so maya and josh are only 2 years apart right now

which means it’s 15 and 17 or 16 and 18

josh can be 17 and going into college if he is born later in the year; not illegal



they said they like each other and they could possibly date in the future!! they aren’t dating! not kissing! not having sex! nothing that issues predatory or consent issues!!!


Let’s talk about Ghostbusters (2016)

So I finally saw Ghostbusters (2016) last night and boy am I glad I did. 

  • Patty is literally my queen. I love that despite not being a scientist she’s shown to be just as smart as the other three girls. 
  • The casting was fantastic. 
  • I love the fact that Ghostbusters (2016) isn’t continuing on from the original films (as in the guys from the original films hand over their guns and knowledge to the girls). I didn’t pay much attention to the trailer so I really had no clue what was going to happen in this film, but boy am I glad they made this film their own rather than expanding on the original narrative in the films (like say, how Jurassic World or Scream or other franchises do). 
  • Fucking kick-ass female cast who kick arse. My favourite scene is (obviously) when they really knuckle down and fight together against the ghosts. The synchronisation of that scene is fantastic and really shows the girls as a team.  
  • Benny and Kevin are my faves also. Benny’s lines to Erin at the start of the film.
  • The power of Patty compels you!’ 
  • ‘Who’s the flying beefcake?”
  • ‘What year is it?’ ‘It’s 2040 and our president is a plant’ 
  • ‘I know God makes no mistakes, but I believe he may have been drunk when he built Gertrude’s personality.’
  • Patty’s knowledge on New York. 
  • ‘It was one of the most elegant homes in existence featuring every luxury including a face bidet and an anti-Irish security fence.’
  • I may or may not have screamed when Sigourney Weaver turned up in her cameo role… (goddamn I love that woman so much). 
  • It was funny. I might have got a bit too excited with the humour and spent the entire film snorting and giggling. 
  • THE CAMEOS…. OMG THE CAMEOS… Bill Murray as ghost debunker Martin Heiss, Dan Aykroyd as a NY Cabbie, Sigourney Weaver as Holtzmann’s mentor Rebecca Gorin, Ernie Hudson as Patty’s uncle, Uncle Bill Jenkins, and Annie Potts as the hotel desk clerk- spotting each of them made my night and I was super happy. 
  • The cameos of the ghosts!!! 
  • The links to the original movies- like the titles appearing after zooming into the victims face… 
  • The bust of Egon Spengler outside Erin’s office. 
  • Abby referencing the line from Ray Parker Jr’s song when creating the flyers. 
  • Kevin’s message on the answering machine- ‘Ghostbusters: Whaddya Want- referencing Annie Pott’s character in the original film. 
  • The ghostbusters officially getting the old headquaters as their new headquaters… YESSSSS 
  • Kevin on his motorcycle. 
  • At the end of the film, one of them (I bet it was Patty or Holtzmann) sewed on little Ghostbusters patches.
  • Pentatonix have a track on the soundtrack <3  
  • The graffiti artist ‘I love you Patty’ 

I just really, really liked this film and I hope to god they do a sequel! <3 

Aaron puts his glass down on the table, reaching over to take Robert’s too. Robert’s thighs are tense where Aaron wraps his hands, drifting up, up.

“Thanks,” Robert says with a sigh, a dry hand dragging across his face. He looks tired and done; Aaron feels like the only thing anchoring him here.

“For what?”

“For… I donno, just bein’ here?” Aaron’s blunt nails dig in, and Robert covers them with his own. “If I was you I’d probably be enjoying seeing Andy go down for this.”


“I’m serious. He let you sit in a cell - he let me think that you’d tried to kill me - I -”

“He’s your brother,” Aaron says, seeing the doubt start to flicker in Robert’s eyes, the hurt. “And you and me, it’s not like we’re so innocent.”

Robert leans forward enough that Aaron can get a hand on his shoulder, in his collar. His fingers twist a little in Robert’s tie. “He wouldn’t - Andy’s not like me. He wouldn’t do this unless Lawrence had done something. He’s into vengeance not vindictiveness.”

“Then he didn’t do it,” Aaron says softly, a shrug of his shoulder. He’s not sure what he believes, or if it matters beyond whether Robert’s okay, so if it’s what he needs to hear then it’s what he’ll hear. “And you’ll help him. He’ll get through this.”

Robert’s smile is just soft, just small, but it’s tender and it curls warm in Aaron’s belly. He pulls Robert forward enough to kiss. Chaste. “Thanks,” Robert says again, and Aaron hears more than for being here. He hears for being you, being us, being with me.

