You Can’t Just Leave Me Like This Calum Smut Part Two

A/N: this isn’t as smutty as the first part but i’ve decided i’ll make a few parts because why not? Let me know if you want the next part to contain visuals here

Warning: smut

Part One

For the whole dinner you could see Calum, who was sat next to you, adjusting his jeans. A smirk constantly fell on your lips as you ate and enjoyed him squirming.

“Shall we go out to get dessert?” Your mum suggests. Calum tenses from beside you before you feel his hand on your thigh.

You knew what he was going to do.

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“Okay. I’m good. Time to go,” You said, swinging your legs over the edge of the bed. You were about ready to pull the IV from your arm and hop to your feet when Sam stopped you with a hand on your arm. “What?”

He tilted his head at you and raised his eyebrows. “Y/N…”

“What? I’m fine. Let’s go,” you said.

Dean stepped forward and gave you a stern look. “You have staples in your head. You’re not fine. Now get back in that bed.”

You scowled at him. “What if I don’t? Are you going to make me?” you sassed back.

Cas stepped forward now too. “Yes. We will. And it won’t be hard because I can sense that you’re weak.”

You wrinkled your nose at the angel. “You’re…weak…” you muttered under your breath, but you obliged and slid back into bed, crossing your arms over your chest and pouting. Team Free Will looked satisfied.

“You need your rest,” Dean said. “Because without you at the bunker I’m the only one keeping Sam and Cas from throttling each other,” he said with a half-smile.

Cas shot him a look. “That’s not true, Dean.”

Sam laughed. “He’s right, Dean. It’s not fighting. It’s love,” Sam added, fake emotion evident in his voice. “We just can’t keep it in anymore,” he choked out dramatically. He put an arm around Cas’ shoulders which Cas attempted to shrug off. 

You looked on in amusement as Cas continued to try to shake Sam off him. “You guys are dorks,” you said, pretending to be annoyed, adding an eye roll for effect, but you couldn’t hold back the smile as you looked at the three of them clustered there in your hospital room.

Lately I have been 
whispering to the 
flowers and telling
them about the soul
I met with a love for
the sea and a heart 
full of daydreams.

The flowers ask me 
how many times I 
have felt this way, 
and I tell them this 
is the first time I 
have ever let someone
hold my hand while
it is cold.

Tell me I am going 
crazy, but I keep 
diving in the ocean
at night and opening
the windows while
it rains.

I am so afraid
of leaving the
windows open,
and having cold
hands again.
Please do not
let me drown,
my heart is
finally learning
how to swim

—  Flower talk.

Speculation: TS claims that it was a misunderstanding, i.e. they claim that the members misunderstood something in the contract about their payment. We’re talking about a contract that they’ve looked over themselves and with lawyers before they actually sued the agency. How can so many people misunderstand the exact same contract?

Plus TS kept avoiding trials and refusing to show the actual papers with all the payment accounts. Why? If it was all a misunderstanding. Why drag it for eight months and avoid trials and play ignorant?

I’m so lost. I can’t even. It’s frustrating. Too many loose ends. Not enough logic to tie them up. We all know that TS is covering up their own asses. How is that respecting the boys, or making amends? 

EXO Reaction when you jump on them and end in an awkward position

I hope you guys like it! ILY, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: “Jagi? What are you doing on top of me? I thought you only wanted to sleep…”

Kris: *You accidentally put your hand on his member and he starts to act like a little kid* “Oh Y/N!!” *Giggles*

Sehun: “Oh Y/n… I’m not letting you go now!” *Pulls you close*

Tao: *Boner time* “What should I do… oh .. damn…”

Kai: *He is more scared than you, doesn’t even notice in the awkward position you two are*

Xiumin: “Do you want me to comfort you? I can totally make you forget about that movie…”

Baekhyun: *Naughty Baek* “Are you flirting with me??”

Luhan: *Runs away before you can even go to him* “THERE’S A MONSTER!!!”

