The official VEVO channel of the group posted an interview 10 years ago with Alex and Jamie at the standard for 2005-the year of the theme

Drilling in the Arctic is a terrible idea

You may have seen the announcement that Obama has “conditionally” approved offshore drilling in the Arctic.

Remember how bad the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was five years ago—and actually continues to be? Imagine a scenario like that in the Arctic, where it’s also remote, cold, dark, and icy.

I interviewed a lot of scientists about Deepwater Horizon to make a science status update video. Each scientist shared some deep concerns about future spills. One told me that as far as terrible oil spills go, Deepwater Horizon was actually in the best location possible to respond. And five years out, we’re still cleaning up an arguably accessible mess. The Arctic is an entirely different story. The issue isn’t IF there’s an oil spill in the Arctic if we start drilling there, but WHEN. The scientists I talked to do not think we are prepared for it.

Sabrina Shankman has a great piece over at Inside Climate News explaining why the Arctic is an even worse location to drill for oil than other places in the ocean—and let’s be clear, it’s not ideal to do it anywhere. Head over there to learn more about how ice forms, how Arctic seasons (darkness) will impact accessibility, and just how difficult it will be to respond to a spill.



Arctic Boosh Interview 

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Arctic monkeys:)

Yes!!!! Did you see the interview where Van talked about how he likes them but they’re almost too structures/perfect??? I agree with him on that but I’m also a fan.

Soooo jealous of lily allen in that interview she did with arctic monkeys… She got to be wasted and sitting on Alex turners lap that’s like the dream


AM’s vevo page posted an interview from 2005, haven’t heard this yet :)

Arctic Drones Interviews Marriages’ Greg Burns About “Salome” and more...

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Marriages is the product of Greg Burns and Emma Ruth Rundle from the post-rock band Red Sparowes. In 2012 they released their debut EP Kitsune gathering a lot of deserved attention, before recruiting Andrew Clinco on drums and hiding for three years to work on their debut full-length album. This spring they came back to us with “Salome”, an exceptional record that explores new territories of their creativity, and more experimentation with the vocals and rhythms. We got in touch with Greg Burns to chat about the new record, their life on the road and their plans for the future. 

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Another vintage Arctic Monkeys interview. Alex little dance and jokes about him in the buff. Who wouldn’t want to listen to that. Lol