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That sort doesn’t like to admit she’s been reduced to stealing food, thought the cook. Poor soul! It’s only a few apples. Lord, if you’re watching, those apples are freely given. You don’t hold them against her soul.

(The cook was in the habit of lecturing the Lord, whom she considered a colleague.)

—  T Kingfisher, Toad Words and Other Stories

Let me just talk about this for a moment!

Let me talk about how Simon Lewis, my sweet child confessed his love for his long time best friend Clary Fray.

I just think there’s something so sweet and beautiful in how Alberto delivered this scene. Leading up to this point, Simin is understandably nervous. He’s rambling to himself and then to Clary. His mouth is working faster than his brain at this point and then it all slows down to this one point. It all just slots into place, and with a smile as if this is the simplest thing in the world Simon tells Clary in no uncertain terms that he is in love with her. In that moment he can smile because it is a simple, universal truth.

The Earth is round, water is wet, Star Wars is the greatest film ever, and he is in love with Clary Fray.

English and Dutch have some very similar nouns but:

  • the Dutch word for turtle/tortoise is literally shield toad (schildpad)
  • the Dutch word for leopard and the Dutch word for sloth are literally 1 letter apart (luipaard and luiaard)
  • the Dutch word for leopard means lazyhorse
  • the Dutch word for slug means naked snail (naaktslak)
  • the English word slang is the same as the Dutch word for snake
  • on that note, our word for garden hose is garden snake (tuinslang)
  • we don’t say “it’s raining cats and dogs”, we do have a saying “it’s dog weather” (hondenweer) for when it’s nasty outside

a scene from a later part of the story. there’s more to come!! art by me & text by @sailershanty

For Every Word, a Toad Falls Out

It had been a rough couple of weeks for Kylo. He was tired, his feet were tired, his heart was tired, and just looking at Hux’s idea of bedroom decor was exhausting him. He glanced around at the glass display frames of pinned and preserved things, and thought of a mortician’s reimagining of dried flowers. The bed beneath him squeaked quietly when he sat down using all the care of an elephant.

“Why… Why are you so obsessed with death?” He didn’t look up from his lap as he asked the question, mind wrapped in a dark swath of something blank and painful.

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A toad tries to get into somebody’s house through a window. Beware the sudden attack ending as the toad loses its patience for mercy, going in for the kill [I assume]

mamajosrefuge  asked:

Ursula, I'm in love with your fairytales. I just finished 'The Dryad's Shoe' and have gleefully gorged myself on 'Toad Words and other Stories'. Will you be writing more fairytales? I like these versions much much better than the originals. You have such a great imagination! Have a beautiful day and lots of sunshine :)

I will! I’ve got a novel length retelling of Beauty & the Beast coming out in May–tentative title “After Beauty”–and if you haven’t seen it yet, “Seventh Bride” is a novel-length Bluebeard story out now. These are all under the pen-name T. Kingfisher. 

Farther in the future–with no immediate release date–I’m working on a version of the Snow Queen, one of Tatterhood, and a thing has been poking around that started as the Firebird set in the American Southwest, but is going weirdly sideways on me. Any of those may eventually see print, but I don’t know yet what the order will be or how long they’ll turn out. 

Thank you so much for writing, and I’m so glad you like them!

bopwop  asked:

Are you the author of toad words? I'm a forensics high school student and i hope to get your permission to recite your story in a competition. I would source the story but I need a confirmation for copyright reasons.

I am indeed! I am happy to grant permission for you to recite it.