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Summoning Technique

Rewatching Part One Naruto, my sister pointed out that Kakashi can summon multiple animals as opposed to just the one that everyone else can. I get that, like the Sanin, who’s summoning animals are ginormous, Kakashi’s are small. (Except for Bull)
Remember back when Jiraiya was teaching Naruto how to summon toads? He kept making little tadpoles appear because he wasn’t able to mold enough chakra.
With the help of Kurama’s massive chakra reservoir he was able to summon Gamabunta. Naruto can, however, summon multiple toads at once like when he summoned both Gamakichi and Gamatatsu so we know that you can summon multiple animals just divided.
So where I’m trying to go with this is, if Kakashi focused all that chakra he uses to summon eight ninken into one, would a giant dog appear as well?

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Why do you want boruto to summon cats??? he's most likely going to summon toads, like his papa...

is this not a picture of boruto??????????????????

here’s a non-comprehensive list of skills i would have liked to see characters learn maybe:

neji learns medical ninjutsu. the first description of the gentle fist style was that it can be used to block or increase the flow of chakra. that plus the ability to see chakra points should make hyugas amazing medical ninjas. plus it’d be rad to have a boy healer instead of trying to make it “””feminine””” because it requires chakra control???

sakura and/or ino learn genjutsu. sakura was said over and over to have a knack for it in the beginning and it just feels like it should fit into ino’s whole mind control thing. but i would love for ino to get development that isn’t just a watered down version of sakura’s which is why i say “and/or”

tenten gets a summoning animal. since that’s like….her one move. it would be cool to at least give her a more useful attack. she also could like…ever pick up a weapon ever instead of just throwing shit all the time

konohamaru should learn any of the sarutobi moves instead of just getting naruto’s move set. seriously why does this boy summon a toad instead of a monkey????

give lee literally anything new. if that boy is awake he’s training but he doesn’t have much to show for it other than opening a few more gates. can y’all manga guys really not come up with any more taijutsu moves?





It was a fine sunday afternoon when the discussion of their daughters future summon came up.

‘‘Fine snake.’’

‘‘Absolutely not!’‘

‘‘Why not?’‘

‘‘I got my fare share of snakes since the forest of death!’‘


‘‘Don’t hn me!’‘



‘‘Very ladylike Sakura.’‘






‘‘Sakura ‘‘

Sasuke got up from his chair and walked slowly towards Sakura while maintaining eye contact.

Clear amusement shone in Sasuke’s eyes while Sakura’s eyes  held a challenge in them.


‘‘Are you going to stop?’‘


Sakura backs away from Sasuke as he gets closer.



Sasuke smirks at his wife’s antics as her back hits the wall,he puts his hand on the wall beside her,cornering her between his arm and the wall.

Sasuke’s gaze meets Sakura’s as if daring her to continue.

‘‘Last chance.’‘ Sasuke warns,a teasing edge clear in his voice.


Sasuke’s smirk widened as he picked Sakura up and carried her over his shoulder to the couch where he got on top of her.

Sasuke  leaned his head towards his giggling wife,who looked torn between amusement and annoyance.

‘‘That was your last chance.’‘ he whispered against her ear as she raised her hands to push him off.

‘‘What’s wrong?’‘he said as his smirk widened.

The women didn’t answer she just kept trying to push him off of her,if she was actually trying he’d be buried in the hokage mountain,but she wasn’t.

Normally Sasuke would stop at any sign of discomfort from his wife,even if she didn’t tell him,but he wasn’t planing on stopping until she gives up.

‘‘I warned you.’‘ He said as he his lips grazed the side of neck


  Sasuke grabbed both her hands with his own and put them over her head as his hands moved towards the buttons on dress and her hands tangled in his hair.




‘‘Mama, papa uncle Naruto taught me how to summon toads tod_’‘

Sarada stopped in her tracks when she saw the site of her parents in the living room.

Her mother was laying on the couch,her face the same shade as her hair,the top of her dress was unbuttoned,and her father was on the other side of the room,looking startled and a tinge of redness on his cheeks while his normally combed hair was all over the place.

Sarada’s face turned from surprised to repulsed.

‘‘Eww you guys get a room.’‘ she said as she marched towards her own room.

