The Signs as Twenty One Pilots Lyrics

Aries: “I know you’re not a liar and I know you could set fire, this day. Go ahead and make me look away. Strike me down.” - Implicit Demand for Proof. 

Taurus: “Silent in the trees. Why won’t you speak where I happen to be? Silent in the trees, standing cowardly.” - Trees. 

Gemini: “But there’s hope out the window, so that’s where we’ll go, let’s go outside and all join hands, but until then you’ll never understand.” - Guns for Hands. 

Cancer: “Stay alive, stay alive, for me. You will die, but now your life, is free. Take pride in what is sure to die.” - Truce. 

Leo: “What if my dream does not happen? Would I just change what I’ve told my friends? Don’t wanna know who I would be, when I wake up from a dreamer’s sleep.” - We Don’t Believe What’s on TV. 

Virgo: “I disguise, and I will lie, and I will take my precious time as the days melt away, as I stand in line.” - Fall Away.   

Libra: “Let’s say we up and left this town, and turned our future upside down. We’ll make pretend that you and me, lived ever after happily.” - House of Gold. 

Scorpio: “I’ve been traveling in the desert of my mind and I haven’t found a drop of life.” - Addict With a Pen. 

Sagittarius: “I wish that I had two faces to prove which theory works, yelling on the street corner or cleverly masking your words.” - Clear. 

Capricorn: “Your twisted mind is like snow on the road. Your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder inside your head, than the winter of dead.” - Oh Ms Believer. 

Aquarius: “I am cold, can you hear? I will fly with no hope, no fear. And the ground taunts my wings, plummet as I sing, plummet as I sing.” - Isle of Flightless Birds.

Pisces: “I must’ve forgot, you can’t trust me, I’m open a moment and close when you show it, before you know it, I’m lost at sea.” - Holding On To You.

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Wait no I have a head canon that Keith and lance's first kiss will probably be right before they go into battle and Keith is all "let me do this just to be safe" and like kiss lance.

There are explosions ringing in his ear, like sirens vibrating the entire ship from the other side of the barricade they’ve erected, a makeshift one comprised mostly of debris that was knocked loose from the first blast. His bayard is heavy in his hand, his suit clinging uncomfortably to his body like a thick second skin. Lance isn’t much better off, he’s sweating so heavily his hair is plastered to his face, and sweat is dripping down his face is fat rivulets that momentarily distract Keith from the chaos behind the rubble.

“On my count,” Lance says, and he shifts to one knee like he’s going to jump up any second. The sight panics Keith’s already rabidly beating heart. If Lance leaves, if they separate, they might not come back to each other, this might be the last he saw of Lance - when they were both terrified and alone, and ready to die. 


Irritation crosses Lance’s face as he looks over, like he expects Keith to protest and tell him his plan is stupid. He starts to speak, but never gets the chance, because Keith pushes all of the bravery he has into swallowing the space between their bodies and letting his chapped lips touch Lance’s. 

There’s only a single moment between the start of the kiss and Lance reacting, where Keith is holding his breath and grabbing Lance’s face, pulling him impossibly closer. Only a single moment before Lance drops his bayard and takes two violent fistfuls of Keith’s suit and lunges into the kiss like it’s the last one he’ll ever have. They both do.

It doesn’t last, it can’t, because their coms are stable enough that they can hear Shiro screaming on the other end of them, desperately trying to guide Hunk through a mass of sentries. They pull away shaking. Lance’s hands are still buried in Keith’s shirt, but Keith can’t be sure because his vision is obstructed by a wetness that clings to his lashes and clogs his throat. 

“Just to be sure,” He croaks. 

fratboy!luke (part 12)


a/n: this is it guys. the end. i’m so sad. but thank you so much for reading this series I hope you enjoyed it I seriously loved writing it! feedback is always appreciated, let me know what you thought of the series, if there was anything you wish would have been different whatevs is on your mind. enjoy!

word count: 3,770
requested: yes
warnings: SMUT *finally*

“Wha-I-we-she just-what?” Calum stuttered, breathing heavily. You were still sitting on one of his thighs, hands holding his shoulders for support. The smirk on Luke’s face was mirrored on your own as Calum looked between the two of you frantically. “Are you just not going to let her finish?” Luke asked innocently, as if it was a perfectly normal situation, him standing in the doorway while watching his best friend get his girl off. “Cal, please,” you whined, rocking your hips again. Calum looked over at Luke again for approval, still trying to decide if this was a dream or reality. Luke nodded his head approvingly, still leaning against the doorframe.

