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What about Felix's personality? How would you describe it? :)

ahh of course, can’t forget my sweet baby boy, feliz navidad 

hes a huge goof tbh, enough said right there hahah. total mama’s boy. like okay, have you seen the breakfast club? Felix is the goofy nerd kid when he’s smoking weed in the library with the glasses on hold on there’s gotta be a gif

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boom there you go. squeamish, scaredy cat. likes to pretend to be a cool, attractive, mysterious badass but he backs out of that shit fast like, he sees a spider and he’s screaming at the top of his lungs and standing on chairs. cute lovable little shit. needs love and attention 2 grow. spoiled af being the youngest sibling. knows he’s a bit of an outcast but is unashamed, nobody can make fun of Felix and have it actually get to him. comfortable in his own skin. heart of gold. not a mean bone in his body tbh

u see a cat and go Woww oh oh my gosh.. pretty :^) and you see a dog and go whoahahah heheh who’s a good one!!! Wow!!!!!

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Hey I love the kind of stuff you post! I was just wondering if you knew of any other people that post stuff along the same lines you do? Like how to and adulting things?

YES YES YES! Here are my main squeezes: 

@college-help-and-hacks: One of the first blogs I followed when I started my own blog.

@collegelifehacks: About 75% of the posts are college related, but the rest are general adulting and A+.

@diyadulting​: We’ve got a lot of the same things going on (including cats).

@foodffs​: The absolute best recipe blog on Tumblr! Ranked.

@growup-gloup: New fav, this blog is just starting up.

@hipdomestic​: Another blog that is not updated enough, but has an archive that will straight up shock you.

@howtogrowthefuckup: Super popular, super informative, basically what I strive to be.

@howtoimpersonateanadult: Extremely similar to what I’m doing, we’re hardcore mutuals.

@lifehacksthatwork: I get all of my infographics from this tumblr/site. Occasionally they’ll post hysterical comments.

@poorpersonsgiude: Stalking this blog is my No. 1 hobby.

@studydiaryofamedstudent: For all your studying/homework needs.

@writing-reference: Does not post too much nowadays, but has an absolutely insane archive with everything you could possibly ever need ever.

I am sure I forgot somebody! Please comment if I left you out. 

How Supergirl 2x21 should go...
  • Cat: *Struts into the DEO*
  • Cat: *Holds hand out towards Alex*
  • Cat: Gun.
  • Alex: *Looks at her hesitantly for a moment*
  • Alex: *Looks to J'onn*
  • J'onn: *Nods*
  • Alex: *Hands Cat THE Gun*
  • Cat: *Shoots Mon-El in the face*
  • Cat: *Hands Alex her gun back*
  • Cat: Well, now that that's taken care of.
  • Cat: *Looks at Winn*
  • Cat: You, Computer Hobbit.
  • Cat: *Gestures to Mon-El's corpse*
  • Cat: Get rid of that.
  • Cat: *Looks at Vasquez*
  • Cat: You, Attractive Lesbian, fetch me a Latte.
  • Cat: *Looks at Kara*
  • Cat: Now, let's fix this mess.


(Extracto del Vídeo)

Cassius - Go Up ft Cat Power & Pharrell Williams (Official Video)