inktober 24: i have this whole concept for a short comic where little Uhura meets Hoshi Sato that i will have to work up to because: 1. no experience drawing elderly ppl 2. v. little experience drawing kids and 3. uuuggghhhhh sequential art. So here’s a beginning concept of what might, someday, turn into something.

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do you have any pet peeves?

so this is kinda out of nowhere and probs not what u expected but. the mistreatment of betta fish pisses!!!me!!!!off!!! like putting them in these tiny little bowls or vases for ~aesthetic~ is not cute or quirky it’s!!!abuse!!!!

like this. is not. CUTE. THATS WAY TOO FUCKING SMALL. just bc betta are hardy fish who can survive through a lot does not mean they are happy or healthy surviving this way. betts are probably one of the most mistreated fish and it makes me sad,bc theyre pretty and bc they can survive in small spaces, people think they’re decoration. I get that its hard having them in a bigger tank bc they fight with other fish, but that doesnt mean they deserve such tiny cramped spaces. All those tiny tanks they sell at stores as “betta tanks” and the tiny containers they keep them in make me so mad. 

THIS is what a betta tank should look like. They’re fish that came from rice fields, they’re used to wide open spaces. i know it may seem like a waste to get a tank this big for just one fish, but even just a 2 gallon tank would be better than those tiny ass little bowls. (but still not recommended) 

And also!! just because they can survive w/o eating for longish amounts of time or in dirty ass water for a long time does not mean!!! they should!! take care of ya goddamn pets

please, if u have or are considering buying a betta, please do research and take care of them properly

what “back to school” looks like (for me)

au where your friends have literally dragged you to a haunted house and as you’re going through it someone jumps out and scares you and you start crying and actual angel ashton (aka person who scared you) immediately feels bad and breaks character (bc no one else is around anyway since all of your friends ditched you halfway through and you were hopelessly lost) to begin apologizing profusely and once he’s calmed you down you mention that you were lost and all you wanted was to get back outside so he took you the shortest way he knew to get out from where you were and wouldn’t leave your side until you were back with your friends (and had agreed to go on a date with him as an apology for making you cry)

rawrimdragon replied to your post “i don’t understand what’s so fun about being an asshole to your…”

I regularly preface matches with “I’m practicing” if I play a character I don’t main ONLY because people are assholes or even accuse me of being that kind of asshole because I didn’t play along with the normal comp. I just came to play and maybe improve at a hero I normally don’t >.<

that’s TOTALLY a huge problem in itself that i posted on before (someone was super mean to me when i was trying to practice a bit with hanzo and i still haven’t attempted to pick him back up again lol) but in this specific case it was just a pair of assholes who were in a group with each other that were dead set on just  making the game hellish

they started off by both picking mei when we were on attack, and kept blocking us in spawn. like okay whatever, mei assholes i can handle because they’re common enough. but we didn’t have any support characters so i asked if anyone was able (i wanted to try to play tracer that match), but also said that i could switch if we ended up  needing it, because i really didn’t mind.

so of course the two of them end up switching to mercy where they proceed to keep their blasters out the entire match, and when it wasn’t going well the started to call me out like “whoever suggested we go support, i think it was a bad idea”, “yeah man, wtf”, “this dude, lol”, ”you didn’t even ask for heals” and it made me feel like… really shitty? like it wasn’t like i was even demanding like “WE NEED HEALZ” in the beginning of the match, it just would be smart to have a healer, like it always is; and at a moments notice i would have switched to ana if no one else wanted to play support and we got into a tough spot.

it just doesn’t make sense to me. i realize that they were in a group together so it was a power in numbers thing where they were feeding off one another… but i still just don’t get it. what’s so fun about being a jerk?