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I gotta get this off my chest. This whole Taylor v. Kim shit been pissing me off. On one hand I feel like Taylor finally got the shit she been dishing right back to her. She wanna be mad about Kanye calling her a bitch when she been name calling celebs forever in her music. She wanna call (dry ass) Katy Perry a backstabber, Camilla Belle a hoe, Kanye a child, etc, but get offended when she gets called a bitch. But at the same time, that lyric is disrespectful, and there and nothing on that video that shows Kanye asking to call Taylor a bitch or letting her know he was going to give himself credit for her fame, that is shady. He made it look like he was being genuine and courteous by giving her a heads up about half the lyric.

But what gets me even more is that everyone praising Kim Kardashian like it erases her problematic ass past (and present) actions. That whole fucking family as a matter of fact. Okay they finally spoke up about blacklivesmatter now after hella years, Kim just copy and pasting Beyonce’s message, but STILL appropriating black culture, and refuse to take it seriously. Like saying black lives matter and throwing shade on Taylor Swift gonna make everything okay. Like being good for a week has made the past two years of trying to be black okay.

This whole beef is so messy and full of celebrities I don’t fuck with. Taylor constantly got her foot in her mouth, I can’t stand Chloë Morets’ white feminist respectability politics ass, and so fucking disappointed in Selena’s dumb bitchass. But even “Team Kim” ain’t shit. Katy Perry ain’t shit. Pharrell’s “new black ass” is wack. Demi Lovato’s ignorant ass is irrelevant. Calvin Harris’s disrespectful white boy ass ain’t shit. The Kardashians still trash. So I don’t really care for anyone here. The whole drama is filled with shady ass people who mad at each other for being shady.

I bet its all just a publicity stunt to keep all their shady asses in the conversation.

Ya know

After learning that Eto and Arima were kind of in cahoots makes everything else make a lot of sense. Eto was supposed to wait for someone to kill Arima, to hand over the throne that they built together, so it makes sense that Arima didn’t chase after Eto during the Aogiri Raid he had to fight her so it wouldn’t be suspicious but let her go. Also, why Eto fought Kaneki and kept comparing him to Arima, it was a warm up for him to face Arima and make him a lot stronger , as well as trigger his memories. Eto was probably trying to speed the process along because as Arima said his time was running out.


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The date had been perfect; hand holding when you walked down the cold streets of Hogsmeade, drinking tea and bying sweets at Honekdukes. The date even got it’s perfect ending - even though it was quite awkward.

“So, I hade a great time”, Remus said and looked at you. You nodded and smiled to him.

“Me too, Remus”. He stopped walking and you stood close in the snowing weather. You stood there for a while, no one of you was really sure what to do. You really wanted to kiss him, but you didn’t have the nerve to make the first move. Remus reached out for your hands and held them in his. His big hands was slitlhy colder than yours. 

“So…”, he started. You let out a short nervous laugh. “I’m not very good with this stuff, so I guess - um, yeah…”, he mumbled a bit akwardly. He let go of one of your hands and out his gently on your cheek before lening in to kiss you. It was a soft and sweet kiss, that tasted like snow and suger from the tea. 

EXO Reaction to YOU Going into Labor {Requested}

“Can you do a reaction of EXO that ur in labor…… End of pregnancy? lol thx”

Here you go anon! :)

Xiumin: “Oh my gosh it’s happening! Stay calm Jagi! You just get in the car and I’ll grab the bags! We’re going to be parents!”

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Luhan: “It’s 3am you better be in labor or dying to be waking me up screaming like that…..oh wait…YOU’RE REALLY IN LABOR????? FORGET  TRYING TO FIND ME CLOTHES I’LL DRIVE IN MY UNDERWEAR LET’S GO!

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Kris: “The father has arrived! This is going to be the best day of my life! Why are you screaming in pain during my speech?? Oh yeah I guess you may be experiencing discomfort….fine i’ll shut up and take you to the hospital jeez!”

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Suho: “I’ll hold your hand babe don’t be scared you’re doing amazing! Nevermind me smiling so much I’m just thinking about how later I can tell the guys I’m not a mom after all! Suho Daddy…Daddy Suho. It sunds like music to my ears.”

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Lay: “Shh stay calm Jagi, The midwife is on her way. Don’t give up! You wanted to have a home birth so let’s do it! You look stunning and you are so strong. I’ll be with you the whole time.”

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Baekhyun: “I think that if you start walking now you’ll get to the hospital In 4 days…..OUCH THAT PHONE HURT! I’m joking of course I’m driving you! No child of mine is being born on the sidewalk now hurry up and waddle into the car and buckle up!”