“Look, I’ll be honest,” Aaron says, and their fingers are knitting together where Aaron still has a hand on Robert’s thigh. Heavy. “I’m gettin’ somethin’ outta this.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah. I’m gettin’ to see you in this bloody suit and tie. It’s mint, innit?”

Robert’s, “You’re a piece of work, you,” is lost in the pull of his tie and the catch of their lips and the hard, warm press of Aaron’s tongue in his mouth.

Eventually their laughter is left in their kissing and Robert’s tie is left on the floor.

Boyfriend Series - GOT7: Jackson

- You will be treated like a fucking queen/king by him

- You can expect that

- Spoils the crap out of you

- Massages your back, hands, or feet if any of them were in pain

- Random gifts scattered across the house for you to find

- Texts to see if you were okay or wanted anything

- Calls whenever he’s out of the country just so he can hear your voice

- Hugs you and doesn’t let you go 

- Says he loves you all the time

- Like you’ll fall asleep to him telling you that

- And probably wake up to it too

- Giddy and excited reactions whenever you got excited to see them 

- Loves to see you dance and sing/rap along with his parts

- Pretends to find something wrong with it and teach the correct way just to spend extra time with you before he has to go

- Always rests his head on your lap

- Keeps a hand on or an arm around you at all times

- Gets excited when he sees you asleep with your hair a-mess and your mouth half a gape

- He thinks that’s when you’re the most beautiful because it’s your natural state

- Loves seeing you in general and having you around him

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thethespacecoyote  asked:

♖ with Rhack?

Haha whoops this one got a little longer.

♖:   Having their hair washed by the other. PA AU, established relationship.

“How did you get skag guts into your hair.”

“Sorry princess, next time I’ll let it eat your face to preserve my hairstyle.” Jack scowls. “And I am not a freaking invalid, christ. I can wash my own goddamn hair.” He pulls away from Rhys’ hands but winces when he tries to raise his arms above his shoulders.

Rhys raises an eyebrow. “Can you.”

Jack glares at him, but Rhys has become somewhat of a connoisseur of Jack’s facial expressions and this is less of an I’m-going-to-murder-you face and more of a this-frail-mortal-body-has-failed-me-and-I’m-upset one. Rhys supposes he has reason - wrenching your back while pulling a half-exploded skag off of your PA is not the most glamorous way to end what had been an impressively short - for Pandora - shootout .

“Fine. Fine.” Jack slumps backwards in the tub with a splash that Rhys is pretty sure is directly aimed at him. The face he’s wearing now is definitely I’m-sulking as Rhys squirts expensive-smelling shampoo in his hands and lathers them up.

“Maybe next time you’ll let the loader bots do the heavy lifting,” Rhys says lightly and Jack snarls at that, but his eyes slip closed and his features soften as Rhys runs his hands through Jack’s hair.

It’s worth any amount of snapping and snarling, Rhys thinks, to see Jack like this, with the mask off figuratively if not literally. The strong lines of his features are dulled into something softer as Rhys massages his fingers over Jack’s scalp, and as Jack blows out a breath Rhys can practically see the tension draining out of him. Rhys lets him sit like that for a long time, fingers moving in soothing circles as Jack dozes.

Eventually, though, he has to lean Jack forward to rinse him off, and Jack goes peaceably, still half-asleep as Rhys rinses his head and gets to work soaping up the rest of him. He shows more interest when Rhys drags a washcloth over his shoulders and down his chest, and Rhys half expects some dirty comment, but Jack is surprisingly silent. As Rhys soaps Jack up and rinses him off he catches Jack watching him, and Jack’s eyes are sleepy and contented, and tinged with a little bit of relief.

Rhys likes to think that that last bit may be directed at him, and remembering the way Jack’s enthusiastic laugh had broken off in a panicked shout when the skag had barreled into Rhys, he thinks he probably has reason.

“Nice massage, sweetness,” Jack says as Rhys gets the last of the soap off his back. “Any chance of a happy ending?” He leers at Rhys, because of course he does.

Rhys splashes him. “Nice try. Let’s get you up out of there.” He offers an arm to Jack to brace on, and between the two of them they - haltingly, and not without some swearing - get him out of the tub. As Jack’s awkwardly patting himself dry Rhys thinks about the day they’ve had and thinks that this may be what people call a moment.

