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TOARCH - “This Is Me” Zine + 3″ CDR

Project name - TOARCH

Release name: This Is Me

Format: Zine + 3″ CDR

Label: Bill Murray Tapes

Edition: 50

This is a 4x5in. Black & White 24 Page Zine 
Packaged with a 3" CDR. Numbered.

The Zine Profiles Serial Murderers in a different light, other than how they are typically archived (e.g. Repetitive writings, or glorification from Goregrind bands and such)

This publishing shows you their personalities and vulnerabilities, something that tends to be voided and overlooked in other documentations.

The ambient Black Metal music that comes with the book is made to create an ominous environment as the pages are read.

Semi Home Made

Directions: Follow the box (lol) 

Get Mason Jars ( any size you want) fill the bottom with crushed gram crackers, add the banana pudding mixture, with the banana’s mixed in, cover with home made whip cream **  top with one sliced banana. Sprinkle sugar ( enough to cover the whole banana top) and torch that bad boy…till its nice and golden, like creme brulee! 

** Whip Cream : 2 cups heavy cream, 2 ounces of sugar and a splash of Vanilla Extract. Whip in a mixer till its nice and fluffy!