Ichihime Headcanon

Very early on their relationship, Orihime has figured out Ichigo has a very sensitive forehead so whenever he’s being unreasonable, anxious, stubborn, overprotective or ya know Ichigo in general she pokes his forehead and he instantly calms down

Jaehyun, Yuta, Doyoung, Taeyong, Hansol and Johnny Reaction to you moaning his name at night ( Quando você geme o nome deles a noite)

Here you go cat anon *~*

~Adm Rabbit~

Taeyong:*He waked up with your moaning* Hum? What? What is this! // *Ele acordou com seu gemido* Hum? O que? Que isso!

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Jaehyun: What are you dreaming! // O que é que você está sonhando!

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Yuta: I hope it is a good dream! // Eu espero que seja um sonho bom!

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Doyoung:*Scared* What? Oh my God are you talking while you are sleeping? // *Assustado* Quê? Ai meu Deus você está falando enquanto está dormindo?

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Johnny: I was dreaming with you too! // Eu estava sonhando com você também!

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Hansol: Is she having a wet dream with me…? // Ela está tendo um sonho molhado comigo…?

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Abby was going after my cat smudge and if I put my hands near her when she’s in that state I would get bit. I grabbed a leash to just hit her (not hard) to get her out of this trance. Well my pinky accidentally got in the way and she bit my pinky really good! After that she stopped and realized her mistake and has been cuddling and following me around all day. I know she didn’t mean to bite me but glad it was me and not the cat. We rescued her and she’s really smart be stuff but we swear she has some mental issue. She can’t control her self…no wonder what she was in a kill shelter. We love her to death and had her for 8 years or so! She’s bit me so many times but I know the triggers…she’s a really sweet dog.

But damn my pinky hurt and it’s a decent bite


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