Chen: *Does funny things so you move and you both don’t get awkward*

Kyungsoo: *Acts all innocent* “Come jagi… I’m scared” *Creepy Soo*

Lay: *Mental Breakdown*

Suho: “Stay here Y/N I’ll protect you” *Holds you tight and kisses you slowly*

A Writers’ Prayer

O Lord,

Give me strength to not ragequit when I can’t think of a good opening sentence,

And stamina to write all the transitional sequences

Lord, let me not fall into despair when the characters won’t do what I fucking want them to do,

or when the story takes a sudden, unexpected turn

And ye though I walk through the valley of multiple redrafts

let me not throw my hands up and go, ‘FUCK IT THAT WILL DO’ 

But be comfortable by the time I hit ‘post’

O Lord, please let and AO3 not chew the living fuck out of my formatting

And please forgive me my tropes,

My typos, and the dirty, dirty gay sex,

And may all my readers click ‘review’.


John really should have seen this coming. Ever since Sam became mobile first he was crawling then walking as fast as his chubby little legs could carry him following after Dean and Dean didn’t mind, nope not at all he loved being the apple of Sam’s eyes and he made sure that he never walked to fast, that Sam could always catch up and never once said anything when Sam reached for his hand, clinging just as tightly to Sam, if not more.

So John knew that when it came time for Dean to start school that there might be some issues, Dean and Sam hadn’t been apart for more than a few minutes let alone hours. John had pulled both his sons into his lap and explained as best he could that Dean was a big boy now and big boys went to school but Sam was still too little to go. It had broken John’s heart to see his baby’s eyes fill with tears and when Sam reached out for Dean John shifted Sam into his brother’s arms.

It should have raised alarm bells that Dean accepted this news so easily and his promise, “It will be okay Sammy.”

It didn’t.

So it would explain John’s disbelief at walking in to find Sam sitting patiently in Dean’s backpack with Dean struggling to get it up around his little brother. John didn’t know whether to laugh or groan that his oldest son was determined to smuggle his baby brother into school with him, something told him that this might be the first time but it wouldn’t be the last time Dean attempted this.

katieinflames asked: Hi! I’m really into dystopian novels but I’ve read all the well known ones such as Divergent and Hunger Games. I was wondering if you had any suggestions that maybe are not as well known? Thanks!

I can help with that! I love dystopian novels too. The good ones always seem to make me think “What If?”- some more so than others, but here are some ones that aren’t as popular that I love! 

1. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

2. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan 

3. Wither by Lauren DeStefano 

4. Unwind by Neal Shusterman

5. Legend by Marie Lu

6. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Thanks for the question! Happy reading! 

Week 2 Prompts

Prompt #4: (AU) Long term housemates/roommates/neighbors finally figuring out they’re in love.

Prompt #5: (AU or Canon compliant)  Kurt and Blaine get caught making out by papa!Anderson.

Prompt #6: (Canon compliant)  Events leading up to or context around the “no hands south of the equator” rule.


Just a few reminders guys: 

  1. You’re more than welcome to still write for the earlier prompts!  
  2. Always taking more submissions for new prompts (the ideas coming in are awesome so far!).  
  3. You are welcome to rec fics that fit any of the prompts. 
  4. Let’s get some artwork/vids going!  If you have a rec, or an idea for a prompt for artwork/vids please drop a line! 

After a weekend of rest and reflection that sometimes manifested in dream epics, playing out my deepest fears and knowledge I keep hidden (even from myself) here is me. Ready to go again, to try with all of me, to be the best person I can and play my hand. I wanted to share this because I often forget that step after I’ve processed it all, to move forward with fervor and gratitude. Sometimes I forget to process, at all. Let’s remember to live with purpose. – Megan Boone / Instagram – 8/2/2015

Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Dean meets a women named Y/N and tries to be something more than what people expect of him. 

Warnings: AU, self-doubt/hate (from Dean but what’s new), John’s an ass

Words: 2096

Note: Idk where this came from but I really like it. I sort of want this to be mainly about Dean.