It’s one thing to share Jack’s bed. Rhys hadn’t expected to be offered more than that; this was Handsome Jack after all, who was not exactly known for the softer emotions. But when he recalls the way Jack’s face had collapsed into relief when Rhys had sat up, spitting and sputtering because oh god, skag blood in his mouth - when he thinks about that Rhys thinks that there may be something more going on here, something he hadn’t dared to hope for.

Rhys steps into Jack’s space and brushes his lips over Jack’s. “Thanks for the rescue,” he says into the fractional space between them, and he hopes Jack can hear the I’m ok and the I’m glad you are too and the yes, whatever you want this to be, yes that’s in there also.

Jack’s breath hitches for a second, and Rhys thinks that maybe he does.

Then Jack grins and says, low and private -

“So that means I get my happy ending, right?”

Rhys laughs despite himself, taking Jack by the hand and - carefully, cautious of the still healing muscles - towing him back toward the bedroom.

“Sure,” he says teasingly, looking back over his shoulder at Jack. “Let’s find that happy ending.” And it doesn’t matter if Jack can or can’t hear the double meaning in that, because Rhys can, and that’s enough for now.

(Fic Meme)


“When will you get it? I don’t like you, even if you are the amazing Oh Sehun!” She said my name in a way that made me want her more. She was the only girl that had ever said no to me, and of course I hated it but that wasn’t the reason I liked her.
“Why are you staring at me like that? You are weird… please let my hand go” We were alone, finally alone. I could admire her perfect features, the little freckles on her cheeks, those eyes full of life. She wasn’t like the other girls, oh no sir. She was different, she was the one. 
“Sehun… can you please say something? Anything? Not just… stare at me? It’s making me uncomfortable”. Her voice was a melody, everytime she raised her hand and said an answer to the teacher I had to pay attention. Not that I didn’t pay attention in class…. but sometimes I would wander on my mind, thinking on the many reasons why she wouldn’t like me. She was smart and talented, she was shy and quiet, she was the kind of girl boys didn’t look at because she prefers staying in the dark, being invisible. But for me she never was invisible, I always had a crush on the weird kid,  ever since the first day of elementary school. 
“Oh. Almighty. Sehun. We have class in three minutes..” She was probably right but I couldn’t take my eyes away from hers. It was the first time I had her so close, close enough to perceive her sweet scent, that vanilla perfume that she always wore. I didn’t hear when the bell rang, I didn’t notice that the three minutes had already passed. It was okay, because the lab was empty, empty for us, and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity. We were so close…

“Great… Now I missed the class, thank you.. ugh” Even when she was mad she was adorable. That annoyed tune she had made me want to tease her more, to get closer… to kiss her.
“You should be quiet… or they are going to catch us”
“Well.. it’s not like I’m here willingl-” My finger on her lips interrupted her, quivering under my fingertip. 
“Shush” I said before I pressed my lips against hers. It was not after a few seconds that I realized what I had done. I had finally kissed her.

I expected her to bite me, kick me, resist. But she didn’t. Her body barely moved, only her lips were dancing, dancing together with mine. She was kissing me back. 
“Sehun.. this doesn’t mean I like you..” She told me, more like trying to convince herself. I chuckled before our lips connected again, coming together like two magnets, opposite magnets being attracted to each other. 
This time she didn’t say anything after the long kiss; her eyes were still closed and her hands grabbing the neck of my shirt. 
She leaned her head to one side, exposing the pale skin of her neck, inviting me to kiss it. My hands on her waist pressed her closer as my nose nuzzled the skin of her neck covered in beautiful freckles. Freckles. I wonder where else she has them… 
“Sehun…” She let out a soft moan, running her fingers through my hair as I bit and sucked her pare skin, leaving purple spots all over her skin. “Do you really want this?”
“I do… if you do”
“Only.. if you promise you’ll stop” She must have seen the confusion on my face. “If you stop chasing all the girls… and make me yours.
“I’ll make you my only one… that’s what I always wanted” I confessed, pressing a sweet kiss on her lips.
“Then… I’ll let you see the rest of my freckles”

A/N: I hope you all like this short one! Sorry it didn’t have much action! Xoxo, admin A~

Pokemon Go outside for once in your life

“Stop it,” Levi groans until he rolls over onto his stomach and lets his limbs skirt across the bed for the coldest surfaces.

“Stop what?”

“Stop–” He hangs a hand off the edge trying to meet his fingertips with the blow of air. “–Stop blocking the fan.”

