Freja Beha in MO&Co. Spring/Summer 2014

it’s like they took an amazing, layered, complex, thought out, epic sci-fi book that’s something like seven hundred pages long, and then chopped it up and smashed it into two hours of great visuals and not a lot else

that’s what jupiter ascending is like


CAKE DEBUT: You Were Swell #2 by Sophie McMahan

“You Were Swell” # 2 is a collection of thoughts, musings and strange stories that are illustrated with a vintage feel. Ranging from scaly pin-up girls, to a sweet party that takes a strange turn, “You Were Swell” is a bizarre treat.

Sophie McMahan is an illustrator/comic book artist based in Urbana, IL. Although Sophie has drawn her whole life, a rediscovered passion for the comic book genre motivated her to pursue visual art as her primary focus. She lives with her cats Mikey and Diablo, and spends most of her free time working on drawings, reading and creating comics, and listening to her favorite music.

Visit Sophie website, and pick up You Were Swell #2 at Table 82A May 31st & June 1st!