toast 'em


They answered this one for you, @llamaz01!  

  • Isak: im not seduced easily
  • Even: look at 'em cheese toasts tho
  • Isak: *whispers* wow
  • Sana: im not seduced easily
  • Yousef: peel the carrot pulling in
  • Sana: *whispers* wow

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can u do a Dacre imagine where you go public with ur relationship at an award show and everyone thinks ur a Power Couple from the start


    • he’d be all suited the fuck up (a rare instance where his shirt is BUTTONED THE FUCK UP) and you’re right at his side looking just as fierce.
      • maybe some floor length evening gown with your hair tied up
    • and as you walk down the carpet, his hand is either on the small of your back or around your waist
      • he keeps whispering to you, some joke to calm your nerves or something about the award show
        • but mostly telling you how amazing you look
      • every time he talks to you, you smile
        • and the cameras eat you two up
      • the entire show, you’re sipping champagne and clapping and laughing with each other with his hand on your leg
      • and you spend the after party the exact same way
    • after the events, you come back and go to bed
      • but by the time you’re up and at the world, pictures have already hit and you’re not sure how it happened but you and dacre are on headlines
      • praises of how amazing you both looked and intense you were together
    • you’re stunned by this, by this overwhelming positivity
      • dacre just shrugs as he makes you toast
      • “i coulda told ‘em how amazing you were babydoll”


How to spice up some little foods

Mac n’ cheese-
•extra cheese
•make it Alfredo mac
•bread crumbs
•simple meats (like bacon, ham, teeny hot dogs)
•get your little to eat their veggies by adding little bits of broccoli
Extra tip: shaped macaroni inexplicably tastes better
Chicken nuggets-
•seasoning (like Rosemary, parsley, paprika)
•make a lazy chicken parmesan with some spaghetti sauce and cheese
•use different yummy breads
•toast em
•less meat, more veggies for the healthy littles (add more lettuce, cucumbers, carrot strips, and whatever else your little likes)
•sauces (mayo, ketchup, mustard, bbq)
Grilled cheese-
•if your little doesn’t like it grilled, toast it
•use multiple kinds of cheese
•you can even put Mac n’ cheese in the middle
•for chicken noodle, add bunches of different veggies (carrots, peas, and onion bits are yummy)
•tomato soup always tastes better when it’s homemade. Add lots of seasoning. (always pair with goldfish and grilled cheese)
• for beefy soups, add potatoes, carrots, peas, and fresh ground pepper

Add or subtract things for your littles personal tastes

fluffy kara/lena/lucy ot3 headcanons
  • lena likes to tease lucy about her height (“I’ll strangle you.” “As if you could even reach.”)
  • kara is like a fucking furnace so lucy and lena have taken to wearing little to no clothing to bed (not that any of them mind)
  • lucy has a punching bag in the living room. lenas favorite chair just so happens to be in the correct place to watch her work out. suspicious
  • they are grossly affectionate. hand holding? ‘course. lil’pecks all the time? you bet your ass. constant heart eyes? have you even watched the show??
  • hugs last AT LEAST 5 minutes
  • kara wears a fanny pack, sandals, and a visor during every vacation they take. lucy and lena are simultaneously endeared and embarrassed
  • eliza practically adopts lena and lucy  
  • lucy insists that she is strictly a big spoon but being held by karas swole arms has a certain charm (lena agrees, kara blushes)
  • sunday nights are spent on the couch, with the soft glow of the TV bathing them, and kara spread out across both of their laps and complaining about them bringing work home
  • lena, used to private chefs, gets a crash course on cooking that ends with alex finding them on the kitchen floor laughing and smelling like smoke (”you were making toast. TOAST”)
  • all three of em are complete snuggle hoes
  • lucy and lena steal karas clothes so often that she has like 3 outfits that are still completely hers
  • one time they entered a disco contest (lucy will never admit but it was her who signed them up. she’ll take that to her grave (everyone knows))
  • kara uses a combination of text lingo and emojis so complex that even lucy, trained to detect patterns and secret codes, and lena, a genius, cant figure them out
  • lipstick stains. all over kara. (40% of her morning routine is cleaning them off)
Part Three: Practicing the Bitch Face with Gadreel Will Get You Places

Pairing(s): Gadreel/Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 4875
Warnings: smut, alcohol, possessiveness.


Shit, please don’t hate me, I was busy with exams, and I had written most of it, I was just stuck on the smut part. Srry, please don’t hate me. D: Also, I hope the links work, if not, sorry, I’ve never done it before.

Part One       Part Two

A loud knocking woke you from your deep sleep. You grumbled and turned over, only to be caught by an arm slung around you. Your eyes quickly opened and you took sight of a very naked, and now very awake Gadreel. The night came back to you and you smiled, a blush covering your cheeks. He smiled back, his hand coming up to grab the back of your head and pull you to him to give him a kiss.
You pulled away once more, your cheeks turning even redder at his questioning stare.
“Morning breath.” You murmured before hearing the loud knocking again.

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1 year happily married || Bemery

Ben had woken up first that morning, back on usual routine since his back was healed. Em was still sleeping, and Ben didn’t have to go to work today since he had taken two days off to go to Estin with Em for their Anniversary. He had made breakfast for Em, toast, with cherry jam, an egg, and some tea. He placed a rose on the tray and walked into their room.

“Morning, little dove.” He said softly and placed the tray on the bedside table as he sat down beside her while she woke up. “Happy Anniversary.” He kissed her cheek, and ran his hand over her red hair.