a rating of all the frogs in my neighbors’ frog-themed bathroom

very round and good! his face shows an emotion that i can’t quite describe. 10/10

here we have an arts and crafts frog! he has a nice figure but his lack of eyes is unsettling. 6/10

this is a truly excellent frog, he’s going places and he doesn’t care how long it takes. 12/10 for realism.

this frog looks like he’s having a cheeky little giggle at you for being in the bathroom for so long. something about him unsettles me. 2/10

this is the woodchime frog. he watches you smugly. i don’t like how he’s watching me, 5/10 because he’s kinda cute anyway

i hate it. 0/10

this fellow is perched right next to the toilet. one eye stares directly at your back, while the other looks at the wall. 6/10 good frog shape but still very unsettling

a truly excellent pair of comrades! double frog points 20/10

it’s Awful. -5/10