At the same time, he’s afraid Eren’s going to chop his fingers off when he sticks them through the grating of the oscillating fan. “Wait,” he says. “I’m trying to… Just wait.”

“What, exactly?”

“Trying to tape my phone to the fan.”

Of course he is. With scotch tape in one hand and his other about to have quick surgery, Eren attempts to attach his phone to one side of the fan with a scary amount of serious dedication. Maybe he should have turned off the oscillation first, Levi’s about to say. He’s not willing to take Eren to any emergency room in this heat.

“Why…” Levi has to ask.

“Well, I read somewhere,” Eren begins informatively, “that if you tape your phone to an oscillating fan with Pokemon Go on, it will count it as steps so you can hatch your eggs without doing anything.”

Levi is almost, almost speechless after hearing that. “There’s no way that works,” he says, dumbfounded.

“I think it will.”

“I mean, I don’t think that’s how it works.”

The weight of the phone might just be too much for the cheap adhesive of scotch tape anyway so Eren eventually gives up in frustration, and Levi can only thank the legendary Pokemon gods Arceus and probably Deoxys as well for letting Eren get away unscathed. Those Pokemon aren’t even out yet in Pokemon Go but he knows Eren is waiting contendedly for those generations along with a million other features that Eren insists are coming soon.

“I want to go outside,” he sulks, lying back down on the floor and staring uselessly at his phone and his unmoving avatar. “Let’s go, Levi. Come on.” He pokes at Levi’s dangling palm from the floor.

“You literally had a heat stroke last time,” Levi mutters into the pillow, revelling when the fan turns towards him and his skin and ruffles up Eren’s hair with the nicest coolest breeze. “We’re not going out until it’s less than 30,” Levi tells him.

“…Fine,” Eren huffs, dropping his arm back down to the cool wood of the floor. “But just so you know, real Pokemon trainers aren’t stopped by a little heat wave.”

“Real Pokemon trainers don’t push themselves to the brink of dehydration just because they overhear someone mentioning an Aerodactyl six blocks away.”

“But we caught it, didn’t we!”


Later that night there’s a thunderstorm and, well, technically 22 degrees (feels like 28) is less than 30. Despite the obvious dangers that going out in a storm already poses, frankly Levi’s getting tired of Eren quoting lines and scenes from Pokemon The First Movie to get him to go. And this is especially considering a) they’re not about to meet Mewtwo, b) no one in their right mind would actually fly on a Pidgeot through thunder and lightning, and c) even if they can’t share the back of a Lapras, they can still share a tiny umbrella and apparently that’s good enough for Levi to risk life and limb for Eren.

Bestfriend Benefits [3]

Word count: 2.4k

Warning: fluff and ANGST

A/N: I’m just going to apologize in advanced because this is super angsty but I just thought we needed some emotional Warren to build up his character for the next part

Read     [Part One]     [Part Two]

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Purest thing just happened to me n me mates ok

So we’re playing against this team on qp and theyre handing us our asses because we’ve been playing for 5+ hours at this point and its past 12 for all of us. We’re getting kind of annoyed because theyre destroying us and so we’re like lmao lets go fuck this group

So we leave as a group and try and find another match.

Only to be PUT IN WITH THE SAME TEAM. So we’re like um no lets go again

So we leave wait a few seconds and then… Put into the exact same match we JUST left

We’re like fuck it FINE !!!! FINE!!! So we start playing and one of us gets a message from their leader “are you guys gonna keep leaving?”

Were like um fucking rUDE so I message him and he gets snippy with me

And yeah ok we’re losing so im just like “brah fuck it guys just say hi to them let them win”

So im zipping around as tracer tryna say hi to their team and they start saying hi back and we emote back and forth but some of their team just… Isnt in agreement and keeps mowing us down. So they win the match and i message him again and go

“Um what the heck my guys we just wanted to say hi”


So im like laughing really hard and i go to their party and theyre all so nice

And they were like “WE SAW WE’RE SORRY WE DIDNT KNOW”

And we like laughed about it and i said bye and went back to my chat and a couple of them popped in, thanked us and left and it was so cute that team was so sweet idc that they fucking handed us our asses


“Um, duh.” You made a face at him and put your hands on your hips, staring him down in his seat, but Dean didn’t seem very moved.

“You know that’s the wrong way to convince me to let you go on a solo hunt right? Maybe try being nicer,” he suggested, but it only made you want to mess with him more.

