anonymous asked:

please make sense8 gifsets! your colouring & gifs in general are gorgeous *__*

Maybe I will…I’ve seen so many gorgeous gifsets, it looks like a lot of fun to color, even if it’ll be hard to pick scenes because I’ve only watched it once. Your message definitely motivates me…wish you weren’t anon so I could tag you if I do. I’ll have it tagged with minesense8 if I do end up making any!


My free and easy to download planners are now available on

Please email me at if you have any problems downloading them or if you have any requests (send images of what you would like)

To do lists and other printables are being made to match and will become available shortly :D

Please feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the planners :)

theserpentsjester asked:

Hello! I first wanted to say, thank you so much for making this blog and having an absolutely wonderful resource such as this! Thank you for all the hard work as well! With that being said, I wanted to request if the movie American Sniper with Bradley Cooper could please, be at all added to the queue. Thank you so much for reading my request and have a wonderful day!

Thank you so much sweetie this means a lot. I have a feeling I might have this request somewhere but im not a 100% sure, either way I will make some. Thank you again for your kind words <3