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Rugby League discussion: "Boots vs. Roots"
SHARED BY KEN - ADMIN OF ‘SAMOA MO SAMOA’. The man has made a valid point - which is why I wanted to share it.

Rugby League World Cup has finally kicked off. Sweet! Following this mornings clash between Toa Samoa and the NZ Kiwis I merely had a set back regarding the whole meaning of the game and what it consists of. A few concerns were raised when one of my eyebrows slightly rose, with one that stood out the most which I therefore must ask; why are some of the Kiwi players are of Samoan descent yet chose to represent a Maori team. I had thought the idea was to reflect the colours of your flag, to play you have to represent your country of (blood) origin or is it just country of birth? Yet it appears they’ve defeated the whole purpose. Regardless its quite disappointing to see it especially when Toa Samoa had to play up against some of the brothers of Samoan descent. Who cares about where you were born? Maybe some do but I definitely have found it quite disappointing given the surname they may carry derives from a Samoan root as opposed to a Maori one. I think the regulations need to be addressed correctly, if you’re going to play an athletic game with the colours of your flag of which represents your origins in terms of blood and ancestors then wouldn’t it be prudent to play for that team? It seems nowadays its all about fame, fortune, and quite frankly the misuse of family name if choosing to side a nationality that by far exceeds their moral intelligence besides the basics.

I was almost in tears this morning after catching a glimpse of Palagi’s cheering diligently for our small island and it begs the question - who do these players think they are? Despite being born in a different country and growing up playing on soil other than your ancestors grass and mud, the utter goosebumps felt on our skins deserves a forefront team of proud Samoans. It’s heartbreaking to witness a team made of at least 60-70% Samoan go up against their own uso’s. Wheres the pride in that? Its not about the game, it should be about where your loyalty lies when it comes to your roots not where the boat docked or plane landed. The terms and conditions of your so called Rugby Association needs to be reshuffled to incorporate the obvious - the players may choose to play for whomever they want but might I suggest the players go back to school and learn a thing or two about their roots and not their boots. Disappointing however May the odds be ever in the TOA Samoas.
Imagine The Rock Came to Storybrooke (G rating, Swan Queen, Maiden Rock, approx. 3k)

Summary: Marian is so not impressed by The Rock when he arrives in Storybrooke and insinuates himself into every facet of small town life. She can’t help but feel he’s just too good to be true – and it’s not helped by the fact that he’s dating Regina Mills.

 But perhaps she needs to shake that feeling off.

 Notes: I blame a variety of people for this monstrosity but mostly I am on some heavy duty cold meds and people were hilariously enabling and let me rave on about how The Rock should be on Once Upon a Time and he would be the best boyfriend ever and so I have been writing this in bed, mostly while lying on my stomach, in between taking naps and coughing up my lungs. Also, Marian is alive because when you’re writing The Rock into a fictional universe, why the fuck not?

NOW ON A03 because peer pressure.


It is a surprisingly balmy summer day when The Rock arrives in Storybrooke. The diner is busy when he opens the door to the diner and for a moment, Marian thinks he’s a Greek god come to life, the light shining from behind him casting a golden glow across that brown skin.

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