Both Sasuke and Sakura froze in their places, Sakura got even redder.

After a minute Sasuke spoke

‘‘She said Naruto taught her how to summon a toad.’‘ Sasuke said, breaking the silence.





‘‘Ughh! fine you win!’‘


Daddy Daughter Training

Himawari Uzumaki has always been daddy’s little girl. Though she loved both of her parents equally and vice versa, she always liked to be around her dad when she had the chance. She always thought it was because he was so busy and she didn’t get to see him as much, but she didn’t mind, she knew he had an important job to do.

As daughter of the Hokage people always assumed she wanted to become the Hokage herself, and they often thought the same of her brother. Though the young Uzumaki prince had said countless times the job wasn’t for him, Himawari wasn’t so sure.

Though she was unsure of becoming Hokage, she began training long before she started the academy. Her mother, aunt and grandfather all began teaching her the gentle fist style after her byakugan activated. Her grandfather Hiashi, who was usually a cold man, told the ninja in training that she was a natural and he was proud of her, and her mother said she would teach her twin lion fists once her chakra control was better.

Uncle Shino had taught her how to pay attention to little details, and how even the smallest enemy could be deadly.

Uncle Kiba taught her how to heighten her hearing and smelling in case her byakugan couldn’t pick something up.

Her father of course taught her how to use the shadow clone jutsu, she wasn’t ready to learn the rasengan, if she even could.

Boruto had received all this training when he was younger, and he even helped his little sister with some of it. She was much better at the lessons their uncles taught them, and she had her byakugan, but he had a better clone jutsu and he had more ninjutsu. He didn’t think of this as being better than her, but that they were better at different things. In fact, he was proud of his little sister.

Both children were shinobi now, Boruto a 15 year old chunin and Himawari a recent graduate of the academy. Her parents and her big brother were so proud to see her become a genin.

Throughout her missions Himawari used everything she was taught, but she itched for more. She didn’t necessarily want harder missions, but she wanted to train more, learn more, and become a better ninja.

One day after returning from an escort mission, she and her team reported to the Hokage tower to give their report. Himawari stood silently until they were dismissed. “Hokage-sama, may I speak to you in private?” She made sure to be very polite, though this was her father he was still the Hokage, and he mother had always taught her to be respectful.

Naruto smiled “Of course, the rest of you are dismissed.” As soon as her team mates and sensei left Naruto got up and wrapped his daughter into a large hug. “What’s up princess?”

Himawari smiled a bit, no matter how old she was, she loved that her dad still called her princess. “Daddy I want you to teach me something new. The shadow clone jutsu is great don’t get me wrong, but I want to learn something cool like your and big brothers rasengan.”

Naruto squatted down to his daughters level and looked into her big blue eyes, “Hima sweetie, I don’t know if the rasengan is for you,”

Himawari looked down in a pout. She didn’t want her father to feel guilty, but she was frustrated.

Naruto laughed a bit at his daughter’s pout. She reminded him so much of her mother. “Hima.” He said ruffling her now shoulder length hair, “your old man still has something he can teach you, don’t worry.”

Himawari’s face lit up, “Really daddy?!” She asked excitedly

“Of course honey. Come on.” He took his daughters hand and lead her out the window of his office. The two jumped from roof to roof until they reach an isolated spot of forest.

“Daddy what are we doing?” She asked. Her father rarely explained what was going on.

“Just watch.” He said as he weaved some hand signs. Suddenly he slammed his hand to the ground, “Summoning jutsu!” A large cloud of smoke took up most of the field. After a few moments the air cleared and there stood a frog the size of the Hokage monument.

“Yo Naruto.” The large frog said

“Hey Gamakichi.” Naruto replied, “Mind helping me out with something?”

“Sure what’s up?”

Himawari just stared. She knew there were summonable animals, but she had no idea they were anything like this.

Gamakichi leaned down so he was right in front of the young Uzumaki girl. “Huh so you’re Naruto’s kid huh? I haven’t seen you since you were in diapers.” He laughed

Himawari continued to stare. This giant frog talked too?

“Hima, have you figured out what I’m going to teach you?” Her father asked

“You’re going to teach me how to summon frogs?” She said unsure of her answer

“Toads.” Gamakichi corrected her politely. He wasn’t as ill tempered as his late father.

