By Nigel Pennick
Numbered 140 of 150 copies.
First and only edition - 2012
Published by The Society of Esoteric Endeavour
All 150 hand made copies are partially bound in toadskin leather and cloth with labels blocked in pure gold on goatskin. In Britain all toads are rare, extinct in some parts of the country. This leather comes from Australia where the Cane Toad, an alien bread, was introduced to control pests but, without natural predators, became rampant with some areas suffering plague like infestations. This leather is prepared from Cane Toads culled by the local authorities. It has a curious texture, being decidedly warty. However, despite how this sounds, it is by no means unpleasant to the touch. It seems appropriate that the skin of an animal which can excite such squeamish reactions can sit so comfortably in the hand whilst the book is being read. The spine label and title on the front board are blocked in pure gold on goatskin leather. All copies also feature hand-marbled paper made by Anne Muir Marbling Ltd. and features broad waves across the pattern achieved by thumping the tank whilst the paper takes the ink. This particular manufacturer excels at this technique. (TSoEE)

2/Frog and Toad Symbolism in Alchemy
3/Shape-shifting as a Toad, Toad as Familiar
4/Traditional Medicine and Toadmanry
5/The Bone
6/Secret Uses of the Bone
7/Rural Fraternities: Toadmen and Horsemen
8/Horse Stopping
9/The Word, The Whisper and the Devil
10/“Have you seem the Devil”
11/The Travails of Toadmanry
12/Putting the Toad on Someone
1/Bones in the Shoemakers Legendarium
2/The Miller’s Word
3/Some Toadmanry in Obeah, Hoodoo and Conjure
4/Other Bone Magic and English Horse Skull Performances
5/Speculation upon some Roots of Toadmanry
6/The Examination of John Walsh

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September and October have definitively been Puerto Rican Crested Toad months!

Already with several natural breeding events, one tadpole reintroduction in Gúanica and another today in El Convento, Guayanilla. Last night the USFWS was able to document another natural breeding event in Punta Ventana, an area where PRCT were first discovered in 2008!

1. After heavy rains, breeding ponds will fill with water. Male PR crested toads will arrive first and position themselves to start calling for females.

2. A female PR crested toad with a belly full of eggs. Females arrive the breeding ponds a bit later than males.

3. Some PR crested toad males get lucky and grasp females before they reach the pond. This male will try to hold on tight until the female reaches the pond.   Other males will try to dislodge this male for a chance to breed.

photos by JP Zegarra | USFWS

(via: USFWS Caribbean Ecological Services Field Office)


A European common toad [Bufo bufo] with an exceptionally kind face, and gentle demeanor. Perhaps she is a saint of The Good Bufo himself [may he remain warty and true] tasked with unburdening the citizens of his divine court. She looks like she’ll listen to your troubles without judgement. 

Images by Warren Photographic