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Markus Prime, The Sharpie King

Markus Prime has been quite the talk of the streets for a while, as he’s received local and international recognition for his artistic talents. Known as the Sharpie King, Markus enjoys focusing on the female body in his work, especially curvier women with big hair. He states “the main focus of his work it to show that these women are not only physically desirable, but also fierce and strong powerful leaders.”  

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Veronica Cosmo - "Tryna Get My Life"

Los Angeles has another multi talented gem on their hands, with Veronica Cosmo (singer, songwriter, rapper & dancer), who brings us her deep; and somewhat of a 90’s soul voice to vibe out to, with her latest track “Tryna Get My Life” written by Veronica herself and produced by Willa Beez. 

Checkout more from Veronica on her soundcloud.

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JMSN - "Ends (Money)"

We are going to coin JMSN as the juggernaut from now on; because we just don’t see him slowing down or being stopped at this point. Yes, we’re aware that there has only been two singles for his upcoming album, but they are two very goooood (extra o’s necessary) songs. Following up his first single with a video a week later, we’re expecting the same flow for his new track, in which JMSN reminds us of the importance of having ends (cash money $$$). 

JMSN self titled album is available for preorder on itunes and you can hear Ends below.

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Moon Vibez Music Fest: Artist Intro's + Performances

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending Chasity Londyn’s (pictured above) Moon Vibez Music Fest, featuring tons of up and coming artists, from or currently residing in Los Angeles, pursuing their dreams. The positive energy swept the space and was accompanied by stellar performances, which began on the second floor deck but were later moved indoors thanks to the Venice Beach breeze. A mass of music lovers and culture vultures appeared fashionably late and the already uninhibited energy from the artists became infectious amongst the crowd. 

If you breezed in early enough the 10 dollar entry fee got you almost 8 hours worth of music, food, alcohol, sugary treats and the company of quite an eclectic and stimulating group.

Checkout the creator Chasity Londyn’s breakdown of what Moon Vibez is all about, artist introductions, performances and candid photos below. 

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Bananas Are The Fast Food of Fruit

You’re probably wondering exactly what we mean by “Bananas are the fast food of fruit.” Bananas are healthy right? Not quite.Yes, they’re a good source of fiber and potassium but you probably didn’t know that Bananas are high in sugar. The Cavendish, the type of banana we're most familiar with, Per 100-gram serving contains more sugar than soda (12 grams to 9 grams). A consistent diet of Bananas doesnt seem all that innocent any more, specially if your sugar intake is something you’re concerned about.

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BJ The Chicago Kid - "Soul Of Woman"

BJ TCK delivers a refreshing new track, with an old feel. Full of soulful jazz vibes, BJ breaks down the soul of a woman, singing about all the things that make her who she is today; from the smile on her face, to her source of strength.  BJ has been building quite the buzz lately and if he continues to show his ability to make music that appeals to the current generation and touch the listeners with old souls, he will be a household name in no time. 

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Throwback Thursday: N'sync's 2000 Summer Hit

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, one thing is for sure: you know the lyrics or at least some of the chorus to an N'Sync song by heart. The boy band, which consisted of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone had plenty of unforgettable tunes. These tunes are also a form of nostalgia, as it provokes many brains to reflect on what can be called, “the good old days.” You’ve got to admit, that was indeed an awesome era!


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TOAN Magazine's Photographer Spotlight

Selecting Kasey Stokes for our “Photographer Spotlight” series was a no brainer, he’s a Los Angeles based photographer that respects the art of photography, he’s good at it, has worked with some amazing people and yet remains gracious and humble. Recently graduating Cal State Northridge, with a BFA in Art-Photography, Kasey is ready to use his abilities with the camera to take his life to new levels. See how he responded to our feature questions.

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Iggy Azalea recently released the visuals for her single, “Work” from her upcoming debut album “The New Classic.” As always Azalea is showing of her amazing physique in a sexy & fashionable wardrobe throughout the video.

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Marz Leon - "L O N E R" Music Video

Marz Leon, who considers herself not of this world, has been making moves during her visit on earth. Making a name for herself by taking shoot after shoot and killing them all. A true beauty, Marz has now decided to let us in on her creative side, as a singer, songwriter, producer, creative director, and you can add editor to that as well. Get a taste of Marz Leon’s talents with the visuals for her first single “L O N E R” .

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Did You Know it's Illegal To Send Work Emails After 6 P.M. In France?

If you ever thought about moving out of the country, you should highly consider France as your new location. Employers’ federations and unions have signed a new, legally binding labour agreement that will require staff to not send work related emails after 6pm. This new law forces individuals to leave work at work. 

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Another Reason We Love Schoolboy Q

Since Schoolboy Q has hit the scene as next up out of the TDE camp, he has done nothing but give fans hit, after hit. Traveling, rocking crowds in every section of the venue with his impeccable setlist & high energy performances. His interviews are sincere and fun, not to mention he consistently holds it down for Los Angeles, our home base. 

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