Okay, but in RvB: Spiral, when Maine gets sniped?

I never noticed that he actually took the shot for Carolina.

He stepped in front of her to take the bullet for her and he never even hesitated. Because that’s what he does, isn’t it? He’s the big guy, he does the heavy lifting, he gets things done, and he protects his team’s back. So of course he doesn’t think about letting himself get shot to save Carolina.

Imagine how much it must have taken to turn him from that, into this:


one gifset per episode
↪ orange(オレンジ)► letter 13

If you ever cry alone again, or even if the day comes when you find just living to be painful, then I promise I’ll save you again and again.



“TO THE MOON AND BACK” 22nd Birthday project for SVT Joshua”
by SVT Joshua & Jeonghan Fanbase | Jihanlife

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“Always be by your side, promise, now and forever”

We will be sending in 2 gifts as a support “To the moon and back” Joshua’s 22th birthday project. As we all know, our acoustic prince, Joshua had a huge passion on playing guitar. During his childhood years, he used to be a
guitarist in a church choir. Since then, he always strive to improve his guitar skill throughout the years of hard training and tears. This guitar gift support set aimed to show him all the love and support we always and will have for Joshua in his passion, career, and dedication as an artist and as our beloved Hong Jisoo. It’s a reminder of  his success and the fact that we, carats, will “always” be looking after him and that we will always stay by him. <3

Let’s create this memory together and make him shine <3

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ahhhh *wipe off sweats* finally its here. yes. I cant believe its happening <333 IM SO EXCITEDDD.<333 I dont know what to say but please do join this project for Joshua <3 This will be a very memorable memory for us all and joshua himself <3. Let’s do this for joshua yea? <3 




jihanlife (Amiya) 

shefollowedfires  asked:

oH MY GOD your tags for the "are you alright" gifset I'M CRYING????

IT MAKES ME SO UPSET but like…in a good way?? Like my precious tiny Abby Griffin spends her entire life working and struggling and fighting with every fibre of her being for the good of her people and she sacrifices SO MUCH and she’s constantly being imprisoned and tortured and abandoned and nearly killed and STILL she spends every second of every day worrying about other people and like…I just…I need someone to take care of her for once??? And then there’s Marcus goddamn Kane, who looks at her so tenderly and knows her so well and whenever she’s in pain he looks as if it’s hurting him just as much to see it, and even at the point of his own death the only thing he thinks about is whether Abby Griffin is going to be okay and like…it’s so??? important??? Their relationship is so fucking important I swear to god because Marcus is the one person, the ONE person who doesn’t just love Abby but is also her equal and understands that although she is very much capable of taking care of herself, she shouldn’t HAVE to all the time, and she so badly needs someone she can be vulnerable around and she so badly deserves someone who cares for her and watches out for her without it feeling like a diminishment of her strength but just…genuine affection…and concern…and love…I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE I LOVE ABBY GRIFFIN AND I HAVE SUCH RESPECT FOR HER but I also highkey want to wrap her in a blanket and give her a mug of hot tea and tell her that she’s amazing and I love her and she deserves a break and I’m pretty sure Marcus Kane feels the same way tbh

  • What she says:i'm fine
  • What she means:Juzo Sakakura is such an amazing character. He grew from the stereotypical "thug" character in the beginning, wanting to kill everyone, to a truly self-sacrificing hero. He developed enough to admit his self-hatred to Naegi, the boy he wanted to murder at the start of the series, even saving his life without asking for anything in return. Juzo's love for Munakata was so deep, he DIED so his loved one could live - but he also ended the game for the other participants in the process. He was utterly devoted to the man who left him for dead, and died assuming that Munakata still wanted nothing to do with him. Juzo Sakakura turned from a supposed meathead to a fucking HERO and deserves to be hailed as such.

I’m one of those people, who are excited for Christmas in the summer, and it’s September, but I reeeeally feel like going cray cray over Halloween. I keep drawing pumpkin themed stuff. 

Like who’s not ready for Iwa-chan with a cute black cat. Or Oik’s slurpin’ up some hard candy (take that any way you like)

Like. Seriously. Let’s Halloween already. 

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PLEASE get in to the whole spidey-tony-cacw- recruitment dealio, people have such interesting thoughts on the matter and your voice in writing is just amazing.

since you asked so nicely :’))

To put it plain and simple, Tony manipulated Peter into joining. He didn’t mean to, but he did. Tony probably didn’t even realize what he was doing was manipulative, and that comes mostly from the fact that he has little or no experience with dirt-poor teenagers.