“Why is this even up to you?” you exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air and doing everything in your power not to throw a tantrum like a spoiled five year old. “I’m a grown ass adult!”

“Sure, on the outside. But right now you’re acting like a prepubescent teenager.” With that, Dean rose from the table and walked outside, ending the conversation and leaving you sitting there wondering how hard it would be to hide a spider in his next drink.


*rubs hands together* Let’s gooo!

Okay, so. Jasper in Alone at Sea. Stockholm Syndrome and/or addicted to fusion. For her to have a redemption, those need to be dealt with, preferably sooner than later (though I suspect she’s going to be the one escalating things for the season finale. This show is really hard to predict but I’m gonna throw out a guess that the episode Bubbled following the three-parter starting next Friday is Jasper being caught. That episode being followed by The Kindergarten Kid sounds promising in light of that, especially with the first episode of the three-parter being named Beta - possibly Beta Kindergarten, where Jasper may have been born?)

First of all, in case you’ve missed it, I don’t doubt for a single second that Jasper will be redeemed. The Crewniverse has said that there will be no villains, and that she’s a complex character. Boom. Done. Remember last summer when for a while it looked like Peridot was responsible for the fusion mutants? There is nothing anybody can say that’ll rock me off this belief unless canon proves otherwise. I BELIEVE IN STEVEN DAMMIT

Moving on…

Fusion addiction

It’s possible that it’s not just Stockholm Syndrome for Lapis that’s causing Jasper to act like she did in Alone at Sea. The power trip might have been so much like a high that she’s pretty much addicted to it.

The problem with addiction is… the cure is to stay away from it. Forever. And fusion is a metaphor for relationships, so if Jasper is addicted to fusion, then that means the only way for her to be cured is to be Forever Alone.

Iii don’t think that’s healthy or a good direction to go with in the show, so I don’t believe that’s what they’re going for.

Somebody needs to step in

I think this one is bigger than Steven can handle on his own. Well, first of all he needs to see some other side of Jasper than before, a crack in her armor. Jasper getting on her knees and begging Lapis to take her back should have been a sign of that, but the situation was so tense that it became threatening instead. With the place Jasper’s mind probably is right now though, it shouldn’t take a whole lot more hits to make her have a breakdown.

I might ship Jasper/Garnet and Garnet definitely is the expert on fusion, but there’s somebody else who might connect even more strongly to what Jasper is going through.

Jasper started out alone - her view of fusion was that it was a sign of weakness, that she was always stronger on her own. But now, she’s been proven wrong. Without Lapis, she feels weak and lost. And she applies to Lapis, saying she’s the only one strong enough to handle Lapis’s power - they’re perfect together.

Jasper now believes that’s she’s not good enough if she’s not Malachite.

She knows what she wants so desperately would be frowned upon by her superiors but she doesn’t care about that anymore. She was prepared to throw everything away to be Malachite again. To be stronger. To… fly? That was random. But anyway, Lapis rejected her, and Jasper immediately turned on Steven, blaming him for Lapis’s refusal - there was somebody else metaphorically taking Jasper’s place, in her poor messed up mind.

Jasper desperately needs somebody who understands how it feels to fight against everything you are for the sake of somebody else, and still lose. The important difference here being, of course, that Pearl and Rose had a loving, healthy relationship. But Pearl has still fought against herself - “just a Pearl“ - because somebody else, who is now gone, gave her strength.

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Imagine getting shot in the eye instead of Carl and he freaks out.

(Hope I got this request right and you all like it :D It’s super fluffy in the end!! Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

The walls of Alexandria had been destroyed.

You were all in a state of panic and had tried to run towards the closest house possible.

Luckily Jessie was just outside of hers and had taken down the walkers in front of it to let you all in.


As everyone went to take care of Deanna’s wound, Carl approached you.

He grabbed your hand and held it tightly.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

You were out of breath from the whole running and could only nod at him. He stroked your hair and kissed your forehead before leaving to go see what Ron was up to.

You sat there for a while and tried to process everything that had just happened and what was happening outside.


The next moment, Carl and Ron came back and the walkers had breach the house.

You went in to help them hold the doors but soon there were so many of them you couldn’t anymore.

Everyone decided to make their way upstairs and find another solution.

Rick and Michonne then told you to get a bed sheets and cloak yourself with the guts of a walker.

You followed their orders and helped Carl with his cloak while he helped with yours.

As everyone got ready, you all held each others hand and made your way outside.

