For months we’ve been theorizing about kylo saving rey from snoke in that throne room, but what could be more beautiful, and representative of the bond they share, of how similar they are (and different at the same time), than these two “disparate pieces” coming together and saving each other from snoke? 

think about it guys, really think about it. 

jimin should be considered as oxymoron since his features are both angelic and erotic; plump lips are cute but full of desire, round face with baby fat is cute but his jawline is very masculine, he is small but his body is toned, his voice is high pitched but can be very captivating when he speaks busan dialect; he is love and the lust, he is the man that poets have been writing for centuries - a living sculpture, a perfection


“It is simply that, I merely wish to be with the person I love.”

Ichibanboshi My Hero - 10 days/Tooka
Scans: @deliciousale
Translation: @shousanki

(ahhh thanks so much for this translation im still weeping)

4x16 // 5x06