“Good Hima. I’m going to teach you the summoning jutsu and you will have the ability to summon any of the toads from mount myōboku. But first you must sign a contract.”

With that Gamakichi opened his mouth and stretched out his long tongue which held a large scroll. “You sure you wanna do this kid?”

Himawari took the scroll off the great toads tongue. “Yes lord Gamakichi.”

“Lord Gamakichi huh? Say Naruto your kid has manners. She must have gotten that from her mother.” He laughed

Naruto let out a chuckle and opened the scroll, “okay Hima, you’re going to sign your name in blood, then leave your finger prints and palm print okay?”

Himawari nodded and took a kunai out of her pouch. He pricked her finger and began to sign her name. She saw the people before her, including her brother, father, grandfather and master Jiraya who she had heard many stories about. She was excited, this seemed to be a family tradition that she couldn’t wait to be a part of. She finished pressing her palm to the paper and stood. “Okay papa, I did it.”

Naruto was beaming, his little girl was growing fast. “Okay, now before you summon you want to draw blood from the hand then weave these signs, watch carefully.” He made the hand signs slowly so she could easily practice them. “Then you say summoning jutsu, and slam your hand to the ground.”

Himawari nodded, it was time to give it a try. Her father and Gamakichi were watching her closely, but gave her encouraging smiles. With a deep breath, she made her hand signs, as she slammed her hand to the ground she screamed, “Summoning jutsu!”

A cloud of smoke erupted from the ground. Himawari froze, had she done it? Did she actually summon a toad?

The smoke faded and there on the ground, was a tadpole. Himawari fell to her knees. That was it? This was all she could do? Her chakra felt drained and the disappointment filled her. Her sadness was apparent, so her father took a seat beside her. “Oh princess it’s okay. Hey this is a really hard technique, you won’t master it right away.”

Himawari wouldn’t look at her father, she felt horrible. He was the Hokage, he couldn’t possibly have known how she felt, and he probably mastered this jutsu without issue.

“Hey kid, you know when your dad was about your age, he was horrible at this jutsu.” Gamakichi said

She looked at the great toad in shock, “He was?”

Naruto chuckled “oh yeah Hima, I couldn’t summon anything but tadpoles for a long time. I was only able to summon his dad when my life was in danger. Sometimes I was only able to summon him and his brother, and they were no bigger than you when you were a baby.”

She looked at her father, “Really?”

He ruffled his daughters hair “Really. This jutsu takes time and practice. You’ll get it in no time I’m sure.” He now put his arm around her shoulder. “Let’s go home and get some lunch with mom and we can practice again okay?”

She smiled, her dad believed in her and that meant everything to her. She stood, “Okay dad.” She walked over to Gamakichi and bowed, “Thank you very much for your help.”

Gamakichi laughed “I didn’t do much, but thanks kid, you’re alright. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon.” And with that he disappeared.

“Come on Hima,” Naruto said nudging his daughter. She cracked a smile, he always seemed to be able to cheer her up.

The two ran home as fast as they could. Himawari was anxious to keep practicing her new jutsu. She knew if her father, brother and grandfather could do it, she could too. She was an Uzumaki after all.

The two arrived home where lunch was already waiting for them. Himawari excitedly told her mother about how dad was teaching her this new jutsu and how excited she was to learn it. Hinata was so proud of her daughter and wished her luck on her training.

They all finished their food and Himawari excused herself to the backyard to practice, requesting she try this on her own. Naruto and Hinata agreed and cleaned up the mess from lunch.

As she walked to the center of the yard she felt excitement build inside of her. This new jutsu was exciting and she so looked forward to mastering it.

Upon reaching her desired spot she took in a deep breath, “You can do this” she said to herself. She bit her thumb, weaved her signs and slammed her hand to the ground. “Summoning jutsu!” She said with all her might.

Once again large clouds of smoke surrounded her. She prayed she had succeeded this time, hoping more than anything there was a toad standing before her.

As the clouds settled she was very disappointed once again. It was another tadpole, but with two small legs. She instantly filled with despair, but tried to remain positive.

She looked at the small creature before her. “Well…I guess I did better, this one has legs.” She said attempting to cheer herself up.

