Please, I Need Your Help

I need your help everyone. 

I am less than 50 followers away from 5.000 followers. And I’m kinda freaking out.

But I have no idea what I should do to celebrate. So, below are listed multiple ideas. Please message me or reblog with which you would like!!

1- Dean and Sam takeover

So basically, you all would send questions to Dean and Sam, on this blog, and the boys would answer! :)

2- Gif Reaction/Questions Day

For a while 12 hours I would answer all questions sent to me, about anything. With all questions I will respond with a GIF, and if you send me a situation I will respond with multiple GIFs. This has been a blast in the past, and I would like to eventually do it again.

3- Special Story

It would take me some time, but I would write a special story in honor of 5,000 followers. I would aim for 5,000 words, and it would be a Dean story.

4- Your Idea

Send me your idea! What would you like me to do for 5,000 followers? 

Again, Please message of reblog with your preference!!! If I do not get more than 15 votes I will have to choose for myself, and that would be just be chaotic.