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III - Chasing Hearts (Part 1)

“to think that the next chapter is even lethal than this one… I don’t know how we are supposed to survive…” - @aoimotion

Hey babes, sorry, sorry for this delay but it was a complicated chapter for design ecc (Judy’s home is the hell, for real)… so I worked really hard and I hope you can appreciate it.

some notes:

  • this chapter were shorter than this but aoimotion and I are two bottomless pits and we thought other things, so we decided to cut it in two chapters, this is the first one and I have to design the next.
  • I’m sorry, I saw you sent me messages and tagged me in some posts, Tomorrow I will controll all and I’ll answer to you, or I’ll try to do my best… I apologize but I was really concentrated on this chapter.
  • the song Judy was listened to is this: I don’t know if you knew it, but is so dramatic, omg… ;_;

Beautiful art done by  @withoutafuss

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~It means so much to me have had this commission done by you. Thank you again, so much.~

Cousland is Alive: The final chapter.

“Te Amo”


Warden-Commander Cousland lost everything during the Blight; her family killed, the soul of her beloved destroyed by killing an Archdemon. Distracted by life and duty, she detaches from everything and everyone… this changes when she stumbles upon her old friend Zevran who will not allow her to hide any longer.

I started Cousland is Alive on August 2nd, 2015. I just finished the 12th chapter on July 24, 2016. I’m having a lot of feelings right now.

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[…] The hairdresser said that Messi sent him a picture of the new hairstyle and that the makeover was supposed to be a surprise for his partner, Antonella Roccuzzo. But the brunette arrived before they were done so the surprise was sort of ruined.