Alright I’m writing this post before I wimp out on this decision that I need to make. I’m going to try to explain with some thoughtful honesty about where I’m potentially going to be heading with my main blog. But because I have the habit of being… verbose… I’m putting my TL;DR at the top:

  1. I am opening my ask box even though I still have dozens of analysis prompts saved from before I closed the ask box. It’s because I’m tired of not chatting with people in this amazing fandom. I love interacting!
  2. I can no longer consistently analyze prompts. This means I cannot guarantee I will give a thorough analysis if I receive an analysis prompt. I will have to start giving answers like “I don’t know,” “I don’t remember,” or something based more on my gut than thorough research. If a topic really intrigues me, I might give a classic Haddock thorough response. But I can no longer guarantee long, consistent asks. I will, regardless, still respond to every ask I get!
  3. I am so thankful for the experiences I have had with the HTTYD fandom and I would not trade my time on tumblr with you guys for anything. Seriously, you’ve all been amazing. I never would have expected to have such journeys, find such laughter, or make such friends as I have with all of you. Here’s to more fun times to come!

So now… the long version… 

I do encourage people to read it.

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Happy Birthday Lance!

Let me say first and foremost that I am so proud of this character. He’s been through so much and he’s not even an adult yet. This blue boy who loves the ocean, Cuba’s beaches, and his mom’s hugs deserves so much more love than this world has available for him. Believe me when I say I cannot wait to see how these final 6 seasons shape this kid into an even better paladin. I hope that he’s able to look past his in and see his worth on the team as a sharpshooter, paladin, friend, and brother. May he have the best birthday possible regardless of the situation he’s in. Happy Birthday Lance, The Blue Paladin of Voltron💙🎂💙

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(i don’t really interpret what henrik said as a drag towards william btw, which i see a lot of people talk about. he was joking about thomas getting proposals but then he got very serious and said very nice things, and i didn’t even realize that it can be interpreted as a drag before people started talking about it.
But i see how the translation may seem like it was, but the way he talks was more; a realization he made about himself through his fans and how they’ve given him appreciation. 
just feel like i need to get my view on it out cus this interview was so important to me and what he said was some serious and beautiful things, and i love how he knows how important he is and has been!)

TItled: Pitchy Black Background Story

So here is some more background information on Pitchy Black.
(sorry for the small print)
I had a lot of fun with this and I can’t wait to do more art in the future involving this character, especially interacting with Pitch and the other cousins.
(I can imagine some shenanigans with Proto and some other fun scenarios.)

Pitchy Black is my OC~<3
Pitch Black belongs to William Joyce and Dreamworks~<3
PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

Here is a bit more additional information on Pitchy if you’re interested:

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