For the anon that asked: For a prompt, Nico on laughing gas, Will making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.
I hope this is what you had in mind. Enjoy! :)

Will was sitting at the Apollo table talking to one of his siblings, when Nico dropped himself on his lap and pressed their lips together forcefully. Will made a surprised noise at the back of his throat and steadied himself by putting one hand on the table and one hand on Nico’s hip, pulling him closer and holding him still.

He faintly heard campers around them laughing or whistling, but was too preoccupied by the dark-haired boy currently kissing him like there was no tomorrow. This was not a normal occurrence. It was far from normal. Nico did not do public displays of affection. The most Will ever got out of him was a peck on the lips that barely lasted long enough for them to actually feel anything. But he respected Nico’s choice and if PDA made him uncomfortable, then the last thing Will wanted to do was force him.

A little voice at the back of his mind told him he should probably pull back and find out what had gotten into his boyfriend, but for some reason the feeling of Nico made everything around him unclear. He didn’t hear his sibling make gagging noises, or the voice in his head. Just the feeling of his lips moving against Nico’s soft ones. And Nico wasn’t attempting to pull back either.

The thing that finally got Will out of his trance, was a tap on the shoulder and someone clearing their throat behind him. For some reason those two things snapped him out of it and made him pull back. Nico made a complaining noise and when Will looked at him he looked completely at ease and not at all embarrassed. His lips were swollen and his hair was a mess after Will had run his hands through it.

Will probably didn’t look as collected. He awkwardly looked around and felt his cheeks go red at the amused expression of the people around him. He smiled shyly. He suddenly remembered the tap on his shoulder and turned his head, only to find Leo standing next to him and looking down at them. For some reason he had a guilty look in his eyes. Will wasn’t sure if he wanted to find out why.

On his lap, Nico was currently touching Will’s hair and giggling like a ten-year old after rubbing it on his cheek. He was not acting like himself. At all.

Will quickly made the connection between Leo’s bashful smile and Nico’s weird behaviour and shot Leo a look arguably as scary as Nico’s could be.

‘What have you done to my boyfriend?’

Everyone around had gone quiet and was watching the show in front of them unfold attentively. Leo scratched his neck and looked at the ground before looking up at Will, avoiding his eyes.

‘Well, it’s to say I – um – the thing is —‘

‘Valdez!’, Will warned him, his voice lower than usual. Not many people got to see this side of Will as he usually was too nice, but he could be really intimidating.

Leo took a deep breath and said at incredible speed: ‘IdidanexperimentandsomelaughingasgotfreeandNicoaccidentelyinhaledsome. I’m sorry, please don’t kill me. I’m too young and awesome to die.’, and he proceeded to run away backwards to make sure Will wasn’t following him, and stumbled once or twice doing so.

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