Alex Turner about gay people
  • Interviewer:Are we talking about gays now ?
  • Jamie Cook:Any famous gays you know, Al ?
  • Alex Turner:Any famous gays you want to be a virgin ?
  • You can't call them that though, 'the gays'.
  • Jamie Cook:That's the correct term. You'd say 'I'm gay.'
  • Alex Turner:Alright, I don't... let's talk about something else.
  • ....
  • Jamie Cook:I'd feel safe in his hands. Oh, going a bit gay again.

REBECCA DINERSTEIN is the author of Lofoten, a bilingual English-Norwegian collection of poems, and The Sunlit Night (Bloomsbury, June 2015), her debut novel. She received her B.A. from Yale and her M.F.A. in Fiction from New York University, where she was a Rona Jaffe Graduate Fellow. She lives in Brooklyn.

anonymous asked:

Noel Gallagher is super crazy but when he realizes he is wrong he takes his words back. He did so for Damon Albarn and didn't they collaborate or sth. I think he used to hate Albarn because of the Blur/Oasis war. Now he likes Damon And then he said that Alex Turner is boring on interviews but that Arctic Monkeys are an amazing band and that Alex is an amazing songwriter. He has a big mouth but his words on Taylor Swift are true

Indeed. He’s said that he does regret telling Damon to die of AIDS, and I believe his exact words for Alex were “Alex is a top guy in a top band. But I can’t stand his interviews.” To me he’s one of those people who has a big mouth but also hits the nail on the head quite a lot.