“Daisy was really into the show, and she came to the wrap party for the cast at the end of the series, I thought maybe she could be in it again, but then she disappeared. I had no idea what had become of her, but of course it turns out she vanished because she was signed up to do Star Wars and had to be kept under Disney’s secrecy. We couldn’t really compete with Daisy being in Star Wars.”

Love at First Bite with the Marshmallowist

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Earl Grey tea, crystalized violet, passion fruit, ginger — there’s no limit to what confectionary wizard Oonagh Simms (@themarshmallowist) whips into her gourmet marshmallows. “With marshmallows you can be as experimental as you want to be,” says Oonagh, who trained as a patisserie and chocolatier in Paris before opening her own marshmallow stall on Portobello Road in London. She only uses fresh fruits, organic herbs and boutique alcohols: “We deliberately make them a little bit larger, there are four to five bites per marshmallow, so that the flavor profiles come out quite differently in each bite.” The key to growing her business has been collaborating with fellow local merchants — like @gfsmithpapers, the artisan papersmiths behind her packaging. “It’s quite tricky to make a cube look interesting bunches and bunches of times! But we’re always taking new pictures and it’s the best way to connect with the fans of the Marshmallowist.”