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Victor Zsasz

My otp: Victor and his guns or that one guard he beheaded. Or maybe his Zsaszettes
My most hated pairing: Victor and Jim
My unusual otp: Victor and Ozzy 
My crossover otp: Victor and voldemort?
My brotp/friendship otp:  Victor and Ozzy
Character headcanon: Victor really liking toast and bubblebaths
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

nicolas de mobile gaming software engineer [techAU]

//nobody ever give nicolas coding skills 

//tbh he’d use it mostly to make overly artsy mobile games

//they’re all extremely addictive and there’s no objective or puzzle

//no one can tell you what the point of it is but they keep playing it

//everyone knows the first bars of the soundtrack

//it starts with “ba ba da” and the rest of the conversation is just everyone closing their eyes and listening to the rest of the song in their heads

//playing the game with the sound off reveals nothing beyond the starting screen ever happens

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