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When his dysfunctional family clashes over the holidays, young Max (Emjay Anthony) is disillusioned and turns his back on Christmas. Little does he know, this lack of festive spirit has unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of ancient evil intent on punishing non-believers. All hell breaks loose as beloved holiday icons take on a monstrous life of their own, laying siege to the fractured family’s home and forcing them to fight for each other if they hope to survive.

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What do you think about the niall situation and these weird quotes??

Modest doesn’t want the world to know that every 1D member hates them with the burning of a thousand fiery suns.

“clary’s so whiny and just wants attention”

her mom has been kidnapped, she thinks her father figure has turned his back on her, her best friend left, she has to trust strangers to help her out i’d like to see how you’d react to that


Rhodey hits Sam gently on the chest, drawing his friend’s gaze over to where he’s looking. Sam whistles slowly as Rhodey mumbles, “Would you look at that.”

A stunning (h/c) in a (f/c) dress had just stepped out of the elevator, and she’s looking around the room. Her entrancing (e/c) eyes flicker over the dozens of Tony’s guests as if looking for someone, but the two men don’t notice that small detail. They’re completely distracted by her beauty.

“That right there,” Sam says, looking at Thor and gesturing over to the woman, “is one of the most beautiful women you can find here on earth.”

“She’s so hot.”

Thor smiles over at the woman. “She is my girlfriend.” Sam and Rhodey freeze, turning slowly back to face the demigod, who has a challenging look on his face.

“Go have fun.”


Thor nods at them before walking up to you and kissing your cheek.

Rhodey sighs and takes a long sip of his drink. “Damn.”


A larrie on the stand…

Judge: So, tell me why there’s so much rimming in 1D fics?

Briania: I object! This has nothing to do with my slander case. And you’re the judge! You’re not even supposed to be asking questions! 

Judge: Sustained! And if there’s another outburst out of you, I’m holding you in contempt! *turns back to the larrie* Now, where were we? Oh yes, the rimming…

tfw you’re cleaning out stuff from your childhood room all alone in the house your dad died in and suddenly a music box starts playing and you weren’t anywhere near it 


i just liked how i drew Ronan on a picture with Declan so much that i decided to re-draw him slightly and make a single picture. plus close-up because why not?

and one more thing! i know it was totally MY mistake that i didn’t wrote straight below the pictures, but THERE IS NO GANSEY on a previous pictures! this is Declan bloody Lynch. and i wanted to show how different their relationship became. not Ronan and Gansey relationship, because i bet Ronan would never turn his back on Gansey. so please stop tag this post with #Gansey

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Densi - "you could have died!"

A/N: Hope you enjoy this @raccoonsmate4life!! Thank you so much for the prompt – it’s set post Come Back and turned out a bit angstier than originally intended. Oops!!

“You could’ve died.”

The words float down to her from the spot where Deeks has pressed his lips against her temple, the soft muttering nearly getting lost in the tangles of her hair. He speaks so quietly she almost thinks she’s imagined it at first, but as they lay curled together in the dark stillness of the bedroom – their bedroom – the arm wrapped around her squeezes just a shade too tight, and she knows she heard him correctly.

She moves her hand along his back in response – long, slow strokes that calm her nearly as much as (she hopes) they soothe him. Her thoughts flicker back over what had happened during today’s attack on the safe house – the momentary flash of panic in realizing Jack was going to willingly sacrifice himself to Salib, the controlled chaos of attempting to cover two doors with only one weapon, the sinking feeling when Nell’s voice alerted her that the assailants had taken out the hallway camera, and the surge of relief when Deeks’ hand had clasped around hers and pulled her to her feet.

She knows Deeks is troubled by today’s events, likely unnecessarily beating himself up for not getting to her sooner. She herself is trying to let go of the burst of anger she’d felt when she’d realized that Jack hadn’t thought about collateral damage when he’d offered himself up to Salib. She understands their lives have diverged, and she wouldn’t wish it to be different – she’d meant everything she’d said to him today and was glad they’d parted on good terms. Still, it had stung a bit to realize he hadn’t given anything but his own plan a second thought – that he hadn’t told her, or the team, the truth about that phone call so that they could have constructed a better way to handle the situation. And if things had gone as originally planned when he gave away his location, it would’ve been Deeks protecting him when Salib’s goons showed up, not you. Her hand comes to a stop low on Deeks’ back, fingers curling tightly into the material of his tee shirt at that sobering thought.

But there had been no way for Jack to know that Deeks would offer to swap places with her in an attempt to let her get closure, and she realizes that if she should be angry with anyone, it’s Hetty. How difficult would it have been to tell Jack about that SEAL team when he arrived in LA? It would have saved everyone a whole lot of grief. She tucks herself tighter into Deeks’ side as she thinks that perhaps she forgave their operations manager a bit too quickly when they spoke earlier in the evening.

