This gorilla mask, it’s just like the one I saw on the tape! It’s a sign, these are all signs.

Apparently, after my Army docs threatened me with behavioral health because they thought I had top surgery to try to “purposefully disfigure” myself, they called my surgeon and tried to convince her staff that I was “mutilating” myself.

Now I just have to decide exactly how I wish to proceed…. :)

rjdaae replied to your post “relevant to the ficlet you posted tonight: christine and erik making…”

I’m picturing him making some flippant comment about the rest of the chorus being awful, and it getting a laugh out of her, and him just sitting there behind the mirror at a loss for words over it

And sometimes she might say something and it catches him off guard when he laughs at it, and then he sits there at a loss that such a sound can come from him

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@vicious-sunshine and @nightcourthighlordrhysand this is what i was telling you guys about! i hope you like it omg i’m so nervous *blushes*

also do any of you, like anyone at all, have an idea what i could call this song? i’ve been trying so hard to name it and i just can’t. it’s saved as ‘Fire’ but i don’t know if it fits that well. PLEASE leave ideas!!!

lyrics (with the POVs) under the cut

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what r some neo pronoUns that are easy to Use?