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Chen: “Let’s just take a moment to sing real quick kay? No? Can i sing by myself? No?? Gosh you’re no fun! Well FINE i’ll just dance in the cab and ignore your death stares for losing the keys to the car. Cheer up baby we’re going to be mommy and daddy soon!”

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Chanyeol: “I’ll karate chop that doctor for you if he takes to long to come see you Jagi! Don’t roll your eyes, I’m so serious My babies need the best care they can get! Hit him with that 1-2 porkchop combo HEEEYYYYAAHHH”

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D.O.: “Just keep your eyes on me. We waited so long for this day and now it’s finally here. By the time the day is over we’ll be carrying our little bundle home. Don’t be scared.  Give me a smile….I love you.”

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Tao: “Really???? Woohhoooo baby time, baby time!! Hurry up and do your makeup I’m snapchatting this delivery…Yo where’s the Gucci diaper bag? I put the Prada baby blankets in it! Oh wait i found it…wait for me  I gotta change outfits, I’ve had this on for 20 minutes already. As soon as I’m done we can go to the hospital. Kisses!”

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Kai: “Ohmaiyah! Let’s go! We’ll call the family when we get there.  I have the camera and your fuzzy slippers. We’re good to go! We’re about to meet our child, baby after all this time. I’m so happy!”

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Sehun: “You’re what??? In labor?? Now? Okay we can go but first let me finish taping Miranda Kerr’s live wedding. I swear this baby picked the “perfect” moment  to come…. Just kidding! just kidding! you know I don’t care about her anymore, now let’s go have this little diva!”

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Seventeen Reaction

“Seventeen reaction vocal to you holding their hand to walk across the street, you aren’t dating” 

Woozi: Woozi would be the least bother by it, once you grabbed his hand he would look down at you and give his little :3 smile then brush it off. He didn’t know why you wanted to hold his hand but he didn’t mind. He’d think it was quite cute how you grabbed it and got closer to him.

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Jeonghan: Jeonghan would be a bit like woozi, he wouldn’t be too bothered or phased by it. He’d hold your hand back giving it little squeezes while you walked across the street so you know he’s there. When you let go he’d put his arm around you just to keep you close.

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Joshua: He’d be more shocked then any thing, you grabbed his hand quickly not giving him enough time to process what was going on. He’d look at you with a blank stare. “*gif* are you okay?” he’d ask you. You let go after that but he quickly grabbed it back “No! i liked it” 

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Seokmin: Seokmin would find this cute, but of course have to tease you just a bit. When you got across the street to you destination he’d stop you and give you his bright eyed smile. “y/n? What was that about, do you have something to tell me” 

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Seungkwan: Poor Seungkwan would be so nervous when you grabbed his hand, he could feel his heart starting to pound. He’d repeatedly tell himself “Dont be nevous seungkwan, y/n is your best friend” He’d eventually chill out but be sad when you let go.

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Taeyong + Terrible Argument

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Not even a million fights could make me hate you.

A/N: if this isn’t so accurate,i’m sorry

Word count: 789

“Baby, you should really go to sleep right now..”, you said, putting a hand on Taeyong’s shoulder. He hadn’t slept properly for days now, always busy with work.

“Later,later,later…”, he mumbled, giving your hand a small peck before going back to writing songs.

You took a seat next to him and held both his hands to stop him from writing which caused him to look at you.

“Y/n, just let me finish this one,okay? After that, I’ll come and sleep.”, he said, a little bit irritated that you wouldn’t let him work. But you weren’t giving up soon. He knew he was tired, but he just kept on working.

You grabbed his face and took a proper look at him. He looked exhausted.

“Taeyong, stop this already. Stop tiring yourself out like this, it’s not healthy for you.”

That didn’t stop him from working. He removed your hands from his face and just continued working.

“Lee Taeyong, will you just listen to me for one time?”, you said, raising your voice just a little.

“Why should I listen to you? The only thing you’ve been doing is trying to distract me from my work.”, he mumbled not looking up.

“Excuse me?! Trying to distract you? All I want to do is make sure you’re not tiring yourself out like this and all you think I’m doing is distracting you?!”, you started yelling now.

“Stop acting like this, you sound like an overly strict mother..”

“Overly strict mother?! Have you never heard of a worried girlfriend, maybe?”

“Just let me continue my work, okay?! You don’t have to act like this just to get me to sleep!”, he yelled, now frustrated.

