toast to tommy


Reader gives Tommy love bites and the Shelby’s tease him

Tommy hadn’t thought about much as you sucked and kissed his neck. He never really did. Apart from how much he wanted to fuck you fast up against the headboard. You would either sit on top of him and press yourself into his crotch, or sit behind him and let him lean on your naked chest.

“Tommy.” You breathed next to his ear. He turned his head slightly toward you and ran a hand down the side of your face. Tommy held onto your neck as you kissed around his neck. But when you started to kiss near his mouth, he flipped you into your back and you giggled. Tommy looked down at you with a smile.

“I love you.” He told you.

“And I you, you lovable idiot.” Pulling his face toward yours you kissed him lightly. Pulling away you wrapped your arms around his neck and he lay down with his head on your chest.

You fell asleep twirling his dark hair between your fingers. He snored at a steady pace and wasn’t disturbed. Even when you pulled the covers over your half naked forms.

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See Katie was 18 when everything changed
Freshman in college, scholarship paid
Boyfriend from high school was everything she needed
Love Katie to death, when he said it, he would mean it
Soon enough, Katie started acting different
When he called to talk, she would hardly even listen
So the next weekend, he hopped on a flight
Thought a visit face to face would make everything right
Got to her place butterflies in his stomach
A necklace in his hand, he knew that she would love it
As he walked up, heard a noise from afar
Turned around and saw that it came from Katie’s car
It was kinda dark but he swore he saw the car shake
Took a few more steps felt his heart break
It was Katie, she was in the backseat
Having sex with the star player on the LAX team
—  Mike Stud - Happy Ending

mike stud-sammy’s shadow

and that girl is the reason brown eyed brunettes are the hottest. just sayin