New LoliRock Music Video : Never Give Up !

Clip storyboarded by Anaïs “Noon” Chevillard, Cover by Gaëlle “Galou” Autin / Bénédicte Ciaravino / Céline Lorthiois / Flore Pipari.

Song composed by Norbert Gilbert “Yellowshark”, Lyrics & Performed by Yasmin Shah

French version available here : (”Jamais Lâcher”)

This was the 5th and last song. Now, the next stage is the episodes ! ;) See you soon ! 

Reverse Flash killing Nora was one thing. Zoom killing Henry was another. But it will be cold day in hell before he lets ANYONE or ANYTHING hurt Iris. He gave up his speed for Wally and used a time remnant of himself and gave his life for her already. There is nothing Barry wouldn’t do to save her. She’s his world. She’s the reason why he does what he does. She gives him the strength to keep going and never give up. Without Iris there would be no Flash.

Person B of your OTP wants to do something nice for Person A, so they pick out a romantic song to sing for them as a surprise. However, Person B (for whatever reason you come up with) is tragically behind in terms of memes, which leads to them being confused and hurt when Person A starts cracking up as “Never Gonna Give You Up” starts playing. Person A explains to them why they were laughing, then they laugh even harder together. Bonus: Fluffy cuddling ensues afterwards.

Okay, a few preliminary things while the episode is fresh: 

  • Lydia looked amazing in this episode. Holland said that Lydia would be emotional all season, and she was absolutely right. There were tears in Lydia’s eyes at multiple points during 6x04. I thought she did a great job, and she’s playing this lost and confused Lydia beautifully. We’ve never seen a Lydia with a piece of her gone like this, and she doesn’t even know what she’s missing. Her conviction that Stiles is real is truly beautiful and incredible. 
  • Scott would never give up on Stiles that easily. Please. 
  • Mason was incredible in this episode. He was so fun, so well written, so true to his character… just wanted to help, wanted to contribute. I thought he was great. 
  • The writing was A+++. So intelligent, very fast-paced, didn’t lag, didn’t under-estimate the intelligence of either the characters or the viewers.
  • Malia was back to normal, thank god. 
  • I loved the dynamics between the characters in this episode. Chris and Melissa, Chris and Malia, etc etc, so on, so forth? A+. Really, really fun for me as a viewer. 
    • Especially loved Chris’ story about Kate.
    • Hope to god it doesn’t mean she’s coming back.
  • I’m not surprised that the records didn’t show Claudia having a child or a pregnancy, and I’m a little surprised that Lydia is? Like, man… the wild hunt erases everything. They’re supernatural beings. They can get into the hospital records. 
  • However, I do think it’s really strange and interesting that the little boy’s room was still there, just empty, yet Stiles’ room is covered by an entire wall? 
    • I blame evil!claudia
  • I really enjoyed the Wild Hunt in this episode. The mythology got strengthened, obviously the makeup was cool, they had more action. The combination of the humor of lax and the Wild Hunt was a fun mix that I enjoyed. 
  • When Scott blamed himself you could hear me screaming furiously at the writers all the way across my home state. 
    • And then, worst of all… the camera stayed on Liam??? Like it was Liam’s story? Liam’s fault??? We’re getting absolutely NO insight into anything in Scott’s head at all. It’s fucked up. 
    • This season literally isn’t in his POV. It’s disgusting. 
    • I’m kinda hoping desperately that it’s because Posey started spending a bunch of time in the writer’s room as he’s a producer now, and he wanted to talk about plot stuff, but I know in my heart that’s not true. 
  • I actually did like 2.0 a lot more than I usually do tonight, though. Hayden was written in a way that I enjoyed for once and I thought she was really funny. 
  • Conclusion: Eric Wallace should write all the dialogue for every episode.

turn-to-dust submitted: 

 Hey there! I was in the military in 2014 and unfortunately suffered a debilitating injury during training that left me in a wheelchair for months and then mobility reduced. I was 168 lbs at 5'6 this summer when I was cleared to start working out again. I started eating ketogenically, quit smoking, started doing yoga and had a strict weight training regiment. I am now 115 lbs and could not be happier. There will be a lot of obstacles on the journey to weight loss, but never give up ! 

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