From the sliding glass door her parents watched their daughter struggle. Hinata watched with worry as Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. Naruto was watching intently, trying to see where his daughter would go from here.

“Is there a trick to this jutsu? Or anything that will make it a bit easier? I hate to see her so defeated.” Hinata said with a frown.

Naruto also hated to see her struggle, but he knew there was no other way. “I know honey, I do too, but there’s no short cuts with this. She’ll get it soon enough, just wait.”

The two stood at the door for the next three hours, watching closely as Himawari attempted the jutsu over and over again. There wasn’t a lot of progress, she continued to summon tadpoles with legs, then a few small frogs, but none of the summonable toads she had hoped for.

After summoning another tiny frog Himawari finally fell onto her butt from exhaustion. Her chakra was growing lower and sweat pored from her face, leaving her on the verge of giving up. She laid down on the ground to rest for just a moment, but when she looked to the sky she saw a familiar figure that was above her upside down.

She shot up quickly and turned around to face them. “Bolt! Um…How long have you been standing there?” She asked her brother clearly embarrassed. She didn’t want him to see her on the verge of giving up.

“About twenty minutes or so.” He said taking a seat in front of his sister.

“Can you please leave? I kind of wanted to do this myself.” She asked as politely as she could.

Boruto smiled at his sister, “Yes I’ll leave, but in just a minute.”

Himawari shot him a curious look. Usually when she requested to be alone he would respect her wishes immediately, so why was this different?

“Hima, I knew as soon as you sat down you thought about quitting.” He said matter of factly.

Her whole body went rigid. “No I didn’t.” She said quietly

Boruto smiled a bit more. “You did Hima, don’t lie, but I’m not mad at you or anything, I just wanted to tell you something.”

Boruto cleared his throat, going into big brother mode. “This is a super hard jutsu to master, hell I haven’t even summoned a toad any bigger than a toddler, but this jutsu is amazing and it’ll be so helpful down the road. Besides, you can do this, and no matter how hard it gets, you can’t give up. I know this will get super hard, but mom, dad, and I are here for you every step of the way.”

Himawari looked at him with such admiration and hope. He was right, she could do this, and the people that loved and supported her the most knew this too. She gave him a small smile, “Thanks big brother, I needed that.”

Boruto stood and ruffled his sisters hair, “I know Hima, that’s what big brothers are for. Just remember, you’re an Uzumaki, we NEVER give up.” He gave her a final smile and walked into the house.

Himawari was filled with new found confidence that allowed her to get up. She looked over to the door to see her family giving her approving nods and smiles. This was it, she could feel it.

Once again she drew blood from her thumb and weaved the familiar signs. As she slammed her hand to the ground she put as much chakra forward as possible and screamed “Summoning Jutsu!”

The cloud of smoke was just as thick and large as before, but she hadn’t abandoned hope yet. The smoke cleared, this time there was no tadpole, nor was there a tiny frog, but instead, a real summonable toad.

The amphibian was about the size of Himawari’s dear old friend mister panda, and was orange with similar patterns to Gamakichi. The summonable creature wore a small yellow bow on its back, making anybody seeing it believe it is female. Overall, Himawari was completely blown away by what was happening.

“So you’ve summoned me?” The toad said, its voice was soft and sweet. Himawari shook her head slightly. “Well my name is Gamatora, daughter of Gamakichi.”

“So you’re really a summonable toad? I actually did it?” Himawari asked in disbelief.

Gamatora nodded slightly, and Himawari began jumping up and down. “I did it! I summoned a toad! I did it!”

Gamatora laughed as the young girl before her celebrated. She was glad she was able to succeed at the jutsu. As Himawari was dancing and yelling, her voice and movement suddenly stopped and her eyes closed. Himawari began to fall toward the ground, with no time for somebody to grab her.

As Gamatora began to run to her there was suddenly a large orange hand behind Himawari, catching her moments before she hit the ground. “I’m glad you were able to catch her.” She said shooting a glance toward the door.

Naruto, Hinata, and Boruto began walking outside to retrieve Himawari. Naruto picked her up from the large orange hand and held her like an infant. Switching out of tailed beast mode he lowered her slightly, allowing Hinata to observe her. “Just some chakra exhaustion, she needs to rest.” She confirmed.

