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It's almost Halloween! 0: May I request one of your favorite ships/otps, in a matching costume you like? Can be from anything! <3

Happy Almost Halloween! - I saw some Luvia this morning on my dash and felt like that was a good choice ~! 

If it looks really super messy it’s because it is after I clicked the wrong button several times and literally just ended up drawing everything on one layer Haha//// It’s been a weird week for me, but im really glad i have so many kind asks and requests to keep me going. <3 Hope you are having a good Sunday!  

Idiot (Goth x Fell!Goth)
  • Goth and Fell!Goth belong to @nekophy
  • Palette and Fell!Palette belong to @angexci
  • Also I’m pretty sure @pwnage101 first made up the ship?

Here take my shitty work that i spent way too much time on

Also this picture is golden

Sue me pls

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Talking to my grandma I realized next birthday I’ll be 25. Most of yall are older than me so its ok if you’re like “lol” but just looking at life thus far, it’s just weird.

It’s also weird to realize every woman in my family had a kid by this age. Most of them had at least 2. So it’s hard for me to compare trajectories (however useful/healthy that is) and figure out where I’m supposed to be. And then I also so much want to ascribe to the idea that there is no “place” i need to be, but that’s easier said than done.

What is this, quarter life crisis? It’s a lot less crisis-y and a lot more “lolwut”. But that could be cus I’m sleepy

inktober day 24 - mob + garden 

Online store order update :D

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry for the delay with my online store orders this time around, I know it’s been a long wait for some of you ;A;; I’ve just been busy with work and a little overwhelmed with the amount of orders (thank you guys so much for your amazing support srsly <33 ;//0//;) but no worries! This is just a quick update to let you guys know that everything will be shipped out in the next two days, thank you everyone so much for your patience and understanding as I steadily work through them! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Also I will be reprinting some voltron charms since I’ve got quite a few inquiries about that, I will probably be opening a pre-order form for those sometime soon  > u < once again thank you guys so much and I hope you all get your orders safely once I ship them out~<3

god the girl across the hall, who i got coffee with and stuff….she’s so DORKY! she decorated her door for halloween and put out a plastic pumpkin with candy. every week she changes what’s written on the door, and this week it’s “for sale: batarangs and kryptonite, if you plan to destroy the universe” and i know she loves TMNT and batman beyond (which is my FAVORITE animated batman story i LOVE terry mcginnis) and god she’s so CUTE and i just…vldhxneixjdixndixndk i really want to be better friends but i don’t know how to talk to her because she’s shy and im shy and that’s not a good combo

work updates from the past two days

- drunk girls are so nice and they give huge tips (my boss owns a bar directly across the street so all the drunk people come to our restaurant)
- my tattoo artist came in and remembered me and gave me a $9 tip
- my boss calls me “kathy” (my legal name is katrina)
- a drunk guy asked me if i liked anal and kept saying we were gonna go on a date and i almost cried because i couldnt do anything but laugh it off.
- apparently my boss told the other worker that i was a really good employee and i worked really hard !!!
- my boss gives us free food all the time like 10 minutes after my shift started he made me a steak & cheese
- two drunk guys got into a fist fight and some drunk girl cried and another one goes “shit dude im just trying to eat chicken”
- i can take smoke breaks whenever i want and theres no drug testing ever because my boss smokes weed lmfao
- its cool actually
- i have tomorrow off bc my friend picked up my shift


Kili finishes off his drink before turning to the man. “So how about you and I go back to my room anndddd you fuck me until I can’t walk tomorrow?”

               Melkor turned his head and quirked his brow. A small, arrogant smirk played on his lips as he dared to laugh at the dwarf.

———❝ Just what makes you think I might be interested in such an… arrangement? Do you think you could even HANDLE me..? ❞

~:|||: @kili-the-archer :|||:~

A collaboration webcomic created by @mightymeller and myself has just gone live with its’ first pages! Head on over to check it out on Tapastic or Comicfury!!

Also, if you’re a fan of either her comic @hashtagwafflefry or my comic @aethereterniuscomic, you should keep up to date with Star-Crossed for some insight into both worlds!

Tapastic | Comicfury 

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about the "a simple song" video: that instrument with the metal tines that sounds like a music box is called an mbira! the mbira is a 3,000 year old african instrument type with hundreds of variations that all sound beautiful.

You’re talking about this video, I remember! We were told it was a thumb piano. I think both answers are right, like you said, there are hundreds of variations!

Thanks for letting us know!!