“You know, just when I thought that I could actually spend some time with my boyfriend on his day off, this is how I get treated..I guess you don’t even see me like a girlfriend anymore,do you..?”, you were whispering now.

Taeyong just stared down at his papers, not saying a word.

You’ve had enough and stormed out of your house.

The night was calm and the only sounds that could be heard were sounds from cars passing by. You didn’t know where you were going but you just followed the path where your feet led you who ended up bringing you to a coffee shop that was still open at this holy hour.

You sat down at one of the tables after you received your drink. You took out your phone only to see that Taeyong had sent you messages. You didn’t even bother to read them and just went on to read a few webtoons.

Just when you were about to take a sip of your drink again, someone took your drink away from you.

“Americanos are not healthy for you.”, a familiar voice told you.You immediately recognised it.

“So is tiring yourself out.”, you mumbled while taking your drink away from Taeyong and taking a sip. You continued reading, trying to ignore Taeyong who was sitting infront of you. But that didn’t work seeing that he snatched your phone away from you.

“Give me my phone back?”, you said, not even looking up.

“Not before we talk this out.”, he said while lifting your chin up. You didn’t want to look but his eyes were mesmerizing. You were staring but you didn’t say anything.

Taeyong suddenly started giggling.

“Y/N, don’t stare at me like that, you remind me of a lost puppy”, he said in between his giggles.

“I DON’T LOOK LIKE A PUPPY!”, you yelled, covering your face with you hands to hide the blush creeping up your face.

Taeyong then stopped with giggling and looked at you hiding your face.

“Don’t hide your face..You look adorable when you’re blushing..”, he said while removing your hands from your face so he could look at you again.

“Stop saying that.”

“But it’s true!”, he exclaimed in an adorable manner.

, you gasped looking at the smile that was on his face even though he was exhausted.



“I love you,you know that right?”, he asked,looking in your eyes and holding your eyes. You smiled at him.

“Of course I do.And I love you too.”, you replied pecking his lips.

“Let’s go home now,shall we?”, he mumbled,suddenly feeling even more exhausted.

“Let me just finish my americano, okay?Then we can go” , you replied while taking a sip of your now cold drink and taking your phone to continue reading your webtoon.

Taeyong laid his head down on the table. He felt your hands softly stroke his hair which calmed him down. Slowly, his eyes began to flutter shut and he drifted away to his dreams.

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As promised, here is my Marilyn Manson concert experience. 

My friend and I were directly behind the people at the barrier.  While Manson’s crew was setting up we made friends with a guy named Greg from Northern Ontario who had rum and cokes in both hands but was a very nice dad. He gave 0 fucks and didn’t let anyone squeeze between or go in front of us. Manson starts out with Angel With the Scabbed Wings, an ultimate throwback to 8th grade jam. The crowd was pretty crazy but Greg from Northern Ontario had us covered blocked most of the crowd for us.  Manson threw some bag of pink powder that hit me and Greg from Northern Ontario and got all over my shoulder.  This girl soon pushed her way next to us and said the guys on the other side were too aggressive. She was super cute and cool and told us it was her 11th time seeing Manson and it was the worst performance so far and that he was wasted.  This was apparent when Manson took out a saxophone out of thin air and started a little doot-doot routine and no one knew what was going on. He said something like “how long do you think I can play without breathing” and played for about 4 seconds.  Soon after whoever plays guitar now threw a pick at me and it hit me and fell on the ground and had to find.  Now this is where Manson came down from the stage the first time.  He sat at the edge of the stage with his legs dangling and waited for security to lift him down like a baby.  He was walking around in front of the barrier and the entire crowd was pushing in every direction. Everyone wanted a slice of old goth ass and I needed a chiropractor. Greg from Northern Ontario was too old for this shit and had abandoned us for the back of the crowd. I was being lifted off my damn feet every time the crowd moved yet I was in the same spot moving with them.  Some other dad replaced Greg from Northern Ontario’s spot and kept telling everyone it was past his bedtime and that he was sweating like a pig.  Between songs he screamed that Manson was looking around on the ground for his career and the security guard told him to shut up, which he replied to enjoy his $10 an hour job.  Mentioned girl before made him apologize to security and shake his hand.  A beautiful intersection of goth girl/lonely dad/security guard sagas. All in all Manson basically crawled around on the ground and sang as I tried to not get my ribs crushed for the last 4 or 5 songs. 

the rare times that kuroo is in an extremely bad mood and will snap at kenma, kenma will take a deep breath, go outside for a moment to let kuroo cool off, then come back inside an hour later only to find kuroo waiting for him with a guilty look on his face and an apology. kenma will then hold kuroo’s hand and tell him it’s okay, he’s here for him.

