• Charming:Wait. So Gold's plan to turn Emma dark is to have her kill a known criminal who's threatening Henry's life?
  • Author:Yeah.
  • Charming:But that's not evil.
  • Author:Sure it is.
  • Charming:No it's not. Killing someone for personal gain or for no good reason is evil. Killing someone who's trying to kill a child will get you a medal and a parade.
  • Author:But killing equals bad.
  • Charming:It's not that simp--look. What's Cruella's happy ending again?
  • Author:Regaining the ability to kill people.
  • Charming:Yeah, I'm still thinking we should have a parade on stand-by for when Emma gets back.

this has actually always been my personal blog but over the years my little rants somehow got popular and now all these ppl are here and i sometimes feel like im reading my diary to a crowd

a very cute & supportive crowd that i appreciate!!! but ya u understand???


I was tagged by book-er to post a selfie a while ago so here are some I took today! Thank you for tagging!! I’m not really sure how many I was supposed to post.. or how many I’m supposed to tag. So I tag some of my mutuals who I think are ok with posting selfies (just do it if you wanna): commander-shakarian, fenharels-heart, fenirs, nykoload, damewitt, anders-apostate, dearcorvo, volsungs, curldemon, porcelain-infinity, biwesley, ravenh0lms, commander-lola, elizabooze, darkecojak.

But wait! Kate Drew while she’s pregnant with Nancy…

  • Kate starts to suspect something a short while after she’s arrived in Scotland. She calls Moira and asks her to pick up some pregnancy tests on her way back to the cabin. Moira, of course, is grinning ear to ear for the rest of the day.
  • She come homes early and surprises Carson at work just to tell him the news. He gets up from his desk, asks his secretary to clear his day, locks his office door, and hugs his wife and cries tears of joy.
  • They tell the Marvins and Faynes at their usual Wednesday night dinner. Poor Mrs. Marvin couldn’t keep it a secret and winds up telling all of her friends the next day.
  • Word quickly spreads and the Drews are flooded with congratulations and gifts from almost every person in town.
  • Kate stays in the US for the longest time since she started her “career” and since she was married, and gets used to the peaceful side of life. She makes the decision to focus on being a parent and only return to work when she was truly needed.
  • Carson literally couldn’t stay still after he learned the news, so when he wasn’t working or taking care of his wife, he’s preparing the nursery or organizing papers or doing charity work.
  • When they learn it’s a girl and decide on the name Nancy, Moira can’t help but make pregnancy jokes.
  • Seven months into Kate’s pregnancy, Mrs. Marvin and Mrs. Fayne learn their each pregnant within a few weeks of each other. That only increases the excitement of everyone in town.
  • When Kate goes into labor, McGinnis makes sure they have a police escort to the hospital. The birth goes surprisingly well, which shocked Kate, as she suspected Nancy would be stubborn.
  • Little baby Nancy being the most adorable thing ever and Carson and Kate being amazing parents!
Fairy Tail 429-430 Chapters Reaction

When I saw Grey

From moment that Grey was rly just a spy

When i saw ERZA

When Natsu and Grey fight together like before

OH MY GOSH SPOILERS WAS TRUE! YEAH OOMG THAT CHAPTERS!!! I LOVE THEM! I couldn’t dream about better chapters cause of beautiful coloring, scans and omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg That what happend ♥o♥ i can’t wait, i need next chapter!!!!!111!!!1!!!!! SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE U MASHIMA!!!!
My reaction while I read Fairy Tail 429-430 chapters ♥

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blxck-egrxt-34 asked:

Why do you think that Rose chose to protect Mankind against Gemkind? What do you think was her reason?

i think she was legit thinking its not ok to eradicate another species, no matter what the state of the gemworld was. like, i think the gems had somewhat justified reason to make kindergartens - i think it was either for a war with some other enemy where a loss would result in genocide/enslavement/colonization/a mix of all, or they had a problem with reproduction (or maybe rather production). or maybe it’s both. it’s probably both. maybe their numbers were dropping too quickly and they had to find new places to make gems. maybe kindergartens are a last-resort way of production - quick, effective, and at the cost of others. or maybe the gems drained their own planet already and had to find new places to fill the numbers.

what makes me wonder is that they still want to use them. why the gems left the kindergartens for such a long time? if they are so superior now, why they were not interested in reactivating them earlier? they easily could do it. perhaps they fought off the threat or their own. or something worse happened. they lost and got colonized. i think it can explain why they are so different now - another culture dominated and influenced their growth, perhaps? also the kindergartens seem to be of low priority. maybe they were meant to be dusted off just as an ‘old thing that we used to have that maybe someday comes in handy so lets have it at hand’.

basically unrelated, but i had this thought in my head for a while and i don’t know if i’ll have a chance to share it:

gems live in the temple that has a humanoid shape, based on how the 4 would look like together fused. and now we know that homeworld gems use tech shaped after body parts too. this makes me think that the ‘homeworld’ is actually a huge ass gem-shaped megazord shaped after their leaders fused (diamond authority?) maybe its more than one, maybe it’s few zords, each for one leader/important person. (maybe its both!!) but what if it goes further - what if the megazords ARE the authority?? who knows what this cartoon is capable off.

makes me wonder if its always been this way or if the gems fucked up their planet and had to leave, or maybe something from the outside fucked them up and they had to leave? or maybe they never had a planet in the first place???? maybe they are space parasite species?? were they created by someone or they evolved????

there are so many possibilities, but theres just so much unknown data here. i think we’ll get to learn more about it in season 2… someday….

I could kind of see putting someone’s gem into a piece of tech to keep it safe, if they were damaged, but look at how the crack extends into the frame. Lapis was probably whole when she was put into the mirror.

What the frick, Homeworld?

What happened in Bahrain, and what it cost

CONFESSION: I love reading tags. The xkit-extension tag viewer is possibly my favorite thing on tumblr, because most of the time it’s the only way I can find out people’s reactions to anything I post. (People adding their own commentary actually sends me over the fricking moon, because it turns my opinion into a conversation and that’s 10000000x more fun.)

So anyway, I was reading the tags on reblogs of this Melinda May meta that I posted about That Thing That Happened in Bahrain, and I found out that some people found the Bahrain reveal underwhelming.

Like, what.


I have feelings about this. So many feelings. Get comfortable, friend, because I’m about to spill them all over you.

If you found the incident in Bahrain underwhelming, if you weren’t impressed at all, you may have watched the episode wanting to find out why people call May the Cavalry. For my part, I went in hoping to discover why she kept telling them not to.


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