Hetty’s words about asking people to put themselves in harm’s way in this line of work return to her now, and she muses on their truth. She and Deeks, and Callen and Sam, put themselves on the line every day. In the course of every single op they run, there’s always the risk that one – or more – of them could be hurt, or worse. She knows this. Deeks knows it too, and she knows he knows. But she stays silent. Pointing out that she didn’t die today, or that he could’ve just as easily been in her shoes won’t help anything and it isn’t what he needs right now.

So she buries her face in the crook of Deeks’ neck, placing a gentle kiss over his pulse as she replies with the only thing she can – the truth. “I know. But I’m really glad I’m here with you.”

His arms wrap even more tightly around her and she feels his fingers tangle in the ends of her hair as he sighs – a soft exhalation that matches her own jumbled emotions perfectly. She’s once again beyond grateful for the way they are so seamlessly, wordlessly in sync. She knows he heard her and understands everything she didn’t say aloud.

Before the haze of sleep fully pulls her under, she hears him murmur, “welcome home, Kens.” His voice is soft, yet full of emotion, and she smiles because she understands him too.

I think Hawkmoth is a great villain because of all the shenanigans possible with that guy, for example:

• Hawkmoth accidentally releases the butterflies
• There is no way he hasn’t accidentally stepped on one of them by now
• A swarm of butterflies chasing Ladybug and Chat
• An Akuma he just evilized turning back around and Akumatizing him. Nothing happens, but he’s in a constant conversation with himself
• Maybe he just wants the Miraculouses so that he can Lucky Charm himself up a chair. Seriously get that guy a chair.
• Hawkmoth tending to his little Akuma caterpillars (Akumapillars)
• Hawkmoth chasing a butterfly that got away

Asriel Here

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U-um…a-asriel here! I-i just wanted to make some things clear…My current 

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Chara…VERY soon I’m going to turn back into a flower..a-and that’s okay! B-

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The Universe’s Tests Part One (Open)

Arya sat in the fields of Paradise Hills, breathing as slowly as she could. She let her true form wash over her, felt that there was an energy here; an energy cleverly hidden from her. She could almost reach it–

Someone was coming. She turned her human form back on, limiting her reach and forcing her eyes open.

@annagingil prompted: “Dark Belle, Dark Rumpel”

When I first saw this, my immediate thought was “how do I make this fluffy or smutty?”

Then inspiration struck me like a speeding bus. Enjoy!

Rated: PG


Snow White gulped as she made her way through the thick forests towards the forbidding castle nestled in the foothills of the mountains. The Dark One and the Dark Lady had been a legend in these parts for centuries. To some people, they were just that, a legend, but others knew better. Others knew that these two magicians, the most powerful in all the realms, were indeed very real, very powerful, and very fearsome. They were the last resort for desperate souls in need, and whilst they could give you anything that your heart desired, there was always the distinct possibility that the price they would extract would be too great to be worth the risk.

Still, there was to be no turning back now. She was here, and she had come to ask the fabled sorcerers’ help. Shivering under the gaze of the terrifying stone gargoyles carved around the heavy door, Snow stepped up to the entrance and raised her hand to knock, but before she had made contact with the aged oak, the door had swung open noiselessly, leading the way into a dim hall illuminated only by two flaming torches on the walls. As she entered cautiously, she received the distinct impression of walking to her doom, and she was on the verge of turning tail and leaving again - surely her situation couldn’t be so bad as to require the dread assistance of the Dark One and the Dark Lady - when a voice from deeper within the castle stopped her in her tracks.

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Oh my god, apparently Komaru/Fukawa is a “problematic” ship now? Like okay, I get why people wouldn’t cotton to despaircest (I still think spamming a tag is about as mature as writing your likes and dislikes on the bathroom wall in your own feces, but), and if you’re going around harassing someone who ships Fukawa with Togami knock that shit off (seriously, don’t harass people over ships guys, Jesus), but I’m looking at these posts people are making and their reasoning is flat out WRONG.

Don’t want to reblog the post I was shown to comment because I don’t want to bother the poster since they said they’ll keep their ship hate out of the tags, and you can hate any ship you want on your own blog (*furiously grates every Naegi/girl ship into a fine powder to be tossed into the four winds*), but like, someone needs to address this accusatory shit, Christ.

tl;dr version: If you don’t like a ship you’re perfectly free to do so, and you should be allowed to ship whatever you want without people bothering you about it. That said, if you don’t like a particular ship, just say you don’t like it instead of inventing all of these “problematic” issues and trying to act like you’re morally superior to anyone who ships something else.

Cut for long rambling, screenshots and scans, and me repeatedly going それは違うよ in a tired, irritated voice.

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@digitalgoomba and I were making a new batch of tallow candles and I told him to put the scented oils away as we cleaned up shop. I turned my back for all of two minutes and suddenly heard @digitalgoomba announce. “Oh, crap, I got it on me,” in reference to some juniper forest scented oil. Before I could reply, he shoved his fingers under my nose and nonchalantly added, “it smells like I finger-fucked a fairy.” And now we can’t smell those darned candles without laughing.