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Dnp are on the couch when things heat up, Dan jacking Phil's cock when Phil stops him because he needs to go piss but Dan doesn't let go and pushes Phil back on the sofa and keeps him there until Phil loses control all over them and Dan comes three times that night

THE 👏 DETAIL 👏 IN 👏 THIS 👏 ASK 👏👏👏👏 (also this’ll be my last headcanon for tonight I’m sorry babes xoxo)

🌸 It started with lazy kissing. A happy, loving kiss, that quickly got dirty. They were just happy there, in their small bubble of light.

🌸 Once the moans started to slip between mouths, Dan reached into Phil’s slacks, wrapping a hand around his cock and jerking him off slowly.

🌸 Phil stopped Dan before he got too wound up, looking at Dan. “Bear, I gotta go to the toilet, I’ll be back in half a minute,” he said, trying to get up.

🌸 Dan pushed him back against the couch, smirking. “Noooo, stay here, pee here,” Dan said mischievously, starting to press down on Phil’s bladder.

🌸 Phil gasped, using every ounce of willpower to hold back the stream that was bound to burst at any second. His eyes were filling with tears as his boyfriend put more and more pressure on his bladder, until he couldn’t hold it anymore.

🌸 Phil let go with a whimpery, tearful moan, piss seeping through the gray slacks, turning them near black. Phil’s hips kept rutting up, the pleasure of his bladder deflating too good.

🌸 After Phil had made a complete mess, he grabbed Dan by the collar, his dominant side coming out. That night, Dan came three times as punishment - one untouched, one from just Phil’s fingers, and one from being fucked. Maybe Dan would have learnt his lesson.

Ficlet: Monster Hunt

“A’right,” Dean said, eyes flicking between his phone screen and the intersection they were at. “Okay.”

Castiel, too, was concentrating on his phone screen, frowning. “I think the GPS signal is poor here. We keep getting contradicting directions.”

Eyes glued to his phone, Dean ignored the odd looks as people swarmed past them while he turned in a very slow circle.

“People are going to think we’re lost, Dean,” Cas sighed, giving up and pocketing his phone. “Or crazy.”

“I kill monsters for a living and God’s sister wanted to keep me as a pet. What these people think of me is the least of my concerns.” When the screen let out a small pulse, he reached out blindly and grabbed Cas by the hand, tugging him along with an excited grin. “Besides! This is the most fun I’ve had on a monster hunt basically in forever.”

He missed the look of surprise on the other man’s face, the way it melted into something soft and warm as he gazed at the hand holding his, pulling him along in determination.

When the phone screen changed to an incoming call, Dean swore and angrily swiped at it, putting the phone to his ear. “Bad timing, Sam, I am closing- You what? …WHERE?! I have been trying to-for three days! Okay, okay. We’re, uh,  making our way your direction. Don’t let it escape. Wha- I don’t know how, just stay there!”

Cas’ smile widen as Dean turned his head to flash a feral grin, fingers tightening just slightly on Cas’ hand. “That Ditto is mine.”

“Of course, Dean.”

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ok but Bucky having an obsession with Stitch (make it angst)

“How’s he doing today?” Steve asks Dr Ramonda the same question every morning when he arrives at the facility, and she always has the grace to find something new to tell him. Even when nothing has changed, she never lets him feel like things are bleak. 

It would be easy to, to be honest. The procedure to remove the triggers in Bucky’s brain had worked, sure, but it had also caused plenty of damage along the way. There is progress, Bucky can pretty much take care of himself by now, but recovery is extremely slow going. The doctors are confident he’ll get everything back with time, but right now it’s painful when stares at Steve blankly, jaw slack and uncomprehending. 

“He had a good night, he’s watching that film again.” Dr Ramonda smiles at Steve, handing him the stats for the week so he has something to read while he sits with Bucky and doesn’t get a response. “Only twice today, he took a break for breakfast.”

“That’s good.” Steve smiles back, because any progress is great these days. Sam can’t be here, can’t see Bucky like this because he’s got a secret love for the guy and can’t handle seeing him helpless. Maybe Steve should take a leaf out of his book for his own sanity, but he can’t stand to leave Bucky all alone. 

He swipes into the hospital room and Bucky actually looks up, slides his eyes over to clock Steve before he goes back to staring at the TV screen. He watches the same two movies (Frozen and Lilo and Stitch) over and over recently, only shows an emotion when someone turns them off. Today it’s Lilo and Stitch again, that seems to be his favourite. 