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He’s Stressed Out [Harry Styles Imagine]

You stood in the kitchen of you shared flat with your boyfriend, Harry Styles. Harry was currently at the studio with the other boys whilst you were preparing dinner for the two of you. You and Harry had been together for almost four years now after meeting during one of their shows by accident, you were going with your friend and managed to run into him. You weren’t a huge fan so you didn’t scream or anything and he appreciated it, a month later, you were dating.

The front door slammed shut, letting you know Harry was home. You waited for him to come to you as usual, him normally wrapping his arms around you and kissing your cheek. Tonight, on the other hand, Harry basically ran towards you, burying his face into your shoulder, you soon feeling his tears on your shoulder which made you worry.

“Harry honey, what’s wrong?” You asked softly, turning around so you could rub your hand up and down his back softly. “Shh,” you whispered, kissing his cheek.

“I can’t do it Y/N!” He said into your shoulder, a sob escaping his lips. “All of this is too much!” Your heart broke at the broken boy in your arms, he loved doing what he did but you knew how much it stressed him out sometimes and this wasn’t the first time he’d broken down in your arms.

“It’s okay Haz,” you said, trying your best to soothe him. Harry just shook his head against your shoulder and you reached back to turn the oven off before guiding Harry towards your bedroom. “Lay down with me,” you said but you noticed Harry’s breathing had sped up and you’d seen this before in him, only once, before a show. 

“I-I c-can’t b-breath,” Harry mumbled into your shoulder as you could feel his hot breathe against your neck and his heart was pounding against his chest. You just hugged him closer to you as you rubbed your hands up and down his back gently, trying to keep him reassured that you were there with him and that he was okay. You’d learnt from the other time that the only thing that calmed him down was keeping him reassured that you were with him. 

“I’m here baby,” you mumbled into his shoulder, “and I’m not going anywhere. Just take deep breaths for me.” You knew that patience was the key in this kind of situation so you just let your hand slip up and down Harry’s back until you felt his breathing slow down and his heart rate too. “Come and lay down with me boo,” you whispered, he nodded and you took his hand in yours, leading him over to the bed. You laid down on the bed and he slipped in infront of you as you wrapped his arms around his waist, his hand immediately grabbing yours.

“Please don’t go anywhere,” he mumbled, voice slightly muffled by his pillow. 

“I’m not going anywhere Haz, now, tell me what happened at the studio today that’s put you in such a state.” Your fingers ran through his long locks as his hand gripped yours tighter, a sniffle escaping him as he thought about his terrible day.

“I just couldn’t seem to get anything right today and then my head hurt and all that pressure and the fans and I just can’t deal with it,” he replied, breaking down into sobs again. With a sigh, you sat up and brushed your hand through his curls before pressing a kiss to his forehead and rubbing his hip gently. 

“You can deal with it Haz. I know it seems hard right now but you can deal with this. How about you call up and we can arrange for you to have a few days off?” You asked, hating how this and how much stress and pressure he was under, it broke your heart. Harry was normally so carefree and happy which made the times that he wasn’t that bit more heartbreaking. 

“I need a break Y/N, please help me.” You returned to your position of the big spoon and held Harry tightly, hoping that he might fall into some much needed sleep to calm him down. You made a mental note to contact his management and sort out him having a few days off while he was asleep but for now, you stayed where you were, holding your boyfriend to help him feel a little bit better about everything that was currently going on.


It was almost half ten when Harry awoke from his nap. You’d managed to sort out three days off for him and you’d called your boss too so you two could just spend some much needed time together and you could make sure your boyfriend was okay as that’s who your main priority was at the moment. 

“Hey Haz,” you smiled as his eyes fluttered open and he looked over at you. “You feeling better?” He just nodded, turning over and wrapping his arms around your waist so he could bury his face in your shoulder. “You’ve got the next three days off and so have I,”

“Thank you Y/N, I love you so much,” he mumbled into your shoulder, pressing a kiss to your neck. 

