Dume and his Toa Tool, sketch and colored version.


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Serika Toa First Photo Book
Research 100!! Q&A [Part 1]

Profile: [Takawiki info]

Height:  173cm
Eyesight:  I wear contacts.  Technically, if I try reeeally hard, I can get by with plain vision but my astigmatism is really bad.
Ring Size:  Don’t know
Shoes Size:  25-25.5cm
Charm Point:  My chin!*
Strong Points:  I’m diligent/hard-working…I guess?
Weak Points:  Too many to count…I can be very carefree lol.  You could say “I’m diligently carefree.” Yeah, I know that sounds weird…
Catchphrase:  Good luck comes to those who smile! (1)

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You are now my Pillow

Kayla woke up with her pillow missing. She turned over to to face her girlfriend.

“Motherfucker.” Kayla whispered.

Reyna had stolen her pillow.

Kayla sighed and rolled on top of Reyna. She rested her head on Reyna’s breasts and went back to sleep.


Reyna woke up something on top of her.

She glanced down to see Kayla sleeping on her. Reyna smiled.

“Kayla wake up. Why are you on me.” Reyna said as she poked Kayla side.

“No. You are my pillow now. You pillow thief.” Kayla mumbled, half asleep.

Reyna laughed.

Then she pushed Kayla off of her.

Kayla sleepily glared at her. “You’re so mean, Amazon Queen.” She stuck her tongue out.

“And you, my princess, are so childish.” Reyna rolled her eyes.

1.5k Follower Special

I recently hit 1.5k followers recently and oh my goodness thank you all for sticking with me through all the bad jokes and headcanon ramblings. To celebrate, I thought I’d do some blog/requested aesthetic edits! If you’d like one, rules are under the cut 


  • mbf me and my good friend @rachelfuckingdare 
  • Reblog this post
  • Please ask off-anon for an edit, and know that I’ll tag you in the final product unless asked otherwise 
  • If you want a personal aesthetic edit, please tell me a little bit about your personal aesthetic or yourself :)
  • If you’re requesting a character aesthetic, please try to keep it pjo/hoo/toa/tkc/mcga
  • Spaces are limited, and mutuals will get priority!
  • Since I do want them to look nice, it may take a little time, but they should be posted tomorrow night at the latest
  • Magnus, 10 days after knowing he's a demigod:You are the elf, you are the dwarf, you are my aunt Freya, prophecy about a beast? Must be Fenris. You can't be Odin, you must be Loki. You are Hel. Oh this is Valhalla. This place feels dark and cold, must be Niflheim then. Also you are the guy mentioned in chapter 63
  • Percy, after 2 Great Wars and some countless quests:*looking at nosoi* Uhm...what is this again?