Steve settles on the couch beside Bucky and talks to him (at him?) for a while, telling him about what’s been happening with the Avengers and how strange Wakanda is compared to New York. He quickly runs out of things to say and just sits with Bucky, letting the familiar movie wash over him and occasionally apologises, quietly, for this whole mess. 

The third time he apologises for dragging Bucky back into the Commandos when he should’ve been home and recuperating from being fucking tortured, Bucky reaches out and puts his hand on Steve’s arm. It shocks Steve into silence, because it’s the first time Bucky’s touched him since before he went into cryo. 

“Ohana.” Bucky says, clear but quiet, not looking away from the TV. Steve feels his eyes start to prickle as he stares at Bucky, because he’s sat with him enough to know what that means. 

“Nobody’s getting left behind.” He promises, hoarsely. Bucky nods slightly and slides his hand down to lace their fingers together. 

Something I Need - Part 1 (Michael Clifford)

A/N: CEO!Michael requested by @sugardaddyymichael​. Requests closed.

10:58 P.M.

Michael read the time on the clock that was hanging on his office wall. He ran a hand through his hair and let out a sigh, telling himself that it was time for him to go home. He had spent the past five hours going through a mountain of paper work, sorting through them, and he was barely almost done. He could have gone home at 6 P.M., but he had no where to be and he didn’t feel like going home to his big, empty house. So, he stayed in his office. But it was late now, and he needed to get some rest. Michael cleared his desk, leaving the remaining papers in a neat stack for him to finish the next day. He then closed his briefcase, threw on his jacket, shut off his desk lamp, and walked out before locking his office door.

As CEO of his family’s company – CliffTech Co. – Michael was a busy person. It felt like he was always working, even on his days off, but as CEO, it also had it’s perks. He had everything – money, a big house, a nice car, fancy clothes… He was basically set for life. But as successful as he was, there were times where he didn’t feel so successful. He had everything, but still, it felt like there was still something missing from his life. 

Because he was always so busy, Michael didn’t have much of a social life. A real social life. He was always surrounded by people, but they were usually professionals and other businessmen and women that he had nothing in common with other than the work that they do. He was always buried in his work and didn’t get to see his friends as much as he liked. And as for his dating life, well, that was just as bad. Not only did he not have time to worry about relationships, most of the girls that he dated only wanted him for his money, which sucked. Just because Michael had millions of dollars, it didn’t mean that he was always happy. And every night, when he came home from work and lied awake in bed, he only hoped that – whatever it was – he would find his true happiness one day.

But he had no idea that he already had it ever since the day that he met you.

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Fire Meet Gasoline

Author: castielohcastiel

Pairing: Castiel x Demon!Reader

Word Count:1803

Warnings: language, fluff, some angst

A/N: Anon. Request :  Could you do a fic based on the song Fire meets Gasoline? Castiel x Reader.

Song: Fire meet Gasoline by Sia

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Castiel appeared as soon as Dean called for him, startling the Winchester brothers, who stood next to the black Impala. The boys filled the angel in on the current situation, there had been a few too many deaths around the city. “Demons, but I don’t know why they are here,” Sam shook his head, looking around, “But let’s make this quick.” Dean and Castiel agreed, as the made their way to the side of the warehouse.

“Go ahead, kill me. Send me back to hell,” You laugh, spitting the blood that started to fill your mouth, out. Your hands were tied down to the chair you sat in. They wanted answers, they wanted to know where he was. What they didn’t know, was they could never get you to even say his name. It hurt too much. Just thinking about those blue eyes. “Come on, Y/N. You’re one of us. What happened to you?” Laughing at the question, you can’t help but think of the angel. He was everything you needed to hate, needed to fear. And you did at first, but it was over the second you gazed upon the angel in the beige trench coat. It was everything you never knew you wanted. When the angels came after you and the rest of the demons, he lead the way. A force to be reckon with, but those blue eyes faltered when he looked at you. Surrounded by demons and angels, the two of you faced each other and when each side move toward the other, ready to fight, you slipped into the back. You turned your back on hell in that moment and fled into the night. The color blue never left your mind.

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Fridays | Part 3 |

Plot- He didn’t fight, he didn’t argue, he didn’t defend himself, he didn’t go anything but let you slip through his fingertips. He continued his routine, and you knew he was never going to stop. There was no one who would be able to change that pathetic habit of his, much to everyone’s disappointment. 

