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i’m a trans woman, a lesbian, a petty and vindictive individual – survival is impossible on this nightmare hell orb. at night i scamper down from the trees and watch humans sitting around a fire pit. sometimes i make words happen and put them in little books – did you know that you, right now, at present, are full of guts? biopower ticks away, invisible and immaterial, and works its way inside all of us. even dreams of escape are egotist nonsense. how can humans love as authentically as possible? – life is a technology of power now, and the only means of resistance is death cultism. i don’t know how to fix what’s wrong or even name it but i don’t think i can stop scratching at it either – i’m a bitch, a problem, a shitty meme blogger, a taniwha under the concrete, a vector for some toxic and inhuman pathogen, a twitch in the muck, a pyroclasm, a death rattle, i’m a billion years of trauma repressed by the weight of geocosmic strata, a planet bathed in sterilising cosmic rays, a storm in the heart of the sun shrieking at the empty universe, i’m –  

Hello Everyone! I’m having an Etsy Sale. 10% off with the code “SUMMERSALE”

This June, for professional reasons, I’m revamping my entire brand right down to my website so I’ll be clearing older designs from my Etsy, Storenvy, Society6, and RedBubble.

If you want ot5 pin sets or the earlier version of the Ed Sheeran set you have until June 24th to order them (that is also when the sale will be ending.) 

I’m still working through what exactly what all will be taken down from my S6 and RedBubble (anything from before Sept. of last year is definitely gone which includes Dalmatian DirectionFalling for 1D, the Marvel Typographic Portraits, and my older personal illustrations.)

Starting June 29th I’ll be in grad school for the entire month of July so my Etsy and Storenvy will be closed then. I’m sorry for any inconveniences but that is my very last semester of Grad School and I’ll be in class a majority of my day (10 hours a day to be exact :’3 ). So if you will be wanting any pins for any upcoming concerts June is the time to order <3 

That being said I will be bringing goodies (pins and stickers probably) to hand out at Levi’s Stadium and my mother is taking a few pins to the CenturyLink show for those of you who find her. 

Thank you all for being so very supportive as I make strides towards my ultimate goals of finding professional work as an illustrator and visual artist <3 

I’m looking forward to continuing sharing my doodles with everyone (especially now that Louis has officially endorsed the Peanuts and he’s BFF’s with Snoopy) and please don’t forget about my follower giveaway is still going on.

So Not Jelly (2/?) in which Chloe gets involved

continued from So Not Jelly- in which Pieter needs to shut up

Summary: Beca and Chloe have a conversation about a certain German. A bit short and cliffhangery, sorry for that. I needed the impetus to force me to update sooner.

A/N: I wanted to get at least something out to you guys even though it’s not nearly as done as I’d like it to be.

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“Hey Beca!” Chloe bounced up to the bar, remarkably chipper considering their recent defeat. “I saw you over here ogling DSM again. Seriously what’s going on with you and her?”

Beca sighed, anxiously tugging her fingers through her hair. “I don’t know, she just got in my head I guess. I mean Chlo you have to admit that she’s completely stunning.” As her voice trailed off she muttered a quiet curse before continuing, “Chloe what am I going to do? This whole…” she gesticulated vaguely, searching for a suitable word, “thing is really not going to help what’s going on between me and Jesse.”

The redhead shrugged her shoulders, replying, “You never know, it might actually be just what you need to figure things out, Becs. Think about it, if you have feelings for whatever her name is when you hardly know her, that kind of puts your relationship with Jesse in perspective, doesn’t it? Just, don’t get too carried away pining after tall, blonde, and German over there before you sort things out with your boyfriend.”

Beca’s head audibly thumped onto the bar as she whined, “I am not pining. She’s just so freaking gorgeous.”

“Uh huh, sure,” Chloe nodded, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“Can’t I make an objective assessment of a girl’s appearance without it being a big deal?” Now she was on the defensive, trying to shut down where this conversation was going.

“Yeees, you can, but honestly you can’t expect me to believe that’s what you’ve been doing with whatever her name is.” Chloe giggled with disbelief.

Beca started to protest, but she cut her off. “Honey, everyone can see that you practically melt, and lose all power of coherent speech, every time she’s within two feet of you.”

“I’ll have you know that I just had a perfectly normal conversation with Kommissar and Pieter.” Beca crossed her arms defiantly. “And I do not melt.”

Chloe looked across the room to where the leaders of Das Sound Machine were dancing. “Kommissar? That’s seriously her name?”

Beca nodded, following her line of sight, “Sort of. It’s like her title, I don’t think many people know her actual name. Kommissar really fits her though, pretty in a strict, powerful kind of way.”

Her friend just shook her head, laughing, “Bec you’re totally crushing on her.”

The brunette took another swig of her beer before huffing, “It’s not my fault she looks like some kind of Valkyrie and can sing like an angel. But I don’t even know if I ‘like’ like her or not. I’m not used to all this.” Gesturing in frustration, she turned in her stool to face Chloe. “What is that woman doing to me?”

Chloe leaned in, offering Beca a hug that in their position on the bar stools was more clumsy than anything, but still lent the flustered girl some measure of comfort. After a minute Chloe drew back, leaving one hand on her shoulder and remarking, “If it helps, I thought you were at least bi since that time we sang Titanium in the shower your freshman year.”

Beca gave her a gentle shove, joking, “That’s just because you were into me and you know it.”

They both rolled their eyes at that, comfortable with the relationship they’d built over the last four years that allowed them to be open with each other like this. In general Beca wasn’t a super trusting person, and risks were not her thing. Which is why this whole situation with Kommissar was getting to her. Beca drifted off in thought, mulling over her relationships while swallowing the last of her beer.

Chloe looked around the room, scheming. Suddenly, she perked up. “I’ve got an idea.”

The smaller girl eyed her sceptically. “I’m going to hate it, aren’t I.” It wasn’t a question.

“Probably. But that doesn’t matter. It’s no use putting your whole relationship with Jesse under a microscope if you and this Kommissar don’t actually have feelings for each other, right?” Chloe was practically glowing with excitement.

“Well, yeah, but-”

“No buts. Stay here and watch.” With that, Chloe scurried off in the direction of the dance floor.

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