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I'm 260 lbs. I hate every inch. I lost twenty but I didn't understand how, I want to lose more-- help.

First, drink 2L water! Eat under 1000 kcal every day, if this is easy, try 800 and than 500kcal. Don’t be to strict with yourself, it takes a time till your body accept the lower calories. Go for a walk every day, 1 hour=-200kcal. Say to your parents you want to loose weight and eat healthy now, with you weight your parents will not be worried :3 and every time when you feel like binging look at thinspo :3 If you need more tips or motivation, write me :3

Things never seem to get any easier. If anything, medial and small things just seem to get even more challenging to manage, and i just feel like i’m continuously getting weaker. 

Thankfully my mood hasn’t been too erratic since Monday (still been a struggle though). But right now i’m definitely feeling significantly weighed down (no pun intended) by my overly-critical and self-hatred thoughts. I feel like the most obese person in the world, and i can’t bare to look at my reflection for more than a few seconds before tears come to my eyes. I know it sounds really superficial and stuff, it’s just hard to understand if you haven’t been through it yourself, i guess. I just feel so incredibly uncomfortable within my skin right now and honestly hate every inch of my flesh.