Paramore asks

1. First Paramore song you’ve ever listened to
2. 5 Favorite Paramore songs (because i know it’s impossible to pick one)
3. 5 Favorite Paramore songs to listen to when you’re sad
4. 5 Favorite Paramore songs to listen to when you’re happy
5. Favorite Paramore song to listen to when you’re upset or angry
6. 3 Paramore Songs that makes you cry
7. 3 Favorite music videos of Paramore
8. 3 Favorite Paramore songs played live
9. Favorite Paramore song from a lyrically aspect
10. Favorite Paramore song from the melody aspect
11. Last Paramore song you listened to
12. Favorite line from a Paramore song
13. Favorite live performance of Paramore
14. Favorite acoustic song of Paramore
15. Favorite Paramore album
16. Favorite song of All We Know Is Falling
17. Favorite song of Riot!
18. Favorite song of Brand New Eyes
19. Favorite song of Paramore (the self titled album)
20. Favorite song of Singles Club
21. A Paramore song that you didn’t like at first, but ended up loving
22. A Paramore song that breaks your heart
23. Favorite Paramore song to sing in the shower
24. Favorite Paramore song at this moment
25. An underrated Paramore song
26. A Paramore song that calms you down
27. If you could get any Paramore lyrics tattooed, which would you choose
28. Favorite Paramore song title
29. A Paramore song that has a lot of meaning to you
30. A Paramore song you can’t help but dance to

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MAINZ was a significant Roman fort-city, but little remains of its Roman past. It is there though, if you look for it. Back in the day Mainz was known as Roman Mogontiacum.  The city officially dates back to12 BCE (before the Common Era), but the Romans were in Mainz as early as 57 BCE. Eventually Mainz became the capital of the province Germania Superior. The name Mogontiacum means “the land of Mogon.”  This name has been identified with Apollo Grannus, a god of health. So today when you hear the name Mainz, think about the Greek/Roman deity Apollo and know that you are wandering in his city. 

According to the information found on, Mainz was already a significant settlement at the beginning of the Common Era. Archaeological evidence as well as written sources indicates that there was a fort, two villages, a smaller fort, a river port and a pontoon bridge, none of which remain today.

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Info and photos by Jaunting Jen on Ancient History Encyclopedia