Naruto looked at the small toad, “You must be Gamakichi’s daughter.” He said

“Yes, I am Gamatora. It is nice to meet you lord Naruto.” She said bowing slightly.

“No need to do any of that,” he said smiling. “How did Himawari do?”

The whole family looked to the toad, hoping for good news. “She did take a while to summon me, but she did it and she did a good job. Now that she has summoned me once she should have an easier time in the future. She will be a splendid ninja.”

The entire family felt a large wave of pride wash over them. Himawari had done it, and there was nothing stopping her from doing it again.

They all thanked Gamatora and she dismissed herself back to mount myōboku. The group walked back inside in silence. Boruto and Hinata sat at the table to eat dinner, but Naruto began up the stairs. “I’m gonna put Hima to bed, I’ll be down in a minute.”

As he walked up the stairs Naruto began to feel nostalgic. It had been a very long time since he had to carry his sleeping daughter up to her room for the night. It felt nice to do so, and he decided to play hooky from work more often.

He entered Himawari’s room with her still cradled gently in his arms. He pulled back her blankets and placed her softly in bed, tucking her in. Before leaving the room he placed a kiss on his daughters forehead, “Good night Hima, I’m so proud of you.” He whispered softly then left.

Himawari opened her eyes slightly and gave a weak smile, “Thank you daddy, good night.” She whispered as she drifted to sleep

naruto head cannon

This is pre sasuke dickishly leaving

Any ways


Due to a mix up with preforming a jutsu during training Naruto releases kyuubi into a human body,
Kakashi gets all freaked out because theres a naked man with fox ears and 9 tails in the middl of thd training field. Sasuke and sakura are pale as ghosts, and naruto being the only one with a clear head, takes off his jacket so Kurama czn cover up.

“ Thanks kit.”
“ Its okay Kurama, question though, how did you get out without killing me?”
“You messed up on your symbols and I stead of a toad summoning, you did a demonic release with is somthing only uzamakis can do, it has somthing to do with your families sealing powers.”
“ I see, okay I get that but shouldn’t that have released you into your normal fox form?”
“Actually this is my true form a stage of crosss human and demon, the tailed beasts usually went animal form when fighting, but when we went to socialize with human we are in this forrm well minus the ears and tails. ”

“N-naruto who is this guy?"Sakura asks
"The kyuubi. Kurama no kitsune, king of the tail beasts.”
“Ah you flater me kit.”
“What are talking about thats how you told me to adress you when I first met you.”

A stick crackles under under narutos foot,. He picks it up a casully tosses it behind him only for kyuubi to chase after it and catch it in his mouth. As team 7 looks at him and naruto giggles cutesy, Kurama tilts his head and whines.“ Whhhaaat, foxes are canines like dog, we like fetch too.”

Aiko in canon 20

Aiko heard running in the hallway seconds before any of her students did.

Stupidly, her first thought was that someone in Konoha had heard the news that Kirigakure had announced there had been a change in leadership and that all burnt personnel were invited to return. But she’d only told Mei to take care of that yesterday… The information had probably been released in the afternoon or late morning. Konoha wouldn’t know less than 4 hours after the fact.

Maybe they’d know tomorrow.

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Who do you think wins in a fight. Kakashi Hatake vs Jiraiya. Both men in their top prime forms.

ooh~   file this under ‘fights i would have paid to see’ !

Skill wise, both super elite, hokage level ninjas. Both trained under hokages. Both mentored future hokages!  Kakashi ended up becoming the 6th, tho Jiraiya was offered the 5th before recommending Tsunade for the gig..   Tough call, i think Jiraiya packs a heavier punch with his massive rasengans, toad summons, and sage mode, but Kakashi was so boss at /actual/ ninja techniques i think he could have out maneuvered him. Not to mention having a sharingan to see thru everything coming at him…

Jiraiya uses Icha Icha Distraction

It’s super effective…

From the Analysis Aardvarks

Because the headcanon hamsters are taking a break.