Walkers filled the streets and had obligated you to walk at a very slow pace.

As the hours passed, Rick had decided it was better to make your way towards the cars and try to round them up and get them away.

You stayed in between Carl and Ron and kept going.


When night fell you suddenly came to a stop. You looked forward and realized Sam had let go out of fear and was in a state of panic.

He was crying and just couldn’t move. His mother was trying to get his attention back and so did his brother.

You looked around and saw the walkers getting closer and closer to all of you. You tried to urge Carl to move forward but he couldn’t as Jessie was still trying to get her son.

Suddenly Sam got caught by the walkers and bitten. As it happened in front of all of you, Jessie started to scream and cry, only to attract more walkers.

She then got bit as well and her grip tightened around Carl’s hand. He tried to let go to keep moving on but couldn’t.

He yelled for his father to do something and it woke him up. He started to chop Jessie’s arm with his ax.

He kept at it until it got completely off. You and Carl fell to the ground and you saw his gun get dropped.

Ron went to get it and as you and Carl got up he pointed it at you.

He was in tears and you could tell he was nervous and anxious and was ready to fire.

“Ron, don’t do anything stupid…” You whispered looking at him while raising your hands.

“You don’t need to do this, Ron, we can survive together…” Carl said while trying to get in front of you to shield you away from Ron.

He shook his head and everyone could tell he was going to shoot. Rick screamed but the next moment Michonne had put her sword through him.


As he died, his muscles tensed and shot fire.

In that instant, you had pushed Carl out of the way and felt an intense pain in your right eye. Your vision got extremely blurry and bloody.

Everyone stood in shock and Carl then called out to you. You heard him vaguely and turned to look at him.

“Carl?” You said in a confused tone before fainting and falling to the ground.

Carl freaked out and started to scream your name.

“Y/N! Y/N?! No…”

Carl got close to you as quick as he could and grabbed a hold of you. He carried you and Rick went in to help him.

They ran towards the infirmary as fast as they could and Michonne slashed through the walkers to keep them away.

Carl was in a real state of panic, he didn’t want to believe what was happening and tried to wake you up.

Rick was behind and told him to calm down but he just couldn’t. He thought of all the good memories you had together since you have met in Atlanta and was afraid to really lose you.


When they finally arrived at the infirmary you were lucky Denise was there.

They immediately laid you on the table and everyone went to work to get you better.

Carl stayed by your side and held your hand. He was crying and kept telling you, you were going to be alright.

Denise started to remove the bullet and then stitch your wound.

Rick couldn’t stand doing nothing and had decided to go kill the walkers. Michonne wanted to go as well but waited to be sure you were all stitched up.

She told Denise to hurry but she reminded her she was in the middle of surgery.  

As she finished up, Michonne kissed your forehead and left to join Rick outside.

Carl didn’t want to leave you but he was so angry about himself for letting this happen to you, he had to let his anger out.

He grabbed the nearest weapon, kissed your forehead and made his way towards the door. He helped everyone kill the walkers in the street and didn’t stop until the sun rise.


When everything stopped, he made his way into the infirmary and went to your room.

He sat next to your bed and still couldn’t believe what had happened. Looking at how you were, he started to tear up and blame himself.

“T-this is all my fault…I-It should’ve been me…not you…you don’t deserve this Y/N…I did…I couldn’t protect you…”

He started to sob and lay his head in between his head. He thought about your smile and how you made him laugh during rough times.

He thought about the times you spent together since you arrived in Alexandria and all the good stuff that had happen since.

You had offer him happiness and he was eternally grateful for you. He was angry at himself thinking he couldn’t even give you that same feeling in that moment and kept blaming himself for it.

“I’m sorry, Y/N…I’m useless…I couldn’t even protect you when you needed me to…I’m sorry…”


As he sobbed and cried by your side, you suddenly heard your name faintly.

You slowly gained strength and felt like you could slowly open your eyes.

As you tried, you realized one eye was unable to and only felt a stinging pain in it. You gave up on it and turned to look where the sound came from.

You noticed it was Carl and couldn’t be any happier to see him. You immediately smile but soon you realized he was crying.

You mustered up the strength to lift your hand and reassure him that everything was alright.

As you did, you put your hand over his head and he raised to look at you.

He cupped your face with one hand and wiped away his tears with the others.

“Y/N?! You okay?” He said looking worried.

You chuckled at him and nodded. You stroked his hair and said “Yeah…I’m fine…a little headache…but it’s okay…”

He shook his head and couldn’t help but hug you in that moment.

