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You watch Lucifer, right? There was this song at the end of 2x09 that I heard and IT WAS SO THE PREDATOR, Matty and I just can't seem to remember it. YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO IT!

I know right?! I’ve been listening to it on repeat for a long time, anon. I just added it to the playlist. 

The music, the vocals, the lyrics… It’s so freaking The Predator I’m screaming!

You guys need to listen to this song. It’s amazing!

I really love the way @inayuri’s art looks, but EVEN MORE THAN THAT, I LOVE their personality! They’re always so nice to everyone they interact with, and their collabs and art trades and they way they make Sans and Paps so GODDAMNED ADORABLE, and the way they make me cry with laughter when they’re interacting with their friends. Shoutout to you!

Hey guys, just to let you know theres no queue tonight because theres only 3 fics submitted. So we’ll get a nice big queue tomorrow! Hope everyones having a lovely Saturday 💕 -Vixen

I love it when I see all the likes I get on the messages I sent, and when I see how happy it makes the people I mentioned. This is a great blog, and I’m thankful for @undertalepositivityproject for doing such great work. Thank you.

((You’re one of the people that when I see a message from, it makes my day a thousand times better than it already was. I can never repay the happiness you’ve give me and others, but thank you, for being so wonderful the way you are<3))