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 ||


“Take a deep breath, you’re okay.” Jimin softly whispered to you, rubbing your back softly as tears strung at the corners of your eyes. He ran a soothing hand through your hair as he continued to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. He held you to his chest, the both of you huddled on the floor, ignoring the looks people would be sending you. 

“He-He chose her.” You whimpered into his chest, tightly clutching the fabric of the poor boy’s uniform. JImin nodded, his chin finding itself on the top of your head. He quietly listened to your rant, adding an additional hum of agreement when it was needed. 

“I can’t believe him! He’s never done this, and when I’m out the equation, he suddenly decides to settle down for the worst person ever!” You muttered, your eyes narrowing at the couple from afar. You watched as they shared loving kisses, exchanged loving looks, held each other close. 

“That’s supposed to be me.” You told Jimin, who snuck a glance at them, pursing his lips in distaste. “If anything, they don’t look that good together.” 

“You know what, I don’t care anymore. I’m better off without him.”

“She’s got terrible pores.” 

“He’s happy with her, I shouldn’t care, right JImin?” 

“I don’t like her hair color either, yours is much better.” 


“And she’s got terrible taste in clothes.” 

“Jimin!” You exclaimed in his ear, causing him to let out a hoot of laughter. He shrugged his shoulders, wrapping an arm around your tiny frame, pulling your smaller body to his chest. “I’m just trying to ease the mood (Y/N)-ah.” He said, shooting you his cheeky smile. 

You huffed, turning your glare away from the distasteful couple and towards your best friend. “You’re something else Park Jimin.” You mumbled, laying your head onto his shoulder, a sudden chill going through your body once you did so. You looked up, meeting Jungkook’s dark eyes from across the hallway, his decision hanging tightly onto his arm. 

You scoffed, picking up your things and quickly heading over to your next class, despite it being free period. “(Y/N)-ah!” You heard Jimin’s fading voice call from being you, to which you ignored, only stopping to take a detour to the bathroom, hearing distant footsteps following you. 

You slammed the door closed, leaning against the sink to catch your breath. “I-I can’t do this.” You muttered, already knowing who entered the bathroom without even having to turn around, their presence familiar enough. Jungkook placed a hand on your shoulder, only to have it be forcefully shoved off. 

“Don’t you dare touch me.” 

“Can we just talk?” 

“There’s nothing to talk about Jeon Jungkook.” 

“There’s plenty to talk about.” 

“Fine.” You hissed, throwing your bag on the ground and shoving his chest harshly, making him stumble back in shock. “Let’s start with you saying you’ll never replace me, but here you are, with the same girl for a whole fucking week. You made me feel special, you made me feel wanted despite you having other people on the side. But you let me walk away, you let me go without saying anything, and here you are, choosing someone when all I ever wanted was for you to choose me.” 

He stood silent, chewing on his bottom lip as he peeked at you from behind his bangs. Letting out a huff of frustration, you angrily shoved him back once again, causing him to land on his bottom. You looked down at him, ignoring the brimming tears threatening to fall. 

“Love me, choose me, pick me.” You told him flatly, staring at his blank stature, only diminishing your hope for anything to happen. You let out a bitter laugh, shaking your head at your pathetic exclamation. “You’re a hopeless cause Jeon Jungkook.” You concluded, stepping over him and leaving him alone in the bathroom, not caring about your discarded things left in the bathroom. 

He watched your retreating figure, letting a sigh escape his lips when he heard the door slam behind you. He angrily clutched at is hair, glaring at the blank wall, when he was sure you were gone, he frustratingly screamed, the loud noise echoing around the empty walls of the bathroom. 

“You should’ve fought for her, idiot.” Jungkook flinched, his glare set on the owner. “You shouldn’t be one to talk. You’re supposed to act like her friend, not her fucking lover.” Jimin scoffed, rolling his eyes at the childish boy sitting on the floor of the filthy school bathroom. 

“Maybe if you weren’t such a little shit, she’d actually want to hang out with you.” 

“That wasn’t part of the deal. You aren’t supposed to touch her or anything.”

“Next time you pay me to do some pathetic errands for you, make sure to double it. I didn’t agree to be cried and yelled at.” Jimin hissed, getting your things, slinging it over his shoulder. “Now if you don’t mind, I have to comfort your little girlfriend since you’re making my job harder than it’s supposed to be.”

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Sabriel 29 please?

Hello, lovely anon! Thank you for being patient, but this is one of my favorite things to think about. ^^ Soooo, here it is! I hope you like! 

