Ok last endverse!Cas wasn’t so great and I still have Down to Agincourt feels, so here’s another.

Reached a new follower milestone last night! When I started this blog I never thought this many people would enjoy it, yet here you all are! Everyone on here has always been so kind and supportive, you truly make the whole blogging experience so much more fun. Thanks for sticking with me and most importantly, the animals! <3

But that’s not all: the blog will turn 5 years old next month! To celebrate, I’m thinking of doing something like a giveaway again (I’m open to suggestions), it has been a while and this seems like a good excuse to do something fun! So keep an eye on the blog in the upcoming weeks!


wolfe family home, windenburg 8:09am

indigo: [yawns] 

raven: morning, sunshine

indigo: sunshine? we are already starting with the cute pet names, i like it

raven: [laughs] shut up! so… have you figured out a plan on how you’re not going to get grounded for the rest of your life for having me over?

indigo: shit… i uh… forgot about that? its okay i think i hear the tv on out there so zia must be up.. she will help me out, don’t worry bout it okay?

raven: whatever you say, babe

indigo: [blushes]

raven: what…

indigo: you called me babe?? um… can i just look at your face?? you are so cute??? i like you so much????

raven: [laughs] okay, okay chill oh my gosh!! i’m going to shower, you go figure this shit out, i’ll see you in 15 minutes

indigo: fine fine fine, if you need a shirt you can grab one of mine sweet pea 


She would be Arcanine! That was pretty fun to draw it. At least I prctice drawing something more than ponies AND I practice drawing paws! ;3 Thanks @ask-soprano-and-the-misfits for question and sorry for delay! ^^”


Nichan: Haneda cheki-kai, thank you very much! Please come and see us again next week~!


Guyss guysss what if Go chan is actually Yuzu?? I mean those signature moves and the steps before the loop are sooo Yuzu! 😂

“…I don’t know why but I have the strangest feeling that my life is suddenly much worse.”