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Numbers 112.,113. with monty

from this prompt post

112: “Why are you bleeding?”

113: “Where did all these puppies come from?”

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Hey, Y/N! Can I come over? I know ur parents are away this weekend ;)’  You looked down as your phone buzzed, gently setting Frank down next to you as you picked up the device.

“Fuck.” You quietly murmured to yourself, surveying the room around you as your mind began to race.

“Sure, babe.” You quickly texted back. Monty lived across town, which gave you about twenty minutes to figure out what to

“Good. Cuz I’m outside.”

“Shit!” You raced over to the window, stumbling over the hem of Monty’s oversized flannel bottoms, which you had stolen from him months prior. Outside, Monty stood leaning against the hood of his pickup, a lazy grin spreading across his face as he saw the pale blue curtain flicker, and your worried face peek out. You glanced nervously behind you, then smiled, hurrying over to the front door as Monty began to walk up the front path.

You quickly opened the heavy wooden front door, positioning your body in the opening as Monty neared the front porch.

“Hey babe.” Monty smiled as he walked up the steps.

“Hey yourself. You know, I was thinking that maybe we could do something outside today like a picnic on the lawn, or sunbathing or something so why don’t you just hang out here while I grab a blanket and put a shirt on, okay? Sounds good.” You nervously chuckled and stepped slightly backwards, beginning to close the door. A loud thump and a heavy force prevented you from doing so as Monty stepped forward, his large hand stopping the oak from shutting. 

“Y/N? You’re really worrying me. Are you okay? Is everything okay? What can I do for you? I’ll help you with anything, babe.” Concern flashed across his face as his honey brown eyes searched yours, his eyebrows raised as he reached out with his free hand to grab your hand. “Please, this is really concerning. What’s going on? Wait, why are you bleeding?!” His voice raised up as he looked down and saw a long scratch on the back of your hand.

“Well, shit. Frank must’ve scratched me.”

“Who the fuck is Frank?! Y/N! This isn’t funny.” He pushed by you into the house and his mouth fell open as he looked into the living room.

On the couch sat three dachsunds, one sleeping on the armrest, the other two playing tug of war with a small rope. On the blue armchair rested another one, who was lying on his back, all four paws sticking up in the air as he snored. On the ground, two more wrestled over a bone, and another one was sniffing a slipped curiously.

“Shit. That’s only…7…oh, nope. There’s Weenie.” Another one trotted around the corner of the kitchen, dragging a stuffed lamb that was twice his size behind it.

“Y/N…Where did all these puppies come from?” You glanced up at him sheepishly, a small smile spreading across your face as you gently laced your fingers through his.

“Um. Well, it’s kind of a funny story…you see, like, you know how you told me that volunteering at the animal shelter was a bad idea? And you know how I started work there yesterday? And you know how you’re, like, 93% of my impulse control? Well, I tried calling you and you didn’t pick up when this box of puppies was just, like, dropped off at the front steps, and they looked so, so sad, so because you didn’t answer your phone this is pretty much your fault, so you’re gonna have to answer to Mom and Dad, because like I said, you didn’t tell me not to take the box, so you’re kinda liable and responsible for this and I love you babe, did I tell you how much I love you and how hot you look in that shirt and how sweet and caring and loving you are?”

“Oh my god, Y/N. This spontaneity and excitement is why I fell in love with you but also why you concern me immensely.”

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139. and 141. with montgomery pls and make it funny💋

from this prompt post

139: “ This place gives me the creeps. ”

141: “Did you hear that?”

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“Monty, c’mon. You’re trying to tell me that the big, bad, captain of the baseball team, starting pitcher, overall bad boy is too afraid to go through a haunted forest walk?” You laughed, pouting playfully as you tugged on your boyfriend’s arm. Monty rolled his eyes, holding back slightly.

“I just don’t like surprises.” He scowled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“C’monnnnnn!” You drew out the last syllable, grabbing onto his forearms, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Do it for me. You know it’s just going to be a bunch of college kids in drug store costumes, with corn syrup blood and plastic machetes. Please?? For me?” You pouted your lip, batting your eyelashes as you looked up at him.

“Goddamnit, Y/N.” A small smile spread across his face. “You know I can’t deal with your puppy dog eyes.” You squealed and threw your arms around him, your vest crinkling against his jacket as you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“Thank you thank you thank you!” You smiled and hugged him tightly, breathing in the musky scent of his forest aftershave.

You shivered as a cold breeze blew through the trees, and Monty wrapped his arm around you as you started to walk through the dark trees. A tall man wearing a bloody orange jumpsuit tilted his head to the side, smiling maniacally as he pointed towards the right. You heard Monty inhale sharply as you passed by the man, and the fake ‘slit throat’ makeup became clear.

“This place gives me the creeps.” Monty whispered, moving closer to you, his brown eyes darting from side to side.

“I know. That’s the point, babe.” You laughed and wrapped your arm around his waist,  both of you cautiously moving forward.

“Y/N? Did you hear that?”

“No, it’s probably just the wi-”

You were cut off as a shape jumped out from behind a tree, screaming loudly. Monty screamed even louder and pushed you behind him, flailing out with his arms.


Five minutes later, a large man in a blue security uniform had his hands wrapped around both you and Monty’s upper biceps, gently but firmly escorting you past the line to enter the forest, out to the dirt parking lot.

“Y/N?” Monty looked sheepishly over at you, his brown eyes hesitantly locking with yours as he bit his lip.

“Yeah?” You glanced over at him, eyebrows raised.

“I just…I just panicked. I really didn’t mean to punch that little girl, she just jumped out at me and then all of a sudden I just went into fight or flight mode and… I’m sorry.”

The security guard chuckled slightly, loosening his grip on both of your flannel clad arms. “Don’t worry, buddy. Happens more than you’d think. It’s not the first and it’s not the last time that’s happened.”