“I know you needed this Harry, I love you too baby,” you laid like that for a while, you running your fingers through his hair and his head buried in your shoulder, the TV playing quietly in the background as you let your eyes flutter shut. It had been a long day at work, you’d had a lot of paper work to fill in and send off as well as your boss constantly being on your back about everything.

“I’m going to sleep,” Harry whispered and with a giggle you nodded, placing a kiss to his hair before turning off your bedside lamp but leaving the TV on the background as it helped you sleep before you rested your cheek on the top of Harry’s head and let your eyes slip closed again, the world of sleep taking over both of you as you fell into a much needed sleep.

man i’m enjoying writing these Short Fics so here’s another one

“Spy, I’m…” Sniper stepped through the doorway into his van, holding a cliché bouquet of red and yellow tulips. Spy’s favorite flower did little to dissuade him from giving Sniper the silent treatment. He sat with a practiced stillness, head turned away from Sniper, arms folded across his lap.

Sniper tiptoed over to where Spy was sitting, not wanting to to be the spark that set his fuse off. “C'mon, love, don’t be like that.” His free hand started to rub at Spy’s shoulder, but Spy barely stirred at the contact. “I do hate fighting with you, I hope you know that.”

Spy still wouldn’t respond to Sniper’s pleas for reconciliation. Determined all the same, Sniper grabbed Spy’s hand and wrapped it around the the bottom of the bouquet. The second Sniper let go, the flowers fell to the floor.

The sight of his “I’m sorry” gift dumped on the floor like it was nothing pushed Sniper over the edge. He was tired of being ignored, tired of the cold shoulder; he was Spy’s boyfriend for god’s sake and he didn’t think Spy had said a word to him in the past couple of days. Except for on the battlefield, where he spoke with the same calm disconnect with which he spoke to all his colleagues.

“Goddammit, Spy, at least look at me! Talk to me, tell me to go fuck myself, just stop with the ignoring me! I know I messed up, but look at me! I’m sorry, Spy, I really-”

Sniper’s tearful monologue was interrupted by the creak of the van door, and then Spy walked in, eyebrows raised.

“Sniper? I heard you calling me, what do you–” Sniper wrapped his arms around the Spy sitting down reflexively as Spy’s eyes widened, mind racing to process what he was seeing.

Sure looked a lot like him sitting on that chair. That was definitely one of his suits, it wasn’t the enemy spy. The skin was… lifelike. Certainly not real, but real enough that a passing glance might…

Spy blanched.

It was one of his Dead Ringer corpses. Sniper had one of his fake corpses, dragged from battle and propped up in a chair in his van, and was arguing with it like a lover. Spy didn’t know whether he wanted to pass out or run.

At least Sniper had the decency to put his lover’s quarrel on hold while he dealt with the intruder. He turned his head towards Spy, eyes low and voice curt. “I’m sorry you have to see this, I don’t usually fight with my boyfriend in front of people.”

The sound tunneled out of Spy’s ears right around the word “boyfriend”, and he just stumbled towards the door of the van, tripping down the steps and running back towards base. Sniper turned back to his “boyfriend”, taking his hand and squeezing.

“So are you ready to talk it out?”

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     “Come on, Dean!” you squealed, tugging his arm and pouncing around in the sand. “Hurry up, guys!” 

     “Will you calm down? We’ve got all day, Y/N.” Dean grumbled, tripping over sand. You let go of his hand and ran into the salty ocean water, smiling as the wind picked up. “Hey, get back here! Do you have sunscreen on? Huh?” 

     “Yes! Remember, I put it on before we left the hotel.” you groaned, running back to the boys. 

     “So, what do you guys want to do?” Sam asked. “We should rent a boat.”  

     “Yes, later. I promised Dean I’d kick his ass at volleyball before we did anything else.” You smirked. 

     “You won’t beat me.” Dean snorted, crossing his arms over his chest. 

     “You want to put some money on that? Loser buys the winner drinks for a week.” 

