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Growing up I had no interest in getting married and I even refused to entertain the idea of ever marrying someone. Tbh I think this is bc my parents never seemed happy so I thought that's all marriage was but being with my partner (6 months) is showing me just how wonderful a relationship can be and I can actually picture a future with them, I can even see us getting married after several years

That’s so sweet, I’m glad you found someone you’re this happy with 💕

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I was never in love... but then... I met her. I was incredibly attached to this wonderful young lady from our early friendship days. She is simply gorgeous, the purest and kindest person I know, and I can easily compare her to an angel. Her shy nature, the soft words that escape her mouth and her elegant movements melt my heart. I wish to always be near her, I miss her beyond belief every time we aren't together. ( 1 / 2 ).

When I hug her warm body and hold her delicate hand, my soul fills with pure happiness. I just want to hold her close to my chest, and gently caress her silky hair eternally. I am incredibly lucky to have met her and that she came to be my best friend. I hope that one day I will be hers and she will be mine. ( 2 / 2 ).

This is so beautiful, I hope you get to be with her the way you want 💞