speaking movies and shows. So At first when I found out that Josh started dating her I was like….

But then I started seeing this…

Now don’t get me wrong it looks like a sweet picture at first but if you notice SHE’S smiling. He is not. Which leaves me wondering… why does he look so miserable when he’s supposedly visiting his girlfriend whom he’s supposed to be in love with. She has arms around him and he has but part of his hand lazily laying on her wait…. It’s kind of like having an expert dancer dragging a newbie to do a difficult routine…

Like so…

No offense to Bill Nye. The awesomest human in the planet! 

So I naturally started suspecting and I was like….

I tried to be impartial and wondered if they were just trying to be private about the whole thing…. But then this pic happened. 

I was pissed the hell off Anon. I mean don’t get me wrong I love that Josh might be in a relationship that might make him happy but fml if this isn’t wrong. Mind you this pic was taken 2 months prior to people knowing that closh was even a thing…. I mean look at all her friends. They all look fucking fantastic and like they’re having fun. She looks a bit blurry but dude even she looks somewhat presentable. But Josh who is either her BF or at least her friend who’s she’s supposed to be establishing a deeper bond with by that time looks like a drunk hobo who crashed a party and inadvertently became part of the picture. You know…. good times! I don’t claim to be a perfect person in fact I am far from it, but I least have the decency to make sure my friends who I love and cherish and RESPECT look alright in a freaking pic. I’m pretty fucking sure that at this moment in time Josh might be in fact inebriated  if not it’s just a bad pic. So either Josh doesn’t really care how his career goes or Umbridge posted this shit without his consent which is dirty af. 

So anyways, anon I decided to delve deeper just to make sure I wasn’t being biased. WELP, it did not help when I found out that their so called “romance” was outed by their publicists but it just so happened to have fallen on the eve of the PL premiere. 

yup that was my face. I was like pssssh Bitch Puh-lease! Romance Shmomance. That’s when I finally realized that Closh or whatever the fuck they are, are totes on the negative side of any type of relationship. So I guess we can say that we coincided in our fauxmance epiphany. 

Sorry this post was long, but I love gifs…. LOL. Hope you like my answers! 

One of my favorite features is Women in Western Art History. How did that feature come about?

I’m trying to remember which one was the very first feature. I saw an image online and thought how interesting it is that many painting throughout Western art history are called The Conversation or Two People Flirting or The Couple. You’re clearly meant to see this as a pleasant interaction, but the look on the woman’s face is so clearly, “Someone, please, for the love of God, get me out of here. I wish I were dead.” I don’t want to make sweeping generalisations, but I love the idea that basically for 600 years of Western European art, male artists were thinking, ‘That’s the look women always have on their face when you talk to them. That’s not boredom, that’s just their listening face.’


Having brunch with Amy and talking about Mallory Ortberg