“I’m sorry Y/N… I’m really sorry…”

You hugged him back and just didn’t understand what he was sorry for what.

“Carl…I don’t get it…why are you sorry…”

He cried into your shoulder and explained what had happened. 

You then knew what he meant and said “It’s not your fault…It was Ron being foolish and pulling a gun on me that cause this…not you…It could never be you…”

He felt comforted hearing you say that in such a cheerful tone and tried to forgive himself.

As he backed away from you, you smiled at him brightly and wiped his tears.

“I’m fine Carl…really…”

He grabbed your wrist and smiled back at you nodding. He kissed your wrist and it made you chuckle.

“If you say so, Y/N…”

He took a deep breath and smiled at you.

“I love you Y/N…no matter what…”

You chuckled at him and got a little shy from his words.

“Really? Even with one eye…”

Your comment finally made him laugh a little and he nodded.

“Yes…even with one eye…I still love you…I love you…”

You reached for his arm and pulled him over you. You grabbed the back of his neck and you rested your forehead on his and whispered “I love you too Carl…thank you for making me feel better…”

He closed his eyes and believed your every word.

Let Me Write Your OTP!

I am going to hit 18K soon! As a celebration, I’m going to do my biggest challenge yet!

I’ve seen this kink list floating around for over a year now, and I thought I would try my hand at it (I narrowed the 100 down to the 70 I wanted to write). As a fun twist, I will not be writing reader inserts for this particular project. This project will be pairings from the show only!

Here’s how it works:

1. Look at the list under the break and decide what kink you’d like to see given to your favorite SPN ship.

2. Send me an ask with the number of kink and the pairing you’d like (please only send one).

3. I will write ANY pairing from Supernatural (het/slash/femslash), so don’t be shy.

4. In a few days, I will post a list of the kinks and what pairings will be written.

5. Please be patient. I am not going to start this list for a couple of weeks. I’d like to finish the Faking It drabbles, the 20 Different Pairings, and my Bucky series before I start this.

Let’s have some fun with some ships, y’all!

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Blow Harder

Member: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff / Implied Smut/Innuendos 
Summary: Birthdays only mean one thing, a lot of screaming and blowing.
Length: 769 words

-Admin Noise

Originally posted by whyparkjimin

You couldn’t help the huge grin that graced your face as you felt the blindfold cover your eyes. Jimin held your hands loosely in his as he gently let them go.

“Do you trust me?” He asked against your neck as you felt his hands slip around your waist. Jimin slowly let you go taking your hands off of his shoulders and letting them drop against your sides after you gave him a small nod.

You could barely hear the sound of his footsteps across the wooden floor, you felt your heartbeat increase and your breathing started to get heavy. The feeling was some strange cross between excitement and anxiety; you wiped your hands on your pants and swallowed thickly. This wasn’t something that you and Jimin had done before, but you knew that you could trust him.

A feeling a loneliness waved over you, so you stuck out your hand into the emptiness. The air was slightly colder than it was around you so you hesitantly took a small step forward.

“Don’t worry, jagi. I haven’t left yet,” You felt his hands on your shoulders as he gently pushed you forward, “Just a little longer. Are you doing okay?” The concern in his voice was overflowing, you felt your heart warm up at the sound.

“Y-yea,” You stammered out, “Just, please don’t let go.” He pressed down on your shoulders a little harder to make his presence known and kissed the back of your head.

Jimin ushered you more into the room. It seems like it’s been ages since he put that blindfold on you, so you swallow thickly and took a deep breath. Suddenly the pitch black of the blindfold was replaced with bright lights, you brought your hand up to block it out as you were surrounded by the sounds of screaming.

The bright smile returned onto your face as you saw your boyfriend standing in front of you with a cake. Sloppy decorations and candles adorned the fondant, despite the childish design and clashing colors you felt your eyes water.

“Come on Jagi! Make a wish and blow!” He shoved the cake closer to your lips and grinned when you gently blew on them with closed eyes. He let out a small groan of distaste, “You have to blow harder.”

Sounds of chuckles flooded from the other members, you opened your eyes and blew harder this time on the candles. You felt a swell of pride when you noticed all seven had gone out at once, that was soon crushed then they sparked back to life.

“Jagi,” He groaned again more mixed with frustration, “Blow harder.” He seemed to push the cake even closer to you, if that was possible.