Kat, previously, I remember you mentioning how you were surprised at the sheer amount of positive feedback to reverse. Frankly, it deserves it. If nothing else, the very official looking and dedicated TV Tropes page says something about your fic’s following. *Fist bumps to all the ones that got that up*

So I’m drifting along in my thoughts between the dinghies and I come upon a rather startingly revleation. It’s another one of those epiphanies that seem really obvious when you already have points A and B. Anyways…

Congratulations on accomplishing what Kishimoto failed to do (despite his efforts) and making Kurama a person. A legit person. We see Kishimoto try to do this, making Kurama kinder, giving him a background story, having him stay with Naruto. But honestly? Canon-wise, Kurama ultimately remains a plot device. He’s used to introduce and give Naruto moments, support, and the grounds of which Naruto could confront the other bijuus and have that moment with his dad. When it comes down to it, Kurama remains something of both an ally and an inherited secret weapon (of which he evolved) somewhere between the Summon Toads and the inherited Rasengan techniques (of which he evolved). 

See, I was idly working through another headcanon through my head when, one thing led to another, I amusedly wondered how Kushina would react to Kurama. That particular vague daydream was along the lines of Kushina recognizing Kurama as the Kyuubi and at some point asking him why he decided to take up the name Kurama of all things And he just blinks at her and responds that Kurama has always been his name, given to him by the Sage from when he was first born. Kyuubi/Nine-Tails is what he IS, the same she and Kakashi are Human or Pakkun is a Summon Animal. And Kushina has some reaction or another because he never told her, and he has been sealed inside her for most of her life. Kurama shrugs and replies that she’s never asked. To be fair, neither did Mito. Both of them just told him to be quiet, to stay a good prisoner, and ultimately to just disappear and let himself be used for the good of the village.

In making Kurama a person, you make the bijuu people as well. Again Kishimoto could have done a bit better at this, because you can tell what he was trying for. Kurama being an individual, living being with his own stories and troubles and emotions (like really think on that) puts the whole chain of events that led up to his imprisonment in a new light. To combat Hashirama, Madara seeks out Kurama and mind controls him (and I still firmly stand by my slavery brand/seal headcanon) and puts him through a dog fight. To stop Madara, Mito seals Kurama away, which frees and imprisons Kurama at the same time. He goes from brainwashed fighting dog to prisoner of war one after another, but always as a weapon. Can you blame him for being so hateful and angry?

To be fair, he wasn’t exactly amiable when imprisoned. Like, at all. But I think it says a lot that Mito and Kushina probably didn’t even have the inkling that Kurama even had a name. They knew he was a thinking, feeling being; that he is evil and cunning and tricky. I can imagine that Kushina, at least, would totally be the kind of person who just gave a grumpy stranger a stand-in name at some random tea shop until they properly talked to her. But that isn’t what happened here. What we got instead is Kushina’s determinedly telling Kurama “I will watch you” and rounds back to “I am your warden, and I won’t let you escape no matter what”.Thing is, I can totally imagine Kushina doing what Naruto did with Kurama. Lonely as she was, she had to learn to make friends from the outside in as both a Jinchuuriki and an outsider. The only reason I can tell on why this didn’t happen is because Kushina getting lessons from Mito beforehand. That mindset that the bijuu cannot be let loose and must be controlled is deeply ingrained. And as generations pass, it’s proven over and over again that nobody sees the bijuu as anything worth talking to. This is a classic technique of inhumane prison situations, influencing both the mindset of the guards as well as the prisoner and wearing them down until both almost completely believe that the prisoner is little better than a beast. A technique of dehumanization, despair, and an environment encouraging and stewing violence and rage (sound familiar?).

And the sad thing is, nobody apologizes. Ever. Not canonically. Not to Naruto, not the other Jinchuuriki, not to the bijuu. Only Bee got a sort of half apology from his childhood friend. And that’s what so interesting about reverse! Because with all the allies and people Kurama gathered, I can totally imagine a situation where (if they found out about the brainwashing, resulting imprisonment, continued imprisonment, used unwillingly as a battery and weapon), they would awkwardly apologize to Kurama. Or AT LEAST feel exceedingly uncomfortable with the fact that they never bothered with learning his name. That he was ultimately imprisoned because he was deemed to dangerous to be free, and that Hashirama imprisoned Kurama so that he couldn’t be used against the village again rather than anything Kurama had done wrong. That he was essentially dragged into someone else’s conflict where he was the one that ended up suffering the longest. That this led to the capture and imprisonment and (in some cases, like Shikaku) torture of his siblings who were then traded away as political tokens. That he is probably Konoha’s oldest prisoner, and a number of other things that are just rather heartbreaking. 

