today I was in the car with both my parents. they’re in their mid to late fifties and in perfect health, but due to some extended family drama they were grimly insisting that they’re both planning to move into a nursing home as soon as I first suggest it, lest I, as an only child, be saddled with the burden of trying to take care of them as they stubbornly refuse to admit they’re too old to care for themselves.

“Hopefully by then you’ll be married,” said my mom, who knows I do want to get married eventually, “and you can complain to your husband about HIS stubborn in-laws.”

“Or to your wife,” added my dad.

I haven’t so much as hinted to them that I might be a little bisexual. (Mainly because I’m not even convinced of my latent bisexuality myself.) My parents only know about my relationships with men; they have no idea I’ve had sex with other women. Which means my dad was just trying to be inclusive for the sake of being inclusive.

Then my mom one-upped him: “Or ANY PERSON,” she said with deliberate emphasis. “Anyone at all you manage to rope into that kind of commitment!”

They managed to turn a throwaway heterocentric quip into explicit support not only for me potentially coming out as queer somewhere down the line but also for all my nonbinary friends.

My parents have always been pretty liberal, but I still can’t imagine them taking the conversation in that direction totally unprompted even as recently as a year ago. It might seem minor in the grand scheme of things, but it really warmed my heart, so I thought I’d share.

hi, I’m still alive.

I’m sorry for being a dead ass ho these past 2-3 months, long story short I’m a smart ass cool ass senior now and I’m trying to get a life so :) anyway, I’m really really sorry for the unanswered messages guys! the sem is over in two weeks and I promise to catch up and fulfill my ~responsibilities~ as your favorite vodka aunt so worry not children


another reason why Laxus loves his husbando so much. Freed may tease him a little about his lacking sense of direction every once in a while but he knows when not to and then he’ll support him and not make Laxus feel more embarrassed and grumpy than he already does.