All his life, Tony has been dealing with people almost as wealthy/powerful/influential as him. For the past four years he’s been on a team filled with thick-headed superheroes who aren’t afraid to argue with him. Tony’s personality is naturally domineering, but hasn’t been around anyone who will let him steamroll them in a long time. (This is not to say that Tony wants to steamroll anyone. He just likes having control of the room, he likes having the last word. This only becomes a flaw around impressionable teenagers like Peter.)

So Peter comes home from school and boom, there Tony is, talking with his aunt, already spinning a story about the September Foundation. From the beginning, Tony has the upper hand because Peter is caught so off guard. Peter is put in a position where he has to roll with it; the only other option is calling his hero a liar to his face.

In the scene in Peter’s room, Tony doesn’t give him the chance to confide in him. He presents all this evidence despite Peter’s protests, leaving Peter scrambling to protect himself. (And maybe that sounds a little dramatic, but Peter’s been going at this for a little while now. He knows being Spider-Man is dangerous. He also knows it’s important. So much is riding on him being able to keep his identity a secret, but Tony is tearing down his defenses without even trying.) This puts Tony in a position of power over Peter, even more so than he already was. 

And you can’t discount that Tony is Peter’s hero. Tony is everything Peter has ever wanted to be; he’s a genius, he doesn’t have to worry about money, and he helps people all over the world. Peter has this innate trust in Tony that leads him to believe anything the man tells him. If Tony says that Captain America is fighting for the wrong side and only Peter can help stop him, then Peter is going to join him. No questions asked. (Which is where Peter is going to be kicking himself later because how could he join a fight without knowing what he’s fighting for?) And this lack of provided information is probably the only part where Tony intentionally manipulated him. Tony knew Peter wouldn’t help if he knew the full facts. So he told Peter just as much as he thought he needed to hear and left it at that.

Plus, Tony never intended to leave there with a “no.” When you watch the recruitment scene you notice that Tony never asks Peter anything about helping him. He asks Peter about his abilities and motivations. Things that would help Peter convince himself that 1. He can help Tony and 2. He should help Tony. Tony doesn’t ask if Peter will help him, he just says that he’s bringing him to Germany, presents it as an eventuality. He says nothing about the Accords, or Captain America, or even fighting anyone. For all Peter knows, Tony might just want him around for show. We know that Tony must tell him something about the fight at some point, but this would be after Peter’s already left with him. Peter would get no chance to back out because he’s committed. He can’t tell Tony he doesn’t want to be a part of this anymore because that would make Aunt May suspicious, and Peter can’t allow that.

(It’s worth noting that backing out probably didn’t cross Peter’s mind until the airport fight actually started, but knowing that it was never an option irks me.)

Tony’s gifts of new tech and a new suit left Peter feeling like he was in his debt, though Tony wouldn’t have seen it that way. To Tony, offering the gear is the obvious thing to do; if he’s pulling this kid into the fight, the least he can do is protect him. But all Peter sees is this crazy expensive equipment that probably costs more than all the furniture in his bedroom. He can’t even think about paying Tony back for it, so he feels somewhat indebted to him. He’ll do what Stark asks, not only because he’s Iron Man, but Peter thinks he owes him at least that much.

Hopefully this dynamic will change a little as Peter gets more used to being around Tony, because the unequal power balance has me concerned for my spider child. Peter needs to feel like he can say “no” to Tony, because their morals and values aren’t always going to match up and Peter needs to defend what he believes is right. 

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Yes to book recs!! Please!! LGBT YA is a big interest of mine!

YAY okay so my goodreads read list is here so like, that’s got a bunch of stuff (I’ve rated everything there and written some reviews, nearly everything I’ve read since starting using goodreads is LGBT YA) but I figure I will give you five specific recs. A lot of these deal with Issues so ask if you need me to try and do content warnings?