     “Well, hell, you know I’m in.” Dean shook your hand, sealing the deal. 

     “I can already taste the margaritas.” you hummed, smirking at Dean. “Yum.” 

imagine riding ashtons thigh like at first you two were just getting really intimate and and you were beginning to get really needy and your core ached for ashtons touch. you started grinding on him to get some relief but he grabs you by the hips and stops you and says, “oh babygirl you’re so impatient” and you moan in response. he reaches down to your leggings and slowly inches them off you, leaving you in your pink lace panties. ashton licks his lips when he saw them. he picked you up by your hips and placed you on his thigh. you put your arms around him and bring him in for a very needy kiss. he starts bouncing his thigh and you realize what he wanted you to do. you started grinding on his thigh and you moan into his mouth, showing him how good it feels. he takes his hand and starts to rub your clit in figure eights. you start to feel your orgasm building. ashton whispers in you ear and says “let go pretty girl” and thats all it took for you to release everything you had onto his thigh. ashton smirks at you and says “round 2?”

anonymous asked:

"What are Lexa and Raven fighting about?"

“Put me down!” interrupted the meeting between mother and daughter. 

Clarke and Abby both took off running into the forest. As they neared the creative threats and colorful swears, they also heard laughing. 

When they entered the clearing, they saw that Raven was hanging upside down by a rope that was attached to an overhead tree. Raven reached over her head and picked up a handful of fallen leaves to throw at Lexa who was having trouble breathing because she was laughing so hard. 

“Lexa, what’s going on?” Clarke asked. 

Lexa dabbed at her eyes, “Payback.”

“Fine,” Raven crossed her arms, “I won’t leave reptiles in your tent anymore. Now let me down.”

Abby helped Raven sit up as Lexa cut Raven’s feet down. When her feet were released, Raven grinned at Abby, “My hero.”

“Oh my god,” Clarke rolled her eyes and took Lexa’s hand, “Let’s go.”

“So remember that the truce we made was a few seconds ago so the frog that I put in your ten an hour ago doesn’t count as breaking the truce,” Raven added, making sure that both Griffin women were between her and Lexa.

Lexa grinned and made a lunge at Raven. Raven jumped out of the way and her ankle got caught in another trap. 

Lexa, Abby, and Clarke all started laughing and Raven tried to take a swing at Lexa as she swung closer to the group, “Lexa!” 

Did You Miss Me? | Min Yoongi

inspired by this here prompt from otpprompts.

It was the night Yoongi had gotten back from touring. He ripped the hair tie from your hair and let his fingers get tangled in it, humming into your lips as he did so. You lifted the shirt from his torso and smoothed your hands over his chest because oh how you’ve missed him and his soft, sleek skin that seemed to go on forever. He then reached around to undo your bra (because your dress was the first to go) and discarded it to the floor as he backed you into the bed.

He placed himself between your legs, arms holding himself up on either side of your head, keeping you planted there. You made quick work at unbuckling his pants and pushing them down halfway so he could shimmy himself out of them. 

God, I’ve missed you.” He murmured into your collarbone, kissing seeds into your skin that would surely turn into little purple blossoms by the morning. 

“Really?” You asked as Yoongi’s lips traveled down your chest and stomach, coming to a halt between your thighs, “How much?”

Yoongi slid your panties from your legs in one swift motion, coming back to nibble teasingly at the inside of your thigh. His breath was searing against your skin as he hovered over you, a smirk on his face, “This much.”

You gasped as his mouth began to work between your legs. Blossoming you up and up and up, your petals slowly stretching out and open, accepting any and all sticky, sweet pleasure he had to offer. Yoongi chuckled as he watched your back arch and your fingers grab at the sheets because he knew and you knew that he was the only one who could do this to you; he was the only one who could have you writhing and grasping for more, more, more.

You were close; so, so close. And you thought, for a second, that Yoongi might actually let you come this time. But no, The Great Min Yoongi has never been that giving, because at the very last second he pulled himself away, smirking at the whine sounding in the back of your throat. 

