tumblr tuesday!

  • robindoesrunning: is there even anything i can say about the awesomeness of robin?  i’m sure i can’t do her justice.
  • chasefear: adrien is definitely the most fearless person i have ever known.  she is insanely strong and has the best advice.
  • bendoeslife: everyone knows ben is pretty awesome.  and no one knows better than he does.
  • to65: jess is amazing!  she’s the first person i ever started following and she’s always been super supportive.
  • amandasclimb: amanda is probably one of the most giving and selfless people i’ve met on here.  go support her!
  • lifedoesjed: the slightly more responsible, slightly more grown up davis brother.
  • c-skins: my future half marathon partner!
  • regainingmymoxy: totally awesome new york-ian who i will also be running in a half with later this year!
  • runwithrach: she is off being totally amazing training for an ironman and being a mom and organizing races and tons of other things.  it’s a wonder how she does it all!

all of these guys are truly amazing and inspiring. go follow them! xx

my tumblr crushes!

wow, i think this is the first time in like 6 months that robin hasn’t been my top crush, haha.  but this week, all my love goes to amanda!

i highly recommend following all of these guys, they’re super inspirational and some of my favorite blogs. :)