  • Radio Silence by Alice Oseman - Oh My God this book is so incredible? It’s not a romance story, but it’s got a bi girl lead and is an amazing story about fandom, and shared creation and the struggle of growing up. The characters are wonderful, I loved this so much. I was in a bookstore yesterday and had to resist buying multiple copies just to give people who I think should read it.
  • Not Your Sidekick by CB Lee - This book is so FUN and INTERESTING and such great characters. This is a Superhero book set in the future, our lead (who is bi and Asian American) is the child of two Superheroes who just wants to be super herself… and then starts an internship with their nemesis. This has a great mix of heart and action-adventure, and I love the ensemble (especially Bells, one of her two BFFs who is a black trans guy and has a huge crush on their other BFF <3).
  • You Know Me Well by Nina Lacour and David Levithan - I LOVE FRIENDSHIP STORIES I mean, there is also romance and stuff, but at it’s heart this is a story about two young queer people who meet and have a really intense friendship from the off, set over pride week in San Francisco. It’s a friend-love story.
  • My Year Zero by Rachel Gold - This is such a lovely book, about finding yourself, and isolation, and how easy it is to fall for something that seems incredible on the surface but isn’t inside. Jewish lesbian MC, and it’s about a group writing a collaborative Sci Fi story. The group includes multiple bi people, and nerdery and finding the lines between the story and their lives a complex thing
  • Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire - trying to decide one more was tough and then made me realise I hadn’t put this book on my account there. This has an ace lead which is so cool to see. It’s a story about a boarding school for kids who have been kicked out of their portal fantasy - so like, the kids who went to places like Narnia, Neverland, Wonderland, but now can’t get back and are supposed to go back to their lives, this is where they end up. It’s actually a novella, so a quick read, and one of the secondary characters is trans and he is <3 so another reason to read!

I could rec SO MUCH MORE but that’s why I linked to my Good Reads up top (like omg I just read “Not Otherwise Specified" last night and black bi girl recovering from eating disorder who is a passionate performer it is SO GOOD shh no *you* sneaked another rec in) but trying not to overload.

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hi, i was wondering about that bi/lesbian character post because in a lot shows, htgawm for example, if a character dates a guy and then dates a girl there might be lines about "shes gay now" or "turning gay," do you think that the way those kinds of relationships are represented in fiction would be considered bi erasure? like obviously irl there are lesbians who have dated men, but i dont think there are shows that responsibly portray compulsory heterosexuality either (does this ask make sense)

Oh IA that absolutely a lot of shows don’t handle it well – I mean almost no show handles bisexuality well at all because even when a character is pretty much concretely and undeniably bisexual (Annalise Keating, Piper Chapman) they never use the b-word, they talk about it as “straight now”/”gay again”/etc. There’s probably usually quite a lot of room to criticize how the show/etc handles it. 

But I think that post was talking more about fandom and fan interpretation of characters’ sexuality, in posts or fic or meta or w/e. And while there is definitely bi-erasure there too, there is also this… like… phenomenon of very aggressively reinforcing headcanons that aren’t actually any more supported by the show/medium than others.

HTGAWM is a fun example because the show is such a contradictory hot mess lmaoo

if you look at Annalise I would say you can’t really argue she’s not bisexual, because at the time the show takes place you see her have meaningful significant relationships with both men and women. Her relationship with Eve isn’t a phase~ but neither is her relationship with Nate. But the show itself still manages to be weirdly biphobic with that plot about Michaela’s fiance (where “gave a dude a blowjob once in school” unequivocally equalled HE’S SECRETLY GAY) and even in the flashbacks to Eve and Annalise’s relationships you have Annalise trying to break up because she’s “not gay”. In Annalise’s case I think this was presented more or less as denial, but yeah the “gay now”/”not gay anymore” OITNB-style language is not productive.

But for that post I suspect the OP is thinking of characters where they have maybe dated men in the past, but their subsequent relationships (or lasting relationships) are all with women. Probably a popular example of this is Willow from Buffy, who as I understand it had several relationships with men but then started dating a woman and declared herself to be a lesbian, but I haven’t seen Buffy since I was a kid so I don’t really know much about it beyond what other people say. I know this has also come up in the Steven Universe fandom but again I don’t watch that show so I can’t really elaborate on the example, I have just seen spillover discourse~ lol. 

Most prominently rn I’m seeing this back and forth in the Life is Strange fandom; the main character, Max, is a character whose choices – including romance – are more or less determined by the player. There’s a boy you can choose to romance, but equally you can choose to ice him out/~friendzone~ him entirely. And there’s a girl who by default Max is pretty in love with, but if you try real hard you can just barely force the game to be like “no homo” lol. Anyway, some people get LIVID if you suggest Max could be a lesbian, even though so many details of Max’s life including her relationships are dependent on player choices and it’s entirely possible to play Max as exclusively into women, just as it’s entirely possible to play Max as interested in both men and women. Because there is the possibility of that character being with a man (and because there’s like one throw-away line of optional dialogue where she says “skater boys are kinda cute”), usually anyone who says they played Max as a lesbian gets shouted down with her being “canonically bi”. This I think is a good example of what the OP was getting at; sure, Max could be bi, and it’s entirely possible to play her as irrefutably bi, but equally, are we going to say that “skater boys are kinda cute” is concrete undeniable proof that she is interested in men and therefore not a lesbian, when it’s possible to make the entire rest of the game about her deep love for a woman?

