i think it’s all time we acknowledge that shiro and allura aren’t truly the space parents we’re making them out to be like yeah it’s funny in small doses, as a punchline one of the voltron squad makes in a fic or something, but it’s starting to be the ONLY thing we see and it’s not letting out viewpoints of them grow

it is also time we give coran the title he would love and deserve as the true awkward, fiercely caring, bad-joke Space Dad

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Have you seen that comic that goes through two dude friends lives as they grow up, get married, raise a child, and grow old together, but in each panel they always say 'love you bro, no homo.'? That's Nino and Adrien.

I think of them more as JD and Turk from scrubs where Nino is like “We are not gay together” and Adrien is like “Why are you so afraid of loving me”

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and Alyas like

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i can’t believe i used to think i didn’t need friends and was better off alone god how self-centred .. i absolutely do need friends and  mutual love and support in order to grow and learn and i will work on these relationships and we will grow and become better together


Title: Shiawase ni Narunosa! | We Will Find Happiness for Sure! | 幸せになるのさ!
Author/Artist: Kumonosuke
Rating: PG

Summary: Komatsu lent money to a friend but was betrayed and abandoned by that same person. After drinking to drown his sorrow, he attempts to get home. On his way, he meets Ayumu drinking alone in a park. Ayumu was dumped by his lover, and what’s more, the one dumped him was a boy! After this fateful encounter brings Ayumu and Komatsu together, their love for each other begins to sprout and little by little, their love grows stronger and stronger.

Download/Read Online: Here

Note: Day 25 phew. Anyway (again), whoever has the tankobon scans of LOVE&HATE (baka-updates), please contact us at Thanks!

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I LOVE the idea of Eleven ending up in Gravity Falls' dimension, adopted by Soos & Melody, but also what if... she transported in 1983 when Stranger Things takes place, and meets a poorly coping Stanley Pines, who at first believes she's some homeless kid that he empathizes with. Then he thinks she may be able to help him reach Ford w/ her abilities, which doesn't exactly work out. But after spending so much time together this damaged, government-distrusting duo become family: aka El Pines AU

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh myjfajes;ja.


Imagine if she was drawn to the Portal specifically because it was another break in reality, so this strange girl just appears in his basement one night and Stan totally freaks out because does this mean the Portal’s working? Does she know Ford? What is going on?

But then he’d be so good for her? Like, everything would be rocky at first of course, but Stan knows how to deal with traumatized kids because he was one, he wouldn’t try to make her go home or get the government involved and he’d give her the space she needs. And waffles. Lots of waffles.

And when he found out about her abilities he would be so hopeful, but then he’d see how much it hurt her to use them and he’d tell her to stop, because no matter how important finding his brother is he’s not going to let this traumatized kid hurt herself like that. AND THEN after that she’d call him out when he was working past his breaking point and he’d try to explain that rules didn’t apply to him but it wouldn’t work because she’s just as stubborn as he is!

BTS Reaction - Finding Out Their GF Is A Kickboxer

Thanks for the request! I hope you like it <3


J-Hope - *Would probably try to tease you until he pushes your limits and would then scream whole trying to hide from you, trying aegyo to stop you from breaking his legs or something*

Rap Monster - *He’d be a little shocked at first but he’d grow to get used to it and would love to see you while your practicing*

Suga - *Wouldn’t be bothered by this at all and would get you to scare the maknae line when they’re getting on his nerves*

Jimin - *He’d want you to teach him kickboxing and would try his very best to stay on your good side for his sake of not getting killed by you*

Jin - *He’d be super surprised and would make sure he doesn’t do anything that could potentially get him to be put 6 feet under*

Jungkook - *He’d think that he would be able to kick your ass but would end up getting his own ass kicked from trying to be big against you and would sit in the corner calling his mom*

V - *He’d poke your muscles and ask if they were real, giggling in fear if you got into a bad mood and would try hiding from you to prevent you killing him*

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Kate Fuller Appreciation Week → when you fell in love with Kate Fuller

My love for Kate Fuller was solidified during fourth episode of season one titled “Let’s Get Ramblin’.” I was slowly growing to love her in the past three episodes, but it was the fourth one that I really became to truly love Kate. She wasn’t a caricature of a teenaged girl that you usually see on shows but was a real teenaged girl with real problems that young women could easily relate to. She had lost her mother and was at odds with her father, and that just added to her appeal for me. She was presented as a soft spoken girl who was hurting inside and not sure how to express it. She was presented as inquisitive and bright and all around a well-rounded character. She was feminine in a world where femininity had grown to be a synonym for vapidity and written impeccably which gave her a beautiful base to grow into a strong female character that was not made in the stereotypical mold that people are used to. Kate showed that you could be soft and that softness did not equate to weakness. One other factor that caused me to fall head over heels for Kate was to see a young woman not be sexualized for the ultimate benefit of an older male. In this day and age we have characters that are Kate’s age that are grossly over sexed in order to cater to male characters/the male audience to the point that it’s misogynistic. It was refreshing to see a girl in a bikini, and her not be a blatant sex object or a love interest. This episode showed me Kate could stand on her own, and I loved her for it. Her strength comes from her faith, determination, and emotional intelligence.