“Did that answer your question?” He asked peering over you, your foreheads nearly touching. 

You reached up and pulled him down by the nape of his neck, kissing him fervently, trying desperately to drink the sunlight he always kept shaded around everyone else except you, “Did that answer yours?”

Yoongi smiled and gave you one more peck before lifting himself up to shuck his boxers. He then lined himself up, and pressed into you slowly, working you up to a pace that was just enough to keep you on edge. You bit your bottom lip and your fingers scratched at his back. Yoongi sprinkled kisses and nibbles onto your neck, your jaw, your ear, your temple. His hands came under your knees and pulled you into him as close as possible. They then traveled down your thighs and around your hips and into your waist before they came back up and settled on your breasts. 

He’d been gone so long he was scared that he’d forget this oh-so-magnificent feeling of you under him. But now that he had you back in his arms he knew he’d never be able to forget how you were made of a million miracles and marvels, and he realized just how much he missed them during his time away. 

 “Have you missed me too?” He breathed into you ear, “Have you missed me as much as I’ve missed you?”

It took you a couple seconds to completely comprehend what he was saying and when you were about to answer, he then quickly picked up the pace, only leaving you with the ability to nod frantically. 

“I don’t hear you,” he said, “Tell me, did you miss–”

He stopped mid sentence, his hips suddenly coming to a halt. You whimpered in confusion and looked up at him as he leaned away from you and sneezed.

“Bless you.” Then again.

“Bless you.” And again.

Bless you, dear god, I’m running out of blessings here.”

Yoongi turned back towards you, rubbing his nose, “Sorry,” he muttered. He stared blankly at you for a couple seconds and you burst into laughter at what had just happened; at how cute and unexpected it all was. But Yoongi just rolled his eyes.

“It was just a sneeze.” He said, trying to get you to calm down. 

“I’m sorry,” You were unable to stop laughing, “It was so adorable, though.”


Your hands came up and pinched at his cheeks, “You’re so cute,” you giggled, “My adorable little sugar–” His hips made a sharp thrust into you, then another. You ceased all laughter and cheek pinches and tilted your head back at his sudden rapid pace.

Yoongi pinned your arms above your head and smirked down at you, “I’m sorry what were you trying to say?”

You were unable to move under his merciless hold. Yoongi leaned back down next to your ear and whispered, “You still haven’t answered my previous question.” His smooth thrusts turned into clipped movements and he tried to keep himself together, “Did you miss me?”

You knew he was close, you were too, but you somehow managed to force out a Yes as he kissed at the skin above your collarbone. Yes, yes, yes– you repeated over and over again and Yoongi moved his lips to meet yours, swallowing down your words. 

You came with your mouth against his, arching your back as he pulled your bottom lip between his teeth; he pulled your mind and your thoughts higher and higher, high enough to kiss the clouds, the stars, the moon, the goddamn sun before bringing you back down again. And he did as well, letting out a deep moan as he bit into your shoulder leaving the both of you nothing less than breathless. 

Foreheads touching, noses grazing, eyes locked; you both stayed like that for a while because it had been so long– too long, and it wouldn’t be much longer before it was gone again. 

And then, Yoongi sneezed.

You burst into laughter again as he rolled over from on top of you, “Are you okay?” You asked through giggles, “Are you coming down with something?”

“I think so.” Yoongi groaned into the pillow. 

You rubbed at his back, “I have some ginger tea. That might help.”

Yoongi turned towards you and shook his head, pulling you into his chest, “No,I’ll have some in the morning,” he sighed, “I’m too tired for tea.”

“It might get worse overnight.”

“But I’ll finally be able to get a goodnight’s sleep,” He kissed the top of your forehead, “You’ll be next to me.”

You smiled, thinking how velvety soft and warm he was and how you couldn’t wait to wake up in his arms the following morning. So you slid an arm around his torso and closed your eyes, “Fine.”


hope you enjoyed! I’ll be in church if you need me, getting baptized.

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