You felt your ears go red as you caught eyes with Taehyung who was raising his eyebrows at you, he winked and nudged Jungkook who also was grinning at you.

After sucking in a huge gulp of air you quickly puffed it out to see the candles were out again, you yelped when they all sparked back again. Suddenly it hit you.

“Gag candles? Really Jimin?” You hit his arm and huffed once the cake was moved from your face.

He winked at you and slipped his arm around your waist, “I coulda shoved it in your face.” Jimin laughed at his own idea and seemed to put it away for another member’s birthday.

Jin quickly scooped the cake out of Namjoon’s hands as he stumbled air and placed it on the counter. As he was showing Namjoon how to cut it, all of the other members gave you their own versions of congratulations and best wishes for your future.

As you got your plate, you felt the familiar feeling of Jimin snaking his arm around your waist, “Hey Jagi.”

You pecked his cheek and smeared frosting on his nose while he was slightly shocked. Before he could reciprocate the action you ran to your seat and put your cake down so that it wouldn’t spill. It was common knowledge that he was going to retaliate against you.

Jimin practically tossed his plate at Jungkook before tackling you on the couch, he wiped the icing off of his nose and smeared it on your cheek. The other members let out their small complaints about how this was a “family location,” before agreeing just to eat in the kitchen until you two stopped.

Jimin smirked and pulled one of the candles out of his pocket and tapped your nose with it, “I guess you couldn’t blow hard enough, but don’t worry, you can try again later.”

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

A/N: This is the fluffier side to your two part! The other part will be out soon! 

Hope you enjoyed!
<3 Noise

anonymous asked:

Hi! if you need a prompt I was wondering if you could do the first time Riley sees Lucas shirtless while they are dating

I didnt really know what to write but I hope this is okay!!! :)

♡ ♡ ♡ 
Mrs. Friar opens the door to her apartment to let Riley inside, greeting her with a warm hug.

“Lucas should be home from practice in a few minutes.” Mrs. Friar explains. “I’m going out for groceries but you’re welcome to wait in his room until he gets back.”

Riley waves her off and makes her way into Lucas’ room. She sits at the end of his bed with her hands folded in her lap, humming to herself quietly as she’s waits.

A few minutes later the door clicks open and Lucas walks through.

“I thought I could hear you humming.” He smiles walking over to her and giving her a quick peck on the lips. “Sorry I’m late, practice ran longer than usual.”

“I don’t mind waiting.” Riley grins back at him.

“I’ll quickly change my shirt.” Lucas grabs at the grass stained fabric. “Then we can get going.”

Riley stands to leave but Lucas removes his tee without hesitation and throws it in the hamper. She freezes looking at his back as he rummages through his dresser looking for a clean shirt. Her eyes trace over his bare skin, somehow his shoulders look broader and muscles more defined. Lucas picks up a blue crew neck and turns arounds and slips it over his head tugging it down at the bottom.He looks to Riley who’s standing there in awe.

“You okay, Riles?” His voice snaps her back to reality.

“Yeah..” She laughs nervously. “I was just thinking about what I should order for dinner.”

“Whatever you want.” He walks over to take her hand to go. “It’s my treat.”

The pair leave together, Riley a little more flustered than usual..

Hey, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m going to be working on the webcomic SwitchOut with @naniroxy from now on, so if you want to see me putting words into another character’s face, please do read it.

SwitchOut is a comic about a boy named Nicholas Wheeler who finds a mask on the street and finds that once he puts it on, something else starts to control his body.

From here he, and his closest friend Vee, are thrown into the harsh underworld of corrupt government, suspicious businesses, and things that best not be touched by human hands

Switchout updates on Mondays and Thursdays

If that sounds interesting, head on over to here to read

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So I was having a peaceful 1st day of holidays but I saw Baekhyun crossdressing. Byun Baekhyun you need to chill. I'm fine with everything you do but you crossdressing. I think I saw heaven.



“Ashton, come on! I still need to breadtfeed our daughter.” I said to Ashton, who was cradling our two-day old daughter, cooing and walking gently to places, with me bouncing my knee up and down out of impatience.

“Nope. Mine.” Ashton proudly said, gently stroking her face.

“No, not yours. Ours.” I crossed my hands acrossed my chest.

“Still! You could just pump the milk using the bottle I bought yesterday.” Ashton carelessly shrugged.

“How long would you keep doing this? Never letting go of our daughter?” I playfully asked.

“For as long as I could. And I’m hella sure that it would take a long time for me not to.”