toast to the god

that one predebut video of seventeen getting ready in the morning and junhui made some toast and literally everyone was like “oh my god? you made this???” and all excited and amazed while eating and. it was just bread. they were all amazed over the fact that one of them could warm up bread on a stove

Context: During a one-shot campaign, we were searching an NPCs house because we were told to wait around. Said NPC looks like a living toasted marshmallow.

Bard-Magician: Can I search (NPC)’s house for erotica

DM: Uhhhh…. Okay roll for that.

Bard-Magician OOC: *nat 20* Oh god, the toasted marshmallow has the biggest erotica collection in town.

DM: *dying from laughter* Yup, that’s canon now. You find a loose rug. Under it is a small, marshmallow-shaped stairway to the basement. It’s filled to the brim with erotica. This is the biggest erotica collection in the world… Aside from the Royal Library of Erotica they have in Al Majiik.

Bard-Magician: I pick one up, scan through it, and think to myself, “What is this boring shit, I want swords and adventure dammit”

Paladin OOC: Oh there are swords alright. Just not the ones you’re thinking of.

icarus watches the sun. gauges how close he’s getting, feels the heat on his back, the wax melting over his skin. icarus knows the exact moment his wings fail him.

achilles forgets about his weakness. he is a god, cutting his way through the battlefield, armor soaked in blood but none of it’s his own. he has no mercy, no lines he wouldn’t cross. he doesn’t even know he’s dead until his sword stops swinging.

hercules is tricked, wakes up to two slaughtered children and a dead wife. he is filled with rage, with red eyes and swimming vision. after he completes his tasks he toasts his victories with a goblet of ichor, the god’s blood. he’s dead before he puts his cup down.

you’d think after thousands of years, we would’ve learned from their mistakes. you’d think after thousands of years, we’d stop acting like it isn’t our own fault when our hearts stop beating.

—  the truth about your heroes isn’t always worth looking at– lily rain
‘Lucy,’ he said, 'you deserve a special toast. First, for coming back to us. Lockwood and Company was incomplete without you. And second, for intervening when Rotwell had me beaten. You saved my life that night. Thank you.’

Anthony Lockwood (Lucy), The Creeping Shadow

-Jonathan Stroud

someone robbing the store w a gun to my head: Open the FUCKING Register!!!!

me: Sure thing! Lemme just call a manager to the front :-D 

me*over store intercom*: manager to the front to complete empty the register manager to the front 

me @ the robber again: ok they’ll be right up thank you for your patience!!!! :-)

Jól (Yule) "Viking Christmas"

Jól was a celebration of the sun, a celebration of happiness, fertility and peace, a feast where you made a toast for the gods and made a blót (sacrifice), to pray for a good year to come.

Right about the 21st of december it is winter solstice, the day of the year with least amount of sunlight: typically a cold, wet and “grey” day. And that’s why the vikings/heathens/asatru, celebrated Jól. With great food and drinks and in the company of friends and kinsman!

There was no Christmas tree, but there was the blót, where you “danced” in a circle to symbolize the seasonal change, and sang songs about the sun or the gods.

Jól was celebrated from about year 200 and until, Christianity took over, and Jól became Christmas.

Zen giving a toast
  • Zen: I would like to make a toast
  • Jumin: oh god here we go..
  • Yoosung: no wait for it people can change
  • Jumin: people change, Narcists like Zen don't
  • Zen: I would like to make a toast to all of you, because all of you should be thankful to know such a beautiful face that is mine.
  • Yoosung: ....
  • Jumin: see?
  • Jaehee: stands up* I am thankful
  • Mc: How has the RFA survived this long?