And likewise in Life is Strange you have the character Chloe, who is canonically in love with one woman at the start of the game and canonically in love with Max by the end of the game. But there is dialogue where she discusses a “bad boy” phase that she regrets, so some people will also insist she is undeniably bisexual, even though she expresses regret over her relationships with men, shows no interest in another relationship with a man, and even says “that’s because you have a good eye” when someone remarks that they can’t picture her with any of the boys in town. So again, like, if someone wants to take that as Chloe being bisexual rather than Chloe being a lesbian who first tried it on with men and then realized it’s not what she wanted, that’s fine – but crying “bi-erasure” on anyone who considers her a lesbian seems unfair and unreasonable imo.

I mean it’s complicated obviously because it does come down to personal interpretation a lot of the time – lol I can’t picture a show ever using the words compulsory heterosexuality if they won’t even use the word bisexual – and, at least on tumblr, often you end up with two underrepresented groups fighting for scraps, which isn’t nice. But the particular manifestation of “this woman CAN’T POSSIBLY EVER be a lesbian because she once said a boy was cute and you’re a bad person for thinking she is″ strikes me as being less about bisexual representation and more about lesbophobia/ensuring all women are available to men at all times. Like that one reblog explained, it’s not “they are canonically lesbian and you can’t say they’re bisexual” but rather “stop saying that even a passing interest in men excludes someone from being a lesbian”.

unffinityandbeyondがあなたの投稿に返信しました:i gotta follow more satoshi ohno blogs ): WHO…

Welp, not everyone is an A*rashi’s fan.

unffinityandbeyondがあなたの投稿に返信しました:i gotta follow more satoshi ohno blogs ): WHO…

Either they’re delusional or they’ve been in their A*rashi fandom cave for too long.

LMAO RIGHT THO… like idk, i can like the members individually (i.e. ohno and sho) but i can’t seem to actually give a… deeper crap? a*rashi just genuinely feels like that band who have good work relationships but just don’t care much outside of it,,,,, and i get that it doesn’t make a difference, professionally, but it just makes them boring to care about since they don’t care either

like the whole reason i love ohno as much as i do is because he doesn’t care?? he just doesn’t seem like fame matters to him much if at all and he’s not afraid of showing he doesn’t care and at least SOMEONE in this band isn’t being fake

also the fans are so entitled and cringey and they always make things about them and i’m like :3c

My thoughts on EoS (part 2)

I’m now on chapter 61, and HOT DAMN SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED (spoilers ahead)

Can I just say this book is full of amazing ships? Everyone is giving me feels. 

When they’re fighting in Skull’s Bay and Aedion is trying to revive Lysandra and he tells her he’s going to marry her and: “Princess Lysandra Ashryver sounds good” I LEGIT I SCREAMED LIKE A PTERODACTYL I CANNOT YOU GUYS

Also, Rowan and Aelin… I didn’t ship them much before (even though I knew they were endgame) but this book… ALL THE FEELS. They’re being incredibly sweet together, they obviously adore each other and everything is so precious and meaningful. When Aelin said she loved him, and she’ve never said those words before FEEEEEEEEEELS

CAN WE TALK ABOUT LORCAN AND ELIDE?!?!?! Fave new couple I swear. The worst grumpy asshole ever falls for the kindest, smallest cinnamon roll who’s actually a silent, fierce badass. I love their every scene. And when she offers him a home in Perranth and then she covers his back, saves him but is dying and he lowers his shield despite knowing he’ll die, but all he wants is to save her DON’T EVEN TOUCH ME DON’T TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW MY HEART CAN’T TAKE THIS

Dorian and Manon… WTF. I adore Dorian, he’s my favorite character, my baby, my precious. I really enjoy Manon as a character, her whole story and characterization is incredible. But I don’t know, I’m just not into them as a couple. It seems so weird, I’m not shipping them yet, I don’t hate them, but I’m not convinced.

Also not a ship, but Gavriel being so protective over Aedion and loving him so much and promising Aelin to defy Maeve if she so much as glances as Aedion ALL THE FAMILY FEELS and Aedion being so unforgiving PLEASE FORGIVE HIM AND LOVE HIM NOW WHAT IF HE DIES?!?!


Also Maeve is the worst bitch to ever exist and if they kill her ASAP, I’d really appreciate it ok? Thanks :)

I only have like 130 pages left and I’m dying. I’m so scared and nervous but also excited. I don’t know what this ending is going to do to me. Send help you guys.