i decided to show some mercy to Monster Kid and gave them some bird legs! they were mostly inspired mostly by owl and ostriches legs. they run around kinda like the owl in this video.

and with their new feet theyll be more versatile than regular dinosaur feet so they could use them to hold things they normally couldnt or use them in other ways

and birds are decedent of dinosaurs so it all works out! :D

anonymous asked:

the paladins' + allura's response to getting rickrolled by their s/o (be it they have saved it on their phone or smth else)

- probably screams and throws the fuckin phone
- he’s so mad but also he’s laughing inside
- he’s gonna get u back for this

- confused a little
- he might actually genuinely start to jam out to the song
- he’s so hard to prank

- deadpans. “Haha, Y/n, very funny”
- he’s already planning revenge
- probably gonna rickroll u while training

- silent for 10 minutes. then walks away
- get ready to die
- probably gonna play never gonna give u up (baseboosted) over the loudspeaker in ur room at 4 am

- “haha I remember this meme. you got me good”
- he’s pleased. like this actually makes him happier wtf
- he might try to prank you back but its unlikely

- “humans have awful taste in music. why are you laughing at me?”
- upon discovering she has no idea what rickrolling is, everyone begins to constantly lance pranks in her path
- coran eventually tells her what’s up, telling her it’s a human joke. she still doesn’t get it

Another one, credit was given to @peace-on #captionthis

“Tigress, let’s not confront them.”

“Why not! We can’t keep on waiting and defending ourselves, Po.”

“But we are a team! We are together in this…. aren’t we?”

My breath was trapped, sealed behind my spiteful lips. This kind of altercation happened too many times. Maybe I was too antagonistic, too blunt, assertive and forceful. 

I was a skeptic, while he was an idealist. I was sophisticated while he was simple minded. I fought for justice, while he fought for peace. But everytime I looked into his tranquil green eyes, my soul found solace, a resting place, a sanctuary. Similarly, he said, he found courage when he looked into my eyes, the reason for him to fight, and never to give up. He truly believed that we were meant for each other, that we balanced each other.

“Please Tigress, trust me.”

I cursed myself everytime he played that ‘trust me’ card. He knew that I trusted him like no other.

“Now, just watch me…. and calm down,” he insinuated. I sat down, still pouting like a little cub, while watching him doing his routine. He closed his eyes, swept his foot, and moved fluidly with gentle force. 

He was bold without being arrogant, entertaining without being annoying, endearing without being fake, a great listener without being mute, full of wisdom without being patronising. He was able to captivate me in adorable fashion that melt my heart. Since he came into my life, he had taught me things I would never learn from mastering all the thousand scrolls, or spending decades in reclusive meditation. 

I looked at him with sincere admiration. 

He had grown.

He had grown into the hero he destined to be.

Although he had stolen what I was trained for whole of my life, looking back…. I regretted nothing of it. He took the Dragon Scroll from me to replace it with something else. He had given me a meaningful friendship, a father, brothers and sister. He had given my life a purpose outside kung fu and all assortment of honorific title associated with it. 

And although I don’t have all the fancy move such as wuxi fingerhold, or innerpeace, but I am determine to be his help meet, to be the sharpest sword in his hand, to be his impregnable armour, to fight along side him…. on every battle, every mission, to be with him in every triumphant victory and crumbling defeat. 

He was the yin to my yang. 

And he completed me.


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More expressions. Only 5 left!  I’m sad this is taking me so long, but I honestly have a very limited amount of time to draw everyday.  I’m surprised I get as much done as I do!  The odds are against me, but I’m never giving up! *determination*


There is a great luxury in an invasive plant

Caesar weeds. They are everywhere and they never give up. I have have literally harvested ALL the flowers - picked clean every weed in the yard - only to wake up the next morning with every plant filled with blossoms. I had to get more jars. With pretty purple caesar weed flower tea, head colds don’t stand a chance this winter.