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Sam scrubbed his eyes as he waited for the shitty motel coffee machine to spit out some caffeine. For the first time in three straight days, Lucifer wasn’t hanging over his shoulder singing Stairway to Heaven banging a wooden stake on everything in sight, but Sam knew the reprieve wouldn’t last. The moment he let his guard down, Lucifer would be back, and the torture would continue, like it always did. He had to be ready for it.

As soon as the last drops of coffee spattered into the pot, he lifted the battered carafe with both trembling hands. The tiny paper cup seemed like an impossible target in his state, but he was a Winchester, dammit, and he wasn’t going to be stopped by a little sleep deprivation.

Sam almost screamed in frustration when he heard the rustle of Angel wings behind him.  

 “Surprise, Sam! I’m not dead!” Gabriel grinned, tossing a shoe from hand to hand, “I brought you a peace offering. One missing Sasquatch shoe.”

Sam ignored the hallucination as he cradled his coffee to his chest and staggered back to his computer. He’d been hoping for more time before Lucifer butted in, but it didn’t matter. His research on the Leviathan killings wasn’t going to suffer just because the Devil Himself decided to throw yet another rotten trick at him.

Unfortunately, the Gabriel clone followed, draping himself over the chair across from Sam’s. “Fuckin’ a, kid, have you even slept since I died?” He snapped up a sucker, scrutinizing the groggy hunter. “Your bags have bags.”

“Get out of my head,” Sam growled, thumping his cup down, not even flinching as the scalding contents sloshed over his hand.

Gabriel frowned, opening his mouth to make a snarky response when Dean unlocked the motel door.

“Okay, the burgers are a little cold, but—” He froze, staring at the Gabriel hallucination.

Sam staggered to his feet as his brother whipped out his pistol.

“Well, hello to you, too, Rapunzel,” Gabriel grinned, leaning back and folding his arms behind his head, “Fancy meeting you here.”

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Dean demanded, leveling the barrel at the archangel’s chest as Sam looked between them, his eyes wild.

“You… you can see him?”

Dean faltered, the muzzle dropping a fraction as Gabriel made a face. “I was faking my death, kiddo, it’s not like I’m just your personal imaginary friend. Although I am flattered,” he continued, tilting his head as Sam edged closer, “You’ve been thinking about me, even after all this time—”

The room went silent as Sam touched Gabriel’s cheek with his finger. “You’re real?”

“…As real as you are,” he countered, his smug look fading into one of confusion. “Are you doing okay? You’re being really we—”

Sam took a swing at him, socking Gabriel in the arm when the archangel tried to flinch away. “You sonovabitch!”

“Hey, hey, easy!” Gabriel stumbled up and out of his chair as the hunter lunged at him again.

“You fucking died, and now you decide to come back? Now you decide to do this shit to us?” He swiped again, snarling when Gabriel danced just out of reach. “Fuck off!”

“Sam, I can explain…” Gabriel pleaded, dodging another clumsy hook. “I had to lay low, okay? My Grace was weak, and I was going to get killed for real. I didn’t have a lot of options.”

Dean kept his gun trained on the archangel. “How do we know you aren’t bullshitting us?”

“Because where else am I going to go? I’m a traitor to the holy order or whatever the angels are calling it, not to mention that the Pagans think I’m bad juju now, too. The best bet I have is joining up with Team Free Will.” He caught Sam when he staggered into him, scowling. “Please quit trying to beat me to a pulp while I’m begging for my life, kiddo, it’s really getting annoying.”

“I thought you were dead,” Sam hissed, his eyes filling with angry tears, “And I have been reliving your death for months. I am done with angels and demons and the goddamn Devil Himself, so you can go straight to hell for all I care, because I am done with this nightmare!”

Gabriel stared into Sam’s exhausted, hurt face, his scowl turning somber. “We can talk about this after you’ve had some sleep, kiddo.” He offered a hand, the soft glow of Grace swirling lazily along the length of his hand. “You’re hanging on to consciousness by the skin of your eye-teeth.”

Sam’s face twisted. “Don’t patronize me.”

“I’m not. You can beat me up or whatever after you’ve had a little shut-eye, okay? You’re just not exactly in fighting shape right now, champ.”

He eyed Gabriel’s proffered hand, hoping against hope that it wasn’t just another dirty trick. “You… you won’t leave?”

Gabriel made a little ‘x’ over his heart. “Like I said, I have nowhere else to go. Besides, we have a little bit of catching up to do. Y’know, after the beatdown and whatnot.”

There was a beat of silence before Sam took a deep breath and put his hand in Gabriel’s. And the archangel was still around to get a few bruises once Sam woke up three days later.

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