Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

“Masquerader” - By emzurl

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I’ve been wanting to make a comic for a while now to get a feel for how to make one. This is going to be a learning process for me so I welcome you on this ride! I had this idea for some time so I hope you enjoy. I’m planning on posting a page every Monday (#LadybugLundi anyone? haha) so stay tuned!

During October, I did an art challenge (sorry I couldn’t show them until now, I had to travel to get them scanned).

The prompt ideas came from this-

I decided to make characters who were witches (and other types of magic users) that fit the themes. I also decided that I should make them all full-body designs, so I have more practice making poses as well as outfits.

I knew I was going to give Black Cat a ponytail so it could be like a “cat tail”, and something like a casual goth/punk style (all black with some rips in the fabric, but not extreme). I still wasn’t sure how to really sell the “cat” theme, even with her making a kitty-face. Then It came to me; witch hat with two cones, like cat ears! It may not be the most spectacular thing ever, but I’m happy about it. She has an attitude that shifts from being flirty to aloof, relaxed to exited. She enjoys sneaking around in the dark, and also really likes shiny things.