When he was a bijuu, all of this seems rather sympathetic and ultimately distant. But because in your fic, now he’s a PERSON. And doesn’t THAT just bring up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings.

And there is an underlying flow of this throughout your story, a subconscious lingering in the reader’s mind because they must come to these realizations. It one of those things where it’s part of the premise of a story, so the reader establishes it in their mind as they’re reading in order to grasp the situation and feel for the characters as time goes on. The way Kurama is indignant about the treatment of the Jinchuuriki, his defensiveness about the other bijuu (“he doesn’t want to be trapped in your soul any more than you want him there”), and his “okay…nope, you’re coming with me, this is just so much bullshit” gathering of people.

So thank you, Kat! You made an extremely vital character in Naruto (possibly the second most important next to Naruto himself) an actual character, eclipsing the canon Kurama’s presence as a plot device. Best wishes for all your writings and looking forward to more of anything. X3

(I hope I worded this understandably. X.x)

NaruHina headcanon 54 : Daddy's Girl / Mama's Boy
  • Bolt: Mama! Are you ready?!
  • Hinata: Yes. Bolt, you'd better not hold anything back. You said you wanted to inherit the Hyuga house, didn't you?
  • Bolt: Of course! Because mama's blood runs through me too!
  • *Both of them get in stance*
  • Bolt: Byakugan~!
  • Hinata: Byakugan!
  • Hanabi: Senbon Kumite...begin!
  • Hiashi: Hana, he's like..6. Is he ready?
  • Meanwhile, at the hokage's office...
  • Himawari: Daddy, look what I can do! Kuchiyose-no...
  • Naruto: Sweetie, don't!
  • Himawari: ...jutsu~!
  • *toads summoned*
  • Gamakichi: Yo, Naruto. It's been ages. You called?
  • Naruto: That would be my daughter.
  • Himawari: You're small.
  • Gamakichi: HEY! GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES KID. But you're cute so I'll let this slide.
  • *Himawari picks him up*
  • Himawari: Can I keep him daddy?! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?!?
  • Naruto:, he's gotta go home back to Toad mountain. Say bye bye now!
  • Himwari: Bye toad-kun!
  • Naruto: (She's only 5. And she can summon already? Oh boy....) Hima-baby?
  • Himawari: Yes daddy?
  • Naruto: Don't tell mama.
  • Himawari: *mischevous Naruto grin* Okay!

Dear Anonymous,

Hm? A perfect Yosuke? That can’t be! Don’t you know? It’s Yosuke’s job to be a total disappointment! Just like it is my job to be the goofy and mischievous, yet adorable and lovely mascot and how it is Sensei’s Job to be amazing at absolutely everything and all!

I wouldn’t say it that way, but Teddie has a point. Yosuke not acting like Yosuke would be weird… Even if he’d be acting like a much cooler guy than he really is.

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Second Fourth (2?)

Turned out, Cloud had been summoned into the middle of a war – or invasion of some kind, in any case.

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“A royal inhabitant of Inferno. Concealing her form under most circumstances, she appears as a gigantic toad when summoned. Baal’s enormous, wobbly body is too heavy for her to control, giving her a disadvantage in the heat of battle; however she possesses an endlessly extending tongue that can reach the far ends of the battlefield and swallow up opponents within an instant.”

Baal is a queen and if you don’t love that get the fuck out of my face right now


OK. So I kinda drew this… :D

This is my favorite part when I played Klaus’ route. I just can’t stop laughing when she summoned a toad on Klaus’ head. I mean look how cute she is! How innocent she is to use a spell without knowing what it does in the first place. I know that Luca has tricked her, but she is just too naive to believe in him. :D But I love how hard she worked to pass through the trials, and how tough she is when it comes to love. I’ve always adored her since I play his route.^^

And last, sorry about the clothes :p (I’m bad at drawing clothes,…really) 

Hope you guys like it! :)