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How was it for Creed to be at the breeders? Does he recognize her, the kennels, and/or the other dogs? How does that impact the two of you? You said that Creed originally wasn't 'interested' in you as the breeder was His Person, so how has that changed now that you're His Person?

He loves his Grandma Traci!

He loves his brother Grits significantly less. Grits returns the feeling. Doozie his mother was completely indifferent. Knox, his 10 week old half brother, just went NEW FRIEND!!!! :D!!!!! at him.

It’s been my experience that well raised puppies grow into adults that recognize and remember their breeders. Creed loves his breeder more than pretty much anyone else, except me. All of her puppies have grown into dogs that instantly recognize her and begin wiggling.

He also recognized her house and property, and had fun running around her woods and fields revisiting his puppyhood home. He settled well in her house and gave zero shits about her walking around outside my room or his brother kicking up a fuss whenever he remembered that Creed existed in his house.

Hello people, it’s Zia. I wanted to make a post to apologize for me not being active for quite a while on this blog. I have BPD and lately it’s taken a toll on my mental wellbeing since choosing to stop taking my medication and affecting my relationship with my craft. I’ve looked past full moons, ignored my decks, and stopped researching completely.

Two nights ago, a friend came to me looking for help with a certain situation and was wondering if witchcraft could help her. I then spent a good 3 hours searching through witch and tarot blogs to answer her question, but it hit me that I knew from the start the answer is YES! I re-fell in love with the craft that was attached to me at the hip at the start of the year and realized this is something I can never stray from and give up. I have been given a gift at reading tarot and it is a practice I can only grow more in love with and grow more stronger at everyday.

I closed my Etsy shop because of not having enough money to even afford the fees that came along, and it felt like it was just something that collected dust in the interwebs. I have decided to open up a Storeenvy in the near future to help celebrate this clean start and I’m so excited to have you guys along with me for this journey.

The witchcraft and tarot community of tumblr helped and continues to help me become a better, stronger, more wise person everyday and I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made along the way. I’m more excited for the friends I’ll make soon and I hope you’ll be one of them. Thank you!

Baby? I know you read all my tumblr so I know you will see this and I hope it makes you smile.
Baby? You’re an angel, ever since I met you, you’ve always out me first, even if you were at rock bottom I was your top priority. You are so strong and I admire you every for it. You’re soooooo cute I just wish you could see it. The distance between us is a lot like 8000 miles and something, but soon that will only be a few centimeters. 2018 will be our year baby!!! And I can’t wait!!!! I also can’t wait to have 2 little children, hopefully a boy and a girl, kai and Emily xxxx such beautiful names, speaking of names I am gonna have to steal your last name, if you will let me. I love you to the end of time and back, you are my world, I give you my all baby, and I love you with everything I am xx xxxxxxxx I will need let you go and I hope you will never let me go xxxxxxxx love you my baby boy xxxxxxxxx

a few years ago i read a harry potter fanfiction composed of small letters from one character to another. The format was something like this;

Dear Fred

I’m sorry we didn’t grow old together.

Love George

If anyone knows what fic I’m talking about, please send me a message. I’m dying to read it right now. It’s a very sad piece. I know Myrtle wrote to Tom Riddle Jr. Wormtail wrote to James. Alice wrote to Neville, Molly’s brothers wrote to her.

Now I’m Pissed

Okay, anti-Sheith shippers, why are you so upset about a person in their late teens (17 to 19) being shipped with someone that’s not even confirmed to be 25 yet? The shit you’re pulling by triggering abuse survivors into remembering traumas of their past is fucking terrible. Fuck, my husband had flashbacks to his mom beating the shit out of him! My husband likes Sheith because he sees them as friends who will eventually grow to the point they realize their in love! 

Oh, and you threatening the creators lives? That kind of shit is despicable, as well as a sign of some serious mental issues. You may wanna get that checked out.

Just to let you guys know, I don’t really appreciate it when people tell me stuff like “I like your chibi style more than your other style” or how they’re disappointed that I don’t seem to draw them as much anymore. I’m not quite sure how to put it into words because I’m just that awful at articulating thoughts, but it comes off to me like people don’t realize that there’s more to me than just that, if that makes any sense? I honestly don’t think I have to justify myself for being interested in other things or trying out new art styles, because as an artist in a world that’s always changing, that stuff is inevitable. I’m constantly learning new things and developing my art style as I discover myself. And it’s no one’s business if I decide to draw a certain way that’s different than what I’ve been doing before. I love to experiment and I love seeing how my art grows, so if anyone tries to hold me back from that, then I’m just not going to care and take it as a grain of salt, because when it comes to my artwork, how I feel about myself and my art is what matters to me the most.