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Hello guy! I am a big fan of Disney’s films. I love every single movie of this pictures. And this is the logo collection of most of Disney films that I can find on the internet. There is one fact that it is very difficult to recreated some logos. So, I know this collection is not fully completed, but that all I can do. I put them in the order of time. It is included Animated feature films, Hybrid films with live action and animation, Live-action films, True-Life Adventures / Disneynature, and some of other documentary films. Hope you guys like it!

P/s: This is Part 1

The Best: The Saga

I have a good friend, not on tumblr, who frequents terrible roblox roleplay servers, looking for fun.

A result of this fun is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. The Best story.

He preferred to remain anonymous, but I think this needs to be shared with the world. With that in mind, all of this text below this readmore is his own words, not mine, and a completely factual account of events. (The art is by me tho.)

Oh speaking of that-  the art was made at the time of original telling, which means there was some artistic liberty and also my art separates it into three parts while the actual text goes with two parts. I left both as is for the sake of historical accuracy.

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That sort doesn’t like to admit she’s been reduced to stealing food, thought the cook. Poor soul! It’s only a few apples. Lord, if you’re watching, those apples are freely given. You don’t hold them against her soul.

(The cook was in the habit of lecturing the Lord, whom she considered a colleague.)

—  T Kingfisher, Toad Words and Other Stories
The Journal

I found this journal among some things in granddad’s attic. As far as I can tell it belonged to some old relative of ours but I’m not sure what I make of it? Maybe one of you guys can give me some help here. Maybe this is some sort of fiction the guy wrote while bored, I can’t imagine running a farm was that entertaining. But at the same time, I really don’t know. Some of the book’s illegible but I’ve inscribed what I can down below.

_ _ _

June 12

Another storm tonight. Real bad one too. Think lightning touched down a few times in the pasture. I’m gonna have to go out tomorrow to make sure nothing’s damaged. Today was good though. Productive. Think Rose is going to have that calf soon- she’s getting bigger by the day.

Alva’s talking about going to Sara’s grave again. I don’t know if me or the boys will have time. She might have to walk there herself. And I wouldn’t say it to her but I miss Sara too. Almost too much. It’s better I stay home.

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Fantastic Artwork of Walt Disney World Attraction & Transportation Cars, Trains, and Boats

Artwork: copyright Chris Buchholz

Toad Words
Ursula Vernon / T. Kingfisher

read a passage from a beloved book!

Okay!  Here’s the entire title story from Toad Words and Other Stories, by T. Kingfisher!  The entire book is absolutely magical and I can’t recommend it (and everything else by T. Kingfisher/Ursula Vernon) highly enough.

I do realize that logically, there should be a soundtrack of escalating ribbits behind this entire thing.


“Daddy, can I have another biscuit?”

“No, love,” said John. “But you can have a bedtime story.”

“How about a bedtime story and a biscuit?”

“How about a bedtime story about biscuits?” suggested Sherlock.

“Oh, all right.”

“You know that Mrs. Hudson makes the best biscuits,” Sherlock began. “Well, one day, before you were born, she baked a great big batch, and brought them up to the flat for Daddy and me. They smelled very good, and they tasted even better.”

“I want a biscuit!”

“I don’t know if this it the best idea for a bedtime story,” said John.

“Yes it is! Tell me!”

“Only if you promise to stop asking for biscuits,” said John.

“Okay. But it had better be a good story.”

“It is,” said Sherlock.

“Maybe I’d better tell it,” said John. “It has an important lesson about will power.”

“What’s will power?”

“Listen to the story, and you’ll find out.

“Your papa and I ate many of Mrs. Hudson’s biscuits, one after another. I told Papa that we should stop eating, or we would soon be sick.”

“I could barely hear what Daddy was trying to say, because his mouth was full of biscuits.”

“How come Daddy’s allowed to talk with his mouth full, and I’m not?”

“I was not talking with my mouth full,” John said. “Papa doesn’t remember this story very well, because he ate so many biscuits that his brain got all fuzzy.”

“That’s not medically accurate.”

“Which one of us is the doctor? You were on a sugar high. Now let me finish this story.”

Sherlock huffed, but allowed John to continue.

“Your papa said that we should each eat one last biscuit, and then we would stop. We each ate one last biscuit. There were lots of biscuits left.

‘Let us eat one very last biscuit,’ Papa said, ‘and then we will stop.’

We each ate one very last biscuit.

‘We must stop eating!’ cried Papa, as he ate another.

‘Yes,’ I told him, ‘we need will power.’

‘What is will power?’ Papa asked.”

“I did not ask that,” said Sherlock. “I know perfectly well what will power is.”

“Well, Rosie doesn’t, so I’ll tell her now what I told you then. Will power is trying hard not to do something that you really want to do.”

“Like asking for more biscuits?”

“Right,” said John. “Your papa and I wanted to eat all of the biscuits. So, I put the biscuits in a box.

‘There,’ I said. ‘Now we will not eat any more biscuits.’”

“But couldn’t you just open the box?”

“That’s exactly what Papa asked. So, I tied some string around the box.

‘There,’ I said. ‘Now we will not eat any more biscuits.’

‘But we can cut the string and open the box,’ said Papa.

‘That is true,’ I said.

I got a ladder, and put the box up on a high shelf.”

“So high that even Papa couldn’t reach it?”


‘There,’ I said. ‘Now we will not eat any more biscuits.’

‘But we can climb the ladder and take the box down from the shelf and cut the string and open the box,’ said Papa.

‘That is true,’ I said.

I climbed the ladder and took the box down from the shelf. I cut the string and opened the box. I opened the window and tossed the biscuits out into the air.


Pigeons came from everywhere. They snatched up all of the biscuits in their beaks and flew away.

‘Now we have no more biscuits to eat,’ Papa said sadly. ‘Not even one.’

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘But we have lots and lots of will power.’

‘You may keep it all,’ said Papa. ‘I am going downstairs to ask Mrs. Hudson to bake me a cake.’”

“I want cake!”

“Well, maybe if you’re a very good girl, and go to sleep now, Mrs. Hudson will bake you one tomorrow.”

You can read the rest of the Frog and Toad inspired Bedtime Stories with Sherlock and John on AO3.

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